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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • I think it is only available on the 300 hp all aluminum 4 valve Mercury Marauder..Last chance for that, I think 2004 is the last year for it..
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Nope. Floor shifter was available the entire run for 2004 Crown Vic LX Sport and remains so in 2005: rder%20Guide.pdf

    In fact, one out of five Crown Vics sold at retail during MY2005 are projected to have the floor shifter.
  • My 2000 Intrepid R/T needs a new a/c evaporator, on a car that is only 4 years old and only 55,000 miles. My mechanic told me it is about 9 hours labor, plus around $280 for the part - figure around $1,000 with tax, supplies, etc. He knows this because he just did the exact same repair on a 99 300M two weeks ago. He told me to contact Chrysler for relief, as one of his mechanics worked at the Dodge dealership for years, and they fixed the evaporators all the time on the full size Chryslers.

    The a/c in my 94 Grand Marquis works flawlessly, and always had. My mechanic, who besides having worked on civilian Panther platforms, does the work on the Crown Vic fleet of a small local police dept, and I've asked him if he's seen any issues with the "Panther" platform a/c systems. He told me that other than fixing minor leaks on some of them, he's cannot recall ever doing a major repair on any of them.

    I knew back in 2000 I should have bought another Grand Marquis, but I was seduced by the style of the Dodge. Luckily I kept my old one, as it is now my summer car, as well as my road trip car.

    I only hope they keep building the Panther, as I'll always own one for at least a back-up car.
  • I've driven a few Mercedes and several Panthers. I think the Panther platform has the Mercedes beat as far as ride comfort. Other than that, you are spot on.
  • I am getting some creaks and squeaks from the dash in a few areas. Which sound more like plastic on plastic. Has anyone had issues with this? The car is still under warranty and I could have the dealer fix it but I am concerned I may have more after the dash is pulled and put back in; any suggestions? Thought or personal experience on this issue? Since it only happens on rough roads I am 50/50 on having the dealer pull the dash apart.

    One other question on squeaks, I get some from the frame I can hear at low speeds. Any ideas or experience on what may be the cause? Dealer thought it may be the sway bar???

    Would like to get these issues handled before the warranty expires.

    Other then that I must say I love this car! Being my first I can say it will not be my last.....

    Thanks in advance for your help and advise

    2003 CV LX with 25k miles
  • GM and CV all seem to develop these, and need periodic attention. Lube these: hood latch, hood adjustment bumpers at each front corner, hood bumpers along each side on fenders, moulding at rear of hood atop firewall, cover over vacant space between rad and front sheet metal, spaces between top of bumper and front sheet metal, torsion bar rubbers, etc. Finding these is at times really tough, because the noises get transmitted through other materials, too. (I use WD-40 and silicone sprays.)

    As for the plastic noises under the dash, that could be heater/AC ducts expanding/contracting/twisting. Check to see if glove box is rubbing on something, too.

    Finally, my driver's inside door panel was rubbing slightly against the end of the dash. I took a cloth with a little WD-40 on it, wiped that area, dried it off, and the squeak was gone.

    Good luck!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    over a year, asking questions about God-knows-how-many SUVs, I finally realized that I needed a good road car, and I bought, on July 31, 2004, a 2004 Crown Vic LX Sport...had to have the floor shifter and bucket seats...while my 2000 Intrepid will cool freezing air within 1-2 minutes, the Crown Vic needs about 3-4 miles before it really cools...took it to the dealer, they said it was low on R134a (Manufacture date was 08/03, sat on dealer lot about a full year) and did some repairs...cools better and it IS acceptable, but not as well as many other Fords I am familiar with...I believe it can do better and faster, but dealer says within much as I really like the car, they could have put a few more options on it...the Grand Marq has an option of Homelink, which would eliminate the need to place my garage remote on the could also have, like the Intrepid, a fuel info system (you know, instant mpg, average mpg, distance to empty, etc.), and an in-dash 6-CD player instead of the trunk, as the dash unit certainly has the space for it...but, overall, I like the vehicle, glad I bought it, getting 20 mpg now, waiting to go on long road trip to really break in engine (now has 3000 miles, changed oil at 2500, used Motorcraft Synthetic 5W-20 as per owners manual, will continue to change every 5000 with synthetic)...dark grey exterior with charcoal grey leather interior, looks like an unmarked police car...will keep you posted, feel free to ask questions if you like...Bob
  • You have to get the digital dash to get the info center on the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis.

    As far as the a/c goes, see my post above, and just do a little surfing on the internet to see the mechanical quality of the Chrysler A/C on the LH cars has some higher than normal repair issues. An evaporator is 8-9 hours labor plus the parts to repair, as the dash has to be taken apart.

    I'm hopeful the 2006 refresh/redesign will address many of your issues. The best rumor I've heard is the Crown Vic is going to a 6 speed auto in 2006, along with a redesigned interior and exterior. Thank the Chrysler 300 for that, or Ford may have continued to build this car without any changes until the stamping machines turned to dust.
  • I have a '94 GM with almost 191k miles. Love it! Still has original suspension - rides great. It has a few electronic problems, such as non-working air bags and a blinking "check engine" light, which will be looked at shortly. Wish I knew how much it would cost to fix the short in the air bag wires -- I've been told it could be substantial, depending on how long it takes to trace down the short. Otherwise, except for the blue smoke it blows, it's a wonderful car and even though I'm starting to get new car fever, I hesitate to just give this car away, which is what I'd be doing. What are the planned updates for 2006? Major restyle or what? If the updates are exciting, I may wait for them (if the car cooperates).
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    But they could have made the info center an option w/o the digital dash; I hope the 2006 will have a 300 HP engine like the Marauder, or at least 275 HP w/325 ft lbs...a race car for older people and young people "in the know"...a tachometer would be nice, even tho it is an auto trans, side marker lights like the Grand Marq would be helpful (my 83 GM had them, and it illuminates the side of the road like a baseball field at a night game when your signal light is flashing)...keep the floor shifter and bucket seats, of course...moonroof option might be nice...DEFINITELY an audiophile 6-CD in dash unit with 250/300 watts, like some of Ford's other vehicles (like Mountaineer)...I also appreciate the power reclining seats with adj inflatable lumbar support in driver and passenger, was almost the sole reason to buy the car...most Fords, I believe, have manual reclining seats, few have power recliners...

    Also, years prior to 2004 (don't know which ones. specifically), the Crown Vic taillights had amber signal lights on the bottom of the red lens... they made it all red in 2004...I have always believed that amber flashing signal/emergency lights are much more visible at night than all red...why did Ford make that change, when they already had the design, engineering and wiring for the amber/red lights??? just seems to me that the vehicle was safer with amber, and they retrograde it to be all red...why???
  • Moonroof is a factory option, I believe it was added to the option list part-way through the 2004 model year.

    On the CD player, not sure why they still go with a trunk-mounted one. Similar story on the tail light lenses. The only thing I can come up with is since the car has a huge fleet purchase percentage, maybe the decision has something to do with that.

    Let's hope the interior has a major reworking for 2004. It is currently not bad, but some of the features are out of date.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    is really much better than the red one. i agree. I have no idea why Ford started to change everything to red, including the Freestar.

    But so are other brands doing. Example, the new GM minivans will have red lamps, and Toyota minivan got red lamps as well.

    Seems that ford tries to match all rear signal lamps, to match the Explorer/Expeditions looks.
  • Sometimes I think it is only change for change's sake, as in make them buy the new one cause it is different than the old one. I can't possibly imagine that anyone would think that would work very well on CV/GM owners. Most are far too practical (and sensible) for that.
  • Thanks harmar2,

    That was a lot of useful information! I have an appointment with Ford tomorrow to take it in along with my list. Hopefully they will be able to correct these things.

    I will be sure to take in your note and suggestions with me as an FYI of some things to look for.

    It is nice to have this source of experience the forum provides in dubugging issues that many owners have been through.

    Thanks Again
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    On the previous design Explorer, the signal lights were also amber, but the taillights were, naturally, red...they changed to all red on the 2002 redesign of the wasn't so many years ago (1960s, 1970s) that ALL of the imports had amber signal lights, British, Swedish, Italian, German, etc...that's how you could tell an import on the freeway a full mile ahead of you, was that you could see the amber signal lights over a mile away, all American cars had ONLY red, until sometime in the late 80s/early 90s, Buick/Olds actually put amber signal lights on a few of their larger, luxury models...considering the safety factor, I cannot see why it would be something that is changed from year to, it gives you extra bulbs in the back, so if your taillight bulb breaks, you still have amber signal lights, but if it is all red, a bad bulb may cause you to lose parking lights (lower filament) and brake and signal lights and 4-way flashers (upper filament)...another reason for amber, is that it is a separate bulb and circuit for signal lights and 4-way, why do they change it???
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    My guess? Cost containment and lack of customer demand for an otherwise costly feature...
  • Anybody seen any new 2005's? All the dealers are still selling off the 04's, but from what I understand, the beginning of the model year is mostly fleet purchases on the production schedule.

    I'm holding out to see what the 06 looks like, but to be honest, my 94 runs so well I cannot see me getting rid of it anytime soon.
  • gene42gene42 Posts: 11
    After hearing an axle noise on my '03 GM with 16000 miles on it, I brought it to the dealer for warranty repair. The dealer replaced both rear axle drive shafts, bearings, seals etc. and refilled differential assembly. There was no charge to me and dealer said that there was a recall on the rear axle problem due to faulty materials used at the factory. He said that he has repaired many GM vehicles under the "recall".

    I received no notice of such a recall being in effect and wonder why. Was the rear axle problem not consisdered dangerous? Is there such a thing as a "silent recall"?
  • You must be one of the lucky ones in the build dates that follow in this excerpt....2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and fleet vehicles with body code P70, P71 and p72 built from 10 October 2001 through 04 December 2002 may have defective rear axle shafts. In addition, 2003 Lincoln Town Cars with body codes M84 and M81 built from 14 November 2001 through 03 December 2002 may also have defective axles. Ford said "Due to significant differences in vehicle design and customer usage, the affected vehicles typically input higher loads into the vehicle chassis during fleet usage, overloading the wheel bearings and axles. This may lead to early bearing failure and ultimately, axle shaft fracture. The axle repair kit includes new axle shafts, bearings and seals. I first became aware of this in July 2004, so the recall was from around then. Hope this helps.

  • Anyone have experience with what sounds like a loud bearing knock on start up? I have a 2003 GM built 2/26/03 that makes more noise than any other GM I have ever heard on start up during the fraction of a second it takes oil pressure to build. Whenever the car sits for over several hours, this usually occurs. Turning the engine over a few revolutions and stopping and then repeating this and allowing it to start normally results in this issue disappearing. Anyone know of a TSB on this issue by chance? Its done it since new and it has 10k on it now. Otherwise its fine. Thanks in advance,

  • gene42gene42 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your reply. My main question is why did I not receive notification of the recall. It was only when I brought my car to the dealer on my own did I learn of the recall. I assume that the potential of a broken axle is dangerous enough for Mercury to advise its customers. I have since come across the expression "silent recall" on the Blue Oval website and wonder what it means.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    just a "variation" in my 2004 Crown Vic LX Sport...when I shift directly from Park into Reverse, the tranny immediately engages and I can move backwards...when I am in Drive, and then shift to Reverse, I just sit there for almost 5 to 7 seconds, and then I can hear and feel the tranny engage into Reverse, but that seems like a long time to me...if I shift from Drive to Reverse and touch the gas pedal, it will shift into Reverse quicker, but also seems to "slam" into Reverse, rather than a gentle I have a problem, or do Crown Vic trannies just shift from Drive to Reverse quite slowly???...
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    I haven't driven any as new as yours though, but I would think something's up. Did you check the fluid level?
  • A full-on recall (with customer notification and widespread publication) happens when a defect is dicovered that presents a serious safety problem. Such recalls are often mandated by NHTSA, or are issued by the OEM when they think it is serious enough that NHTSA would require it eventually anyway.

    When a company discovers a problem that is not a serious safety problem, they can issue a "silent recall." This is spread to the dealers via Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), but is not otherwise publicized. Ford issues a lot of these, but I have heard of GM and DCX issueing them also.

    In the case of the axle problem, I think the reasoning is that the axle will pit badly enough to damage the bearings and cause enough noise to alert the driver long before there is a big risk of the axle breaking. I don't know how true this is, but I think that's the logic.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    All fluid levels are normal, but thanks for asking...have not been to dealer yet...

    Another thought...I realize EPA mileage stickers may not be accurate, but with 6000 miles, I am getting about 20 mpg on the highway...the sticker was 17/25, and I personally know of two Town Cars, much bigger, that get 27-28 mpg on the highway...does my engine have more break-in time, or am I hampered by the slightly different rear end ratio of the LX Sport???...
  • It's been a while since I wrote into this forum. My '93 GM now has 135,000 miles (216000km) on it and, aside from the normal wear and tear, still runs real good. However, I've developed two issues with it that I've debated fixing over the last couple of months and would like the opinions/experiences of the other forum folks to offer some suggestions. First, my Ant-Lock Brakes light has been on for a while indicating that they do not work anymore. The manual says you can still drive, and I do, with no issues but you should get it fixed. A friend tried to get his fixed on his '93
    Lexus and his dealer wanted over $1000CDN! to repair it. I can't afford that kind of cash! Any opinions or previous experiences out there as to if it's necessary or how much it costs to fix? Also, the compressor for my Air Suspension seems to run all the time, even while driving down the street, which tells me that maybe the auto-level air suspension needs to be fixed and\or replaced. Does anyone know what that may cost and if it's worth it? I like this car and need to keep it for 3 more years and winter will be hear soon up in Canada, so I need to make some decisions. Thanks for your help, in advance.
  • On the ABS, it sounds like you are saying it no longer works. Have you tried it? It could be as simple as a wheel sensor, which is cheap. I agree, if it is the entire system, I would not fix it. However, if there is no rust 135k miles is not a big deal on a 90's Grand Marquis - they will run a long time.

    On the air suspension, when you park the car, does one corner or the other of the rear of the car sag over time? That would indicate one of the rear air bags is leaking. It could also be the level position sensor is bad, or the a switch to turn it the compressor on and off is not working.

    Check out this website:
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    On occasion my wipers do not return to the fully down position but land a few inches above it when I turn the wipers off. Doesn't matter if I use them in intermittent mode or constant mode. Something wrong with the joystick control? Something getting occ. stuck in the control? It is annoying when it happens and then it just corrects itself days later.
  • krk83krk83 Posts: 2
    The transmission in my Grand Marquis failed the other day, so now I'm looking around in local junk yards for a 1993 automatic transmission with manual overdrive. None of them had any, but I remembered seeing a post, that Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria's are the exact same car. So my assumption would be that a 1993 Crown Victoria would have the exact same transmission (automatic with manual overdrive). I figured I would ask in case any of you were certain, because I surely don't want to spend $600 for a 93 Crown Victoria transmission if it isn't going to fit anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • They are the exact same on both models. One thing to keep in mind is there were two different transmissions used in the 92 model year - those assembled after 2/17/92 are the AODE transmission. By manual overdrive, you mean the button on the end of the shifter? That means it is a AODE transmission, which is an electronically controlled model - prior to that, they were hydraulic, and they are not compatable. They were modified again for 1995.

    Any 93-94 Grand Marquis/Crown Vic tranny should be a plug and play swap. A 95-97 will work, but will require some modifications. A 98 or later will also work, but will require some rewiring as well.
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