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Chevrolet Lumina



  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My wife's '98 LTZ mileage just turned 30K. Only thing I we've had done (besides oil changes and tire rotations) was a new oxygen sensor (15K) and the fuel injectors cleaned (30K). Otherwise it's behaved itself. She especially likes the 3800 engine's acceleration. My next car will probably be an Impala. I'm hoping Chevy will be bringing back the Impala SS (with a 4.0 liter V-8) for 2001. There are strong rumors that it will.
  • zlum. Depending on driving habits, I wouldn't be surprised by having to replace the pads at 22,000 miles. I don't know if it's a GM thing or what, but I do NOT brake hard and still have to replace the pads every 20,000 miles or so on my Corsica.
  • We (my husband and I) just bought a Lumina this evening. It's a '96 with a little over 25,000 miles, fully loaded.

    From everything I've been reading previously, we just bought a great car. Am I correct in my assumption?

    I hope so because it has to last us until we get rid of his ex-wife and kids in another 5 1/2 years. Ha!
  • lumarklumark Posts: 1
    I am very pleased with my 2 year old '98 Lumina LTZ. I bought it new and have only minor problems. The braking problems in wet weather is one, but the most troublesome is a slip in the transmission when going from first to second gear. The dealer has found no trouble codes and cannot recreate the condition. Has anyone else has a transmission slip ? Also, the electric mirror loosened and vibrated and the gas gauge is inaccurate, but the transmission thing is what really troubles me...
  • galaxy2galaxy2 Posts: 2
    As a new owner of a vehicle with 90K on the clock, what should I anticipate in failures? Understand we fixed all there was to fix...components problems hereafter comments appreciated.
  • The van board has been locked at only 8 posts?

    I am in need of a car. I have none! A choir member is selling a chevy lumina '91 minivan with 150,000 on it for $3,000. I'm going to have someone take a look at it, but want to know what others have found. She says its been a great car, they just want a new one. However, another friend of mine says they had a van like this and HATED it.
  • Make that a chevy lumina APV '91 minivan with 155,000.......

    We need feed back quick because we need to get SOME car quick we have to small kids!
  • cld3cld3 Posts: 1
    We are looking at a 92 Lumina as a second car. I'm concerned about the squishy brake trouble in the rain, mentioned earlier. Does this relate to the 92 as well? I do a lot of driving rain or shine.
  • Is that just from driving in the rain in general? I know that other cars I have had get that "squishy" brake trouble if you drive through a big puddle on a really wet day!
  • brewster3brewster3 Posts: 10
    Today I was talking to a guy who said that the electric fuel pump in the gas tank of his his Chevy Suburban failed because he frequently let his fuel level come close to empty.

    Is this an issue on a 1996 Chevy Lumina ???
  • jontom12jontom12 Posts: 1
    I have a 90 Lumina Euro For the last 7 years and this car has surprised me in its reliability.After 100k I had the alternator fail and replaced it for $230 with a lifetime garrantee. I had a tranny seal leak at 115k and repaired for $280. The brakes are this cars weak point-the rears specifically-had some work done several times to the tune of $700 over the years, but this car has 135k now and I think that that s a great track record.Quirks yeah the tranny does occassionally slip 1 to 2 gear but predictably -like and I don't worry about it because it's so infrequent and only does it at certain conditions. Seats stink.I'm considering buying a used 97 or 98 Lumina but am seriously considering buying a Recaro aftermarket seat for $700 or soif I do- hey what factor affects me as greatly as the seat? So I've had good luck with the Lumina and its safety and reliability are great,but brakes and comfort are downers(get a back pad at the least). I'm now considering a 99 olds intrigue- I like that car- well I'll see,hopefully if I do It'll better the Lumina!
  • nogm4menogm4me Posts: 13
    I wouldn't advise it but the electric fuel pump
    in the fuel tank can take abuse by letting the
    level go low as in my 92 Euro which I allow all the time. Keep in mind the fuel " cools " the
    pump. Keep your fuel filter refreshed as well to
    avoid problems.( response to " brewster3, #132)
  • nogm4menogm4me Posts: 13
    I have a 1992 Lumina Euro model and would
    like to share my experience with the vehicle.
    First let me say that once all the " Cheap Parts"
    are chased out of the car it does hold its' own
    well and is quite worthy. What are " Cheap
    Parts"? ...let me provide a rundown:
    Struts, done at 50k. These are at the back and
    began to leak way before that.
    Brakes,...chronic with GM10 platforms. At the
    earliest oppertunity replaced with brass mount
    bolts and stainless steel sleeves ( sliders ) and
    routinely compress them with a woodworking
    clamp to ensure they are not seized. 40k is
    asking a lot from these brakes, replaced rotors
    and all pads at this point.
    Tires done at 50k. At 50% tread depth they are
    dangerous . Aquaplaning and no sidewall left. This
    " Cheap Part " came from Michelin bearing the
    " TPC 1086 " specification moulded into the
    sidewall which is GM's spec for " make the
    part CHEAP !Ignition Coils (3) & Spark control
    module. These parts were toast at 90k. OK,
    so I should have flipped the car, but didn't.
    $65 a pop and there are 3 of them ( coils ) and
    1 module at $210, but are quality units from Bosch
    or Lucas sold by NAPA assocciates.
    O-ring, for the stub that plugs the old distributor
    opening. I think it is a $0.10 piece but another
    "Cheap Part" for the General. Since at about this
    mileage began losing 2 qts./mo. from a shrunken
    brittle o-ring which took ½ a day to R & R.
    Water pump, alternator ( diode trio ) went at
    just over 100k, and shortly after the bypass tube
    for coolant. I could go on but I'll stop leaving a
    tip. In the front suspension there exists a part
    known as a " bearing plate" or the bottom land
    of the coil spring. To keep it from seizing drill a
    1/8 hole to get the nozzle extension for a can of
    lubricant to go in sideways, and load the sucker up.
    Free up the bearing plate or it will wreak havoc
    on suspension components. Possible breaking the
    spring. ( all figures in U.S. $ and miles driven )
    I'm a CANNUCK who can be reached at:
  • Do all year models offer the option to see 6? I will probably be looking for a 96-98 to rarely but occasioanlly seat 6 safely and legally, so I want the front bench.
  • pmurphy6pmurphy6 Posts: 2
  • pmurphy6pmurphy6 Posts: 2
  • Buck531Buck531 Posts: 14
    I had a 1991 Lumina Euro I bought at 65k about 2 years ago. That car was awesome exept too many scratches on it from too many car washes the previous owner had. I bought the car back in 97 I believe and the car was great. It had the original tires which needed changed. Hell.. 65k on original tires is pretty good. The only other problem I had with that car was the rear brakes. I sold it last year at 105k for a 98 Lumina LTZ which I kinda regret doing because the 91 Lumina was the best car I've ever owned. Given, I haven't had any problems with the 98 Lumina except for the "squishy" brake pedals, but the car payment is killing me (especially after just buying a house). The previous owner of the 91 said he only replaced the Alternator once and that was it. I had also had to replace the battery (which was original as well). The car ran very strong for 105k and probably would have ran for another 100k.

    Some people out there DO have problems with Lumina's. I personally don't have any problems with them at all considering all of the problems that other people have had.

    I said it already and I'll say it again. I wish I had never gotten rid of the 91.

  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    All year Luminas had the bench as standard equipment. Even the LTZ.

    Luminas are still being made for 2000, but fleets only. You may contact a dealer's fleet manager to get one.
  • stroud1stroud1 Posts: 1
    Lumina Z34, very rare 5-speed manual transmission, less than 1800 made, AC, rear defrost, power windows and locks, tilt steering, cruise, ABS, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, integrated phone, Pioneer 6-speaker detachable face CD sound system, factory ground effects, powerful 3.4 liter DOHC V-6 engine, new timing belt, new tires, very clean, very well kept, excellent condition. you can reach me at for more info
  • jusbamjusbam Posts: 1
    I own a 93 Lumina, happy as I can be with it. Until recently, although I am still happy with it. The battery was slow at starting the car so I had them check it and sure enough it needed a new battery. Which was fine figured 70,000 miles new battery no problems, good. Well the day of getting the new battery installed the car stalled all the time it wouldnt idle. It wouldnt shake or anything just stalled I thought oh goodness now what? So I did a WHOLE tune up and all and figured okay it should be good. Car starts no proplem runs wonderfully, Go to a red light stop and what do you know it stalls. Just wont idle start it up again go stop stall. I took it back to the place to where they put the battery in and did the tune up, what do they say?? Computer problems. They feel that because there is nothing showing that there is a vacuum leak or any codes that the only thing that it could be is the computer. New filters and plugs were put in. and yes they did say that the headgaskets were going bad but that wouldnt cause it to stall like that. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if I just have the situation. THank you
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    They smoked the computer while replacing the battery and doing the tuneup!
    It is obviously something they did.
  • missie2missie2 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where I can get a 2000 new Lumina in Jacksonville Florida??
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Unless you are a fleet buyer. They are not selling 2000 Lumina's to the public. Lumina has been discontinued for the year 2000 and is replaced by the new Impala. I'd say try out the new Impala. A very nice car.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Try the Impala. Is a very good performing, solid and smooth new car. The Lumina was a good reliable car, but the Impala is light years ahead of it. The Impala is everything the Lumina never was!.

    I own a 2000 Impala LS (Bought 2/2000) with 1200 miles on the clock. So far no problems and the car is just fantastic!.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The Impala rides on a much refined Lumina chassis. The standard Impala powertrain (3.4L OHV V-6 180hp) is superior to the standard engine that was offered in the Lumina (3.1L V-6 160hp). The Impala LS comes standard with the 3.8L 3800 Series II V-6 rated at 200hp. This engine was offered also on the late Lumina LTZ sport sedan. Bulletproof engine.....among the 10 best V-6 engines in the world (Wards Auto, 1997)...need I say more?
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Impala is not built on the Lumina platform. It shares more with the Grand Prix WIDER platform.
    It is a totally different car from Lumina.
    And I would get the 3.8L because frankly I think the 3.1L is more reliable than the 3.4L even though less powerful. Most of the Lumina troubles in this forum have been because of the 3.4L engine.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I think you are right about the "Wider" platform from the Grand Prix which still falls under GM's W-Cars. Anyway, the Impala feels worlds away better than any Lumina (Even in LTZ form).

    Now the correction...The current OHV 3.4L engine on the base Impala has nothing to do with the old 3.4L DOHC Lumina engine of the early to mid 1990's. The current 3.4L OHV V-6 engine comes straight from the Venture/Silloutte/TransPort/Sintra (Opel version)
    minivans. True the old 3.4L DOHC was a reliability nightmare and GM no longer produces that engine.

    And.. I agree with you I take the 3800 Series II (Normal and Supercharged) over any other V-6!engine...anyday
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Thanks teo, I did not know that. I thought it was the same engine. I currently have a 97 Lumina LS with the 3.1L engine. I am so far very pleased with it. I Live in Canada where cars normally do not last long because the weather is so cold.
    This Lumina is like a rock.
  • netmanernetmaner Posts: 2
    Anybody had oil leaking from the oil pump???

    According to the engine book I got it said its on the top left back of engine and that there is one bolt holding it in place. Also the oil pump has a o ring on it and belive thats where the oil is coming from since I clean the engine and other oil can be seen.

    Has anyone had this problem and what did it cost to fix??? Or can this be fixed at home????
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My wife also owns a '98 LTZ bought in July of '97. She just had a new fuel filter installed and the injectors cleaned at 31,000 miles. The car accelerates like it did when brand new. The 3800 Series II engine is the best V-6 on the planet. Just ask Impala LS owners. As near as I can tell, the transmission is operating just fine (no slipage). Maybe there's something wrong with your traction control, or you're low on fluid.
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