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Toyota Corolla



  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    personally, i dont think changing the tires or changing tire pressure will help the 03' corolla fight crosswinds. i believe the design on the car itself is the problem. being tall and a bit narrow makes it sensitive to crosswinds.
    if the car is lowered, then it may help.

    just my $0.02
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    I agree with your thoughts ie, windy conditions. Adjusting tire pressure does nothing for that. I just meant to say that it handles slightly better with 32 in the fronts.
  • My SI is a pretty tall car and it does get affected by VERY strong crosswinds but not to the extent that he is describing so that's why I wondered if the tire pressure was off.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    from my experience, i think the only way to avoid driving all over the road when there is stong winds is to slow down a bit.

    i was all over the road a few weeks ago when i was caught in a sudden change of weather where it was real windy. with 3 people in my car, i still had a hard time keeping the car straight. it wasnt so bad when i slowed down. after i slowed down, i was able to control the car much better.
  • I'm not really good with cars and I just got my 03 corolla LE auto, so I hope you kind people can spare me some advice. My question is in regards with air conditioning. Imagine being stuck on a traffic,your on Drive and your stepping on your breaks. While I have my AC on, it seems like there's a small jolt every 15 seconds and feels like the car is literally gasping for air and moving a few centimeters forward (even i'm stepping on the breaks hard enough). This doesn't happen when i have my AC off. Hope you guys and gals can shed me some knowledge as to whethere this is normal or something to be checked out. Thank you.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    my sienna have the same problem you described. yes it happens and yes its normal.

    this happens everytime when your compressor kicks in to maintain the cool temp. you will notice this happen more when the weather is really hot and your a/c is on. when the compressor kicks in, your RPM rises... its like you stepped on your gas a bit so your car inches forward if its in gear. this happens only on cars with auto tranny.
    you will notice this more if your car is a 4 cylinder. if you have a v6 or v8, you wont notice it very much unless you look at your RPM gauge.

    now you know what is going on... all you do is when your a/c is on and each time you come to a complete stop, make sure you step on your brakes firmly. this will solve your problem of the car inching forward.
  • Just a note about the drivers seat in the Corolla. Unless the headroom in the newer model Corolla is less the 2001 model I don't see any problem with you being 5' 11" and driving the 2003 comfortably. I am 6' tall and I have a 2001 Corolla LE with moonroof and I have at least 3"-4" above my head. To tell you the truth I drove a 2001 without a moonroof and didn't notice any difference in the headroom.
  • My boyfriend can drive a 2001 Corolla and any year before that but he can't fit in the 03's. He couldn't extend his legs fully and the gas pedal was at an angle where he couldn't even drive the car for 1 mile. It has plenty of headroom just no legroom.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    I agree with anonymous posts, the 2003 Corolla is a completely different car than the earlier Corollas. I don't see what fitting a 2001 has to do with fitting or not fitting in a 2003. May as well compare fitting in a 2003 Corolla to fitting in a Nissan Sentra.

    MANY are upset that the driving position is VERY different in a 2003. Magazines, posters here and dealership customers have all made this observation. And they have all tried to fit in a 2003. The problem, when it exists, is indeed legroom. It wouldn't matter if the car was a convertible with the top down, if there isn't room for your legs to stretch out comfortably it doesn't matter how much headroom there is.

    There is NO substitute for trying the car itself. Figures indicate their is no problem. But actual seat time may reveal a different conclusion!
  • I agree COMPLETELY with the statements made about the legroom and the gas pedal made about the 2003 Corolla. I am 6 foot 2, with average length legs, and for the first few miles, not bad at all. This car is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for your legs for any length of trip. Like earlier, enough headroom for me, but if you are 6 foot 4 or 6 foot 5 FORGET IT!! Whoever designed the legroom for this car completely forgot about tall people or slightly tall like myself.. Wander if there is ANY way to get rid of the damn foot rest....?
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I've read many comments here about how hard it is to keep the car on the road because of the Corolla's tall and narrow profile. I immediately wonder, what will this car be like in winter driving? This is obviously a concern for all Canadians, as well as Americans in the upper regions of the US.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I can honestly say that I sat down in a brand new Corolla LE in the dealer's showroom a while ago and I was so surprised to see that there was LESS legroom than in the previous gen. Corolla! I'm 6'5", and although I fit in OK in the previous gen., it might be a problem for me in the current Corolla. On the plus side, the interior is fantastic, but I'm not really fond of the way the instrument cluster is tilted. It seems to point towards the ceiling, which I think looks ridiculous.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    We tested a automatic last night, very nice. The seats/ seating position were the weak spot IMO, but over all we liked the car as much as we liked the Ion (but for some different reason). The Protege is still in the running and we still want to test a Sentra and maybe a Focus.

    I think we will buy in the next 3 months, perhaps a deal or Christmas promotion may push it a little sooner. So many good choices these days.
  • 914914 Posts: 15
    I have owned a Honda, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, and now my first Toyota - a 2003 Indigo S Corolla. The car does what is supposed to - provide basic, economical, and quality transportation. I love the car - even with the Goodyear tires. Although I have four new Michelin Arctic Alpins ready to be mounted on four new rims to be used this winter.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    Is it just a legroom issue, or is it also a problem of a seat cushion that is not long enough to provide support for longer legs?
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    Do your homework on the Focus... It has enough recalls to fill a book and the reliability is quite poor compared to the others that you are testing. No, I'm not down on the car, facts are facts.
  • soure1soure1 Posts: 9
    I've had a five-speed '03 LE since January. I'm 6'3". It seems to be an issue of the either steering wheel being to far away or the pedals being too close. Car & Driver thought the pedals are too close. So you can adjust for one but not the other.
  • I just think that for someone of my boyfriend's height (6'5) the seat track doesn't go back far enough. He drives a 00 Civic right now and has above average room in it and is comfortable but there is no way he could drive the Corolla even if it was just to the end of the driveway. That's a bummer because I like the outside and the inside of the new Corolla.
  • I think you missunderstood my statement about fitting in the Corolla. I was not addressing legroom as you were in your answer to me. My posting to fgf001 was about headroom not legroom. If you read my posting closer I did state that the 2003 could be different then the 2001. I would not know that since my car is a 2001. Therefore I could only tell you about how I fit into mine. So tell me how do you fit into a Nissan Sentra anyway ??
  • The headroom is ok if 6 foot 3 and under, front driver legroom is a joke if you are tall.. Damn foot rest needs to be moved .. The tire saga of mine continued..Toyota did not do anything for me,(what a surprise) but Goodyear gave me FULL credit on the notorious crap Integrity tires and replaced them for 80 bucks with a new set of 4 Goodyear Regatta 2 ones which supposedly is a better tire.. At least it is not as skinny as the lousy Integrity tire which is stock..Hopefully, they will have some GRIP to them in the rain.....Great customer service at Goodyear..Take a hint Toyota dealers!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    What's this about being 6'2" and not fitting into the '03 Corolla? I'm only 5'10" (ok, 5'9-1/2") with a 32" inseam and the driving position is very uncomfortable to me also. Darn shame too, because except for that I was really impressed with the Corolla LE.

    Vuefor2, if you are looking for a small car with a great driver's seat, try out the Elantra. It has what Car and Driver called the best seat adjuster on the planet--pretty high praise. It's the most comfortable driver's seat I've every sat in outside of maybe a BMW or Benz.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    I have a 1995 Corolla (1.6litre, 3 speed auto). Recently I have been experiencing a starter problem. I turn the key and (especially when the engine is cold) get just a clicking noise. I can do this sometimes 3-5 times and then the engine will start. When the engine is warm it usually fires right up. Anybody have any ideas? The battery is original (7+ years) and despite it's age appears to still be in good shape although I wouldn't rule anything out. Anybody have any ideas what the problem may be?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    starter brushes are worn.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I know about the Focus issues, but they seem to be mostly resolved now. We tested a Sentra a few days ago, but we didn't care for it too much. Top choices now are the Ion, Protege and Corolla. We will still test the Focus as our friend says she loves hers and it has won a lot of awards. The 5 door hatch model is particularly attractive to me.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Yes it is the brushes, although with a battery that old it may also need replacing soon too. Word of advice - take the car to an an auto electric repair place. A new starter is $3-400 installed at the dealer (less at an independent) but you can have the starter rebuilt for less than $50. I paid $90 to have the starter removed, rebuilt and replaced.
  • Hey guys, I went to look at a 03 Corolla LE over the weekend, and after reading your posts about being too tall for a corolla. I sat in there for like 20 min, trying to find a good comfortable position... and couldn't find one.

    For those of you that have the car and is around 6 feet, is it possible to remove that stupid foot rest? Because if it's possible to remove it, we would gain some 2" of leg room for our left leg.

    I agree also that the track of the seat is not enough, I wish it can go back another 1 to 2 inches. But oh well. I really want the Corolla, but if I can't fit comfortably, then I'll have to fork over more money to get a Camry.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400

    Have you ever thought of aftermatket seats? I had two Recaro seats installed and there just is no comparison. Now I could drive that car for days without any bodyparts being sore! (my car is a 01 Toyota Echo).
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    and how much did they cost?
  • sunsokosunsoko Posts: 10
    I have '01 Corolla S with 40K on it. I'm happy with this car over all except the seat. My seat is sqeaking when I change position while I'm driving. I bought this car lesss than 2 years ago. I wonder how well it's going to hold up for another six or seven years.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    They came out of a VW GTI of a friend of mine. I only paid labour for installation. They look almost identical to the left most seat you will see if you go to:

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