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Acura Integra



  • LoJackLoJack Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    I noticed a LOT of Integra enthusiasts, and I couldn't agree more! My first car was an '87 LS (back in high school and college) other than great in overall satisfaction, I have to complain about the stock tires. They had the worst traction ever. Anyway, I just got my '98 Integra LS, vogue silver metallic, the works. I was eyeing the R-Type, but hey, I'm more afraid of the insurance (don't forget, I live in NJ!!) killing me in premiums. If I was ever to get the R-Type, there is no point getting speeding tickets just to enjoy its potential, so I compromised! Anymore LS owners out there?!
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    Why did you pick the LS over the GS-R?
    It seems like the GS-R would be a good compromise between the type-R and the LS...
  • pjhalenpjhalen Posts: 1
    Does anyone know anything about the 1999 Integras? I'm looking to buy, but don't know if I should wait for the '99 revision models or go with the '98's. Advice?
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    I wish I knew more about the '99 Integras. I, too am looking at an Integra to replace my CRX. I don't want to kick myself in the near future after seeing the new model....

    One of the things I have always liked about VW is the fact that they go on sale in Europe one year in advance of their entree into the US market. This give us in North America a nice look into the future.

    Bruce. Edmunds Host.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    I'm also looking at the LS, although my heart is in the Type-R.


    Lower insurance!!!!!!

    No sunroof: I really don't want one, but in the GS-R, it's not an option.

    Add a Cam, Chip, Header,tires/wheels, maybe a turbo and you can ROCK the freeway with a much lower cost-of-ownership.

    Make sense???

    Bruce. Edmunds Host.
  • romanotsromanots Posts: 1
    I'm looking to trade in/sell a 1986 Celica GT, 5 speed, 130,000 miles, no radio/tape, AC works, body in decent shape. Edmunds used car prices stopped at 1988. Celica GT listed there at trade in price of $2170. I'm wondering what the trade in price range would be for my 86?
  • rguzmanrguzman Posts: 2
    I recently leased a 98 LS Integra coupe. I have had a power steering fluid leak for four of the eight weeks that I have "owned" it. I have attempted to have this fixed twice already. I have had to do the dealership after sale service shopping around routine. It has been my experience that warranty repairs are a hassle. The passenger side window also screeches when being rolled up/down. The passenger side door is hardly ever used. I did submit a letter to Acura Customer Service about the rude level of service that I received from the dealership that I leased the car from and I haven't had a response back. In all fairness, the letter was only received by Acura eight business days ago. I personally think that it is an over rated car. It is not uncommon for the brake pads (rear) to need to be replaced after ~25K miles. I guess part of my situation is the luck of the draw and the other part is that I didn't do enough research about the maintenance of the car. I have previously owned an '85 RX7 SE a '77 Celica GT, and a '95 Altima. I guess that I have been spoiled by just having to do oil changes every 3K miles and tune-ups every 15K/30K miles.
  • cluwcluw Posts: 1

    I'm thinking of leasing a '98 Integra LS also. But now that I heard you story, I'm having a second thought. Did you get the lease deal that was advertised by the manufacturer ($230 per month for 39 months, $500 down)? Please advice me on whether or not I should lease one.
  • rguzmanrguzman Posts: 2

    I don't know if you should lease a new Integra or not. I can however almost gaurantee that you will have to shop around for a decent dealership to do warranty repairs if they are needed. The necessary part for my car is on "National Back Order". Acura denies that the part is on back order as a result of so many cars needing to have the entire power steering unit replaced. In my instance I think that they are replacing the entire unit because they don't want me to bring the car back for the same repair three times. I did not get the $230 per month with $500 down lease. I have a 36 month lease and put down a little less than $1,000. I guess you should consider how much you like the car. Test drive it several times and inquire about regular maintenance and the costs of maintenance. Try to find other Acura owners who have their car serviced at nearby dealerships and find out if they are satisfied with the level of service that they have received. I think that this holds true with any vehicle that you are considering. I'm sorry that I didn't do this before I leased the Acura. I don't know how much replacing the rear brake pads cost, but I would also check into this before making a decision. As of this date, I have not had a response back from their customer service department. You may also want to read about what other Integra owners are saying about their cars here on the Edmund's site. People do seem to really like the car. Good luck and I hope that this is helpful. If you would like I'll sell you my Integra!
  • achiangachiang Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    I just bought a used 1990 Integra LS 5speed about
    two hour ago. So far, I am loving it.

    It has 90k miles. Is there some sort of mailing
    list/users group that I can join to see what
    problems will crop up for a car its age? Thanks!
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    I own a 1990 Acura Integra LS 5-speed (116,000 miles), also. I'm the original owner, so I know everything that has been done to the car.

    Make sure the timing belt has been changed. It should have been done by at least 80,000 miles.
    I've replaced the CV boots once. My CV joints need to be replaced next. The front axle makes a soft grinding sound when I turn without the clutch pushed in. My mechanic says when the noise gets worse, I'll have to replace them.

    My mechanic thinks the clutch and starter may need to be replaced sometime soon, but they are both still working fine, so I haven't done it.

    Every so often, the engine doesn't want to turn over. This happens maybe once every 2 or 3 months at the most. When it happens, I turn the car all the way off and they try again. It usually will start after only 2 or 3 tries that way. Could be the starter, but it eventually always starts, so I don't worry about it.

    Overall, it has been an excellent car. It has never left me stranded in 9 years. Even when the battery dies, I can just push-start it with no problem.

    By the way, what did you pay for your car?

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Also, be careful with the rear window tint (if it has it). Mine started to bubble up, so I had a tint place replace it. The defroster came off with the old tint and now it doesn't work. The tint place wouldn't do anything about it because they say it's a risk with older cars with original tint. I would have rather had the bubbles than no defroster!

    Also, don't drive through a car wash with the antenna up!! I snapped mine in half and had to replace it.

  • davidaudavidau Posts: 1
    The '99 Integra will be the same as the '98. Honda is going to wait until 2000 to unveil the next Integra (IL designation), which will be at the same time the new Civic appears.
  • achiangachiang Posts: 4
    Hi Pam2,

    The timing belt was changed near 80000 miles.
    I checked the CV joints and they don't click
    when I turn (I had a old Colt that did that).
    The car is not tinted, and it is black inside
    and outside. Good thing that it is only 115F
    here. ;) Thanks for the tip on the ripping
    rear defroster.

    I bought the car for $5500 from the original
    owner. Good deal?
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    Black on black in 115 degree heat??? Sounds like maybe you live in Texas with me! I probably wouldn't have gotten the black for just that reason. Mine is green.

    I don't think $5,500 is bad. I know I won't get that for mine, though, because of the higher mileage and the paint. I had $4,000 worth of hail damage in 1992. I had it repaired, but the repair marks are showing through and the paint is fading.

    Good that you bought it from the original owner. Did you get maintenance records? I also had to replace the CV boots, so you may get ready for that if it hasn't been done.

    Hope you enjoy your new Integra! I know mine has given me almost 9 years of pleasure!!

  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    I just read your entry about your LS. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I too have had terrible service from a dealership. Fortunately, I have also had great service from another Acura dealership. I agree that warranty work can be hassle with some dealerships and that Acura Customer Service is not great when you complain to them about it. I received some attention when I contacted the Better Business Bureau.
    As for the LS being overrated...
    I understand it's easy to get down on a car that is giving you problems, and it doesn't help if the dealership hassles you besides...
    But, I'd still say overall that the Integra is a great car. Look around for another dealership, get the car fixed, and enjoy the car.

  • guitarzanguitarzan Posts: 632
    Rear Integra brakes do die really quickly. The pads don't cost much at all. The labor is a killer, so you could try it yourself. With the proper tools, an Integra brake job is quite easy. And I am a CHICKEN when it comes to repairing a car! Don't forget to use caliper lube any time you've worked on the brakes.

    Pam I did the same thing, broke the antenna. I replaced the mast antenna with an electric one from Sears for $40 including all parts. I got a great upgrade, and avoided a $150 dealer charge. The only problem was I couldn't find a fuse that was only on when the car is on. So I wired a fuse to the power line, which is not the best choice. Of course, I had a base Integra. The fusebox of a model with electric amenities may have an extra key-activated power slot.
  • john15john15 Posts: 1
    I just bought a '94 GS-R 2-door with 62K miles
    on it and paid $14,500 for it. The car is in superb condition exterior and interior. Its got new tyres and is very well maintained with records of all the service the car has had.
    I was hoping if somebody could tell me if I paid a
    fair price for it. Any response will be highly
  • Hey Achiang and Pam,
    glad to hear of someone who bought a high-mile Integra. I'm about to buy a 92 w/ 93k miles for about $7000, although I think I could talk them down -- it's a dealer. It's worth the extra few hundred to me to get it reconditioned, and I'm doing it subject to mechanic approval. I drove it, CV joints are fine, I think it has better-than-stock steel belts on it, black/tan, 5 spd, LS w/ a lot of toys. I just want to know how long I can reasonably expect to own and happily drive this thing?
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    Have you thought about buying a used vehicle instead of letting your father spend nearly $20,000 on a car for you? That's an awful lot of car for an inexperienced driver. If you had to pay for it yourself, I'm sure you would think again. Plus what about the insurance on a car like that?

    What's wrong with this picture: 17 year old inexperienced driver tooling around town in a $20,000 car that daddy bought. 38 year old responsible woman who supports herself driving around in a 9 year old car. I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a witch, but things like this really bug me. I guess it's one of my pet peeves. Even if I was able to make a car payment right now, I CERTAINLY couldn't spend more than $14,000 on a car. So, I'd be looking at a used one. And be happy to have it!!
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