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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • brtmdbrtmd Posts: 54
    You may be right, but who knows; all I have is the info given to me by the sales manager (his info reportedly from "Lexus"). They didn't give me a specific build date, but said it "should be here in a September time-frame." How's that for vague. As for being "strung out"--definitely; although, I went in with eyes open since they told me up-front it would be 90 to 120 days for delivery. Fortunately, I am not in a particular need or hurry for a new car, but it is still a bummer to wait! I must add that this forum was very helpful when I was making my choice of vehicle (looked closely at BMW 5 series and new 7 series, currently in Mercedes M class). Thanks.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    It's just a question of if it's in 2003 or 2004. When the new LS was released 2 years ago, the Lexus engineers did say they have more power to bring, meaning a mid-generation facelift/power surge. The question remains, will this LS last 6 years (like the last one), or go 5 years. In the last generation, year 3 (1998), brought an extra 30HP, and increased sales significantly.

    The old LS still sold well into it's 5th year, so they delayed introducing the new LS, but sales are slipping at a 25% clip, so it will be interesting to see if Lexus tries to head off a slide now, or wait another year of falling sales. People buy HP!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    If you're reading - there was a great astronomy story in the NY Times today - science times section. I also think its time to redefine a black hole as the US stock market. Microsoft is now at 11x cash flow and I'm still hesitant to buy even at a multiple I never thought I'd see.

    What did you ever do about the phone? By the way both cars remain flawless and I am at 30k miles on the midnight pine.

    Has anyone seen an ultra-long LS430 limo on the road? This is one of those 25 footers or whatever that very elongated size is. Looked great.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I'll look for the story online. Have to agree about the stock market. Unfortunately, I bought Microsoft some time ago, happily watched it skyrocket to about 120 and then held on while it plummeted to its current low (mid 40's I think - I can't bare to look).

    I'm living with my unconnected cell. Didn't even get the over-the-radio mod. Had a similar one some time before and it didn't do so good.

    My utility vehicle died and I just bought a new one. Thought about the LX, but I really wanted a more practical truck type, so I bought an Avalanche.

    I continue to have no problems with the LS.

    I imagine that new job is looming for you. And with it, the SC430. That still in the works? I'm jealous. Take care (I've been here, but not much on the board to comment on lately)
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    When the key is pulled out of the ignition, the side mirrors retract. Nice feature. But when they retract on my 02 LS I can clearly hear the little motors working, a bit loud for my preference. As a comparison, the side mirror retractors are not as quiet as the steering wheel retractors (assuming the groan complaint is fixed). Is this common to all 01/02 LS's or is this something I should ask service dealer to look at. Thoughts?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Just wanted to say thanks for providing the mailing address a few weeks ago. After writing Lexus they sent me both the current issue and previous issue. Plus, they added me back to the mailing list.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    ... are almost completely noiseless on my 01 LS 430. I'd say make your dealer fix 'em.

    PS. Are both sides equally noisy? That would seem strange to me.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    I have a '99 LS and my passenger side mirror no longer moves up/down when I put the car in D or R, respectively. Took it in to the dealer and they claimed they replaced a computer chip which did not fix the problem. Now dealer says I need a new mirror assembly. Cost is $400 + labor + tax. Incidentally, dealer mentioned to me that Lexus was aware of problems in the mirror in my model year, although no TSB was issued for it.

    Does anyone with the '99 have a similar problem ?
    My other question is if Lexus already knew that the '99's had this problem, should they not fix it for free even when the car is off warranty ? I have 62K miles on my LS and dealer is balking at fixing it w/out charge. I called Lexus Customer Care, and they refered me back to the dealer for advice on fixing it. No one seems to be interested to resolve this unless I pay the $400 + cost to replace it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Has anyone out there bought a used luxury car such as Audi, Cadillac or Lexus recently?
    If so, and if you're willing to talk about it with a major daily newspaper, please send your vehicle and contact info to no later than Friday, July 31. Thanks!


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  • dzhangodzhango Posts: 9
    F/U Post 3047

    Sorry for the delay but I check this board infrequently.
    I had not asked Lexus to purchase the vehicle back at retail. I had asked to replace the original car last year. The result was Lexus's offer to look the car over top to bottom. Lexus never offered to take it in at retail (and I never suggested it).
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    lenscap - your welcome. What Lexus are you looking into? By the way did you see on one of the boards how a 1996 Lexus holds up better than all the makes out there. My 95 and 98 LS400's were built like tanks as is the 2001 LS430. I don't see myself moving away from Lexus given this level of quality.

    flint350 - I start on October 15th. My current company asked me to stay on a bit longer and has guaranteed a full year bonus for this year. I just completed an acquisition in London and they want me to do the budget for next year. Then I'm gone. The low interest rates have really helped lease prices which is why I can get a good deal on an SC430. My only hesitancy is that I've gotten used to driving and I may want to drive through the winter. I wouldn't drive into NYC but to a park and ride outside the Lincoln tunnel. I'd hate to do that to the SC430 particularly because that is the one car I'd
    like to keep in low miles and buy at lease end. So I may hold onto the midnight pine until next spring. I love driving the LS430 every day. Anyone who thinks you don't have fum driving this car is badly misled.

    Microsoft - Don't feel bad. You've got plenty of company. I've had plenty of MSFT over the years. I sold all the shares I accumululated when it neared $100 and then bought back in the 70's, 50's and today at 43.50 - when I finally got the guts this morning. I don't believe in averaging down unless the company is very high quality and MSFT and INTC are the only companies I ever did it with. My all in average is around $54. It's the most rock solid company out there and at 11x cash flow it was a joke. Shows you how dilusional the market became. I'm a long on this one.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I just bought a 2002 ES 300 in February (traded in my 1995 ES 300). I'm 34, and it's interesting that five people I know around my age also have an ES 300.

    Although I'm not looking at any new Lexuses right now, I'm a big fan and love to read up on the company.

    Over the years, my family has owned five new Lexuses other than mine (three LS 400s and two GS 300s). We'll be looking at replacing the 1999 GS 300 with the all-new GS when that comes out next year.

    I don't think I could handle the headaches I've seen neighbors and relatives deal with while owning Mercedes, Jaguars and especially Audis and BMWs. Someday I would love to have an LS 430.
  • westleafwestleaf Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if anyone has taken the engine out of a LX 470 or an LS 430 and dropped it into a LS 400. The thought occured to me as I was driving home today. I think it would be an excellent upgrade and solve any power issues.
  • woppenhewoppenhe Posts: 61
    Is this a 'normal' condition. It takes several trips in my 2001 LS430 in order to get my fuel gauge to read 'full' after a fill up. It is unclear why this would be so, but it is more than just a sticky gauge. It doesn't suddenly unstick, but slowly makes it from about 3/4 full toward full.
  • Mine are a little loud on my '02 LS, too. Doesn't bother me much, but they do sound louder than you would think they should. But with the engine, radio and A/C off, any little noise from an uninsulated motor that close to your ear would be noticeable. Let us know what your dealer thinks about it.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    Sounds like you have a maintenance problem. I have an 02-LS 430 and the gauge moves to full immediately. I'm sure they'll fix it for doesn't sound right to me.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    my "a/c filter" change notification came up. how easy is it to install myself, don't want to drive the 140 miles for this service, maybe wait till i need oil change and other service.
  • eadlueadlu Posts: 13
    If you nearly empty the tank before filling up the gage will display the condition you describe. The owner's manual has information on this subject. I always fill the tank in my LS430 before it gets below the 1/4 mark and have never experienced the problem.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    You've probably driven the LS400, given family ownership, so I'm curious as to how the ES300 rides as compared to that car and/or the LS430 if you've had a chance to drive it. Everything I've read indicates that they greatly improved the ride and interior quietness as compared to the old model - not that it was noisy or rode bad. Certainly they gave it an LS430 like interior.
  • woppenhewoppenhe Posts: 61
    Thanks for the tip from the manual. Yes, I do not fill up till it is practically empty, so they must have written that part of the manual for me. I have even seen the milage left display go to Low Fuel Warning. Any idea why this happens. Is it a consequence of the fuel tank design or the electronic design of the gauges?
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    I just bought an 02 LS --

    The passenger mirror did not tilt down in reverse. It was replaced under warrantee. Both mirrors make a whirling noise when retracting. clearly audible, but sounds normal. (BTW the mirror control switch has to be either in the L or R position, and not the center position, for the tilt to operate)

    After retracting and then extending, the mirrors do not end up positioned EXACTLY where they started from. I have to hit driver-memory to get them to position precisely.

    I can't tell the difference between sport and normal mode on the variable suspension.
    I can't tell the difference between normal and high ground clearance modes.

    My favourite feature is the Park Assist. I use my own judgment, and view the sonar as a gadget, but I must say that it has never been wrong yet. I test it by using "soft" walls, like a bush or plastic barrel. It's amazingly intuitive.

    My car was built in Feb or Apr of 2002 (I forget which)and it had the 2001 navigation DVD. I will not upgrade to the 2002 DVD later this year. A cool feature of this GPS system that my 99 Lexus did not have is that when you hold the zoom buttons down on the touchscreen, the map zooms somewhat smoothly.

    100+ degrees today and the auto-wipers came on by themselves dry a few times. The manual says high 100's for this to happen. I'll watch this.

    My first two tanks of gas--Only getting around 13-14 mpg with careful driving in the urban-suburbs. My experience with my 99 Lexus is that this will improve somewhat with time.

    The noisiest things for me is the ventilated seats and rear A/C vents. I like all the subtle amber lights that come on--foot lights when put in park, lights for trunk/gas switches, lights on seat belt buckle, etc.

    I do not like the lack of a keyhole on the passenger door and the hard-to-reach keyhole for the trunk. Some parking lots near cell/radio towers where we used to live made it impossible to use the remote, even 1 ft from the car....

    Radar works well, but is useless where I live. You need an open highway, with light traffic to make it useful. This is probably true of cruise in general, without radar.

    My wedding band keeps hitting the wooden steering wheel and I'm afraid it will scratch the wood eventually.

    The storage is great--2 glove compartments, door pockets that pull out, and various other small bins (under seat, in dash, center console).

    Four air filters! I am sure they will be expensive to replace. (2 ventilated seats, in dash, and rear A/C)

    I thought the oscillating vents were broken when one stopped moving. But then I read the manual--it adapts to temperature, dual or single zone mode, and whether there is a passenger in the seat. After the car cooled off, the vent that stopped started to move again.

    Overall, I think the car is great.
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    I had a chip on my windshield a couple weeks ago, and through my insurance it got replaced with a Lexus made one. The problem is the rain senser is now working intermittently. I complained to the glass guy. They came out and check it and said that they have ordered somekind of contact sheet for attaching the senser to the windshield. It only cost $1 but Lexus doesn't stock it nor furnish it automatically with the new windshield. The guy also said other luxary cars have the sheet comes with the windshield order but not Lexus. That annoys me a little.
  • Ditto, most your comments. I've never seen a difference yet from behind the wheel with either the normal or high suspension setting. I did measure it from outside and came up a 3/4" difference. Salesguy said it was supposed to be 2 1/2". Maybe that varies with speed.

    You're right, those seat ventilation fans are whirring their little hearts out. I originally thought it was a hum from the audio system, but it wasn't. However, I still can't feel a temperature difference on my rear. Guess tomorrow I'll have to go check it out in my skivvies.

    The neatest feature, by far, is the laser cruise control. However, it does change speeds frequently to keep pace with the guy in front of you. Be aware that the radar will break lock on a sharp curve. Then, it will accelerate to the maximum speed you have dialed in regardless of where the guy in front of you is. Also, if you are taking the curve in the inside lane, it is possible for the laser to lock on to somebody in the outside lane and speed up/slow down to stay with him.
  • woppenhewoppenhe Posts: 61
    After reading these comments, I am glad I did not get the ultra. It seems like it is more for someone who sits in the rear seats a lot rather than the driver. One of the issues with the advanced systems is that the sensors are located in the bumper and prone to injury with relatively minor incidents. They are expensive to repair and may not be covered by insurance. So some others have said. Anyone have first hand experience--are the conveniences worth the aggrevation and fiddle factor. Obviously, I am very satisfied with the drivability of my plain old LS430, with the Nav and ML Stereo. Though I did look far while at the Ultra.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    I thought about getting an Ultra, and ended up with an LS with the custom pkg. As you pointed out, the Ultra has a lot of extra gadgets for rear seat passengers. Since MY comfort was most important when I bought the car, I decided the extra cost for the Ultra wasn't worth it. But, if I needed the car for business and the extra rear seat passenger comfort was valuable, then I probably would have opted for the Ultra. But here's a tip:
    Check out the custom pkg which I think was a new collection of options in 02 model. It has most of the Ultra goodies, except the rear compartment gadgets...For example, the custom has heated/cooled front seats, park assist, laser cruise control, ML with Nav, upgraded leather seats, and a few other goodies I probably forgot to mention. Your point about maintenance is well taken...if these gadgets ever need repair it will be expensive. So...I got the platinum extended warranty that covers everyting for another 2 years or 70,000 miles. Now I just have to make sure I don't get in any accidents. Hope this helps...
  • jefftpjefftp Posts: 11
    The side mirror retracors stopped working recently on my '99 LS too. They both stopped working at once, when I replaced my battery. So, your suggestion of a computer chip problem makes sense. I have not had time to take to the dealer...
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Driving to Myrtle Beach a week from Saturday. The family isn't ready to get on a plane yet. I assume I should be careful in Maryland on I-95 and watch the center island. I'm taking the truck but you don't feel the speed in that either.

    Have you ever taken the coastal route southward? If so is it a long and slow trip? I hear it's a beautiful route. The furthest south I've ever been via the caostal route is Ocean City Md.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    if your '99 is off warranty, the dealer charge for replacing the mirror is $400 + labor + tax. At least that was what my dealer charged me for it. The ECU fix for the passenger side did not fix the non-retracting mirror, hence the last option is to replace with a new mirror assembly. I am opting to do nothing, and leave as is. I leave the mirror setting in middle so no mirror retracts. I guess I don't need the aggravation any longer.

    But, I am glad it isn't just me having this issue.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I've not made that trip in its entirety. I have done it to the Norfolk area. It is very pretty and not all that slow (at least when I did it). There is some gorgeous scenery south of Ocean City around Assateague. You can even drive on the beach there for about 15 miles, if you so choose and have the extra time. They just had the running/swimming of the ponies there about a week ago, so crowds should be much thinner. You could also go that route until passing the Cheasapeake Bay/Bridge/Tunnel, which in itself is spectacular if you haven't seen it. After that, you could rejoin 95 West of Norfolk and continue south.
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    I have noticed that my thermometer readout seems to change temperatures in increments of 2 degrees. For example, I will see 93, 95, 97, and 99 degrees in an afternoon.

    On the other hand, I have also seen even numbers that seem to move in increments of 2's as well.

    Anyone else notice this or have a more complete picture of what is going on?
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