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Audi A8



  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Are you in cold country?

    In AZ we use either 5W40 (or) 0W40 (if you can find it).

    I use 5W40 Castrol Syntec. Check their website. Retail at PepBoys. You may be able to buy wholesale in case lots.
  • Harbo,
    I am stationed at ft knox kentucky so the weather is cold(0-35 depending on the day) I found 5W30 at the PX. which is better for cold?.My audi dealer uses Castrol also.Let me know
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    On the subject of oil for the 2005 A8, here is what Audi said in my 2005 owners manual: "Use only synthetic oil with the quality standard specification VW 502 00." Audi further recommends Castrol synthetic with that specification and the "viscosity SAE 5W-40 across all temperature ranges for normal driving conditions. However, if viscosity SAE 5W-40 is unavailable, you can also use viscosity grade SAE 5W-30 or SAE 0W-40 as long as it meets the VW 502 00 standards." It goes on to say that you should NEVER top off your oil with more than .5 liter of oil that does not meet the VW 502 00 standards, whether synthetic or petroleum based oil.

    The words in quotes, above, are practically verbatim from the literature that came with my 2005 A8. There was much more, too much to repeat here. The distinct impression I took from all this is: Follow these directions or risk voiding the factory warranty. The oil insert in my manual even went so far as to say that the warranty could be voided if you cannot prove that the VW 502 00 oil has been used every time. Thankfully, my car uses no oil at all. But, just in case, I always carry a couple of quarts of their recommended oil in the spare tire space area in my trunk. This oil is not cheap, but use it anyway. Fortunately, after the first 5,000 mile stop, oil changes don't need to be done very often.

    So, to your cold weather question, it sounds like the "approved" 5W-40 can be used in all temperatures. Remember, it gets a good deal colder in Germany than at Fort Knox.
  • ayyate,
    Thank you for the info.Spent 4 years im deutschland myself and you are correct...good point.So Castrol 5W-40 it is.Quick question ,Would you recommend investing in an OBD II scanner?I guess they are available for all types of cars,been thinking of getting one, butwhat i dont know is ..can you fix a problem with these things or do they just tell you what is wrong.?
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    Sorry mclovin4:

    I am not familiar with that item. When it comes to fixing anything on my Audis (S8, A8, allroad), I have to defer to the dealer. It may cost more, but these cars are simply too complex. I learned that even if you take your car to an independent garage, the parts cost will be about the same. Labor may be lower, but that is probably it. I live in LA where I have many choices and I still go to a dealer where they have one or two technicians that only work on A8's and S8's.

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you. Can anyone else out there offer advice to this man?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Agreed ....... Complex. Until the 100K warranty runs out, my excellent Scottsdale, AZ service dept., gets the job. After 100K I do my own Castrol Cyntec, Bosch plugs, air filters etc. Who has GOOD experience with extended warranties and their relative cost?
    Thx Harbo A8L
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I have had some good experiences with extended warranties. I don't expect to get all my money back, although on at least two occasions I have. I believe the peace of mind that a catastrophic repair would be almost completely covered, plus the possible resale benefit, makes it worth it. My previous A8 (a1999) needed a transmission replacement after I inadvertently drove it low on fluid. Cost: approximately $5K for a remanufactured unit. Covered, minus a $100 deductible. Years ago in my pre-Audi period, numerous Mercedes Benz air conditioning parts replacements cost a few thousand dollars. Also covered. It is a decision not to be made lightly. I have never paid more than $2,500 for an additional 60,000 miles of coverage on an A8. These warranties are highly negotiable, with the selling dealership getting a significant commission. Shop around. Talk to your service writer about which ones are the best warranty companies to work with. Then, even if you do buy one, hope you never need it.
  • Holy smokes,
    just finishing up dealing with the brutality of one hellacious ice/snow storm.Power outages all over the area and the roads were awful.Quatrro is fan-friggin-tastic.My 08 Ram is almost as good. Absolutely love this car!!!!
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    Glad to know that you like the car. I have been an Audi fan for years and am not surprised to hear it, although I have never had one on snow or ice. Here in LA where it hardly even rains, you could argue that all wheel drive is unnecessary. But, I am glad my wife and I have it anyway. On the windy mountain roads I drive on around here, no matter how aggressively I drive, I don't believe I have ever heard a tire squeal. Some of that is no doubt due to good tires, but the Quattro is also at work there.

    Be careful, though. All wheel drive can only do so much on ice and snow.
  • ayyate,
    I currently have the version 4 disc for my nav system.Can I jump to the most recent version or do i have to up date disc by disc,in other words...ver5, ver 6, ver7 and so on?
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    Normally when I do not know an answer, I stand aside and let someone more knowledgeable take it. But since you directed your question to me, I will just tell you that I am not sure. But, since the system is DVD-based, requiring no software upgrade like a PC might, it seems you can safely jump over versions. On the 2005 A8 I currently have for sale, I went from the 2005 version to the 2007 version without a hitch. Frankly, I could not tell any difference between the two. How about talking to your dealer? Or you could contact NavTeq, the manufacturer of the DVD. My guess, and it is just a guess, is that it is similar to buying a newer Rand McNally map book. The old book was fine, but the latest shows a few new streets. If you spend around $200 for a new DVD, don't expect it to have any new capabilities that were not programmed into the original system. You will need the new Gen 3 system for that: current traffic conditions, 3D images, etc. I believe the Audi Gen 3 navigation system was just introduced on the Q5.
  • mclovin4mclovin4 Posts: 10
    thanks for the reply. Contacting the nearest dealer is probably the right answer, but they are closed on weekends. I will look into upgrading to GEN 3 and newest version of nav disc.Thanks again, keep in touch.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I may have mislead you. The Audi Generation 3 navigation system is not available on older cars. Your A8 has the Gen 2 system and cannot be upgraded. You asked about buying an updated version of the Gen 2 DVD, which you can do. I believe that is your only option, short of buying a new car with the latest system.
  • mclovin4mclovin4 Posts: 10
    can anyone tell me why when i let my A8 sit over night it starts just fine in the mornings.But when i wash the car or have the hood open(even with the doors locked and the key inside the house) the battery dies on me.Battery will hold charge when recharged until i touch the vehicle....any ideas?
  • strudelstrudel Posts: 1
    We've had various and sundry problems with our A8; most recently the thermostat failed at 72,000, showing overheating in the red after driving it for 15 minutes (usually with some minor hill climbing - living in Colorado). Just replaced the timing belt too.

    Now, another problem - occasionally throughout the past year or so, the trunk refused to close. You could close it over and over, finding yourself frustrated and eventually slamming it closed - eventually it locked closed. When it finally locked closed, the light on the dash would turn off. We have made adjustments to allow for ease of closing but now the dash light refuses to turn off. The lid is closed! Now all the light bulbs in the trunk are burned out. We are going to replace them today in hope that the continual warning light is perhaps tripped to tell us that the bulbs are burned out - but we don't know if replacing those bulbs will trip the system to turn off the warning light.

    Does anyone know where the sensor is located that trips the warning light? We've torn the trunk apart and cannot find it! Has anyone else had this problem - if so, how did you fix it? :confuse:

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I am surprised you got as far as you did with the thermostat. My dealer tells me they have many A8 thermostats fail at 35 - 40K miles. Their advice: replace it at that mileage even if there are no symptoms.

    I had a similar problem with the trunk on a 2005 A8 when almost new. On mine, all it required was a trunk adjustment. Perhaps the slamming did some sensor damage?

    I probably haven't helped.
  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    I have several friends with older 1998-2003 audi's of various models (with moderate mileage - about 60k), they often complain or electrical gremlins and various other component failures with their cars. I'm looking for feedback from 2006/2007 A8 owners and their reliability experiences.
  • mclovin4mclovin4 Posts: 10
    cant speak for 06-07, however i can speak about my 2005 A8L...if you are interested?
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    As the past owner of a 1999 and a 2005 A8, and now an S8, I can say that my experiences have always been favorable. However, I have not had a high mileage car, generally parting with them at around 50k miles or so. In spite of the car being more technologically advanced than the smaller Audis, it seems like they have fewer problems. I should add that my wife and I have also owned an A6 and an Allroad, for comparison.

    Having said that, I would not want to be without an extended warranty on any brand of luxury car. Major repairs can be higher than you might imagine.
  • rrudrrud Posts: 1
    I owned my 2004 A8 for almost 2 1/2 years and I've had the same ignition trouble you desribed since day one, but it has not gone completely dead (yet). The dealer claimed orginally that they have never heard of or seen the problem. Now after complaining about it for more than 2 years the dealer replaced the ignition switch (cars still under warranty), but the problem still persists. I only have 4K miles left on the car before it goes out of warranty and I'm concerned after seeing your post that the same thing might happen to my car. What happened after yours went completely dead? Were you able to finally identify the problem and resolve it?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    rrud, yes Audi of N Scottsdale AZ, did solve the problem. It took a couple attempts and parts in from Germany. Suggest contacting Walter Smith (technician supervisor) for the cure at 480-538-4000 and tell him it was the Sorenson 2004 A8L. If not directly you can reach him for a return call through Tyler or Jason (service writers). All the folks at this service department are simple outstanding. Good luck.
  • joemanzjoemanz Posts: 3
    I have a 2009 A8L. After a cold start-up as the idle goes to normal rpm the car starts to shake making it difficult to accelerate, Also in the 20-40 mph range if I lift off the accelerator, the car downshifts and surges forward. Anyone else experience this ? With any resolution ?
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    I have an '09 as well, 10k miles and no issues like yours. Make them fix it, push your dealer for help from Audi.
  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 a8l and after the car has been driven a few miles i notice a faint noise (very hard to describe) between 3rd and 4th and also between 4th and 5th gear shifts. If i drive agressively the noise gets louder-kind of like a muted screech sound. Just turned 53k and have no idea of what this may be.
  • Good evening Folks and happy new year to you all.

    I am a new comer. I am very close/about to buy an Audi A8L 2004 with 65K miles on it, very clean and nice! I Never owned an Audi before. Currently drive a BMW 530i 2001 and BMW 330ci 2001 Convertible. In order to buy this Audi I have to sell my BMW 530i. In one hand I have very hard times selling my Bimmer in the other hand I feel getting this Audi is an upgrade in many respects. The reviews online say lots of horrifying things about the reliability and repair costs of this car. Is this true? How bad is this problem? If you guys are so nice to give me your input and share your experience with the Audi A8 2004, I really appreciate that.
    Thanks a lot,

  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    I purchased a 2006 audi certified pre-owned A8L about four months ago with 47,000 miles on it. prior to the a8 I owned several s430's and s500's. I do feel the audi is a superior car to the prevoius generation mb s class, fit and finish is fantiastic and material quality is first rate. Before I purchased I visited consumer reports and jd power, they both gave the a8 a decent rating for quality and reliability. Even though this is an extremely complex car (electrically speaking) I decided to purchase it mainly because the car was certified.

    In this 4 month period I've had the points in my ignition system fail, a power seat fail, power trunk fail, brake switch fail, heated steering wheel fail, a suspicious noise in my transmission which the dealer says needs "Blue Goo" to resolve and my connecting rods now need to be replaced.

    Thankfully its all been covered under the CPO plan (of course with an $85.00 deductible for each visit) but in retrospect I wish I had'nt purchased the car. Its a fantastic driving car but I dont want to stick around for another 4 months to find out what goes wrong next. I'm putting it up for sale. Good luck with your decision.
  • ptf1ptf1 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2004 A8L with 26K miles in September of 2006 for $40,000 which was a great deal at the time. The car was pristine when I bought it. I have regretted the purchase ever since. The car has been nothing but trouble, and not just electrical, I've had a lot of mechanical problems too. At first it was under warranty, but once the warranty expired ( I didn't buy it Certified from Audi) it was all out of pocket. I look forward to the day I get rid of this car, which is worth about $14K (70k miles) today for a trade-in. Don't make the same mistake I did, stay away from the Audi A8!
  • dssxxxxdssxxxx Posts: 69
    I listen to the whine........all I can say is "buy new" and treat the car with respect and you will love it.

    Buy a lemon, squeeze it for a little, then throw it out.
  • crudgycrudgy Posts: 5
    have a 2006 Audi 8L....maybe 9000 not use in garage heated under cover.......anybody have experiance trying to trade in for Audi SUV?
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    Only 9,000 KM makes your car practically new. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately, that may only matter in the case of a private sale and then only to a certain kind of buyer. If I was in the market for such a car, I would pay a premium for it, and there are others out there like me. If you are willing to deal with people coming to your home, test driving with a total stranger, and finally exchanging money with a certain amount of risk, you should be able to get the best price possible. I have done it several times, but it can be exasperating. I will be doing it again soon with my wife's 2003 Audi allroad, now that she has a new Q5. I can put up with the hassles of private sales, but not everyone can or will. After buying a one year old S8 recently, I also learned just how much luxury cars fall in value. It's great if one is a buyer, not so for the seller. If you are not in a hurry to sell, try putting out the word privately among your acquaintances. Let it be known up front that you are firm on your price, that it is not a desperation sale. If that fails and you are still willing to sell privately, I have had good experiences with That is how I will sell my wife's old Audi.

    Good luck.
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