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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • G'day all,
    I finally picked up my new El antra today and so far it's been great. I've noticed only one small thing that bothers me: I got the "Official" El antra mats and I find that the driver's side mat is constantly getting caught on my clutch pedal and riding the pedal back up when I change gears. I then have to tap the mat back to the floor off the pedal. I checked and I see the latches are all properly secured so I guess I'll need to use carpet tape to fix this. If this is the only problem I have with the car over the next 5 years I'll be very pleased to put up with it. :-)
  • jlim1jlim1 Posts: 50
    My 00 Elantra has been experiencing this weird squeaking braking noise whenever (sometimes) you apply the brakes. It sounds like "ke-kung" and when you release the brake, the softer "ke-kung" comes back up. I mentioned this to the service personnel of my dealership last year and we actually took a ride and he concluded that the noise is normal especially when the weather is humid, such as early in the morning. Guess what, I've been hearing the noise every now and then, no matter how the weather looks like in the day or night. The car has 17000 miles in it now. I drive mostly in the city with very little stop-and-go. Lately, whenever I apply the brake, it feels it needs to be stomped on a lot harder. I would like to know if there's anyone out there with similar experience. And the car doesn't have ABS. Thanks.
  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    To the 2001 owners:

    Does anyone have a white Elantra? This might be my next color choice if I can't find a Midnight gray with the right package...

    How does the paint hold up?
  • jyk1981jyk1981 Posts: 37
    Is K and N air filter fit in 2001 Elantra too?
    or is it just for 2000 Elantra?

    jkempskie: the white paint is bad... it peels off easily.. My friend used to have '97 Camry but after 3 years the paint started to peel off.
    Also, it can get scratch easily..
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225 could have a hot spot on the rotors. I had that problem on my 2000 Elantra. While traveling at highway speeds and have to stop short, the car will make like a "thumping" sound. also steering wheel shakes. Fixed under warranty. Resurfaced the rotors. Not a big deal; took under an hour to fix.

    Smitty...use velcro to keep the mat in place if the latch isn't working. I have my car "double matted" because my friends come in it with muddy shoes. The mat on top of the factory one use to get caught under the clutch. I used velcro and it stays in place now. Hope that helps!
  • Hey,, had my 01 El antra (5 speed) in the service department for the third time now in an effort to correct the off again, on again idling problem. First time, re programed PCP(main computer). Problem persisted. Second time, Changed MAP sensor, problem still persisted. Today changed throttle body and accelerator cable. We'll see what happens, I'll post the outcome as soon as I know. Incidentally, except for this annoying problem I love the car! Al
  • cyanogelcyanogel Posts: 11
    Does anyone know when did the current rebate start?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Sorry for delay in responding, I was on the road on business all week and too busy/tired to get to Re your questions: I got a Pkg 2 (cruise, keyless) 5-spd '01 Elantra with mats at the end of October at Denny Hecker's Rosedale Hyundai, which would not be very far for you if you are northeast (White Bear Hyundai is probably closest, right?). I paid $11,800 + TTL, which is $100 more than an offer I had from Metro Hyundai, but Rosedale had the color I wanted (champagne) in stock and Metro refused to trade for it. Based on all the posts I've seen since then you might be able to do a little better than that if you stick to your guns, but I felt I got a decent deal (especially since I was pressed for time and the negotiations, directly with the sales manager, took all of 10 minutes). Also I liked Rosedale's service policies (free loaners if car held overnight). I did consider the '00 Elantra last summer and drove a few (test drives and as rental cars), and I decided not to buy one mostly because of the engine noise on the 5-speed. Other than that I liked the car, but I like the '01 much better--it seems more refined, quieter, a little more upscale. I also like the 10-year warranty, which you don't get on used Hyundais (unless it's an extended warranty). By chance I drove the Sonata for the first time this week, an auto/6 cyl. rental, and was impressed. But I actually prefer the Elantra. The driver's seat is more comfortable to me (the Sonata had a raised section in the center of the seat) and I like the tossability of the Elantra. But the Sonata was very smooth and quiet, a nice highway cruiser.

    Re when did the rebate start: there's been $500 off the '01 Elantra almost continuously since at least last October. Up until 10/31 it wasn't called a "rebate", but a "dealer coupon" (whatever that is). So it was kind of secret, but fortunately I found out about it here before I bought mine.
  • interlukinterluk Posts: 17

    Could you please tell me the model number of the Kenwood CD player you installed?
    Did it go in smoothly with a perfect fit and finish or does it look a bit after-market?
    Did the cable connector attach without a hassle?

    I very much want to replace the stock cassette player in my 01 Elantra and, if at all possible, want to avoid any fit and finish or interface surprises.

    Thanks a lot
  • ebekinsebekins Posts: 21
    I am really enjoying my new Elantra, now that I've had it for a whole 3 days. However, yesterday as we were driving along listening to the radio, the volume suddenly jumped up to full blast, and then cut out just as suddenly. It sure scared my wife and me. The unit has illumination and looks like it works, but there is no sound in any speaker, not even static. I thought it might have blown a fuse of some kind. Took it to the dealer today, and they say that it must be an internal problem, and they are ordering me a new CD player, which should be in on Tuesday. No charge, of course.

    But it got me thinking. I wanted Package 3 because it had the CD player, but that's the only thing different from package 2, and the difference in MSRP is $350. I think I should have just went with package 2 and then went and got an aftermarket CD player with that $350. I now realize this Hyundai CD player isn't all that good.

    I also checked the Hyundai service manual online at and looked at the diagrams on how to remove and install the radio, and it really doesn't look too hard. But right now I'll just survive the weekend with no tunes, and let the dealer put in a new Hyundai CD player on Tuesday.

  • Hi, does anyone know if there is a K&N airfilter available for the 01 Elantra? If so, do you know the part #? I've been looking all around and none of the auto stores have been able to help. Will the model from the 2000 Tiburon fit? Thanks Al
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    The current rebate has been $500.00 since November,I believe. Hyundais rebates and programs run month to month,with the current ones due to expire at the end of business April 2nd(since the 1st is on Sunday). No word on what they will be in April. Bob
  • tomcrysatomcrysa Posts: 1
    I don't have any experience with Elantra's white paint, but overall white is probably the best color one could have on a car.
    I used to run an auto detail business and white cars always showed less scratches and wear than all other colors.

  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    white is the best color to have for a car? no way-- to me, white means rental car--- anyone who chooses white or black for a car color signifies that, they threw up their hands when deciding on a car color, couldn't decide, so they got white or black. get the champaign color, baby
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    I just bought a white Elantra. White is great, especially in Florida, it reflects the most heat. My Acura Legend is ten years old and the white paint is still fine, although I wouldn't expect the same longevity from my Elantra's paint job,( just being realistic ). Just an opinion 8^)
  • jsapiejsapie Posts: 28
    Since this CD player came out of my totaled 94 Camry I do not know the model number. It is just a standard size CD Radio. It was simple to install. I used the connector from Crutchfield. They have a large range of units too.

    I looked up the dash removal at

    Took about an hour. Looks and sound great.


    The unit that came with the car was good too.
  • reganonareganona Posts: 9
    Did anyone get a cup holder in their 2001 Elantra? It can be removed from the center cup holder can use either side of it. It is used to hold cans and larger cups I believe. Also, where would I get repair paint for my car? It already has a scratch on it and I can't find the paint on the Hyundai website. Anyway, I am definitely enjoying it. It has 2,000 miles on it already and I haven't had any problems with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • rgwphotorgwphoto Posts: 1
    Just closed today on our 01' Elantra GLS pewter auto, package 4 for $13,800 (inc rebate). Had a great sales staff at Hyundai Glendale, Wisconsin. No pressure, gave us good price up front (comparable to what I've been reading in this message list). Love the car but only has 25 miles on it so haven't discovered any quirks. They offered to extend to 10 year bumper to bumper warranty for $709 additional. We declined but now I'm wondering if we should have accepted. Is it worth the extra coverage from years 6-10? Any thoughts on when to buy warranty, under what conditions.
  • rab613rab613 Posts: 8
    i have been considering buying a 2001 elantra, but i have noticed several posts describing a problem with the idle settings.does this problem also affect the auto. transmission, and, in fact, how significant a problem is this?

    recently, i was driving behind a 2001 elantra and noticed something moving under the car. is it possible that some part of the car is quite near the road surface, or, should i assume that this guy had some debris stuck in the undercarriage?

    thanks for any and all help on these matters.
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    To buy white or not to buy white.....ahhh that is the question! That,folks,is why they offer different one can agree on what color is best! Henry Ford said "They can have any color as long that it's black." So,pick yor favorite and enjoy!!! Bob
  • sfchewsfchew Posts: 8
    I got a price of $12082 or $13350 drive out for a 2001 Elantra with Automatic. This sounds like a very good price. What do you think?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Something moving under an Elantra? How was it moving? Maybe it was the rear anti-roll bar. Maybe it was Indiana Jones, who snagged the undercarriage with his whip and was trying to climb up onto the car to catch the German soldier who was driving it, with the Ark of the Covenant in the trunk. Hard to tell.

    Paint color is one of the most personal decisions you can make on a car. The person who asked about it wasn't asking for an opinion on his/her color of choice, white, but information on problems that owners of white Elantras have had. I've got a champagne car so I can't help there, but one thing I've noticed is that the primer is white (yes, I've got a couple little scratches already) so a white car should help hide those. I struck out trying to find touch-up paint through my dealer, but that was a couple of months ago so maybe they have some now. You might try an auto parts store, depending on the color they might have something real close. I've found that even the factory touch-up paint never seems to match exactly anyway. Touch-up tip: I've found the scratch-remover kits (available at most auto parts stores and Target etc.) with the color sticks that look like fat crayons work really good with fine scratches that are just deep enough to show the primer. You just rub the stick that is closest to your paint color over the scratch, wait a few mintues, and rub the excess off. Works great on my light blue Caravan, but none of the sticks seems to match my champange Elantra real well. The touch-up is less noticeable than when done with a brush-type touch-up paint.

    I'm intrigued by the cupholder question. My Sept. vintage '01 Elantra just has a two-hole molded cupholder in the center console, non-removable. One hole holds water bottles and big cups.

    sfchew, $12082 for an Elantra auto is pretty darn good, right around the dealer cost (but letting the dealer keep most of the holdback so they made something on the sale--they gotta pay the bills). But your drive-out price seems high--do you have a high sales tax rate where you live?
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    well, here are your choices....

    If you get white, you will see all the dirt on it. However, the pros of this color is you wont see the rock chips from highway driving and scratches

    Black on the other hand, (the color of my elantra) it will help hide the dirt and road grime, but any scratches or road chips will show up. especially road trips, because they show up white.

    Maybe if you go with pewter or red, maybe teal. you can get an even trade off. Black and white are exact opposites in colors of what it shows.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    road chips, not trips. oops
  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    The "new" Elantras have a little removeable plastic thing in the big round cupholder. One side is small, if you flip it over it's a little bigger, and if you remove it, you just have the big cup holder. Then the one in front of it is shaped for bottles and stuff. Backy, maybe you can go to the dealer and demand one... no reason why your Sept. Elantra shouldn't have one! :)

    About the white... the reason I asked was because I'm aware of the past paint problems with Hyundai. I saw many an Elantra (I'm talking 99s and 00s) with peeling paint on the back bumper or other spots. What was worse, the under-coating was black, so the white Elantras showed the peeling very badly. Seeing I've warmed up a little to the beige interior on the 2001s (the seats are ugly, but I like the dash), I've been considering it as a color choice instead of the strangely hard to find midnight gray I originally wanted, but was still concerned over the black under the possibly peeling white. I think the car looks very sharp as white. Oh, and the champagne... no offense, but in my opinion, it's a little too middle-aged looking for me. I'm 21. It looks like a Toyota Camry color to me, though I admit it's nice.

    Oh, in case anyone happened to be interested... I finally found out the real deal on a possible CD and tape stereo for the 2001. There is apparently a CD/tape that will be available later this year that fits both the Santa Fe and Elantra (I think). However, the price is going to be ridiculously high... like $900 or more. That's the word I got, anyway. And supposedly they aren't able to stack a CD and tape player on top of eachother due to the wiring or something.

  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70

    It sounds counter intuitive, but white is actually the best color for hiding dirt and black is the worst color. Dark colored cars look best when they are freshly washed and shiny, but just a little dirt dulls that shine and makes the car look crappy. A long time ago, I had a white (and blue) full-sized van that got washed about 3 times a year, and looked fine most of the time, but my father's black car needed to be washed every couple of weeks or it looked horrible. I personally try to avoid dark-colored cars.


    I had some small problems with peeling paint on the back of my white 1997 Tiburon. The dealer claimed that someone must have scratched the paint off (BS), so I purchased some touch-up paint from the dealer.

    Personally, I think that the problem was that the factory did not use primer on the (black) plastic bumper cover, so the paint came off easy. I also do not think that the problem was only with the white cars. I have seen both green and red Tiburons with all of the paint scratched off around the driver's side key hole. I don't think that my brother's white 1998 Elantra has had any paint problems (aside from him hitting things).

  • serpentkiserpentki Posts: 20
    I just bought a new KIA Optima early in March. There were two manual transmission Optimas on the lot, a dark maroon and my gold beige. I chose the gold because I work offshore and park my car at the air terminal all week. My black 300ZXT really looked bad after a week of morning dew and afternoon dusty breezes.

    I think my pale gold must be the color of dirt, it looks clean whether washed or not. SK
  • lsr777lsr777 Posts: 2
    I've been shopping for a new vehicle since after this winter in New England my nerves cannot take another winter driving my rear-wheel drive Thunderbird. I've test driven about five `01 Elantras both automatic and 5 speed. I really do like them alot and probably enough to buy one. These are my two dilemnias: The first, what is that funky interior smell? Has anyone else noticed it (besides me and Edmunds). My friend who went with me didn't notice it and I almost fell off my chair when I read it under Edmund's cons list. My second dilemnia is that I would really like to buy the 5 speed but cannot find one with cruise control. Does anyone know if they make a 5 speed with cruise control? As to the funky smell, if you have it and have been successful in getting rid of it, I would love to know how you accomplished this. Thanks.
  • lsr777lsr777 Posts: 2
    I would like to hear from people about how the Elantra handles in the snow and on the bumps. I live in the country in New England -- experiencing dirt roads daily and snow daily this winter. Thanks.
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