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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    hehe our Chicago content must be scaring people away.....

    Anyhow, well we drove mine even when we go into town.....and nah it won't do me any good if I say her Civic is a junk and drive hers instead :> Cuz her 97 Civic coupe is actually a pretty handsome looking coupe too.

    For reprogramming, various guys commented that the dealers WON'T do the auto lock/unlock one, for fear that the locks won't be unlocked in case of an accident. People commented that's mostly BS.

    For the KK run, about 12 A4/S4's (I think I'm the ONLY A4 sedan there, 3 A4 Avants, 8 S4 sedans w/3 Nogaros), 1 A6 2.7T and 1 TT225 painted in Ferrari Yellow and 19" BBS wheels (VERY sharp). The run before that was even more addition to the Audi's, a Viper and a S2000 showed up. We are trying to get one of the guys's friends to bring over some Ferrari's.....we'll see what happens.

    OH by the way, ALL the A4's are SILVERRRRRRR :>

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I found this web site while surfing on yesterday:


    This site is dedicated to providing information about ABS and ESP (intelligent handling systems). After reading the materials, I must say that a compelling argument is made that the vehicles that should have had ESP first (assuming all can't adopt this technology at the same time) are SUV's. Of course there are very few SUV's -- and virtually no popular SUV's that have this technology.

    What a shame.

    After reading the materials, I believe you will be convinced that you don't want ESP, you will come to believe you NEED it!

    Click on.

  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    are less effective UNLESS they TEACH the drivers how to use them. Like ABS for example, people were not taught at driving school how to use them. People don't know they need to apply MAXIMUM pressure on the brakes. OK so there comes brake assist.

    Another example. They taught us to brake when you try to reduce speeds. Fine, except they should teach people, when they try to reduce speed in a curve, they should visualize what's coming up and reduce speed, i.e. brake, BEFORE entering the curve, NOT during the curve. So there comes ESP.

    My point is, getting a license here in US is WAY TOO EASY. I was born in Hong Kong and over there we need to pass various and more vigorous tests to get your driver's license. I was shocked to find that I can pass my driver's test here with 8 hours behind the wheel (no prior driving experience) and only 1 point off the 25 possible points I can lose before I can even fail the test. My then-new 96 Accord before the Audi racked up 120k miles, and it doesn't have ESP or ABS, and I went through winters in Wisconsin and Chicago and I didn't have one set of snow tires. NO accidents whatsoever. I'm not trying to say I'm a good driver. OK I must be lucky.

    I have no doubt in my mind, ESP and ABS DO work. I'm just saying, even with these good tools and people being ignorant about how to use them, they will still get these freak accidents like oversteering and crash into the curve sidewall. WITH the tools and proper braking/acceleration technique (like take the gas easy if you are spinning in snow, I'm just amazed to find people ramming the gas for 10 minutes when they're stuck in snow), the roads will be one safer place.

    I guess the fundamental thing is, they should teach people that driving is an event they should not be doing with things like talking on the phone (hands-free kit is useless anyway, cuz I think talking is the blame for losing concentration), eating, drinking, putting on makeup, etc. I was in England and it's an OFFENSE if you take one of your hands off the steering wheel UNLESS you are shifting. You are required to be THAT involved.

    Like one German driver said, "I am comfortable doing 120mph in the Autobahn, but hell no I am not even going to drive in US."

    Again, ESP and ABS should be standard WITH standard features such as half a day to a full-day of advanced driving school.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    What lauk0dg said is so true. When I took my two and a half day driving school in Germany (The Audi Driving Experience) -- they spend considerable time on teaching the students how to apply ABS brakes. While my wife and I knew how to apply ABS brakes, it was absolutely scary how many in a class of 30 were way beyond clueless. And, TV news shows -- LOCAL TV news shows -- every winter attempt to Instruct Cincinnati's driving population how to drive on slippery surfaces. Guess what? They tell drivers to "pump" the brake pedal to help maintain control of the vehicle's steering. Well, the piece is 3 minutes long, and in the last 15 seconds they say, "PS the preceding doesn't apply to cars with ABS brakes." But they don't tell what does apply.

    Ask several people every day if they have ABS and how they apply them or how they would apply them on a low traction surface. Three out of four say "apply the brake until the ABS 'chatter' kicks in and then release slightly." My ABS instructor told me to "pretend I was Bruce Lee -- and hit both the clutch and the brake quickly and as hard as my legs could push." Then, with Brake Assist, the instructor says additional brake boost will only be provided if the brake pedal is pressed very quickly. If you are already braking and press something less than in a panic mode, the Bruce Lee comment still applies -- i.e., more pressure is better. Yet this is never told to American drivers (or perhaps a better word would be seldom told).

    The ABS education web site goes into detail on all of this -- hopefully the site is popular.

    It does not claim that ESP is a substitute for good driving by the way!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    "Just beat the heck out of the gas and clutch pedals." LOL.....just make sure you found the correct pedals and not the gas pedal :>

    By the way Mark, how much is that Audi Experience thingy again? Price inclusive of hotel, meals and instruction? How many days was that from start to finish? And how many days of instruction and driving? 2.5 days?? YOu mentioned that in a post long time ago and I just forgot. I remember though you need to buy the plane tix there (not included in packge) which shouldn't be too much in the winter months. Do you call up AoA to add your name to the waiting list?? Or you need to sign up at the dealerships?? I really really really wanna go, it's time to save up I guess :> Thanks in advance.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The cost is always the same and is always in DM -- 2000. At this point Universal Currency Converter™ Results
    2,000.00 DEM = 868.19 USD
    Germany Deutsche Marks United States Dollars.

    Airfare is not included, and you will need one not paid for night in a hotel ($250 approximately) in Munich if you are coming from North or South America. The "best way to do this, IMO" is to fly to Munich on the Friday before the school (which means you arrive in Munich on Saturday morning); spend Saturday evening (after your anti-jet-lag nap) enjoying Munich's fantastic dining establishiments. Sunday take the "three hour bus tour" of Munich (if you've never been to Munich, that is), enjoy some more great food and drink and spend the evening with your fellow American drivers -- who like you, MUST BE MEMBERS OF THE QUATTRO CLUB OF AMERICA. This is a condition of going on this trip, BTW -- membership in this club is $40.00.

    The school is Mon - Wed and you must leave the hotel in Seefeld Austria by Noon on Thursday. (You are a 5 hour train ride away from Venice, BTW and there is a non-stop from Venice to JFK on Delta). All meals including alcohol are covered as are your acomodations (which are always 5 star and spectacular). The Audi "events" are 2 and one half days -- two days of driving plus classroom experience (lecture), safety training, and a private tour of the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, time in the Audi Executive dining room (for lunch with Audi English speaking VP's) and a visit to the Audi Retail Accessories Store (and the Audi museum, which is way cool). Evenings are filled with sleigh rides, great meals, special events and all is paid for in the above amount.

    My wife and I have each been twice to the school and are signed up for 2003 again. 2002 is already closed and perhaps 2003 is for all I know. In other words sign up at least one year in advance (there is a $500 non refundable deposit required in August prior to the school).

    You sign up for this via the Quattro Club of America, not Audi, not any dealer. And, as mentioned above, you must be a member of the Quattro Club of America (

    Send me an e-mail if you want more details --

    This trip could save your life and it is great fun!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    especially all those activities are INCLUDED in that DM2000.....just the driving experience and the prilgrimage to the Ingolstadt plant are worth the money paid. Definitely will check it out over at QuattroClubUSA and become a member's funny though I got that application form from the glove box in the car when it's delivered.....I was like, wow, is this official or's not, right? Interesting AoA would let them put an application form in the car.

    5 hours from Venice.....mmmmm my girlfriend is always talking about going to Italy and maybe I can get her to go to this event too :>

    Thanks Mark....I'll email you if I got anymore what dinner you and your wife ate the 2nd night you were there, just kidding.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Audi of America did, for a time, put the Quattro Club of America's magazine and application to join in the glove boxes of all Audi quattros -- my wife's 2001 TT had one, my 2001 A6 4.2 did not.

    They are a not for profit organization and they are worth every penny of the $40.00.

    I have been to Munich so many times, I can tell you the places to dine -- ditto Venice.

    My wife and I went to Europe 6 times in 2000 and have already been there twice this year including the Audi Driving School, we're off to Amsterdam, Venice and Paris over an 8 day Fourth of July trip commencing June 29th. Anyway, we would be glad to give you some travel tips -- Europe is a blast, and Germany and Italy are amongst the best of the best places to visit, both because they love Americans (and we love them) and because the food and fun is so great!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Actually I've been to Europe for 5 times.....3 times to UK, twice to France and been to Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland (which so far is the best). I wouldn't mind at all to check out Germany, Austria and Italy, although I think Europe is too gloomy in the winter, but good to drive around in a Quattro-equipped car :>

    Speaking of which, do they let participants to take a companion?? You guessed it, girlfriend is interested to come along but won't be participating in the driving. Do they give each of the participant a hotel room, or they pair up participants to share a hotel room (hope not, LOL cuz I might talk cars with my fellow participant all nite long)?? Thanks for the info.

  • Lauk, Mike kicks a**. I walked into Schaumberg, didn't know who he was and I started asking questions. He hands me his card and I say, "hey I've heard of you..." We both got a good laugh at that one. They have the one on the lot that I want: black, 1.8TQ, man., sport., cold, cel. pkg., Bose. He made it sound like I could get it or any other color for about $28K. He's definately a no nonsense guy. Thanks. btw, I drove the 1.8 for the first time today. Plenty of zip in that engine. I was grinning from ear to ear through every corner. I can't imagine it with 205hp and 250ft/lbs torque. (Wetterauer $500 stage 1 upgrade.)
  • bast2bast2 Posts: 52's out, wife's done with work. Ya know what that means, don't ya? 'Ol JB actually gets to drive the A4 once and a while! FINALLY!

    Well, actually had it at the office yesterday. Came across my first glitch with the car, or perhaps my own lack of understanding. Figured you guys could help with this one. Here goes.

    Did some running around over lunch, came back and parked in the lot. It was hot and sunny so figured I'd crack the windows and roof. Got out and locked. Horn sounded, all was fine.

    10 min. later, guy in the next office comes in and tells me my alarm is going off. I go out to the car, lights were just flashing, horn was off. I hit unlock then lock and go back in. 10 min. later I get word that it was happening again. So I go out and do the same. This time, after locking it again I rocked the car a little and stuck my hand in the cracked windows to try and set it off...nothing happened. Then, as I sat there and waited for a minute, the alarm just suddenly triggered. I could find no reason for it.

    I unlocked the car, climbed in and shut all the windows and the roof. Got out and hit the lock button on the keychain. Problem solved.

    Is this right? You can't have the windows cracked AND lock the car without the alarm sounding? Kind of weird if this is the case. Just wondering if anybody had any insights.

    Thanks in advance for any help,


    P.S. God I love this car!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343

    Yes you can take a companion -- and no they do not make you bunk with someone. If you and your girlfriend are together, you will stay in the same room -- but the cost for her to stay makes it crazy for her not to drive. What would she do anyway while you were gone from 8 am to 4:30 PM? The town that the event is held in is called Seefeld, Austria -- and there is nothing to do there (even the shopping, other than for skiing clothes, is weak) and it is too far from any city except Innsbruck (which is pretty small, too) to take a day trip, unless you plan on spending big bucks (she could rent a guide, and a car and get a tour of the romantic road and Neuschwanstein -- but that would cost at least $125 and take all day). Unless your girlfriend does not drive a car, or never plans to drive a car, she should take the driving school and you two should NOT partner -- it just doesn't work out.

    What I am saying is that if you go "alone" you get your own room -- if you have a guest in your room you will pay for her to stay, and the cost of her staying with you is about $450 USD -- for another $400 she gets to take the driving school, which as I said is fun and could save your (and her) life someday. Either go alone or "make her drive" -- most of the spouses who drove, did so at first reluctantly, at the end of the first day they were really excited and soooo glad they took the school.

    Now, if your girlfriend likes to watch CNN or German only TV all day long while you are driving, I guess you could offer this to her. But you will be so pumped up from the driving school that she will feel left out if she doesn't participate. The only reason not to take the school is if she, for some reason, is not and will not EVER drive a car (Audi or not).

    And Germany and Venice in the winter --- shhhhh, don't tell anyone, is the best time to go. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, less crowded -- and you can do everything "first class" for the price of coach. And, everything in Venice is on Saldi (sale) up to 70% off, just for walking in the store. Even the best hotels in Venice are at "bargain" rates, but not bargain treatment. Austria in January is what winter in heaven must look like. It is so beautiful and pristine and, in Seefeld, so bucolic.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Golfhound, you are welcome. I got the same thing as what you said without the Sports pkg (1.8TQ Manual, Silver, Convenience, Bose, Cold Weather) for $26.7k plus tax and othre stuff. Let's see though, you won't get the metallic option if you choose black, so looks like you can go further downwards with $28k. Good starting point though. Glad it works out for ya. Oh, if you got a chance, see what tires are on those 17" rims....if they're Bridgestone Potenzas, try to switch them for Michelin Pilots (best) or Pirelli P6000's. The "Blow"tenzas tend to bubble up on the sidewalls. Also check with him on how service / loaner cars go cuz I would like to know his answer to that question. Definitely shop around for more and check with Laurel Audi and Continental Audi as I heard various good comments about them. Good luck!!

    JB, that problem sounds like a common problem with AudiWorlders too. People have mentioned various ways of how the alarm works, ultrasonic, motion sensor, pressure sensor, etc. So far I think the group with the ultrasonic theory presented the best arguments, that's why it won't trigger itself if you stick your arm or fingers into the sunroof crack but a sound/note (might be low frequency enough we can't hear it but the sensor can "hear" it) can trigger it. You know, I don't mean to be sarcastic but I would rather want my car's alarm to be as sensitive as yours. I can stick my whole body in there, open all the windows (incl sunroof), shout inside the car while the car is armed and still the alarm won't come off. I have tilted the sunroof and armed the car and gone into the grocery store shopping and come out 45 minutes later and the car won't hum a thing. I think next time when I go into the dealer I will tell them to raise the sensitivity a little bit but not as much as in your car, and I guess you can do the same thing with yours at the dealer?? Call the service dept up and see what they said :>

  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Very true.....well she's like, "oh I am not into driving as you do and I don't drive an Audi". If the price difference is only $400, oh yeah she got to do it. So weather in Italy in the winter months are not as cloudy and drizzling and cold as, let's say Denmark or UK? Well I guess Italy is a lot more to the south so weather is nicer there in the winter months. One thing for sure, plane tickets are much cheaper then. Thanks for all the useful info and I'll email ya if I got more, in case we bored those other guys to death =>

    Hehe maybe after she's back she will go straight to the Audi dealership and get herself an Audi :> An S3/A3 maybe? LOL.

  • bsnoopy7bsnoopy7 Posts: 1
    I have had my Audi A4 2.8 quattro for almost 4 years now. Up to this point, I loved the car. A few months after the warranty was up, I complained to the dealer that something was wrong with my oil as the oil warning light came on. It was diagnosed at the time as needing a new valve cover gasket which was relatively inexpensive. Since that time, I have had the oil warning light come on here and there but was told by the dealer nothing was really wrong. I have had the car religiously serviced all by the dealer since day one. About one week ago, the battery died and for the first time I took it to a local shop for convenience. The shop took the opportunity to look over my car and told me there is an oil leak all over my engine. I took it to the dealer and they diagnosed it as needing new rear cam seals in the engine, a $1,300 job. Needless to say I am not happy about this and appealed to Audi as the manufacturer who turned my claim down based on the fact that my warranty expired. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem with their engine. I am so thoroughly disappointed in the dealer and Audi as I have done everything to maintain this vehicle from the start and really think this type of repair is not common. Can anyone help?
  • fdxboyfdxboy Posts: 45
    Man I feel for you. Doesn't it always seem that your major problems always occur a week after your warranty expires. I am not mechanic but you may be S.O.L. AoA is very difficult to deal with. I would suggest going to go onto the A4 fourm and make the same post. Those guys are like having another mechanic.
    While I love my A4 I will get rid of it when my 4/50K warranty is up. No way in hell am I going to give myself a heartattack when I have my first problem ( I think Audi charges something like $80 for just a simple oil change?!?!?)
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    My 2.8Q is about 3 1/2 years old and the only thing it's needed besides oil changes is new front brake pads, which the dealer agreed to replace free even though my warranty had just expired. Just before this they had given the car it's last scheduled maintenance servicing and their brake check had not diagnosed this, but a local tire place noticed that they were worn about a month later when I was having them do my winter/summer tire & wheel changeover. But so far the engine and the rest of the car have been troublefree. I have had the dealer perform extra oil changes, and so far I've maintained a 2,500 oil change interval using only Mobil 1 5W-30, hoping that this prolongs the life of the engine. So far I haven't had to add any oil in between these changes. I do feel somewhat vulnerable being out of warranty, but I figure that an occasional repair is still a lot cheaper than the cost of owning a new one ($1,300 = about 3 lease payments).

    Good luck.

    '98.5 A4 2.8Q w/sport
    '01 allroad
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    I guess I'll also keep an eye on the frequency of service needs.....if it's way too much i'll do the same thing as fdxboy will do and get rid of it at 4yr/50k although I know it'll be a very sad moment.

    Sorry to hear your situation bsnoopy.....definitely ask those folks at AudiWorld what to do.....and to get some momentum going cuz some dealerships and AoA must be reading AudiWorld too (the NASA blown turbo situation over in the S4 forum). Another incident: One unfortunate guy got his A4 stolen at the dealership while first his service manager wasn't giving him a good reason and declined responsibility but later the A4 owner posted in AudiWorld and tons of emails sent by fellow AudiWorlders forced the dealership to treat him a lot better. Hope that may apply to you.

  • fdxboyfdxboy Posts: 45
    I think that stolen car thing was kinda funny (ok maybe not if it happened to me) but I guess everybody sending the dealership emails got some results.
    Baumgart, Uh, don't you think that you are doing a little overkill on the oil changes? Every 2500 miles with synthetic? Even the most die hare AW will tell you that 5000 should be the minimum otherwise you are wasting money. I am also surprised that Audi replaced you pads on the breaks. I hear that they can't wait for the warranty to end so they can charge you up the nose for repairs.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Yeah, maybe every 2,500 miles is playing it a little safe, but we put less than 10,000 miles a year on the car, so it works out to about an oil change every 3-4 months. Most of our driving is also stop and go in the city and on our congested freeways here, plus we get wild temperature swings that go from -30 to 100 during the year. All of these conditions make more frequent oil/filter changes advisable; it's just a question of how frequent. I buy Mobil 1 at Sam's Club and bring it to the dealer, who charges about $20 including the $10 Audi filter. So it's really not that expensive and I like the fact that the car has seen nothing but clean oil. The body is also perfect and I hope to keep the car a minimum of 10 years. If I was leasing the car or only planning to keep it 3-6 years I'd stick to the factory-recommended schedule for sure.
  • anyone have info on the debut of the new car? also do any good pics of the car exist other than the audi corporate sites. (not the US site which still features the old car) i've found that the UK site is pretty good and i dont have to learn a new language to use it! but i'd like to know of other sites.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Quattro Club USA got some pretty good info on new A4's

    and new A6's (slightly different from the current A6 bodystyle).


  • I have now managed to scratch both driver's side wheels on my 2001.5 17" A4 1.8TQ sport (about 1 1/2 month old). I've bee driving consistently for the last ten years and this is first time I've ever scratched a rim. Has anybody else had problems with these? I'm guessing that they aren't as recessed as some other rims, affording no margin of error for curb bumpage when parking. This was a very expensive lesson in precision driving. Anyway, I could use some help. I decided that I'm not going to try to refinish either at this time, and instead buy new ones, hold onto the old ones, and maybe refinish them in the future to sell.

    I can't figure out how to link to this because the web address stays the same for every sub-page, but it's at

    go to accessories, then audi, then a4 1.8, sedan, 2001, then finally wheels. is the 9 spoke wheel listed as AUDI OEM RS4 STYLE WHEEL the exact same rim as ony my 2001.5 17" sport tire? If so, it's close to $200 cheaper than what Audi parts charges for it. If this is the same tire, why would anybody purchase it from an Audi dealer?
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Clair IS an Audi dealer. They are located in Boston and also have dealerships for Honda, Acura, Toyota, MB, Jeep and Buick in addition to Porche/Audi. They just happen to have an extensive nationwide internet parts business (Clair Parts Express) so they are usually able to offer parts for less than most local dealerships that don't have the volume that their internet network gives them.

    I've seen those RS4 rims that they've got listed on their web-site and I believe that they are the same rims that come with the '01.5 sport pkg but to make sure, I'd call them. If that isn't the exact same wheel, they'll probably be able to get it for you for a lot less than your local dealership. They have a toll free number (1-800-354-5100), just make sure you call that number during business hours so that you'll be talking to an internet parts person. If you get the right person, they can be really helpful. The times I've called, they answered all my questions curteously and professionally.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd buy a non-Audi wheel for your summer wheels and use the scratched ones for winter because during the winter you're more apt to get even more scratches. Go to the AudiWorld wheel and tire forum and describe your problem and see if there are other wheels that are more resistant to curb bumpage or that have more recessed edges. Or call Eddie at Tirerack (1-800-428-8355 ext.369) and ask him what he recommends.

    I think I already gave you the web-site for Wheel Collision Center, did't I? ...let me see if I can find it again. Okay, here it is

  • Scirocco, thanks for the info on Clair - guess I didn't look deep enough at their website before. Very impressive. Makes me wish I lived in Boston.

    I thought about your last suggestion, but just don't have the money to buy 4 new rims. I'll probably buy one for now, and keep a scratched spare in the trunk for awhile. Both scratched rims will eventually make their way to the wheel collision center or some place like it, but I want to play it safe, and put new rims on my car rather than refinished ones which may possibly never look perfect again.

    I see another potential problem with your suggestion - winter tire selection for 17" rims probably isn't great, from the limited research i've done. If i'm going to throw down well over $1K for another set of tires and rims, i want good snow performance. As it is, I'm still under the (perhaps delusional) belief that I can brave next winter with my sport tires. If I do purchase a whole new set, it'll be smaller rims and the best reasonably priced snow tires I can find. What do you think?

    As far as wheel scratches, I guess I will just have to be that much more careful with my car, and treat it with more respect. Has anybody else on this board had problems with sport rims?
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    silly me!~ yeah, I wasn't even thinking straight on that one. You're right, winter tires are not offered in 17" low profile sizes! *bonks self in the head* ...what was I thinking, anyway?? lol.

    I guess my question would be, if it's that easy to scratch the rims you have, wouldn't it be sort of frustrating to keep buying new rims everytime they get new curb rash? ...jeez, I don't know what I'd do if I were you. Man, I guess I should be glad that I have the 15" high profile "big" tires that the non-sport pkg have--I've bumped the curb once in the back and put a nice "graze" in the sidewall of the tire that is hardly noticeable after rubbing on it a litte but I'm sure if I had your rims, I'd have had damaged the wheel.

    I don't know, crud, I'm sure you have't been treating your car "disrespectfully" --I mean, you can drive as carefully as you can and still, in a moment of inattentiveness, bump a curb now and then. It happens to even the most skillful drivers, believe me. I don't know what to say but I guess it's the price you pay for having those nice looking wheels. :(
  • I'm debating whether it's worth it myself. I searched over at Audiworld, and while scratched rims do seem to be a recurring problem, it's not like every owner is scratching their rims. After some thought, I decided that I am going to be an optimist and try to be even more careful while parking, going thru drive-thru's and while driving in general. If it happens again, then all bets are off, and I'll get 16" rims and all-weathers for permanent use.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Yeah those rims are easy to get damages.....and if you drive over deep potholes you can get them warped.

    Emm.....I wouldn't recommend you to drive in the snow with sports got to get snow tires for the winter. By the way, what brand and what model are the ones that come with your 17" rims? Pirelli P6000's?

    I have seen quite a bit of people both on AudiWorld and here in Chicago that have Dunlop SP5000's.....they're ultra high performance tires yet they also qualify as all-seasons that provide relatively OK winter traction. Of course no way can one tire deliver both excellent dry and snow performances, but that SP5000 is a good compromise. Might want to check them out, I think they are available in 17" sizes but it's 235 on the width.

    About the RS4 rims, sorry I don't have enough time now to check the Clair website but the geniune RS4 wheels are NOT the same as the sports 2001.5 A4 wheels. The RS4 wheels have receded centers but the 2001.5 A4 sport wheels don't. The RS4 wheels are also 18". BUT I will definitely, like Scirocco said, call them up and see if those are the same (maybe they're the same, maybe it's just the way they call them) or they can find the real A4 2001.5 sport wheels for ya.

    Good luck and sorry to hear that!

    4,630 miles without any glitches.....and maybe it's about time to schedule my 5k service since it takes most people 2 weeks to schedule an appointment :<

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    image this from the Clair site. Does this look like the '01.5 sport rim? Difficult to tell from the pic but it's awfully close.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    image's a better pic of the RS4 rim. IMO, it sure looks like the '01.5 sport rim. And it's size is in fact 7.5" x 17" but in this pic there does seem to be a slight indention in the middle as Billy mentioned so I don't know...
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