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Chevrolet Lumina



  • hoxxiehoxxie Posts: 1
    I am debating whether to buy a base or LS versus holding out for the right LTZ. The profile refers to the "wheezy engine" in the base model. Is that motor really "barely adequate"? How about the performance of an LTZ equipped with the standard 3.1 L engine? Also, what about the traction control, does that make a big difference? How does the "mushy suspension" effect performance?
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Chevy had discontinued the Lumina LTZ for the 2000 model year. My advice is to buy an Impala LS, which also has the 3800 Series II engine (like the '99 LTZ did). The 3.1 engine is OK, but the 3800 is so much better. It has been judged one of the 10 best engines on the planet!! You will also be getting a much better suspension package with the Impala LS.
  • I know for a fact that Lumina is one of the value leader but it's style is very dated...don't you all think?'s just my opinion but still....If I were to buy a Lumina, I'd ONLY consider the LTZ which looks quite better than the other models...:)
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I recently changed the brakes on my Lumina. Now whenever I hit the brakes slightly as I am turning the steering wheel to go around a crescent for example, I hear a knocking sound from the brakes. It is like they are loose or something. I tooks it back to the dealer but they could not find anything wrong (likely story).
    Did anyone get this problem before?
  • I do not think the Lumina is anymore dated in its style than most sedans. It's not as bland as a Camry or Accord,just my 2cents.
  • I'm a big GM car fan, and love american cars... no offense but why would anyone want a lumina? They are very bland in style and the interior is hideous. Just curious
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Well let me just say that my wife's '98 Lumina LTZ is anything but bland looking. In fact, I believe Chevy used some of its great features when they designed the new Impala. It has aggressive looking aluminum wheels (like the '94-'96 Impala SS did), a 3800 Series II engine, a rear deck spoiler, etc. However, you won't have to look at the Lumina after this year, because it is being discontinued (the Impala takes its place).
  • coryeacoryea Posts: 1
    Hey Folks, I am about to pay $11,500 for a 98 lumina base with 31500 miles on it. I just found out that it was a rental car and was wondering if there is any reason I should not buy this car. Has anyone had any bad experiences with a previous rental? Does $11,500 sound like a good price? Any responses would be helpful. Thanks in advance, Dave
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I bought a 97 Lumina LS about a year ago. It was
    an ex daily rental as well. But it only had 33,000 KM on it (not miles). 31500 miles is a lot of miles to put on a vehicle in one year. Anyways,
    My Lumina is quite reliable. And it has excellent fuel efficiency. I did end up buying the extended warranty though just for my peace of mind. I suggest the same. Lumina is a tough cookie.
    Go for it. However you should be able to find a used Lumina for about the same price and less mileage.
  • kehwhhkehwhh Posts: 1
    I own a 97 lumina and I've never had a problem
    since I bought it new 40,000 miles ago; best car
    I've ever owned!!!
  • I bought my 98 Lumina base model new, and of all the cars that I owned in my life, this car is a joy to drive. I love it. Chevy did a great job making this car.
  • sand11sand11 Posts: 4
    The Chevy dealer I visited to test drive the New Impala..sent me the new Chevy brouchure...I was surprised that the Lumina wasn't even included in the list of what Chevy has to offer..not even a mention of the 2000 model..I guess they don't want to have to reprint the new brouchure again after 1999,minus the Lumina...which I think is a good looking car. Anyone have any thoughts on the wisdom or lack of for buying a car in it's last model year...or it's first model year..such as the Impala.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I'm waiting until next year to consider buying an Impala. Actually I have to wait, because I'm paying off on a '98 Lumina LTZ purchased in '97. I'm hoping that Chevy works out all the bugs in the 2000 Impalas. I've also read where there's a good chance a V8 engine will be offered next year, probably in an SS version. It has been rumored that Chevy is testing an Impala with a V8 at its Arizona proving grounds.
  • sand11sand11 Posts: 4
    I don't have the luxury of waiting till next year to buy..The car my hubby drives to the train station every morning is so unreliable that we won't drive it out of town anymore..WE need a new car very soon.I'm still debating whether to try the Lumina..I only test drove the Impala when I was at the dealer.According to Jeff, my husband, he believes that we shouldn't cross the 2000 Impala off our list of possibilities just because it's in it's first year.I'm still up in the air about it.thanks your your input
  • sand11sand11 Posts: 4
    well..I went to my chevy dealer and asked to drive a Lumina...guess what?...They don't have anymore...I thought there was a 2000 model..I was wrong. I looked over the Impala..but the exposed screwheads in the door well..really look tacky.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    If you are still looking to buy an American car, do yourself a favor and test drive a Buick Regal GS. The acceleration is fantastic for a family sedan. It has a 240hp engine (the supercharged 3800 Series II), and has great looks (no exposed screwheads in the door wells). They are also considered very reliable. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Carsdirect is showing quotes for a base model 2000 Lumina. I'd give 'em a call and see if it's possible to get one, worth a shot anyway :)
    Hope this helps.
  • I had the opportunity of driving the new Impala. I enjoyed the car and I think it offers a lot of car for the money. I think Chevy has introduced a good contender for next year. The main problem I see with the Impala is the bodywork styling which is not suit to please everybody, but then again this car is for those who want to brake away from the Accord/Camry/Taurus look alike pack.

    During my car search I also have given a good amount of consideration to the simpler Lumina. Unfortunately, save for a couple of '99 Black sedans, I haven't been able to locate any new 2000 Luminas here in Miami. I am not to clear about the fate of the Lumina. The Impala was meant to be its final replacement, yet I keep seeing on every other car web site references to the 2000 Lumina, still alive in GM production plants. Can I get one of those new Luminas??? Is the production of the 2000 model limited to fleets??? The Impala is a much better car than the Lumina, yet I like the Lumina because is more of a practical car for everyday driving. Many people have critize its design but I think is much cleaner and more elegant than the infamous Taurus and the bland and extra boring Camry. Well if anybody knows how could I get my hands on a new 2000 Lumina, their input will be greatly appreciated.
  • Well it is time to turn in my 97 Lumina and I sure will miss it. My lease ran out but I must say that the car has been great. I would have bought it out right but I am spoiled and need a new car every few years. Anyways, I only had to replace a serpentine belt at 30,000 miles and have the rotors cut and new brake pads. The brakes are kind of mushy though. My only complaint. Car is good in bad weather and always performed well. What is up with that new Impala?
    UGLY!!!! It looked okay from a distance with a rear spoiler but the interior is really ugly. Chevy should keep the Lumina in production and disregard the Impala. (I ended up buying a Chysler ConcordeLX, loaded) Anyways, my two cents.
    Fellow Lumina drivers, love your car cause it will love ya back.

  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    From what I've read, the 2000 Lumina is still being made. Check with your local Chevy dealer. However, the 3800 engine is no longer an option, probably because Chevy is offering it in the Impala LS, and so they are in short supply. The only engine you can get with the 2000 Lumina is the 3.4 liter (180 hp) one. Hope this helps.
  • jpstax

    Thanks for your input. Yesterday I went to my local Chevy Dealer in Miami and I saw a few factory fresh brand new 2000 Luminas. When I asked the salesperson about them, he inmmediately pointed out that those cars CAN NOT BE PURCHASED by the general public, unless you are a fleet operator or acquired for fleet government use. Then he turn my attention to the new Impala. At that point I stopped asking questions regarding the Lumina. Is this true??? Is chevy forcing prospective Lumina customers to buy the Impala??? Is this pure B.S.??? Where can I get a new Lumina??? Your feedback is truly appreciated.
  • Thanks Dan for your input...
  • Yes it's true, the public can no longer purchase the Lumina. My Dad just got one as his new company car. I don't think ya'll are missing anything. They really didn't make any improvements for 2000. I was kinda disappointed with it being a 2000 model year car and having nothing to make it special. However, it is a nice looking car, much better looking than the Impala. Maybe in a few years Chevy will improve the looks of the Impala.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    Bought the wife a '99 Lumina. Only 6 seat sedan other than Intrepid. Have put 12,000 miles on since purchase. No big complaints, but does anybody else have a driver's seat that the springs pop when cornering (i.e. shifting weight). Also the driver side power mirror quite working. Probably both are warranty, but I find the driver's seat a little thin.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I know what you mean about the driver seat. It is very skimpy. From the left side I almost hit the plastic sides of the seat when I sit. It definitely needs extra padding. They do not amke them anymore so there is little chance of improving them. I also bought my wife's Lumina used so I do not know if this is a problem with the new cars as well, or is it a problem that happens over time. Maybe a fat guy sat on my seat and ruined it. Who knows?
  • hi folks, got a 97 lumina with 60k on it. it doesn't steer to easily. we have a ford explorer and contour which steer with greater ease. i have been told that luminas should steer easily. it also makes a whining noise at low speeds ( driving in driveway-hard to steer when its cold too). fluids are OK-checked them. have 6 weeks of warrenty left so i'm just trying to think if we should take it in or not. thanks
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I had to replace the power steering pump at 60K.
    I noticed that the drive belt was a little too shiny. I found out that there was steering oil dripping on it. I also noticed it became harder to steer when the car was cold.
    However you say that you checked the fluids!
    Look to see if there are any oil spots on the
    radiator hose going from the bottom of the radiator to the engine from the drive belt side.
  • I had Lumina.
    I totaled it on 11/09/99.
    What a blessing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 40 something and have owned and driven many automobiles. The Lumina is by far the biggest
    POS I ever owned. What a DA I was when I bought
    this tin can.

    Here is a list of what was wrong with my Lumina before I totaled it. Some items were repaired
    and some needed repairing :

    (1) radiator leak
    --- (probably < $100 repaired)
    (2) another water leak near the rear of the engine
    --- (100s probably)
    (3) power steering unit needed replacing
    ---($400 + labor = $600+)
    (4) the $900 little plastic piece for the automatic transmission was going out again
    ($900 x 2 = $1800)
    (5) BOTH power windows out. BOTH went out about
    3 months apart.
    --- ($600 - $700 dealer repaired)
    (6) A/C clutch needed replacing
    (7) high pressure hose to power steering unit replaced
    --- 6 and 7 were $450
    (8) little plastic piece connecting water hose to
    engine replaced
    --- $200+ if remember correctly
    (9) Oil leaks (only some repaired)
    --- 200+
    (9) I forget the rest of the repairs...

    DON'T but a Lumina !!! In fact, I am looking
    at a Toyota 4-Runner. I'll never buy another GM.
  • Oh, I forgot :

    (10) The passenger door handle broke off.
    --- $35 bucks - I fixed it myself.
    (11) The driver side seat is collapsing. It is
    leaning to the right.
    --- no estimate - I ran out of money.
  • hi, thanks for the info. infact, the steering its starting to click and make noises, so i'd bet something is wrong with it. the tires are wearing abnormally fast ( 15k, supposed to last 70K, so i figure something has to be wrong.)
    Got to take it in soon since the warrenty is up Dec 20. I hear some noise like marbles rolling around in the engine when ever it shifts into overdrive and when i accelerate on the onramp/hills( pinging/detonation i think)... tried premium, ocatane boast, you name it...)i dont trust this car, but i have to keep it for another 20 months or so. i'm planning to purchase a 93 explorer from a friend this coming summer as my extra car....
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