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Acura Legend



  • I have purchased new and have taken very good care of an 87 Legend. Very littlt maintenence required until this year. The car started to run hotter than usual this year. On three seperate trips speeds at 60 to 65 mph and the temp gauge was in the lower 1/4 of it's range. At 75 mph, the temp creeps up to the top 1/3 of the gauge range and I can tell that the engine is warmer than it was in past years. I have tried changing the thermostat and the coolant. I have seen the comments about the air pockets and will also try to bleed that again. I remember several years back that the Acura dealer recommended an engine purge product that was supposed to clear oil flow screens in the engine. I did that once at an oil change but have not done it again. The dealer now says that it is a head gasket problem to the tune of $2900.
    I hate to tear into the engine of a car that has only 86k miles on it.
    Any advice on engine overheating or how to verify that it is a blown head gasket????
  • I now believe that there is a small leak from the water pump. I thought maybe it was a blown head gasket but I did find a leak. This will need to be verified by a pressure test.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Can somebody help me? I don't know how to get to the bulb to replace it on the front left turn signal on the bumper of our '91 Legend Sedan. Is there some trick or something hidden? I have looked for screws, up under the bumper etc and am baffled. There must be something I am overlooking. Maybe only the dealer knows and will tell me for a fee? LOL.

  • Did you mean to say that you have a 1990 Legend L sedan with only 29,000 miles on it? $10,000 is more than fair, I would say. You could probably ask for more. Has it been garaged the whole time?
    You would be selling an unbelievable deal at $10,000.
  • Has anyone seen this. The temperature guage rises to the red mark and then it goes back to its
    normal position. It does not do this often and seems to do this in groups of two and when making a turn. The thermostat has been replaced twice, the fan control has been replaced, and so has the temperature guage sensor. Any suggestions?
  • Does th engine speed change when the temp changes?
  • I had to replace one of running lights on a '95 Legend, and I believe they are in the same cluster as the turn signal lights. The instructions for doing this were in my owner's manual. Do you have a copy of the manual? Does it provide any information?

    In the case of the '95, you open the hood, and remove a set of screws from a plastic housing. Then, allegedly, you can simply pull the housing for the light out. I did eventually do it, but I can tell you that I cursed more than once. It is in there quite snuggly and took a bit of work to get it out. Once you get to that point, getting at the bulbs is pretty simple.

    For what it's worth, I would suggest replacing all the bulbs, and doing it on both sides of the car at the same time. From my perspective, the pain of getting the housing out, and "learning" how hard you have to force it in order to get it to budge is high enough that you might as well replace all the bulbs and get it over with for the next few years.

    Good luck.
  • webby1webby1 Posts: 209
    Wow!!! I am glad I have found this forum.
    Trying to read as many posting as I can, I have noticed the price difference from Canada.
    Just an example I am looking to replace my daughters '89 Legend with a '92 at 120,000Km which is equivalent to approx 75K miles, excellent condition asking price 11,950 Canadian or approx 7500 US.
    I also had an '87 ( my sons, 340,000 km or 212,000Kmiles ) sold it to a guy 6 months ago who is using it to deliver pizza ( still on the road ).
    I also have a '90 Legend ( absolutely no rust ) 305,000 km or 190,000 Kmiles and every time I am looking at new cars I have a hard time justifying a purchase of the new one.
  • jkr1jkr1 Posts: 5
    I just purchased a '92 Legend. The guy I bought it from mentioned that it occasionally has the same problems as Donlino described with the temperature gage rising. Said it needed a new head gasket. I talked to the repair man(used to work for Acura - now on his own) and he said it would be $1200-$1300 to replace.

    Also, the left rear window does not work. Has anyone had this problem and tried to replace the motor? I assume the dealer would want well over $200 to fix...
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444

    Thanks for the help. Actually when I crawled under the left front bumper, I found that the turn signal bulb was just out of it's plastic socket, and was actually lighting. I thought I had been under there before. Anyway, I just screwed the thing in and presto, turn signal works, and I remember to always check things twice, thrice etc.

    The kids have taken the Legend back to college, oil and filter changed by their dad.


    Ed Smith
  • lorna1lorna1 Posts: 1
    A recent change (for the worse) in my financial situation has made it necessary for me to find and purchase a car within my cash payment capabilities. My boss drives a 1993 Acura Legend which has 170,000 miles on it and he is recommending that I buy a 1994 Legend. This particular Legend is a 1994 LS with 155,000 miles on it. The owner has recently replaced the timing belt, radiator, tires and brakes. The body is in excellent condition and he is only selling it because he needs a larger vehicle to transport his son and his hockey equipment.
    My daily commute consists of a mostly interstate 70-mile roundtrip. After reading many of the entries on this board, I am learning that it is not uncommon to drive Legends beyond 200,000 miles. I need a car that is reliable and with manageable maintenance costs. Could someone please let me know what other big ticket maintenance or repair issues I should expect if I do buy this Legend? I would also welcome any advise and opinions as to whether this would be a relatively safe choice (in terms of upcoming expenditures). In other words, will I end up spending lots of money every month just to keep it running?
    The current owner is asking $8,000 for the 1994 Legend LS. The interior is in very good condition.
    Sorry for the length of the message. Thank you for any advice, opinions and suggestions.
  • jkr1jkr1 Posts: 5
    Has anyone had their Trunk Release button on the drivers side door go out? If so, any ideas on how to fix?
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Buying a used car is always a gamble, but yes these Legends do tend to go on and on if properly maintained. I would research on the car, you need the VIN number. Also have a trusted mechanic look at it and drive it. A compression test wouldn't be a bad idea. Metal does wear, even Acura metal.
  • I have a '92 that is overheating also. I have experienced the rise and fall of the needle just as "jkr1" has mentioned when turning corners. It will also spike when sitting still too long. It appears as though a lot of Legend owners have had the same or very similar experience. It sounds like a design flaw. I had a service guy tell me recently that they this alot and do a number of head gasket replacements (~$1500.00 - $2000.00) I have a friend who owns an 1989 Legend with over 200k miles on it, that has never had a similar problem. I've read stories on-line of folks that have had all the repairs suggested here done and are still having problems.

    Has anyone had success resolving this?
  • A '94 with 155,000mi is still just a baby. I have a '92 with 190,000mi and I won't be planning on replacing it anytime soon (I expect it to hit 300,000mi before I invest in another vehicle).

    An Acura will bring more costly repairs then a domestic car would but the key is not to bring your vehicle into an Acura dealer and have them place all new parts into the repair.

    I had to replace the Transmission on mine at 110,000 miles and that was less then $1200 for a lifetime warranty on a used trans (They guys down at Acura said this repair would be around $3000 to rebuild with new parts of course!).

    To get to your question of should you budget a lot of money to keep a Legend running I would say NO! Besides my little transmission spoof I have spent nothing on the car other than Oil, Gas, Carwashes and a handful of air filters!
  • jkr1jkr1 Posts: 5
    I have not fixed my '92 Legend yet. I was told this is somewhat of a common problem with Legends. I don't plan to replace the head gasket unless the car temp continually rises about 1/2 on the gage. I would call around if you plan to do. I found a Honda-Acura repair shop (not a dealer repair shop) that would do it for $1200-$1300. Like you, I want to hear from someone that had this done and it actually fixed the problem permanantly! My only does it when I let the engine idle and sit for a few minutes. As soon as I start driving, it goes back to normal.
  • Before checking anything else, try checking both radiator and condenser fans. Years ago, my 86 Legend overheated (needle at max), and when I noticed, I turned car off to let cool. I drove to my mechanic and he found a busted condenser fan (the blade had fallen off). At his recommendation, I bought a replacement fan at a junkyard for a small amount of $ (forgot how much), and he replaced it in less than an hour. Cheap repair, and the car has never again overheated.

    Hope this suggestion helps people in here ...

  • My legend has a Metallic Rattling Noise. I found a discussion on this dated from Aug of 2000. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I use medium grade fuel in my 92' but mine only makes the noise when it's just started and I am going less than 20 MHP. I always figured it was a loose muffler shield or something. Anyone have any ideas? If not I guess I will give the "Techron" fuel cleaner a try!
  • Response to : jkr1 Jan 17, 2002 12:25pm

    Has the trunk release control located in glovebox been disabled?
  • jkr1jkr1 Posts: 5
    First thing I checked was the glovebox valet switch. That is not the problem... Nor is it a fuse...
  • I have recently come into possession of a 1995 Acura Legend GS, with all the works, but it also has 130,000 miles on it. I've never owned Honda/Acura cars before, and would like to know if anyone knows of problems occurring with this model at this stage. It appears to be in excellent condition, and I have not had any trouble in the last couple of weeks I've driven it, but as I said, I'd like to know of any problems (if there are any) that happen to these cars. So far, I've been very impressed by it; it handles very well and is a lot more responsive, agile, and faster than my previous vehicle ('89 Isuzu PU). Any comments would be appreciated.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Brent-The metallic rattling noise that you hear is more than likely the catalytic converter heat shield. There was a TSB on it and it can be easily fixed

    mrdosguy-A '95 Legend GS with 130k miles has plenty left in it thanks to the great Honda/Acura reliability record. Has all of the required maintenance has been done(timing belt and water pump are the two most important)? If so, you shouldn't have too much to worry about. The most common problems for the Legend occur in the cooling system. The stock radiator has a plastic tank that has a bad habit of cracking. Other than the cooling system, not many things usually go wrong. Enjoy your car!
  • jkr1jkr1 Posts: 5
    Anyone had problems with engine surging while in park? Occasionally, the engine will surge and rpms go from 1000 - 2000 and back/forth. I own a '92 Legend? Any help is appreciated.
  • Thanks for the info, th83. I haven't had it looked at, but I made an appointment for next weekend, so I'll find out if anything is wrong with it. I hope not, cause I have to say I've fallen in love with this car. Very nice ride...
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    jkr-I have that problem, too. I also have the aforementioned overheating problem which leaves me to believe that my car has a blown headgasket. As much as I hate to admit it, it makes sense. My car is also losing coolant and I think it may be going into the oil. Check your oil and coolant levels often for any changes in the levels. If your coolant levels drop but your oil level raises, chances are you have a blown headgasket. If the levels do not change, you may just have a vacuum leak. I hope this helps...

    mrdosguy-Glad that I could help!
  • I am experiencing a problem with my 1988 acura legend L after taking a short trip. I am having trouble restarting my acura, I let it sit for a couple of minutes or hours and then it will restart with not problem. I wonder if anyone has had the similar problem, if so has it been fix and how much did it cost. Thanks alot
  • I forgot to add that also while driving the anti lock brake light would come on also. I wonder if the problems are related
  • i have a 1990 acura legend L and have experienced starting problems as well as the anti-lock brake light going on while driving (interupting the radio and messing with lights). while waiting for the car to decide to start again a man approached me and said his car- same year and model did the same thing. i am getting really fed up with it- is this a common problem? help!
  • lraclrac Posts: 4
    Any response yet to the trunk release problem?
    - same issue with my 1993 Legend L
    - glove box switch and fuses are OK
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