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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • sfmartinsfmartin Posts: 59
    Actually, it moves in increments of 1.8. It moves in increments of 1 degree Celsius, then rounds off to F. So, due to round off, you will occasionally see it move 1 degree F, then resume the 2 degree movements.
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    Thanks sfmartin--What you said makes perfect sense and the behavior you describe is exactly what I see. Every 10 degrees or so, I see a move of 1 degree. Then it's back to the 2 degree jumps.

    Is the scale fixed? So that I will always see 99 degrees but never once see 98 degrees?
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    OK, I know this is piling on, but have you read the latest posts on the 7 page about idrive and other electrical glitches? One buyer has owned his 3 weeks and it has been in the shop for most of that time. On two occasions, the car has called BMW to report airbag deployment when the car was sitting in his driveway or a garage. BMW called his wife to see if everything was alright b/c of the "accident." i drive is intermittent and illegible when operational during the day. Unbelievable. I will say that -- except for the hideous tail end -- I really love the way the car looks.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    I've heard about lots of i-drive problems, particularly during the first few weeks of ownership...hard to figure out how everything works. I guess they didn't get all the bugs out with their new technology. But stay tuned. It could be the wave of the future if they can get it to work properly. Bugs are the risk you take when introducing new gadgets.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    My 2002 ES 300 does have an amazing ride. While it seems better than the old LS 400s, it's probably not quite up there with the LS 430.

    One thing I really like is the adaptive variable suspension option, which my car has. There are four settings, with 1=cushy, 2=standard, 3=a little sport and 4=sport. Dialed up in the sport mode the car has a very different feel. You really notice the stiffer and tauter drive, which I like. There is very little lean in turns.

    The overall smoothness of the ride and interior quietness are also great. This car is world's better than the older ES 300s (which were also very good). Again, maybe not up to LS 430 levels but close.

    But my greatest satisfaction is simply sitting in the car. The interior is truly great. My girlfriend's father has a 2001 BMW 740iL and in my opinion the ES 300's interior is nicer. I can't think of any other car in the $35,000 range that has an interior with such quality in both look and feel.

    Hopefully someday I'll be fortunate enough to be able to get an LS 430.
  • c5goldc5gold Posts: 4
    I'm a happy LS430 UL owner now after having had a 745i for 2000 miles and 3 months. I could fill anyone interested in on the issues with vehicle.
    The LS has been great - at 200 miles I had a sound like the left front ball joint needed lube -a wicked creaking- dealer fixed it in about an hour - said it was a loose suspension bolt - very un Lexus like, I thought. All else is perfect except- I tend to rest my left arm on the top of the door rather thann the armrest- when I do, it tends to creak a bit - have to get the dealer to look at it - get it on both front doors..... again, very un Lexus like given the expectations they (you and my friends have) created. Not to work miniscule issues but.....cannot understand memory controls for the rear seats (I have the UL) and no mmemory on the passenger seat. I guess I'm supposed to be the passenger rather than the "chauffeur".... the Nav system is the best we've seen (eaese of use, content, etc.)- much better than BMW I drive and much better than Mercedes COMMAND. No contest. I need to check whether they delivered the car with the latest available DVD, however.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I didn't like the ES300 at first but it really has grown on me particularly the rear and side views of it. I wish they had not recessed the front headlights as much as they did but all in all it is a good looking car and a lot more massive looking than the prior model. Interior is a copy of the LS430 which means it's fabulous. Best of luck with it.

    C5gold - What did you do with the 745i? How do you compare the two cars? I also tend to put my left arm in the same place but don't have the creak. Its probably just a reset of the wood that needs to be made.

    flint350 - thanks - and its always great to be in touch with you.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I'm taking my LS430 in for scheduled service on Monday. They usually give me a choice btwn ES300 and RX300as loaners. Maybe I'll get the ES and do my own comparo.
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    My 02 LS came with 17" wheels (not chrome). The tires were Bridgestone Turanza ER33. The wear rating on them is 140, which to me means they will be gone in about 20Kmi.

    What other tires have people gotten OEM? Is the tire different for chrome?

    What's a good replacement set?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Stick with them, they're the quietest.
  • whybuy1whybuy1 Posts: 43
    My front passenger door developed a rattle. I found that it usually happened in the morning, but not the evening. I found I could fix it by opening the window a bit then reclosing the window.
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    I read all the posts about these two issues and wondered if there was a "final resolution" or fix.

    Outside temp reads 3-4 degrees too high. Does the dealer know how to move the sensor away from the AC compressor?

    Parking in hot sun triggers rain sensor. Is there a new sensor to ask for or should I just turn the wipers off and not turn them on except in light rain?


    Also, I noticed a small squeal when the auto-door-closer works on the driver door. This doesn't bother me much because I close the door myself. Is this common? Should I ask that it be fixed or will it likely cause rattles when they take the door apart?
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    The auto door closer should not squeal in operation. Have 'em fix it. Mine are very quiet.

    I have the same problem with the rain sensor. When it's hot out, there is a "ghost wipe". There is a fix. The dealer can change out the sensor. For the time being, I've been doing what you suggest...keep the wipers off until it starts raining. Next time I bring it in for servicing I plan on raising the issue.
  • mheni1mheni1 Posts: 41
    for "bianco12". I purchased a 2001 LS 430 in Dec 2001. Dealer did not discuss extended warranty. I plan to keep the car for 6-7 years--hopefully and the extended warranty sounds interesting. Pls provide details of warranty to include cost. Thanks
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I took the LS430 in for the 15K today. Service rep tells me about the $600 Nav update whereupon I explained I was originally told the 1st one was free. This had no effect. They still wanted $600, an offer I declined to accept and expressed my displeasure. This also had no effect. I guess my next move is to email the Lexus corp site and further express my displeasure. (This will, undoubtedly, have no effect)

    I got the 2002 ES300 for the loaner. It is a nice car and rides pretty well. IMO, though, it is not (and should not be expected to be) up to the level of the LS430 ride. It has a higher noise level and a somewhat harsher ride, but then it costs about $30k less. The interior has been nicely done is attractive. Just my $.02.
    (I'm still ticked about the nav though).
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Talk to the salesperson who told you the first update was a freebie.

    That's what my 01 Rx salesman said too and I wouldn't be shy about asking him to live up to his word. That is if I considered a Lexus nav update worth the time of day.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Well, I do consider it worthwhile. I have found the nav very useful, if very occasionally flawed. But we've had this discussion before. More to the point, I dislike the policy change and what I perceive as price gouging. Even more annoying, I complained via email to Lexus customer svc. about these particular issues. The response I received was poorly written (though timely - only 4 hours from my msg being sent) and didn't really address my issues. I am copying it here:

    "Thank you for contacting the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department regarding a Navigation System update for your 2001 LS 430. I apologize that you have dissatisfied with the price of the update. I have documented your concern at our national headquarters.

    The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the update disc is $499.00. As independently operated businesses, Lexus dealers may sell the update disc at a different price and will charge labor to install the disc. I apologize that an update must be purchased separately for each vehicle.

    If you have any further concerns, you can also reach the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-255-3987, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

    Jeff Shimizu
    Customer Satisfaction Representative
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It appears pretty universal that when folks bought a Lexus w/nav and the DVD was "old" the salesperson told the buyer that the next/first update would be free.

    Is your salesperson still around and can you lean on him/her?

    My voice can become very loud and angry in the showroom area on these issues and I tend to chose a time with lots of potential customers about.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I had the same situation, with a good ending. I went back to my salesman, and he arranged for a free upgrade.
    I recommend going back to the sales department for resolution, rather than service or Lexus HQ. They are the only ones who know what they told customers, and they should be willing to stand behind it. Service and sales are often separate businesses within the dealership (in my case they are even in different locations), and don't have the best insight into each other's operations.

    I believe that the word on the change in DVD upgrade policy wasn't gotten out to the sales force, and many dealerships were honestly conveying the wrong info. In fact, when I brought this up, they were still saying the 1st upgrade was free.
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    re: creak: I got this when I first bought the car. The dealer took off the door panel and placed a layer of foam under the top side of the panel (bet. the panel and the door frame) and I have been creak-free for more than a year. Glad you are enjoying the car, and sorry you had so much trouble with the 7. That car is like a beautiful girlfriend who displays a few unbearable personality traits; she sings a seductive siren's song, but if your brain rules your, um, other parts, you eventually decide its not worth the trouble. Is that too harsh?
  • ls430ulls430ul Posts: 15
    How many revisions/releases of Navigation DVD's were there in 2001?

    Was there a 2001 rev 2 ?
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I believe there has only been the one update for the 2001 LS. It came out in late Spring.
  • Hi all -- just started looking at a Lexus LS 400 for my wife. We are expecting our first little one in December, and we have to cut down on car expenditures. Anyway, I came across a 1990 Lexus LS 400 for $6300. It has 155k on it, but looks pretty clean. Anything that you would look out for on this one? I'm sure that with a car with this many miles on it, something will go at some point. Any questions I should be sure to ask the owner? Would you put your wife and child in this car? We live in MN, and the winters can be brutal.

    I hope to get 2 - 3 good years from this car.

    Thanks much for your time everyone.
  • kabizkabiz Posts: 1
    I am considering trading in my 1995 LS 400 (80,000 miles/Vgood condition) and was wondering if anyone knew the wholesale value or what to expect (ballpark range) from a dealer on trade-in.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    Kelley Blue Book is on the web:
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    Personally, I'd say that you should not go wrong purchasing an LS as it is a very fine vehicle. But at 155K miles, I am not so sure ! If your heart is in this car, pay the minimal cost to have the car inspected by a licensed mechanic for a full evaluation. That should hopefully help your decision making.

    You'd get more help to your questions on the club lexus forum. Type this club in any search engine and it should get you into the site. Trying not to provide the link here in case it is against edmund's TH regulation.

    Good luck with your car purchase.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many dealers will check the car's maintenance records if you ask nicely.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is a great discussion over on our Smart Shopper board where you can get input from a couple of dealers. To get there, click on this link: Real-World Trade-In Values.

    Good luck.

    Sedans Host
  • For Lexus Owner info: talked to Lexus Customer Satisfaction Dept.3 days after accident asked for an inspection.Lexus promised will do within 2 weeks.Insurance co.officially declared car total loss 3 weeks later and moved car from the towing site.5 weeks after the call, lexus Rep, in atlanta called and said can't find the car for the inspection.Provided phone info of insurance Co.rep. in charge of this case, same time w/ pictures.Wrote 3 pages letter including 3 pics then certified mailed it on 7-18-2002 to Lexus according to "Lexus Owner Manual Lemon Law Info".End of July ,received calls from Lexus said no problem found on air bags (of course ).Do not say why does'nt work. Asked copy of report and new location of the car.Answer negative.Asked for a written response.Will update when answer letter come.
    If some one want see pics, please get to this site :
    Ps: This Lexus ES 300-1997 bought w/14000 miles on 1-12-2000 as preowned from Hennessy Lexus in Atlanta, GA,and serviced by same dealer.
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