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Volvo S60



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is a ring on the left turn stalk that you can turn and it will give you the different functions on the trip computer.
    Keep turning it until the display goes dark to turn off the trip computer.
  • Your on-board computer measures/calculates the fuel consumption in miles per gallon (MPG) once every 5 seconds. That is what you see. I usually keep the Miles to Empty (showing XXX miles) on display.
  • cas1cas1 Posts: 6
    07 2.5T regular service due message . The car has 680 miles. The manual say it comes on after 7500 miles , ??? hours or 1 year. How do you make it go away?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Car must be a year old.
  • Hi folks, Just purchased a 2006 Volvo as above. Formerly a VOLVO UK owned car and has a mere 6500 miles on it. It has the D5 2.4 ltr 185bhp diesel mated to the 6-spd Geartronic and all the usual toys and a wonderful sound system, (for a standard fit). :shades:

    Performance is "brisk", particularly in the mid-range with its 295lbft of torque and I'm getting to love the beast. Comfort and enjoyment. :)

    If you guys don't get this engine in USA you are truly missing out. :(
  • I've done 60 miles service to my 2002 S60 myself. I just don't know how to reset message indicator on dashboard saing "regular service required".
    Could I do it myself or should I go to a dealer for it?
    Thanks in advance
  • Can anyone tell me the steps to reset my computer after doing an oil change? I am changing the oil myself and do not know how to rest the computer. Also, how much oil goes in this car?

  • My mechanic has told me that I need to replace my Turbo at a cost of ~$1600. I noticed small oil drops that my car is leaking and apparently that is b/c the Turbo is cracked. I need to fix it now at 90k before it starts injecting oil into the engine. Does this sound right to you?

    Thank you,
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sometimes the oil line to the Turbo develops a leak.
    this is a simple repair.
    It is unheard of for the Turbo housing to crack.
    I would get a second opinion if I were you.
  • Dear Volvomax,
    Thanks so much! This is a mechanic that I generally trust, so maybe I am misunderstanding/not relating the situation correctly. Does the Turbo wear out? Or anything around it? Apparently the problem is that if I don't fix it, ultimately the oil that is collecting in the Turbo will start getting injected into the engine. If you have any other thoughts they are most appreciated. Although I don't want to overimpose!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,680
    I'm with vmax. Get a 2nd opinion. And I would make that the opinion of a volvo dealer or a shop that specializes in volvos.

    I'm not saying your mechanic is trying to rip you off or anything of that nature. It just could be a mistake on his part because he sees... what? maybe 2 volvos a year and probably at no time in his career has he seen a volvo with the problem you are having. So, essentially, he is making his best guess. As much as we'd like to believe it, mechanics are no infallible and there is, many times, alot of guesswork involved in repairs.

    A "cracked" turbo at 90k miles is highly unlikely, especially a low-pressure, low-stressed turbo like you have in your volvo. A turbo can develop problems, usually the bearing goes bad, but that is only if it is mistreated. Have you been performing regular oil changes? Do you park and turn off your car IMMEDIATELY after alot of hard accelerating or high rpm (ie, highway) driving?

    Oh, and oil getting injected into the engine won't really harm anything, unless its a crazy amount of oil, which, again, is highly unlikely. If it does find its way into the impeller which then shoots it into the intercooler, which then has to find its way all the way through the intercooler and into the intake ... which just doesn't sound likely to me ... it would just get burned up during the combustion process.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Turbo's generally don't wear out, although the seal around the oil line can.
    As I said, this is a simple repair.
    If you starve the Turbo unit of oil it will eventually seize up,and will need to be replaced.
    I would take the car to a Volvo dealer or Volvo specialist for a more complete diagnosis.
  • Consumer Reports gives the Volvo S60 a high (but not its highest) rating overall. I need a Volvo for the ergonomic driver's power seat. I could be happy with either the S60 or the new c30. I really don't want to get a C30 though because it's too new to know how reliable it is. I like the style, the safety, and the MPG of the S60. I have not read many reliability complaints from owners in this forum or others. Am thinking of getting a 2007 S60 FWD (new). Am I right that this appears to be a very reliable car? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • I have a 2006 S60 T5. I bought it for the seats because I have a bad back. I'd love Volvo to have automated the lumbar support like they did the other adjustments - will they?

    I don't know what the MPG is per Volvo, but I live in LA and do mostly city driving i.e., 10-30 mph most of the time. My MPG is averaging 16-17. No matter what gasoline grade I put in. I'm not thrilled by this. I believe it was touted as doing better than this.

    Otherwise, it's a solid car, not bad-looking car, great in a rear-impact due to fabulous headrests (and maybe in 2007 they fixed the side-impact problem with your right leg prone to hit the steering column. Anyone?

    Good luck!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,680
    As for the C30, you only need to look at S40/V50 reliability for the '05 and up models. It is the same car under the skin. And, really, the major components from all of these are shared with the S60, as well.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Original Poster here replying under my other user name (on my other computer). I appreciate your comments and I understood the similar builds theoretically before I posted but here is what does not make sense: the S60 is Consumer Reports 3rd MOST reliable upscale sedan according to October 2007 CR's press release. That's oppsosed to the S40 being one of the least reliable family sedans in the same study. I believe I can confidently buy an S60 but should stay away from an S40 and probably a C30, too. Link attached.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    What other user name?
  • Same name, am confusing my other websites with this one.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    LOL, okay well you're confusing me too!

    Let's have some eggnog! :P

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!
  • (Hi, I tried this in the prices paid forum. Got no answers.)

    There are still S60 2007s (not demos) in my area. Edmund's TMV for the basic S60 is $25,757. How much should I expect to pay for an extended warranty? Also I know there is a $4500. cash back to dealer ending on Jan. 8. Do you think there will be more incentives after Jan. 8, or will this one be extended? Any advice appreciated.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,680
    the link asks me to sign in, so i can't view it. But, well, first off, I don't put much stock in CR, but second of all, maybe its all relative. The S60 and S40 are stacked up against different competitors, right? If so, maybe they do have similar reliability to each other, but when up against their respective categorical competition, they simply fall in the ranks differently. In other words, the S60s competitors are just less reliable all around and/or the S40s are more reliable.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • meslermesler Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Volvo S60. The electrical system has always been a problem: light bulbs out frequently, messages on/off without making adjustments. I recently took it in for inspection which it passed. Within a week, check engine light came on and went off. The following week the oil pressure light came on and went off. I called Volvo Service and the technician told me as long as there is oil in the car, it should be o.k. to drive. There was oil but I got a complete oil change anyway. the car seemed o.k., then the oil pressure light came on again, the engine was noisy and it seized. there are only 56,000 mile on this car. Volvo proposed to get me either a used engine or new one for up to $7600.00. I asked the dealer to contact the company for help and the best they could do is help close the gap between the $1500.00 price they offered me as is, and the cost of a newer Volvo. I was not ready to buy another car, so my option was to have it fixed at my own expense. I ended up taking the car to another service center, I located a used engine with 13,000 miles on it all at a fraction of the Volvo Service Center quote. Needless to say, I am heartbroken, upset, and disappointed about the product and the service. There is only one local Volvo dealer in the Williamsville N.Y. area, and they know it. I am notifying the company myself and hope for some equitable resolution of good faith. I once thought "volvo for life", not so sure.
  • Hi there,
    Has anyone had any problems with their information display?
    My display now only works for a few minutes when the engine has started and then disappears has anyone else had this problem?
  • tohnotohno Posts: 1

    I just bought a used 2004 Volvo S60. I am so completely in love with it even though I have only had it a matter of hours. But buying it used there are, of course, a few issues. I want to address the issue of the outside mirror memory in this post.

    The passenger side outside mirror keeps the memory without any issue. However, the driver side mirror constantly resets itself to a position completely up. I have tried to reprogram it, but let me walk you through the process I have used.

    Enter car --> Turn engine to position I & II --> Adjust mirror --> Lock using electronic key fob. --> Unlock.

    It appears that when I open my door the mirrors goes back to the upright position, a position completely unable to be used while driving.

    Perhaps I should perform the adjustment while keeping the door open? Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Try using the seat memory button instead.
    Adjust the mirror, then push the memory and seat number button at the same time for 5 seconds.
  • Is there any way to open trunk without using remote or getting on knees to insert key in trunk lid? What exactly does the valet button do? thanks,
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is a trunk release button on the lid itself.
    Reach up under the Volvo emblem in the center of the trunk lid.
  • hello- considering an S60 possibly a 2004 for my wifes car.
    Couple questions-
    1) i bought a 2K Saab 95 on Ebay but not sure about buying a 13-14K car there. Thoughts?
    2) Reliability? She likes the Camry for that but hoping the S60 is close since it is much more sporty.
    3) What is a good price to pay for a 04 with around 50K?
    4) What options are desirable and worth the money and which ones should we avoid?
    5) Are all turbos like the Saabs?
    Thanks and any other thoughts about this being a good reliable car for a 40+ woman.
    Jeff Hestand
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,680
    i'll see how much i can help here.

    1) Ebay doesn't necessarily scare me ... as long as you go see the car before bidding and have it checked out by a pro. At which point, you might as well purchase it rather than bidding.
    2) The Volvo will definitely cost more in the long run for maintenance and repairs, but you are rewarded with what, in my opinion, is a much nicer car.
    3) Depending on the options and engine, probably something like $12k? I keep seeing one advertised near me at a volvo dealer that is a CPO '05 2.5T with 40k miles for $16,900.
    4) Pretty much those options you'd expect on a borderline luxury car, like leather power seats, moonroof, automatic trans, and climate control (and, depending on where you live, seat heaters). I suggest checking out one with the upgraded stereo if you get the chance. It is pretty spectacular.
    5) Nope. I believe all the new ones are turbo, but that was a recent development. In '04, there were 3 models. A naturally aspirated 2.4 (base model), a light-pressure turbo 2.5 (2.5T), and a high-pressure turbo 2.3 (T5). I strongly suggest the 2.5T for your wife.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • kromaxkromax Posts: 1
    hi my info display has just started doing the same thing its fine for a few minutes then the display either goes blank or you get funny characters etc, any luck sorting this?? thanks
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