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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • edubya1edubya1 Posts: 1
    My boyfriend changed the transmission fluid in my 2004 Sentra 1.8S and when he did so, one of the bolts for the filter wouldn't go back in. Do you think this is bad?
  • False contact in the sensor, find all plugs in the car and clean them, specially those related with emissions and the speed sensor in the transmission, then reset the computer. It is easy to reset the computer and get the codes, buy the hayes manual.
  • Belt dressing makes the problem even worse, replace the alternator belt and check the tension. Clean all that belt dressing stuff, that crap doesn't work, check the belt inside you get to take it out it shouldn't be good.
  • if you still have the diagram I would like to see it, my window is messed up, to anyone that could help I would greatly appreciate it
  • marrkmarrk Posts: 2
    2006 sentra 1.8. Starts perfect when cold. Hard to start when hot. When engine is hot and has sit for an hour or two then its hard to start. I can let it crank for about 3 seconds. let off and pat the foot feed once, crank again and it starts.
  • Hi Marrk........I had a similar problem with my 1984 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. I did a little reading in my T-Bird's maintenance file which I make notes for all my servicing and repairs of all out family cars. I checked the T-Bird file and realized the fuel filter hasn't been changed in a number of years. I installed a new fuel filter and bingo, my T-Bird started running like a "R**ed Ape" as it did until it got partially clogged up. Now it scoot's like it did 20 years ago. :)

    Bob in Calif. (SF Peninsula)
  • marrkmarrk Posts: 2
    Thanks Bob. I will certainly check that out.
  • Hi Mark..I have exactly the same problem with my sentra..(2006)...any luck fixing it yet?
  • Hi there...........I assum you are talking about your EGR valve not working.

    I got rid of the problem by selling the the 1994 Nissan Sentra to a contractor who was doing some remodeling of a house near mine, actally he saw the Nissan parked in my pasture area and the contractor walked over and asked if was for sale, which I offered it to the fellow for 1/2 of blue book, providing he took care of the smoging of the car, to which he agreed to. I spent about 1/2 sale price on what I had paid a couple after market garages couldn't correct the EGR problem. Anyway I was elated to to sell it when I did. ...Bob in Calif...
  • My 2005 Sentra has not had any issues with starting as mentioned above. The CEL came on at 35,500 miles, just in time for warranty. Since then, only tires, battery, and brakes have been replaced. I think battery was OK, but after 4.5 years, didn't want to chance it.

    I have 89000 miles already, from a 75 mile round trip commute, and many other road trips. I plan to push it to 150k or so.

    I have the Special Edition package, and a few SE-R drivers give it a second look, since it is red too. :shades:
  • mtrdymtrdy Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 16" six spoke silver wheel for my 2006 Nissan Sentra S. If anyone can help me please let me know.
  • I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8s SE with the following fault codes: P2119 P0603 PO601 can anyone tell me what the problems are and what action to take.
  • :cry: My Sentra has the worst gas mileage ever! When I first got the car almost 5 yrs ago, I had really good gas mileage which let me travel almost 180 miles every other day and only had to fill up once at the end of the week. Now I travel 160 miles 5 days a week and I have to fill up after 3 trips ( to work, home, then work again). Now I know my car doesn't have the mileage that it had when I first got it but is there anyway I can fix this problem? My trip to work is straight highway so I'm going a constant speed the entire time. I also have a hestitaion issue when I go to crank up my car. Im thinking maybe I need a new fuel pump but Im not certain. Someone please help!!!
  • Hello,
    My 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8s shakes while driving 65mph, I have taken it to the mechanic who can't seem to find anything wrong with it. I have inspection coming up in February, should i be worried? Anyone else have this problem and what was your solution to it. Thanks
  • Can anybody tell where this resistor is located in 1996 Sentra?
  • passenger side under glove box, 2 screws and ur done i believe
  • I once had tire cracked, which was hard to notice; it made my car shake at higher speeds. Check your tires. Also unevenly worn tires recently made my car shake even at small speeds. Changed tires - no more shaking.
  • alpine951alpine951 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I just purchased a 2004 2.5S. No manual. I found the owner manual online and it refers to a separate maintenance guide that contains the various intervals for specific items like automatice transmission fluid changes, etc.. I tried NissanUS .com but they only had it up to 2006. I searched online but could not find it anywhere.

    What would be the best way to determine if all recalls have been done?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited February 2011
    Maintenance and recalls are completely different.

    There's no easy way to tell if all of the maintenance has been done on schedule, unless you're lucky enough to have purchased a vehicle that had all service done at at dealership. Here's a link to the owner manual for your vehicle:
    There should be a maintenance schedule there.

    As for recall work, take it to a dealership. Since all recall work is done at dealerships, they can look up your VIN to see if those have been done.

    Edit: Sorry, I just re-read and see you've already found the owner manual.


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  • I have a 2006 sentra SE 1.8; When it is cold the transmission changes with a bump. After it warms up it changes smoothly. Any ideas.
  • rwmkerwmke Posts: 1
    My 2001 Sentra GXE has a manual trans, but I'll answer anyway. In general in the past, I've found automatics often shift a little slow when they're cold. You could help it by not being in a hurry when it's cold, and let off the gas to encourage it to upshift smoothly. Does that help? Also, is the fluid a 'healthy' pink color; is it time to have it flushed & changed? Good luck.
  • Thanks rwmke. I have tried your suggestion on upshifting smoothly. I will change transmission fluid.
  • :) i bought a nissan sentra 2006 manual sr=spec-v last year...all the sudden my clutch stay a little down when i use it..dont go up all the way...sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt..people had told me could be depends of the weather..any help on what might caused this to happen? also what is this exact mpg on the city and highway..Thank you :D ">
  • dreams4444dreams4444 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Hello everyone, I am hoping that someone can answer my question. I installed a neon light into my fuse box like this one for example - - - n-lnsp-r by stripping the red wire it had, and wrapping the metal around one of the prongs for my Cigarette Lighter fuse and plugging the fuse back into the fuse box. I stripped the black wire and grounded it to my chassis. The light only comes on when the car is on, so my question is, could this drain my battery? It was installed like that for about a year and a half, I went to England for 3 months, came problem. Car would start. It is connected like that for another 6 months, then I go back to England for 2.5 months, come back and car would not start. The battery was about 5 or 6 years old (factory battery) so it could have just been a bad battery. I got a jump from a friend and drove straight over and got a brand new battery. So, assuming that the neon light only comes on when the car is on, could it still be draining the battery? I'm trying to see if the whole "It's plugged into my fuse box" thing would have any impact on my previous batter dying. Also a relevant question I would like to ask would be, do any of the cigarette lighters have the "always on" feature in my car? It is a Nissan Sentra 2006 1.8S. Thank you for any help anybody can give me. (By the way I know I took 2 trips to England and the picture link I provided is in Pounds, but I am a born US Citizen, so all tips/information you provide will be helpful)
  • gazolbagazolba Posts: 3
    We bought my wife a used 1999 NIsssan Sentra XE last year. We gave it a long test drive and it seemed ok. Well it was ok for a few months then started making noises from the front. So far we have replaced both front struts, the motor mounts, both front tires (even though they looked new when we got the car), the water pump and all hoses and both front axles and boots (twice each). We know the car was in a frontal accident since one headlamp was new and there is some creasing under the hood to that side. The car runs straight when you take your hands off the wheel and there is no pull to the side when braking. Total repairs have been around $2000 so far. My question is why is the car eating front boots and axles? We replaced both (at different shops) and both new replacenents only lasted a few weeks before the boots failed and the axles needed replacing again. I thought axles and boots were supposed to last for tens of thousands of miles. Any ideas? At this point we are wondering if we should cut our losses or keep fixing it.
  • when i remove the gas cap on my 04 Sentra, it has a surge of pressure come from the filler tube. could this be the vent plugged? and where is the vent? the check engine light comes on when car is started and remains on while it is running,i am not sure if these 2 items are related though. i bought this car for my daughter 3 years ago and she 'gave' it back to me after she got an altima a few weeks back. the car has 171K on it and i just plan on driving back and forth to work in it mostly so i can let my silverado set(and save on fuel costs). has anybody had this happen or know what i need to start checking to solve this 'pressure' problem....thanks in advance!
  • oxyoxy Posts: 2
    E-mail Nissan the VIN number. Also Nissan's Canada site has a MyNissan page where when you sign up you put in your VIN. Maybe they'll get back to you. I registered my Chrysler with Chrysler Canada and I received notices from them. Or you could buy a Honda as they have a page on their site where you put in the VIN and immediatley get any recall information.
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