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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • If you could post a pic of your car or e-mail it to me, that would be awesome! I hope it's not a big hassle. I am going to be making a LONG (cross-country) drive soon and I am really considering a nose mask in order to protect my paint. If it looks good on the car, I would keep in on more of the time and I wouldn't feel so bad about spending the $$$. :)
  • Also, Peter, when I bought my Sentra, I was driving an '89 Hyundai Sonata... so I know how it feels to upgrade like that. Congratulations!
  • tjsentjsen Posts: 9
    Thanks for your help. When I tried to put the nose mask on, it was was about 50 F. I guess that explains it. That is a little shy of the probably 150 F in the Texas sun.
  • I better make this the last Nova post or we will get in trouble. Actually it was my 86 Ford Tempo that kept breaking. Every other month it went to the shop. I know I funded that guys kids college ed. That's why we kept the bare bones Nova instead of the Tempo with more ammenities. That dang Nova never broke(other than their mufflers) that's why I was stuck with it for so long. It's kind of ironic since Nova in spanish means "Doesn't Go!" They had to change the name to sell in those countries! The good news is we are both in a whole lot better shape with our mode of transportation now, but Long Live the Nova just so long as someone else is driving it! :)
  • Interesting screen name. Are you a pilot too?
  • I have seen some black sentra GXE's with the black Nose masks and I think they look pretty tough. I was considering one myself. Are you supposed to take them off to wash the car each week or can they stay on until its time to wax the car?

    Also I noticed I didn't get a gas cap holder either. Is that really something Nissan doesn't include! How much are they?
  • Your right, no more Nova stories in the Sentra topic. I just get carried away.

    Yes, I'm a private pilot. VFR only. I time share on a C-172 at a small aerodrome up here in Central, NY. ( real pilots fly off grass.) I log approximately 100 hrs annually. So, it's really recreational only. Too many children storing acorns for their college experience to take flying to the next level.

    Mark. :)
  • I am in the process of purchasing a 2001 Nissan
    Sentra. Does anyone know if Nissan currently has a
    student cash incentive regionally or nationally. I
    didn't see it on the edmunds list of rebates - but
    a dealer told me today that if I am a student
    taking 6 hrs or more, I can get $500 cash back or
    added into my "deal" or something. I cannot find
    any info on internet about this program. Last week,
    I got another dealership to agree to 2% below
    invoice price + destination + 300 marketing
    adjustment, which seems great. I was ready to
    finalize that deal on Monday. But I don't know if I
    should start dickering now with the 2nd dealership
    that is offering the $500. If it's a regional or
    national thing...then I ought to be able to get it
    at the first dealership too. Please help anyone.
  • Starchecker,

    I have the nose mask and really like it. I'm convinced it protected my car a few weeks ago when I got behind a truck dropping pebbles all over the freeway. Three places on the front of my car took the brunt of some of those rocks -- I'll have to get some touchup paint to fix the damage to the paint. But, of course, the area covered by the nose mask had no damage. You definitely want to remove it each time you wash your car, otherwise dirt and mold can accumulate between the mask and the hood. For mostly convenience sake, I only put on the part that goes on the hood, which I think looks pretty good as well.

    To my knowledge, no Sentras have shipped with the gas cap holder, although the owner's manual supposedly mentions its existence. I've read that the Altima's cap holder will fit the Sentra, though I haven't priced one yet. Personally, I think Nissan should foot the bill.
  • I've had my Sentra GXE for about 2.5k miles now and am very happy except for one thing.... When driving fast (and sometimes even when not so fast)and when I hit a pronounced bump (like a frost heave), which unfortunately are not uncommon on NYC highways, the rear end of the car feels like it is fishtailing. Would a sway bar help solve this problem? Any suggestions?
  • Remember my New Sentra purchase story where it had the deep scratch on the hood. Well they buffed it out by "heating up the paint until it flowed enough to fill in the scratch." Again I was not very happy about that solution, but the only SE auto w/o sunroof available for a LONG time so I had to take it. Well now after a couple of washings it appears the wax they put over it wore off and now I can see the buff swirls in that area when in direct light! Is there anyway to eliminate that or am I just screwed with a messed up finish now! I am also concerned in five years I am going to have a nice primer finish in that area! Maybe three years if they really buffed the hell out of that area! Any comments or suggestions.
  • rberusrberus Posts: 25
    If the gas cap holder is supposed to be a little piece of black metal on the inside of the gas cap, then mine came with it.
  • I recently picked up my 2001 Nissan Sentra SE and it has a gas cap holder which seemed a little odd to me since the gas cap also has a permanent attachment so that it just hangs there when filling with gas. Quick question I traded in a 1996 Sentra for this one. When I got my 1996 Sentra I was told only to use 89 octane gas, the manual for the SE says 87 octane - any opinions.

  • If the 2001 Sentras are shipping with something akin to a gas cap holder, I'm going to stop by my dealership and see if they can hook me up with the same thing.

    Boomer1946 -- 87 octane will work fine in the Sentra, in fact, it's preferred. Don't know why you were told to use 89 octane in your 1996 Sentra, but it wasn't necessary. I had a 1995 Sentra and only used 87 octane.
  • fpm2fpm2 Posts: 13
    After wrestling with numerous dealerships about what I should pay for a Sentra SE (almost all said that I should pay sticker), I found one dealership who wrote up my order at what I think is a good price. I ordered a 2001 Sentra SE (Radium), 5-speed, with Perf. Pkg., Sunroof, and, of course, floor mats. The price with destination was $15,794. The best part is I didn't even haggle with this guy. He tells me that he can get me the car right away, but from reading everyone's posts, it sounds like it takes awhile. How long should I expect to wait?
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    was that an out the door price? damn man... If I give you my fax number send a copy of the invoice... that's a nice price. I would love to get the SE, and I'm looking in about a month for a new car...
  • fpm2fpm2 Posts: 13
    Sorry, the price doesn't include tax.
  • Hi, I purchased a 2000 Sentra SE, 5 speed, w/Performance package, about 3 months ago. I love it but was wondering if anyone else, with a similar car, has found that there is a considerable amount of noise on the highway at speeds of around 55-65 mph. It almost sounds like I should shift into a higher gear. I can't quite tell exactly what the noise I'm hearing is, it's just loud. I traded in a 93 Taurus, am I just used to a quieter ride or could there be a problem? I have also found that when I start the car there is a loud screech that, I believe, is coming from the fan belt. I am planning to bring it in to the dealer, but was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem?
  • A while back in one of the car mag online sites (I don't remember which) I saw a "future model" listing that indicated that the Sentra would be available with a supercharger this year. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • Maybe what you're referring to is the resurrection of the Sentra SE-R. It is supposedly going into production later this year with an all-new engine that is rumored to have over 170bhp. It'll be quite a little screamer if that is the case. :)
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