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Audi A6



  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    Turbocharger technology on automobile engines is now a pretty mature technology and isn't, in itself, a big longevity issue unless you intend to drive it very hard and ignore routine service. My son drives 110 miles every week day in a MB diesel turbo with 320K miles on it! I think ALL new Saabs now have turbos. The 2.7T engine has two turbos and they do add a lot of complexity to the engine, but mostly from the no. of added parts vs. actual operating complexity. A problem or weakness should reveal itself fairly early. If the engine goes 30K without a mechanical problem, chances are it will go 200K if maintained properly. On the Audiworld forums, engine problems reports are pretty rare (but I doubt many 2.7Ts have 25K miles on them yet).
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Actually, Jon, I DO have a quattro A6 2.8. I was close to getting a FrontTrak, but decided to go with quattro at the last minute. I figured that if I was going to get an Audi, I might as well get the feature that sets it apart from most other marques.

    It's correct that the addition of quattro to the A6 2.8 affects acceleration only in that it adds to the vehicle's total weight. After 8 months and 11,000 miles, however, I can say emphatically that I find the car's power train to be fabulous. Sure, one can have a lot of fun with the added oomph provided by the 2.7T or 4.2 and they're both well worth their added costs of admission, but the 2.8Q has never left me thinking that my car is under-powered. I think it does a great job. To anyone for whom the added $$$ of the 2.7T or 4.2 puts the A6 out of reach, I'd say get a 2.8. It's no slug, and it's the closest thing to the other two rockets you can buy.
  • ctorreyctorrey Posts: 64
    For those of you fortunate enough to have purchased/leased a 01 A6 4.2, I'd like to get an idea of how the dealers have treated you in terms of price haggling. I have been told to expect to pay $2k - $3k over invoice, but I think a better deal can be had. I'd like to start at $1k over and move up from there. Any thoughts/experiences?

    Also, has anyone purchased their A6 4.2 with the Audi 18" BBS RSII rims that are available from dealers? They list for $695 (and I'm hoping that's for a set (4) w/ tires). Any suggestions? Since I'm probably leasing, I'd rather wrap it all up in the capitalized cost rather than deal with aftermarket stuff.

  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Sorry, Charles...they're $695 each, and that's without a tire. Price with a mounted tire is $825 each.
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20
    I've been going around the horn for quite a while now looking at new 17" wheels. The SSR Competition or ATP Flash Sport wheels both interest me a lot. Has anyone bought these for their 2.7? Have any pics or other comments about them?


    00 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport/Convenience/Cold Weather Pkgs
  • Thinking of buying a 97 A6 today. One owner car w? 69000 miles. Quattro, loaded. Any concerns w/ miles? Feels solid, looks great. Audi Assured.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Most participants here drive the current generation A6 (1998 model year and newer), so you might not get the answers you're looking for.

    I suggest that you visit the A6 forum at and post your question to the attention of "Muhammad". He has a car very similar to the one you're considering. Muhammad visits the site daily and is always willing to help people with previous generation A6s.

    - Mike

  • OK I've scanned most of this board and found surprisingly little on this topic. I'm considering the A6 ( vs Lexus ES300 and Seville - can't do RWD in MN - I find the 4matic E class way overpriced and plasticky ). Haven't driven the Audi yet so looking for some upfront advice before I do as well as any first hand input from owners. Anything would be appreciated

    A fully loaded 2.7T isn't that far from 4.2 pricing and if I'm going to splurge that much the additional 4-5K won't kill me. Does anyone have any insight on comparison between the two and how they compare to other FWD or AWD luxury cars in the 35-50K range ?

    Here's what's important to me in order of priority ( I realize your priorities all differ ).

    Construction quality - quietness, fit/finish NVH above all.

    Reliability - Turbo problems ? Audi rep vs Lexus etc.

    Performance - not a speed nut but I like plenty of passing/merging power and effortless cruising.

    Comfort, esp shoulder room - I'm a large weightlifter type who goes 250 plus at 5'10. Seville definitely scores in that area but reliability a concern. Also like firm supportive seats and Caddy is mor than a tad mushy.

    Safety and traction - I live in MN where the back roads are compacted ice and snow 3 mos solid and you never know when you open your door to 8" of the white stuff. Audi should win big in this area but I've done just fine with FWD in the past and everything I'm looking at has traction/skid control etc to boot. Love the Lexus GS styling but RWD is suicide here.

    Aesthetics - I'm on this forum first because I like the A6 visually over the others. Unlike most of the reviewers I think the rear view is what makes it distinctive and dynamic.

    Basically if someone could reassure me on reliability and long term fit/finish and smoothness I would say it's likely I'd join the A6 fold given the expectation that a test drive shows it to be as good a car as it seems on paper. Whether I'd go 4.2 or save the cash and get the even faster 2.7T depends a lot on your input on reliability and smoothness as well as test drive.

    Thanks and apologies for length !

  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I have a 2000 A6 2.8 quattro so cannot give you a first-hand report on those factors that are specific to the 2.7T or 4.2; I can, however, share some thoughts that pertain to the entire A6 line.

    First and foremost, the A6 is an absolutely first-rate car in every respect. Fit and finish are superb, with no visible flaws. Everything works exactly as it's designed to. Some owners have had minor problems, e.g. malfunctioning fuel gauges, radio frequency "drift", windshield distortion, to name a few examples, but the overwhelming majority have been successfully resolved by the dealers. I've not had a single problem in 8 months/11000 miles.

    You'll get the best answers to most of your questions by driving a few different A6s. In your situation, I'd drive a 4.2, a 2.7T with Tiptronic, and a 2.7T 6-speed. You then have the option of going with and without the Sport Packages (various combinations of upgraded suspensions, tires, and wheels; all have "sport" seats that you may or may not like due to their smaller-than-standard-seat width). Each of these cars will have tons of passing power and each will cruise effortlessly.

    The most commonly-reported problem I've heard regarding Audi ownership is inconsistency at the dealer level. A lot of people on the A6 forum at have reported "less-than-stellar" performance by their dealer service departments. (There definitely is not the consistent excellence like that provided by Lexus dealers.) A lot of this is due to Audi's astronomical growth over the past few years; many of the dealers are simply selling more cars than their service and parts departments can keep up with. In fairness, though, more and more Audi owners are sharing positive service experiences as well; things are definitely improving.

    I've said it here before - the A6 is a PERFECT blend of luxury, sport, performance, handling, comfort, and value. It's a car that makes me feel good every time I drive it; it actually makes me feel younger! I can't say that for any Lexus, Cadillac, or even Mercedes.

  • This is a valuable news group. Everyones comments have been very helpful in my search for an A6.
    I have located a '00 A6 2.8 Front drive, blk, celebration package and 12k miles. I think I can get it for 27K which is about my budget. Anyone have any thoughts? Good deal? It is in LA.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    A 2000 A6 2.8 FrontTrak with the Preferred Equipment Package (moonroof, leather, and HomeLink, same as 2001 Celebration Luxury Package) and no additional options had an M.S.R.P. of $36,425 and an invoice price of $32,199. For such a car, $27K sounds like a reasonable deal to me.

    Does the car have any additional options (e.g. Cold or Warm Weather Package, side curtain air bags, CD changer)? Also, are you sure that the car has the "Preferred Equipment Package" and not the "Convenience Package"? (It will have either one or the other.) The easiest way to tell is to check for steering wheel stereo buttons OR a memory driver's seat. If the car has either of those items, it will have the other as well as auto dimming mirrors (inside and out) and memory outside mirrors.

    IF the car has the Convenience Package (yes, I know, it gets confusing!), it MIGHT also have xenon headlights, which would further increase the car's value. (Xenons were available in 2000 as a stand-alone option on any A6 EXCEPT those with the Preferred Equipment Package. Cars with the Convenience Package could be ordered with xenons.)

    As you probably know, the car's warranty goes to 3 years/50,000 miles, so there's lots of time and miles left.

    Regardless of the absence or presence of additional options, if the car is in good shape I'd say it sounds like a good deal. You'd probably want to have the very unforgiving black paint professionally detailed (to get rid of the tiny scratches that are probably there), but that should be about it.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know why the car is for sale? On a 1 year old car, that's probably a good thing to find out if you haven't already done so.

    Good luck!

    - Mike
  • auformauform Posts: 1
    If you want to place an order for an A6, I'd advice you to hold on till June. In June the A6 is getting a facelift, making it an even better buy. These dates are European, so the NA date could be later.

    Changes are:
    - Suspension will be tweaked by the Former-BMW engineer Jos Van As. He did the A2 and the new A4, and both are considered to have the best suspension in their markets. I think this 'tweaking' will include a full aluminium suspension.
    - Interior will look more youthful.
    - I think the exterior will look more aggressive, as does the new A4.
    - 2.8l V6 to be replaced by new 3.0l V6
    - 2.7T from 230hp to 250hp
    - New ESP-system
    - New Bi-Xenon lights

    In '02 Audi will replace its 4.2l with a brand new one, despite the fact that the current one is far from outdated. Guess the Audi engineers were getting bored. It will feature as a 300hp unit in the Allroad, and will get two Cosworth Turbos for the 440hp '02 RS6.

    dmallinder, I would go for the 2.7T. It is 20kg lighter than the V8. It has equal Torque, and is far more easily tuneable. It is also cheaper to buy, and to run.
    Reliability is not an issue. Modern Turbos are very reliable, an especially the Audi-ones. The 2.7T delivers 380hp in the RS4, without problems. And no Turbo-lag to speak off. You can chip this engine to well beyond 500hp.
    On the other hand, the V8 will be smoother. A question of comfort.

    Catteeuw PJ
  • Mike- Thanks for the comment. It does not have the steering wheel or memory seats or a cd changer. The fellow who owned it, drove it for a year and then traded it in on a new one. The dealer is trying to move it out before the end of the month. Im going to see if the dealer will add a changer and xennons to the deal.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    of Automobile magazine, and they refer to a new engine for the A6, a 3.5L V6, that puts out 260 HP, placing it between the 2.7T and the 4.2. Should be an interesting line-up in the next year or so.
  • I'm about to pick up my new A6 2.7T and was wondering if the cd changer from my '93 Lexus ES 300 might fit in the A-6. Any info about this swap or which after market changer might be compatble would be appreciated.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    F.Y.I., as a worst case scenario you can buy the OEM CD changer from Clairparts (an authorized Audi parts department in Boston) for $299.95 and install it yourself in about 15 minutes. Installation is simple and the car is completely set up to accept it. You probably don't need it, though, since the car already has a dash-mounted single disc CD player that works beautifully. If you can get the dealer to throw it in at no charge, great. Otherwise, I'd wait until you have the car for awhile and decide if you really want it.

    Xenons are another story. There's no cost-effective way to retro-fit the factory units into a non-xenon car. To do it correctly would cost at least $1500 (vs. $550 for the factory-installed option).
  • Have researched my purchase since last October. Previously owned a 96 E320 since new. After initial niggly problems, the E320 was a pleasure to own and drive. Truly enjoyed the 75k miles and lots of smiles before trading for my new Audi. Avoided serious (deadly?) accident on I-75 with superior brakes and handling, thanks MB. NEVER LIKED SINGLE WIPER BLADE! Got used to Benz unfriendly placement of P/W and C/C switches, but am delighted with set up of new Audi controls. I drove everything comparable and the Audi won out. I can only hope the long term reliability and build quality of the Audi matches my experience with the Benz and I will be a happy convert. Judging by the reports I have read in Audi World and on this site, I think there is a good chance. I will post results of initial satisfaction in a few weeks,
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20
    Harry & stockboy,

    stockboy, that changer you have likely won't work. The only changers that I know of that are compatible with the Audi head unit are Panasonics and it's only a few that are. Check out and compare the Audi OEM model on their site with yours. If it's not the same but is a Panasonic you MIGHT be able to buy a converter. See my notes below to Harry about the one at

    Unfortunately Harry, I believe that newspros's comment about there being no easy way to retro fit the Xenon headlights is correct. It's much more cost effective to get as an option than it is as an after market. Since you're getting the car used, I think you're going to have to pony up a good chuck of cash if you really want them. On the changer, I disagree with newspro's response on two fronts. One, I would get the changer although I realize that is a matter of opinion. For some (such as newspro) a single proves to be adequate. My ride to work requires highway driving and if I decided to not listen to morning radio, I found it a hassle to change CDs. It's not a whole lot of fun to reach into the passenger seat, fish through the CD wallet and exchange with the one already in the player while driving at 75MPH. Is it really THAT big a deal? No, but I didn't like taking my eyes off the road to do it. It's MUCH simpler now. Like I said though, matter of opinion. Now on the second front that I disagree with him, I don't believe it's a matter of opinion. IF you decide you want a changer, go to WWW.AUTOTOYS.COM and get the OEMAUDI8 for $195 (no tax, free shipping). It's a Panasonic 8 CD changer that comes with an adapter for compatibility with the Audi head unit. There have been some who have doubted getting this one over the OEM from Clair. I have no idea why. I have it and I can tell you, it works, it's $100 cheaper and it's 8 CDs instead of six (and yes all 8 play). The ONLY drawback is that is slightly narrower than the OEM. It took me about 15 minutes more time to figure out a way to get it to fit into the bracket. Unless you’re a "Melvin on the job", it's easy.

    Good luck,
    00 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport/Convenience/Warm Weather Pkgs
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I just want to clarify, Rick, that the comments you attributed to "newspro" were really made by me ("mpuzach"); they were in response to newspro's questions. I'm pointing this out only because there's no point in anyone else taking the heat for things that I said!

    Regarding the CD changer, I agree with your point of view that it adds a lot of convenience. I didn't know if newspro was aware that the A6 already had a single-play in-dash unit and was merely suggesting that, if he has any doubts whether or not he wants/needs a changer AND would have to pay for it himself, he may want to live with the car for awhile before deciding.

    Finally, I don't question your point that your changer of choice works. If it does everything that it's supposed to do for $100 less than the OEM unit, great. (Do you have steering wheel stereo controls? If so, do they work with your changer?) My personal objections are perhaps trivial, nonetheless here they are:

    1. Although I know you disagree, when I looked at the Autotoys web site (per your earlier recommendation), I got the impression that they were trying to "fool" the public into thinking that the changers are OEM when in fact they're not. I don't know if that was their intent or not, but that was my interpretation of their heavy use of "OEM" in their descriptions. That impression caused me to lose trust in them.

    2. I simply prefer to keep my car "OEM". It's nothing more than a personal preference. Any add-ons e.g. wheels, suspension modifications, splash guards, etc. to my car will be OEM UNLESS there's something that I want to add for which no acceptable OEM part is available (e.g. speakers, amplifiers).

    I hope this clears things up.
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20

    Sorry for misrepresenting you (and newspro). I guess I didn't follow the thread closely. Don't mean to put words in anyone's mouth.

    One assumption I made was that Harry's current car had a CD player in it so he'd know what the pros and cons of a single player are. Bad assumption to make I suppose. If his car doesn't have it, then I agree that he doesn't need to be in a hurry to purchase a changer. Even though my previous car had a single player, I waited a while to purchase the changer so I'm hearing what your saying. Wait a while and see if the single is sufficient. I did mention that while it was my choice to get one, it was a personal preference.

    On the Panasonic 8-disk..."Yes", all the steering wheel controls work with it. The only issue seems to be that the "random" function doesn't work and I'm not one to use it with a changer anyway.

    On keeping OEM...I also can understand where you are coming from here. To a degree, I feel the same way. I'm willing to make some concessions such as the changer (since it's in the trunk and I don't foresee any future compatibility issues) and with wheels. While I do like the OEM wheels and the Audi rings, I'm not so into them that they can't be replaced. As a matter of fact, I just upgraded from the 16" OEM wheels to 17" SSR Competition wheels! They cost more than I wanted to pay but are very nice looking, are extremely durable forged wheels and each are only 14.9lbs (VERY light). If anyone is interested, I'll post a pic when I get them on (they haven't arrived yet).

    00 A6 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport/Convenience/Cold Weather Pkgs
  • I have a 2000 A6 2.7T with about 5700 miles on it. I have not had any problems with the car, and so far could not be happier.

    However, a few nights ago, driving back from work, as I got to the end of the highway off-ramp and waited at the red light, I noticed a very slight vibration coming from the engine. Vibration may be the wrong word. It was more like a bump from the engine, and it happened every few seconds. As soon as the light turned green, I was able to drive off, and never felt it again. However, when I got home, I checked the engine (for what I know of it), and it felt fine, sounded fine, and there were no weird smells coming from it. I checked the oil level, and it was a little low, but within the range recommended by the owner's manual. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

    I have to take the car in for it's 6 month/8000 mile oil change in a few weeks. Don't these intervals sound too far apart? In my previous Saab Turbo, I was kinda religious about the 3000 mile rule. I feel I am causing damage to the engine with oil this old. Is there a reason for the intervals being so spaced out other than to save money?
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Sounds like your engine misfired briefly. I wouldn't worry about it if it happened to me and didn't happen again. Doubt it would be related to your oil level. Personally, I don't think 8K is too much, or even 10K as in post 2001 models, particularly if you use Mobil 1. If you're concerned about your engine, you could take it in and see if there are any error codes.
  • As part of a three day Audi Driving experience, I was fortunate enough to visit Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. We dined with Audi execs, got a tour of the factory and Audi Forum (a showroom of the currently available Audi cars) and a visit to the newly opened Audi Museum.

    This visit was then followed by two days of driver training (on ice) in 2002 Audi A4 quattro's with the 2.5TD engine and sport package.

    While I am not claiming to know everything that is happening (as it pertains to the US market), I would be happy to answer any questions I can pertaining to Audi's products.

    We were able to meet with Audi North America responsible marketing types who did tell us that there were some new products coming to the US (one of them they would NOT tell us about -- I hope it is an S6 [and yes I do know about the S6 Avant version]).

    The A4 2.5TD is virtually impossible to identify as a TD engine'd car. Great torque and horsepower (exceeding the 1.8T in horsepower and exceeding the 3.0V6 in torque). Also I saw, up close and personal the S6 -- it DOES have a 6 spd manual transmission.

    Keep your questions/comments at the general level -- I do not have the memory for the specifics such as horsepower @ RPM, etc. For example, I know the 2.5TD has 180hp but I do not know at what RPM level, sorry.
  • I was reading the postings over the past 8 days and notice someone who is still curious about the differences between the two vehicles -- there are many discussions in the previous musings from several people.

    But, if you have a specific question, shoot -- I am on my second A6 4.2 in as many years. I extensively test drove both the 2.7T and 4.2 before trading in my 2000 A6 4.2 on a 2001 model 4.2. I would be happy to address your questions, if I can.

    They are both great cars -- but there are differences that are worth it to some and not quite worth it to others.
  • alcohenalcohen Posts: 10
    Why did you trade in a 2000 4.2 for a 2001?
  • Al:

    This is "easy." First, I loved the 2000 A6 4.2. Second, I wanted ESP, sport suspension and sat nav. Third, the Audi Loyalty program allowed me to "trade" in my 17 month old (on a 27 month lease) 2000 and "drive off the lot" with no money out of pocket -- with a thirty month lease requiring only 29 payments.

    The main reason, frankly was the ESP -- I would not buy a car without all-wheel-drive, ABS, airbags (all around) and now ESP -- I had been to the 2000 Audi driving school and had had first hand experience with ESP and both my wife and I traded in -- "immediately" -- our 2000 Audi's (hers a 2000 180hp TT quattro -- on a 2001 225hp TT quattro). Audi made it so easy by allowing us to virtually cash free do the deals -- so we "traded up" in features and performance and both ended up with top of the range models, both equipped with ESP and sat nav and factory phones etc., etc.

    Like I said, it was "easy." And because of the ESP, we think "wise."
  • tmanlawtmanlaw Posts: 17
    I just picked up my new A6 2.7T: Ming Blue w/ Melange Interior; PAW; PBS; PPL; PPX; PSK; and 4x4. Replaces my Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd (V8). I want to thank all those who have posted on this message board, as the information I obtained was most helpful to me in making my decision as to what I wanted. I agonized over the 17" sport package (PST), but didn't want to wait 2+ months, and my dealer knocked another $500 off invoice for the 16" sport package (PSK), which was $500 less to begin with, and which came with Dunlop SP 9000's, which is what I wanted. I would have preferred the 17" wheels, but I'm happy just the same. I paid a total of $1500 over invoice (in Seattle). I could not be more pleased or excited with this car. This is without doubt the finest automobile I have ever owned, and I've owned some nice ones in my days. For those of you still trying to decide, I would recommend the 2.7T over the 2.8 if you can afford it, but I don't think the differences between the 2.7T and the 4.2 justify the nearly $5,500 increase in price. Consider me an Audi convert, and thanks again to all.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    So what did you think of the 2002 A4? Ride, handling, quietness, room etc. How did the TD feel powerwise. How would you catagorize the overall refinement of the car. I currently have a 1.8T quattro A4
  • Let me get this right? Audi Financial Services will buy out your lease with one year left and put you in a new Audi with no cash up front? Is this something that Audi offered, or was it something your dealer did? I would be very interested in this. My 2.7T is only 6 months old, but I would be very interested in upgrading to a 4.2 in a few years. I have a 39 month lease. This would be very cool. I didn't know they did that. That I know of, only Lexus does that.

    Could you please let me know if that was something Audi of America offered, or did you ask them to do that for you? Did your payments increase by much?

    Thanks for any info.

  • Mark,

    In posting 746 you mentioned your factory phone. I bought (I should say my company bought) the Audi/Motorolla analog phone that is installed in the armrest of my '00 2.7T 6M and that works beautifully with the steering wheel controls and the information display. Is this the phone that you referred to in posting 746? Is it analog?

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