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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Actually, ravvie did not "simply state" that he preferred the Camry interior. If you go and read his posts, you will see that he uses childish comments and put-downs referring to the Honda.
    That is what is annoying people.
    I happen to prefer the Accord interior to the old Camry and to the photos I have seen of the 2002s and say so without having to make rude comments about the Camry to justify it.
    I have not seen any photos of the 2002 XLE or SE interior and will save any comments about those until I see them.
    The new Camry has a dash that looks sort of like a cross between the dash of a Tundra and a Buick Lesabre. Not sporty or cockpit-like like an Accord (or even a Toyota Solara). Lots of people like the Tundra and Buick Le Sabre and if that is the type of look you prefer to the look of the Solara or Accord, then great.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Photos arent the real thing. I'd say reserve your final judgement until you sit in the car, perhaps drive it. The new Camry interior is much sharper than anything in its segment, especially the SE. Personally, I think many on this board are open to the whole automotive world (ilovests), with a few exceptions. For this I apologize. That said, I'd like to point out that Toyota vehicles have a 5 year/60K Powertrain warranty, and it didn't take the brand's assasination to get that. The Alero, which I have never driven, seems to be a very nice car, although its engine is old tech, and it does not do well in Crash Tests. Car and Driver rated the Alero V6 higher than than 5 other similarly priced family cars in Sept. 99 (including the previous Camry 4cyl-it came in 4th, the Alero 3rd.) But when reliability at 100k comes into play, it might be a different story.
  • simply stating is different from bashing. You can point one cars good points while not degrading the other. This is whats wrong with some of people here. Expressing ones opinion is not an excuse to degrade other products especially if you are the minority and can't support your claim with one single fact.
  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    I really appreciated your post. I would think that many of the people are open-minded as well. I just hate to see so much Japaneses vs American vs German. A cars quality really has nothing to do with the origin of the company, but rather the Company itself.

    I didn't know about the power train warranty in Toyota products. Thanks for that info, I would agree that the engine in the Alero is old tech, but it is pretty good. Very good passing power all the way up to 80. Anything over that doesn't really matter to me.

    It has did all right in crash tests, except for the offset crash, which the validity of has not been proven. Government test wise the Alero gets a 3 and 4 star rating. The Alero also does not offer Side Impact Air bags which puts it back a notch, I wish it did offer those. The handling has been much better then the Camry's that I have driven. So this would put the Alero at an advantage in crash-avoidance. (I do have the performance suspension, not sure of the normal one.)

    I would also concur with your 100k question, but the car is pretty much maintenance free especially up to 100k. This makes cost of operating very cheap. Also due to the simplicity of the engine design repairs should be cheap. Although I am not anticipating many problems, I am very very anal about maintaining and taking care of my car.
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    "I, like Ravvie and Coolguy, agree that the Accord is subpar to the Camry's. You state that Motor Trend and Road and Track had positive comments about the Accord's interior, yet these are just subjective comments made by the people who test drove them for a little while and then moved on, and whose opinions are of no greater value than what we discuss here. While the Accord is undoubtedly a great car, it has to do its homework to compare itself to the Camry's interior, even the new one."

    Of no greater value? I disagree... these are people who test automobiles for a living and have the perspective to compare the entire spectrum of makes and models. Unlike you, Ravvie and Coolguy.

    And somehow I expect that their opinions would be highly regarded by you if they said the same thing about the Camry's interior... but they don't. Disrespecting their viewpoints is certainly self-serving, given that they don't agree with yours.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    Are you really touting a Top10 engine that hasn't made the Top10 for the past five model years?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The 3800 V6 was displaced by the 3.5L DOHC V6 'Shortstar' engine in 1998-99 and 2000. My point is to show the many uninformed detractors of the 3800 V6 that even at four decades old, this engine has managed to compete with the best the automotive world has to offer in terms of passenger car V6 engines. Yes it happened 4 years ago last time it was nominated by Ward's Automotive, but it has been in that hall of fame already. I have never seen either V6 engines from Accord or Camry ever among the top ten Ward's V6 engines in the world.

    If these engines are so great, why they have never been awarded??

    BTW, my other favorite V6 engine aside from the 3800 and the 3.5L 'Shortstar' is the 3.0L V6 from Nissan which is the best V6 engine on any Japanese car. I am sure the 3.5L DOHC V6 in the 2002 Altima will be another 'Homerun'...(Sorry Honda and Toyota)
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    I have been on both sides of the Toyota & Honda (Acura) fences, so lets compare some of the differences between a 30k '02 Camry to a 28/29k Acura TL.

    TL | Camry

    225hp | 191
    5sp auto s.s. | 4 sp auto
    heated Seats | n/a
    mem. Seats | n/a
    HID lights | n/a
    4/50 warr. | 3/36
    loaner cars | n/a

    remote trunk | ?? not sure
    home link "

    prestige got to move up to Lexus $$

    * Plus 10k difference between Camry base & XLE models

    BTW this is why I went with a 2001 CL last June 2001. The 2001 Camry just did not have enough whistles & bells for the asking price. Plus you can't hardly find the color you want with who knows what option packages. IMHO the TL/CL interiors was far better than anything I saw in the Camry's.

    I paid $27.5 for my CL (28.5 MSRP), when the '01 XLE Camry's, were well over the 30k mark.

    Someone said it best, If you want a Camry buy an LE and save your money [most people won't know the difference any how].

    If you going to spend close to 30k, best to do you homework.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    JGriff, you are wrong on some of those comparisons. Heated seats ARE available for one thing. Before you make a comment as simple as that, please be correct. Thank you.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    coolguyky7 ::: OK maybe for 2002 they are, but they were not in 2001. Saleperson stated I had to move up to an Avalon or Lexus to get heated seats.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Ok, I thought to myself, maybe the Accord interior really is better! So I got on the Honda webpage, and thanks to my DSL connection, I viewed the 360 interior in an instant. Yes, it DOES look NICE. However, I have found several flaws in it that companies like GM and Ford make.
    Toyota designs interiors to be high-quality and highly functional. Let's start with the backseats of the car. Camry and COROLLA both have two individual, adjustable headrests. Accord doesn't. Toyota's making of this does cost more money...but it is more functional and has a more upscale look. The Accord's hand grips above the door are a solid piece of material. The Camry has a leatherlike material that allows the grip to be pulled further out when being used. A hook is also provided to hang a clothes hanger on. Once more, Toyota has keep in mind function. Doors are much more convenient when the locking device is right by the door handle instead of up next to the window. Having it to the far side, almost behind the driver in some cases doesn't make sense to me. Having it within easy reach of the power windows and door handles seems quite a bit more convenient. The unsightly glove box in the Accord shows itself rather than the Camry's under dash glove compartment gives the interior an overall better looking clean, smooth style.
    I like the two tone of the Accord. However, I don't like some of the asymmetry on the Accord's dash with the emergency light and I assume digital clock. The clock should be on top with a long, instead of tall, emergency blinker button underneath. I like the look of the leather in the Accord but I don't think its as functional as Toyota's tighter leather. Tightened leather seems to provide more support and is easier to clean rather than the flappy folds on loose leather. Camry does have some "flap" but not as much as Accord. The Accord's ceiling has a cap on it, which I have always assumed to hold up the fabric on the ceiling. Toyota doesn't have this making the interior even better in this tiny aspect.
    One final thing I have for that the current Accord's dash compared to the new Camry's is quite actually the same. The Accord has the large empty space under the AC/stereo area. However, it has sides that the Camry is missing...Toyota has probably gone for a more open look...and possibly bumping up the number of cubic feet in the cabin. The Accord's dash extends a little lower than Camry but its basically the same thought process. Once more, to state my position, I think that Toyota does a better job keeping their designs clean cut and functional. If you think you have the ideal interior for a family sedan, I'd like to hear it because nobody can do it better than a car company. BTW...I just noticed that does have a link to something on the 2002 Camry besides the news posts. Go to Camry page, and the left top corner has a window to click on. "You Want It"
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    If these meaningless minutiae and your highly subjective opinions on them are your basis for the "superiority" of the Camry's interior, I guess there's not much to talk about. I already know of several details in which the Accord's interior shows more thoughtful design than the Camry, but who cares? The point is the overall impression, not oneupmanship on nonsense like ceiling caps and how well the glove box is hidden (which, by the way, speaks to its accessibility, or lack thereof).

    Let's see what kinds of conclusions a more holistic viewpoint yield:

    "The Accord's interior is dominated by an impeccable dashboard design. Drivers will appreciate the large gauges, the clear layout of controls, and the eye-soothing contours. Nice touches - such as covered cupholders and downward-inclined storage spaces in the console and glove box - add to its appeal."

    (Car and Driver magazine)

    They go further to say:

    "Everything about the Accord feels finely sculpted and polished".

    I guess they don't have any problems with the quality of the interior components.

    On the other hand, on the Camry:

    "Our jury was disappointed by an uninspiring dashboard design, and we were dissatisfied with the flat, soft front-seat cushions".

    Uninspiring design... my thoughts exactly.

    How about Motor Trend?:

    "Honda's interior is nearly as comfortable and user-friendly... The color and grain of all molded panels are well-matched and have a solid, dense feel. Attention to detail extends to the nicely stitched leather seating surfaces; in fact, the entire car exudes a sense of quality, so it's no surprise this popular Honda remains a top seller."

    A solid, dense feel? A sense of quality? Attention to detail? Hardly sounds like the subpar interior that you claim that the Accord has.

    Yeah, yeah, it's their opinion, etc. But it is interesting that so many of the magazines agree on this point... hardly coincidence. And the magazines are much more likely to be objective and unbiased than the relentlessly pro-Toyota faction represented here.
  • p0tatoep0tatoe Posts: 8 says that the new Camry will be cheaper than the old, but they don't say how much. Have you heard? Thanks.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    i owned both a 99 solara and now a 2001 accord coupe

    as far as interior.....the 97-2001camry/solara has a lame center armrest... it doesn't go forward enough, possibly due to the cupholders... you can add an "optional" center armrest that sits a bit higher due to more padding--but even that is not as comfortable as the honda accord center armrest that sits high and is substantial compared to the camry's...

    second, the trip odometer and the regular odometer can be seen simultaneously in the accord-- whereas with the camry you have to push the little button to view the trip is the camry design better than hondas here?

    third, the center storage bin is useful in the accord-- in fact i think the 2002 camry added a center storage bin in front of the shifter....good idea.. and ooh wee is the coin box in the 97-2001 camry vulgar in its design...

    now i'm objective here-- honda's tilt steering mechanism is lame compared to camry/solara... the camry has a much better radio (jbl upgrade)as well...i think the moonroof switch is mounted up by the moonroof in the toyota-- better than where honda has it located on the dash....the headrests in the solara tilted forward, whereas hondas are stationary-- toyota is better here as well

    all i am saying is, these cars are so close, that's it's little things like this that i tend to notice... i remember when i filled up with gas with the solara, the fuel filler door did not swing wide enough, so when i placed the cap on the little holder on the door, it would sometimes be in the way when i placed the nozzle into the filler tube... with honda, the fuel filler door swings out of the way much better so the cap doesn't get knocked down accidently while fueling..

    thus, there's pros and cons to each car-- to suggest one is better than another as far as interior i think all depends on what you deem as important... i owned a solara and now i own an accord- there's good point and bad points about each car as far as interior goes-- am i nuts?
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Ral2167, sorry to say it, but you're not. ;-)
  • jvkalrajvkalra Posts: 98
    the same person? No offense meant, just wondering.
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    I do have pricing for the 2002 Camrys, and have just driven the SE V6. Very sporty! Love the silvery dash look, and that NAV system as well. I collected the base pricing and all of the pricing for 2002 on all features and options. It's too much to post here though! Too lengthy. Maybe it's at camryman on the net or at toyota's website.
  • ecarmackecarmack Posts: 161
    I probably shouldn't post this here with some of the characters on this board, but anyway...

    I stopped and looked (didn't drive) at three '02 Camrys this evening and was pretty impressed. I have an Accord and think the interior layout is better than the Camry (previous generations), but the Camry's materials do seem to be of higher quality. Also, the Camry's doors shut with a heavy solid feel that I can not match in my Accord.

    I remember laughing at the Intigue when it came out because the interior door panel "breathed" when the window was rolled up and down. My Accord does the same thing (I don't laugh now). My '96 Camry never did this and I assume the '02 doesn't either. Not a big deal, but I do think it points to the overall quality of the materials.

    Most important to me: Regarding the suspension, steering feel and 4 cyl engine, I would take the sportier Accord over previous Camrys. The new Camry 4 cyl has probably helped to even things. I will wait to test drive an SE to see how much tighter the suspension is than an LE/XLE. Is the steering supposed to be heavier? I hope that in Toyota fashion, it makes you pay extra for the spoiler, because I would not want it standard on the SE. I think a spoiler would look absurd on this car as they do on most.

    One of the '02 Carmys was parked at the end of a row of Avalons and I almost passed it up. Talk about family resemblance. The rears are very similar. If the pavement was even, it looked like the Camry's front end was higher than the Avalon's. The larger alloy wheels definitely look better on this design than the smaller wheels w/caps. In person, I wasn't blown away with the styling, but as everyone has said, it is an improvement over the previous generation.

    I can't believe I forgot to look, but I assume the new Camry's exhaust pipe no longer sags down? It used to look like an afterthought and would bottom out.

    Sorry for the long post, but I like both cars and thought some balanced reporting was in order. I also look forward to the new Altima joining the fracas.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    yes, the pricing is available for the 2002 Camry on Camryman. There is also a list of options, packages, and interior/exterior color combos.


    ps--Coolguy and myself are different people, just want to make that clear with jvkalra and any others.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    The new Camry does look (from certain angles) like an Avalon. Maybe when the new Corolla comes out next year, it will look like a little Camry. Seems to have been the trend in the past with Toyota, known as "trickle-down" styling. Kind of like what BMW does with it's three lines.

    I have seen the interior of the new Camry. I think the guages look alot like the Lincoln LS. It's not perfect, but I can't seem to find as much wrong with the 2002 Camry's interior as you do.

  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Yes I clicked on it and signed up. I assume on the official launch date for the Camry where they will start advertising, they will email you and let you know of the new Camry's specs etc. Just my opinion! Oh a neighbor who works for Toyota has a black SE V6 2002 Camry. Black leather and GPS. Very handsome! Can't wait until I see a blue or silver one!
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Black on black with GPS! That sounds really sweet! Silver/black w/GPS and black pearl emblems would look even better!
    Yeah, I signed up for the "You Want It" thing too. I figured I would sign up and see what it's all about. It probably is, like you said, notice of the Camry's official launch.

  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    Wow, I looked at the new Camry, and I can't believe how closely they copied the Ford Taurus. It's really amazing. Why couldn't they have chosen something like a BMW or a Chrysler if they're going to copy something--but a Taurus? It seems to me that Toyota saves their good styling efforts for the Lexus's. I can't imagine choosing the Camry over the '02 Altima, unless for quietness of operation or the interior, which I feel the Camry has the edge.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Ok, I've been calm about this but now it's time to sizzle! First, I concur that the front of the Camry resembles that of the Avalona tiny bit, but only in the "You Want It" picture 2002 Camry advertising on the Toyota website. The back is almost like a giant Neon or a Jaguar. But where the Taurus comes in I have no clue. Taurus' lights set up higher and have a different shape. The front of the Camry might have extremely anorexic and lanky Taurus headlights. I, however, really don't see it. Have you seen the new Toyota slogan? "Get the Feeling. Toyota" It's been out for a few days I think, or at least that's the soonest I've seen it.
  • garyctgaryct Posts: 12
    I took some pictures of the new Camry SE 3.0L at my local dealer. Nice looking car, enjoy!


    here they are...

  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    I thought the radio design was very well done. If it wasn't for those gauges I would still consider this car. I really liked the exterior of the car very much. I'm just pissed off that I don't like the interior. I also like the looks of the new Altima from the pictures I've seen. But when Motor Trend (which likes everything and rarely bashes any car) thinks the Altima's interior is cheap looking in some areas, I'll probably be disappointed again when I actually see the interior. I think the Maxima has a nice interior but I don't like the exterior design.

    I'm left with the Jetta and Accord Coupe (sedan looks too bland) as cars for consideration. Passat gets too expensive for me.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    well, maybe the trapezoidal shape of the tailights is tipping off that Taurus vibe, but I think it's an exact copy of Toyota's own Prius, while the body shape takes on the Avalon's.... I love that mean looking front end, but what is up with that Toyota badge sitting up at the tip of the grille? It looks a bit weird to me and I would like to see it dead smack in the middle of the grille instead.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I really like the SE blacked-out headlights and differently interior appointments. I wonder exactly how different the suspension in the SE is tuned. Any input?
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    Don't count on Volkswagens being reliable...they're ranked behind Hyundai in JD Power (Kia, Daewoo, etc. are still below, only Hyundai rose)...
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    Cool pix, is it just me or does the Camry look smaller?
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