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Saturn Vue Transmission Problems



  • dawnajdawnaj Posts: 2
    I bought a 04 saturn vue in june, the day after I bought it the transmission went in it. The car lot that I bought it from replaced it with a rebuild once from california, so they say. I have since received a letter from the saturn company in regards to a recall on the VTI how do i know if I have this or if it has already been replaced. And how do I get a duplicate come of that letter?
  • lovuelovue Posts: 7
    I posted a while back asking if there were others out there experiencing the same issues. I don't know what to do.....I know it is eminate, it's just a matter of time before it goes. Took it to Acura, since it's the Honda engine, etc. and they continue to slowly flush it but it really isn't helping. EVERYDAY now it gets a little worse and of course...I only have a couple more pymts on the darn thing. What do I do, who do I see? Please someone advise. Thanks.
  • lovuelovue Posts: 7
    What recall?
  • dawnajdawnaj Posts: 2
    The letter I received was for 2004 saturn vue's and their was a recall and the VTI's. But I have since lost the letter and don't know how to replace it.
  • I have an 06 Saturn Vue 3.5 AWD, i bought it a year ago with 26,000 miles on it, today it has 77,000 on it. About 55,000 i noticed that at the speeds of 30 to 50 it has a shuddering feel in it and u can watch tha tachometer bounce. I purchased an additive to stop transmission shuddering from a transmission shop, but i dont know if i should add that or just change out the fluid and filter. I looked all over for a tranny dipstick and after hours of searching i found it in the front of the engine,fluid dont look bad or anything so any suggestions?
  • earl16earl16 Posts: 14
    Re Vue trans shuddering and slight surging of engine. My trans shop said to just dump the fluid and refill (about 6 qts). Have to have the Honda fluid. It solved the problem for me. Saturn dealer said it was torque converter for $1500. My trans shop recommended another fluid change after about another 10k which I am ready to do. So far it has worked for me. earl
  • lovuelovue Posts: 7
    hey earl...drained all fluid at one time. I was told thats not a good thing to do?? please advice. Acura dealer in town is doing mine over time and replacing with new. Works ok, most of the time but it sure is expensive.
  • loomasloomas Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Vue that is doing the same thing. Has anyone put in a new torque converter? What was the cost? Working good now? Has anyone tried just adding an additive? How did that work?
  • earl16earl16 Posts: 14
    Saaturn dealer told me $1500 for torque converter. As I said earlier a change of fluid seems to fix the shuddering and the slight engine sure. The torque converter apparently locks around 55 so that is why surging goes away at higher speeds. Hope this helps, Earl in Hartland
  • msjudymsjudy Posts: 2
    I just purchased my saturn vue a couple of days ago from a local dealer and it is having the same problem as I see listed above. It vibrates and groans at about 35 to 40mph. The dealer has had it in his shop for 2 days now and says they can't find out what the problem is. At first they thought it was the shift solenoid. I told them what I read about the torque converter and the transmission fluid being changed but they didn't seem to want to listen. They haven't told me if I was going to be charged for the repairs yet. I paid quite a lot for this car and I don't think I should have to pay anymore. It has 48,000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me if there is any kind of warranty left on this vehicle or if the dealership should be responsible for the cost of repairs. On the windshield, it said "As Is, No Warranty." When I test drove the car, I did not feel the vibration, just after I drove it off the lot and all the paper work was finished. I feel I was deceived. Can the problem with the Saturn be fixed or they just making it worse?
  • earl16earl16 Posts: 14
    Good luck; Change of fluid worked for me but I never had groans or vibrations - just engine surge and a bit of roughness when starting. Engine surge is coming back so plan on another change of fluid. e
  • dipnetdipnet Posts: 3
    WHen changing the fluid, did you go the expensive route of completely draining and flushing the entire syste, or simply drain what you can and replace? The expensive job is about 200-300 bucs, but is suppose to completely clean and flush the entire transmission.
  • earl16earl16 Posts: 14
    It was relatively simple. They pulled the drain plug and drained what it would then refilled through fill plug (which was very hard to get out(. Not really a complete change of fluid as took 6 quarts of Honda fluid. I am a bit late at getting it back in for 2nd drain. They suggested next 10k. Vue had 60 k at first drain. No filters to mess with I guess. hope this helped. e in Hartland
  • I have a 2003 Vue with manual transmission I purchased used. This morning when I started the car it slipped into neutral easily, but I could not get it into any gear. I turned the car off and then it slipped into gear easily, so I started it again and tried to change gears, but again it wouldn't. It also started making louder and louder "rough engine" noise and started vibrating.

    I again turned it off, waited a bit, put it into reverse and backed down my driveway to see if it made any difference if the car was moving. The engine was revving a bit.while I was in reverse. I couldn't change from 1st to 2nd gear even when the car was moving. It's now back in my driveway.

    It has always been a little hard to get the car into 1st gear, but I've had no other trouble shifting. Yesterday when I drove it there were no problems at all.

    I welcome any thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Thanks!
  • There is a GM Service Bulletin on some of the Vues with Transmission problems. It extends the warranty on the trans. for 5 years or 75,000 miles from the original in service date and ownership changes do not matter. I think the bulletin # is 04020B, not positive on that #. Please check with your GM dealer, who is now the Saturn Warranty provider, not all are. They will check your vehicles VIN# to see if it qualifies. Do not miss this opportunity, the transmissions cost about $3300 to $3500 for just the part.
  • earl16earl16 Posts: 14
    Thanks ecko: I will check out the bulletin though I think I am at the limit of that 75K. Have not had any trouble after first dump of trans fluid and then had BG do their fluid change. Anyway no more issues at moment anyway. At least the BG oil suppossedly will cover $1000 of trans repair. Earl in Hartland
  • docsautodocsauto Posts: 1
    Well I will let you all know how mine turns out bought a 04 Vue at dealer auction let son's girlfriend dirve it as they have one with the VTI tranny in it and he is upset with the tranny problems in it so we were going to trade them out of it. Well while she was driving it went into neutral at a stop sign put it in neutral then back in drive its all good only happens when cold never when warm. So will let ya know tomorrow.
  • jcpzjcpz Posts: 1
    About 2 months ago I lost my cluch. A good mechanic told me that I needed a cluch slave cylinder. The exitement about this I am having a hard time finding one.I have also replaced the master cylinder . OK . the dumb question I have is , the Saturn 4 cyl is the same 4 cyl in a Chev Cavelier 2.2 ltr. Ecotec.They both have 5 speed manual shiffs . Why wouldn't the slave cylinders be interchangeable ?
  • I have a 2003 Saturn Vue with 77,000 miles. Been having a whining sound getting louder and have isolated the sound to the driver side by the trans. Checked the fluid level and it is at 1/2 full.

    My question is will draining and re-filling the fluid help this?

    Is the trans failing?

    I have had my share of normal items on this car. (wheel bearings, alternator, intermediate shaft, etc)

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

  • blrob1blrob1 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 04 Saturn vue when I did the test drive I noticed the tranny hesitating at times but then worked fine most of the time, I mentioned this to the dealer who told me they had it tested and it was fine. 2 months later as I was on the road the tranny just stopped pulling. apparently the extended coverage from the dealer expired in may.. can anyone advise...
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