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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • Dear Mr. Vivona,

    I just replaced my idle speed motor and I did not set it up coz I don't know if it has to be done or not. I just reviewed service manual and there is nothing said that new idle motor has to be set up. Please tell me if there's something wrong if I (we) put new motor without setting this up?
    Please note that after replacing it my transmission works funny-sometimes goes smoothly and sometimes rough and it jerks (I can feel downshifts).
    Thanks for any answer regarding this matter.

    1995 LS (DOHC)
  • I have a 98' Diamante LS. When I press on the accelerator and cruise at a steady 40 mph I feel a jitter through the gas pedal. When I speed up it goes away, it happens around 38 to 40 mph. It might be the trans. Any ideas what this could be?
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    Here are answers to your questions:

    1. What does the remote entry do? I have only seen a galant remote and it only locks an unlocks the doors. Other cars have a panic button and trunk opener and was wondering if the diamante's remote does this?

    The remote entry locks and unlocks the doors, has a panic button and trunk opener.

    2. What does the engine require/prefer in term of fuel octane?

    Premium is preferred, but not required. If you fill with regular, the anti-knock sensor will adjust the engine to work with it, but your performance will be slightly less. If you fill with premium, the engine will work at full power.

    3. One of the options listed on edmunds was a luxury group. How do I tell if the car has this?

    I have a 1999 Diamante and they sold it as a base model with different upgrade groups, rather than in the ES or LS designation as they have done in all other years. I don't know what the luxury group added to the LS model in 1998. You might want to make a list of all the standard and optional features listed and see what may be missing. Perhaps one of the other online car sites will provide you with more information.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    It is more a case of calibrating the throttle position sensor once the Idle Speed Control (ISC) is replaced. The ISC sets the position of the throttle plate under different conditions. The throttle position sensor (TPS) tells the engine and transmission computers what position you have the throttle at. If the TPS is out of adjustment or is defective, you can end up with a jerky transmission. The factory service manual should list a procedure for testing and calibrating the TPS using a digital voltmeter. You must have a clean throttle body before calibrating the TPS.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    A shudder at around 40 usually indicates a torque converter that is going into and out of lockup. Using a transmission fluid other than the Mitsubishi product specifically recommended for your car can cause this problem. I would start with a A/T fluid and filter change using only the factory filter and the Mitsubishi Diamond ATF called for in you owners manual. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may want to test the Throttle Position Sensor. Worst case is low internal hydraulic transmission pressures and that can be checked with a pressure gauge following the procedure outlined in the factory service manual for your year of Diamante.

    Mr. Vivona
  • Dear Mr. Vivona,

    Thank you so much for your response.
    I wouldn't imagine that after replacing idle speed control motor some adjustments have to be done. I will go to ahead and have it checked by my mechanic using digital voltometer.

    I have one more question. Why transmission and its jerking problem has something to do with TPS?
    Is it connected together? Is this only in Diamantes or is it regular thing that most cars have?


  • tmr2tmr2 Posts: 5
    Thank you, Timtran, for the rotor information. I also want to replace mine and don't want to go through the hassle with the dealer. However, I am unable to locate any. I even tried NAPA as you suggested. They only listed rotors for the rear. What year is your Diamante? Mine is a 2000. If yours is a 2000 or the rotors are the same as on a 2000, can you give me the Beck/Arnley part number? Anyone else with info on where to get aftermarket parts for Diamante, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Mine is a 99, but it should have the same rotors like yours. You can get the rotors at front rotors part # 083-2708 ($83.28 per disc), semi-metallic front pads part # 087-1446 ($38.50 per 2-wheel set). The rotors are made in Japan, and I have put 2000 miles on them without any problems (I keep my fingers crossed). I re-used the original pads because they were still new, and that combination works fine for me. I bought the Beck/Arnley semi-metallic pads but have not used them yet. In talking with different mechanics and parts suppliers, I am told Beck/Arnley parts are widely used in Europe, and may be the most popular brand. If anything could survive the Autobahn or the streets of Paris (read: much harsher driving conditions), I certainly would give it a try. Along the same line, if you want to read different opinions of cars, try the following magazines: Car, Evo (GB), L'Automobile (F)... although you have to weed out the cars that are not available on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Good luck in your quest for the rotors. Like I had mentioned before, it only took 30 minutes for both wheels (17 mm socket, if my memory serves me well). Do not let the lousy original brake rotors spoil your fun. The D is otherwise a great car. I plan on putting 300,000 miles on it.
    Note: Whoever wants my original brake rotors (21K miles) is welcome to have them, just for the asking. They are good for people who primarily do city driving, where brake pulsation is not a problem.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    jackieboy -- In many cars the TPS tells the automatic transmission computer the position of the gas pedal much in the same way that a mechanical linkage did in older cars. That way the transmission computer knows if you are accelerating, slowing down, etc. and can better select the proper gear in the transmission. If the TPS were to be intermittent, it would give the transmission computer incorrect signals and cause it to shift erratically.

    Mr. Vivona
  • Dear Mr. Vivona,

    Thanks again for your info and another details about TPS & Transmission. As of today I haven't had time to go to my mechanic and have it checked and measured using digital voltmeter. Hopefully I will do this during the weekend.


  • This Monday I put Premium - 93 octane gas into my tank. I noticed a big improvement in gas mileage and performance. My car accelerates faster and drives smoother than before when I used to use regular or mid-grade fuel.

    Did anyone notice that too?
  • Sorry...No 93 octane in California!

    They used to have 92 Octane, and just recently and and without fanfare replaced it with 91 Octane.
    What state are you in and what gas company sells 93 octane?

  • My 92 LS has 82k. I figure now is a good time to replace the timing belt. I've read more than once that D's don't have a particularly long belt life so it's best to be safe than sorry. Here are my questions. I've seen great disparity among belt prices (38$-100$). Is there a recommendation anyone has? Should I apply the "get what you pay for" philosophy with these prices? At this age and mileage what else should I be looking to replace(routine maintenance)? I want to be ahead of the game. The car runs smooth and feels great and most of my driving is spent below 2500rpm. I want to keep it going as long as I can!
  • Ccancio,

    I live in Streamwood, IL - 40 miles from Chicago.

    Premium fuel (93 octane) I bought at Mobil.
    I used to buy gas from CLARK or AMOCO but I recently found one MOBIL station that has premium fuel for lower prices than others - $1.79/gallon;

  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    The Diamante will run on any grade gasoline, but with different results. If you put in regular, the engine computer will adjust the engine to run on it, but your gas mileage and performance will be a bit lower. If you put in the recommended premium, the engine computer will adjust the engine settings to get the best performance. Depending on how many miles you drive, the annual cost savings between regular and premium is probably not great enough to merit running on regular. For example, at 10,000 miles per year and 20 MPG, you use 500 gallons per year. At a cost difference of 20 cents per gallon, that comes to $100 more per year to run on premium, or about $2.00 per week. If that bothers you, what are you driving a car in the Diamante price range for?

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I would only use a genuine Mitsubishi timing belt. When you use aftermarket, quality can vary widely and a timing belt is no place to take a chance on quality. Price the belt at your dealer's parts department. If it is too expensive, you can save about 25% by ordering it from

    Other things to replace during the belt replacement are the drive belts, the timing belt tensioner and, at 82K miles, it may be good practice to replace the water pump. The reason to replace the water pump is that you can only get to it by taking off the timing belt, so while you are in there anyway, many mechanics recommend to go ahead and put a new water pump in. However, water pumps last for a long time and I have had dealers tell me they leave the water pump in place if it isn't leaking or the shaft is not wobbly. Another thing to look at are the gear shaft oil seals. If you see any oil leaking from the shaft of any of the gears that the timing belt goes around, replace the seal while you are in there. If you are not doing the work yourself, ask your mechanic to look at the things I mentioned above.

    And, if you need any parts, such as the water pump, tensioner, seals, etc, once again, I recommend only genuine Mitsubishi parts to be sure of quality and fit.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    My wife finally gave up her 1989 Galant and traded for a brand new 2002 Diamante. She loved that Galant so much and never had a problem with it in the 13 years she owned it. I thought she would never trade. But I noticed that the 2002 Diamante has a dealer cash incentive of $2,000 until 9-30-2001, so I told her that if she was ever interested in trading, this would be a good time. She really liked the look of the 2002 and got a fair trade for her Galant, so she is now driving a new Franklin Silver 2002 Diamante LS. My 1999 is also silver.

    Both of our cars are the same color, but her 2002 has the redesigned front and back. I notice that they have added power lumbar control, steering wheel audio controls, the luminescent dash and immobilizer security keys since my 1999 Diamante. Other than that, we are driving essentially the same cars. How cute... his and her Diamantes!

    By the way, if you can find leftover 2001 Diamantes, they are offering a customer incentive of $2,500 PLUS a dealer cash incentive of $1,000 on 2001 models. We had the opportunity to buy a 2001 LS for $3,500 under invoice, but it was green with tan leather and my wife just didn't like the color. The 2001 incentives also expire after September 30, 2001.

    Mr. Vivona
  • Mr. Vivona...
    ...For the life of me, I do not understand why you did not pull the old "Oh Honey... why don't you take my ole' car while I'll go ahead and buy me a new one..." trick???

    It worked for me...hehe!

  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    Why not give her the 1999 and buy a new one? My wife was very attached to her 1989 Galant and it took the attraction of having a brand new car...newer than motivate her to trade at this time. She could have easily driven that Galant for many more years.

    Also, I only have 21,000 miles on mine and I have made a few modifications that I like, like adding an underseat drawer to the passenger seat. The new LS has a power passenger seat and that takes up the room that is needed for the drawer. I like the cassette player in my 1999 because I sing as a hobby and I can set the cassette player to repeat a selection while I learn the song. Though I could burn single song CD's and use the repeat function, it is just easier to have one tape of 20 songs and pick my song and let it repeat. If I ever want to add a CD player to my car, it will be easier than adding a cassette player to hers.

    And, like her, I get attached to a car and I really like my 1999.

    Mr. Vivona
  • tmr2tmr2 Posts: 5
    Timtran, Thanks again for the information. I think you're right about 1999 and 2000 being the same, but while I was in the middle of all that I found some performance rotors and pads for my 2000, so I went for them. More expensive, yes, but as ccancio says, we've got to find things to spend money on :) I installed everything today, and you were right, very easy job. We'll see how they perform after a few thousand miles. BTW, anyone else interested in non-factory rotors. After I purchased mine, another vendor got back to me who works in parts at a Mitsu dealer and he said that Mitsu (at least HIS Rep.) will replace factory rotors under warranty with Power Slot rotors. He says Mitsu has admitted there is a problem with the factory rotors. I asked him via email if I could list his name and number here, but he never got back to me, so I won't (don't know if I can in this newsgroup anyway). But for those interested you can always ask your dealer.
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    I read somewhere that the Diamante is ready for a replacement. Does this mean that it will be changed? Or a new model will take its place? Can someone please verify.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    The 2002 is a "freshening" of the current model run and is expected to continue until 2004. In 2005 a complete redesign is due. As far as I know, the decision has not been made as to the source of the new model. It could still be based on the Magna/Verada from Australia, or on a global platform to be used for several cars, including the Galant. The "platform" is the floorplan, suspension and subframes. By using different suspension tunings, powertrains and body sheetmetal, very different cars can be made from the same platform.

    It is becomming standard practice for an automaker to have fewer distinct platforms and derive several cars from one platform, i.e. Toyota Camry, Sienna, Highlander and Lexus ES300 and RX300 are all from the same platform. Mitsubishi makes the Galant and Eclipse from the same platform, and builds the Dodge Stratus Coupe and Chrysler Cirrus Coupe using that same platform.

    I will be checking my news sources in Australia to see what the plans are for the Magna/Verada factory in the next few years. I'll post what I find.

    Mr. Vivona
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    The 2002 update is just ugly.

    Why buy this car when you can spend about two thousands more and buy a Infinit?

    Doesn't make sense to own one, in my opinion.

    I've driven this car, by the way. It was good, but..
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I drove the Diamante and Infiniti I-30 back-to-back. There are several reasons why I like the Diamante better.

    1. The Diamante has a one second faster 0-60 and is much more responsive off the line.

    2. The Diamante is noticeably quieter. This is particularly so in the back where a surprisingly high level of road noise is heard in the Infiniti.

    3. There is more interior storage in the Diamante and I value that a lot.

    4. The Diamante looks much more attractive to me than the Infiniti. In pictures I didn't know if I would like the look of the 2002, but when we saw it for real, it looks quite good. The front is a tossup 2002 versus 1999, but the rear treatment is very elegant. Even then, I still like the rear style of my 1999. The Infiniti is just okay to my eye, nothing special. Better than the Maxima it is based on, but that's about it.

    5. The Diamante adaptive logic transmission shifts very smoothly and is always in the proper gear. When I tried to accelerate from 25MPH, the Infiniti at first bogged down, then abruptly downshifted and over-revved. I expect this in a Ford Taurus level of car, but not in the Infiniti/Diamante price range.

    6. I like the feel of the brakes much more in the Diamante, much more linear.

    7. I like the feel of the handling in the Diamante, much more linear. The Diamante has full independent suspension, whereas the Infinity has a beam axle in the rear.

    8. The Infiniti had a jittery ride, not as smooth as the Diamante.

    9. I like the look and feel of the Diamante interior much more than the overly-plastic look of the Infiniti.

    10. I do my own maintenance and the Diamante underhood is easily accessible, where as the Infiniti is much more cramped and harder to work on.

    After driving the Infiniti which had brought out to my work for a co-worker to test drive, the salesman asked how I liked it. I told him most of the comparisions I mention above and he said "Well, of course...the Diamante is a much better car!" That surprised me since he was trying to sell the Infiniti to my co-worker. Later, when the co-worker asked how I liked the Infiniti I told him the same opinion and he agreed with me.

    So, it comes down to personal needs and perceptions. For me, the characteristics I look for are well satisfied by the Diamante and not by the Infiniti.

    Mr. Vivona
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    The front of the '02 Diamante looks really cheap. The '97-01 front looked way better in my opinion. Other then that its a pretty nice looking car.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    I know your love of the Diamante, and I share it
    but let's get the facts straight.
    I owned my '98 until earlier this year.

    Having said that the Infiniti I30 is rated 0-60 @ 7.8 to 8 seconds. Are you then saying that the Diamante will pull a 6.8 to 7 second 0-60??????

    I know my '98 Diamante timed on my Gtech Pro ran a consistent 7.9 to 8.2 which seems to jive with the many reviews I have read.

    I regards to your other comments about the I30, in Edmunds own review it pulled a 59.6mph slalom while the Diamante pulled a 55.1mph.

    The new 2002 I35 now has 255 hp 246ft.-lbs. torque, a standard 4 year 60,000 mile warranty and is fully loaded with a sticker of $29,292.00 which includes everything on the Diamante LS plus some other goodies like a Nav system and rear power sunshade. I am sure the new 255hp. motor will pick up the 0-60 time considerably.

    The Diamante is stuck with the same 205hp 230ft.-lbs. motor that my 5 year old car had. Not to mention the warranty of 3 year 36,000 miles along with the sticker price for an LS of $29,007.00
    Unfortunately Mitsubishi keeps fallind behind the competition with this model. In todays car market 5 years is a life time and a half.
    Don't get me wrong, like I said I like this car and wish Mitsubishi would get their act together and keep up with the competition because right now it is getting it's tail kicked.

    Having said all that I still prefer the looks of the pre 2002 Diamante to the Infiniti. I have not yet seen a 2002 D in person yet. The pictures I have seen make the nose look like something from Karl Malden's mirror.
  • timtrantimtran Posts: 29
    I thought people have beaten this dead horse over and over already. Why would a second (1/60 of a minute) faster matter to some people? I will see you at the next light, will I not?
    Some other people are still concerned about poor resale value: get a grip, the money that I had saved up front would have more than many times recouped that so-called loss of resale value.
    In the present national situation, you could send the 2 grand that you saved (from buying a Diamante over the Infiniti, or Acura TL, or Lexus ES 300, or... the list goes on and on,) to the unfortunate souls in NY. Some dark minds may be asking themselves: "Would he do it?" Well, "people in glass houses should not throw stones." is my motto. I can proudly say that I DID. So,D lovers, please get your checkbook out and send the money that you (and I) had saved, destination New York (Red Cross 911 NY Disaster Relief Fund). You will feel a hundred times better.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    Amen to your comments about donating to such a worthy charity. I already put my checkbook where my mouth is and did so on 9/12 as soon as the shock wore off.
    My comment regarding 0-60 was a question of someones opinion who usually and accurately refers to facts. I just found that surprising.
    My point in the post above was not to rag on the Diamante however to point out that the competition is beating Mitsubishi to the punch. If you look at my post you will notice that the 2002 Infiniti I35 is less than $250.00 more than the Diamante LS and it comes with a much greater level of standard equipment and a much larger engine all while getting better gas mileage. NOT $2,000.00 as you were stating.
    That is all. Again Facts are facts, not opinions.
    BTW: I do NOT own an Infiniti however when I was looking for a new car, it was on the short list along with the Acura TL type S.
  • I have a 94 Diamante and was told it was difficult, if not impossible, to replace the tweeters because they're built into the dash. Does anyone know if this is true? If you've had luck doing this, let me know. Thanks.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi Mr. Vivona,

    My 92 D brake squeaks for the first 10 brakes every time after the car has been parked for more than 2 hours.

    The squeak sound is not loud, so I cannot figure out which brake, front or rear, squeaks. After I brake 10 times, the squeak disappears. I don't feel anything wrong with the brake even when it squeaks.

    I changed all 4 Mits original rotors and brake pads and master brake cyliner etc. about 5K miles ago by Mits dealer. Torque on lug nuts was correct. I haven't noticed rotor warping yet because no big vibration when I brake at high speed.

    Could you give me any clue what's going on?

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