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Mercedes E-Class Wagons (E320, E500, E55 AMG)



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The all-new E-class will debut in the fall of 2002 as a 2003 model. The wagon version, as before, will make its debut about a year after the sedan.

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi Folks- This discussion has just been moved back from our Archived discussions and re-opened. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for your participation.

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  • Finally, we have our own wagon discussion Board again. Not that I am against the Sedan Board but there are certain information that only wagon owners can really get into, like auto-leveling suspension and stuff like that.

    Anyway, to start it off I will introduce myself and more importantly my wagon. I have an E320 1998 wagon with 44K miles. Except for 4matic, I have all the options (Xenon, heated leather, Bose, 6 disc, moonroof, rain sensor, etc.) Generally have not had any problem except the trunk lock, which was changed, and occassionally stiff sun roof opening. It ran off the factory warranty last November but I have an aftermarket extended warranty for the next five years or up to 100K. I only use Zaino in my car and wash it myself.

    As for future plans, I want to change my wheels for a CLK 7-spoke rims (which would really look neat on a wagon).

    As far as questions are concerned: I would like to know if the wagon has stiffer suspension (spring an shocks) than the sedan. Whether or not I can remove my roof center railings, without damaging the roof, and finally if there is some way to improve the FM reception on my supposedly premium bose stereo.

    That's it for now.
  • am looking at a 98 E320 wagon. Living in western N.C. is a maginal area for snow-ice. Does the latest traction control in a rear drive vehicle (i.e. the E320 wagon) come close to the performance (safety) of the 4matic? I can get the standard wagon now, or search for a 4matic. I am a sensible driver generally staying within posted speed limits. thanks for advice. T. Berner
  • am purchasing a '98 E320wagon with 63,000 miles from local private party (only owner) who has treated the car well--purchased from the local MB dealer and serviced there exclusively. No squwaks on car. Warrenty is available from various sources: one for example 2 yrs/24,000miles goes for $2300--about 10cents per mile. Does this car "warrent" such an investment? I can live without "peace of mind" if the cost for it seems too high. I realize this is an "it all depends" question, but opinions are what I am seeking. Thanks. T. Berner
  • don't think you would need a 4matic where you live. esp and abs should be safe enough for you. i am in the washington dc area and see alot of e320 without the 4matic option (more snow than where you are except for this year :-). as to the warranty, it is a peace of mind but before slamming down 2300 for it, i would take the car to the dealer for a complete checkup and make sure to ask for the service records of the car. i believe 98 is the first or second year mb used the new engine config (vee-6 instead of straight-6) so it hasn't been long-term tested. check to see what the warranty covers and you can't go wrong. good luck!
  • Does the traction control in a E320 wagon come close to the performance of the 4matic?

    You answered your own question. You are a sensible driver and sensible drivers either drive slowly and safely in extreme weather conditions or stay at home in extreme weather conditions. I have a 1998 E320 wagon (Rear wheel drive) and I drove 144 miles last month on four inches of snow in a freeway in upstate New York. My tires are not specifically winter tires (unlike blizzaks) but they are all-season tires. I did not have any problems with the Rear wheel drive wagon and on average I was going faster than 50% of the cars on the road. I passed a lot of accidents on the road including a few 4WD SUVs (lexus, etc) and my suspicions are that these drivers were either not paying attention or were testing their SUV 4WD capabilities. On a couple of occassions, I passed by these two huge parking lots and after making sure there were no other cars or people, I tried to deliberately slip and slide the car. No chance! The ESP function corrected the slide each and every attempt. I even sped up and braked hard while turning and the ESP corrected the car. At the end of the day I was extremely satisfied with the performance of my wagon and EXCEPT UNDER EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, I would NEVER drive under those circustances again. Why? First, because I would rather stay home and play with my kids in that weather and second because the chips on my hood caused by ice splinters almost made a grown man cry.

    2 yrs /24,000 miles goes for $2300

    Who is quoting you this price? They are making a killing! Last December I got a 5 year / 100,000 comprehensive warranty from a third party warranty company for less than what these guys are charging you. My car had 43,000 miles when I got the warranty so that probably makes a difference. I have been very satisfied with this company and they paid, without questions, an MB dealer repair on the car, without even asking them first. Send me an email at and I will tell you the name of the company and describe how I decided to get them after two months of research.
  • I have a 1992 300TE4MATIC that I want to trade up from to a '98 or '99 E320 4MATIC wagon. I'v heard that the '98 has had a few glitches that were corrected in the '99 model and was wondering if anyone else has any experience. It seems with the new 2003 models coming out this fall it would be a good time to get into the '98-'02 model when the trade-up market is beginning.
  • pcasinopcasino Posts: 14

    I don't know if the wagon will come out in '03, and if you find out that it does, then I'd wait for it. Note, however, that that would fetch an easy $60 grand so unless, you are in a cash crunch, then I do not see any point in getting a 98/99 wagon.

    On the other hand, if you decide not to wait until September of this year, then go for the 1999 and above wagon, which still sells for a reasonable $30 grand. Literally half the price of the 03. I understand that there is NO difference between a '98 and '99 E class but the 1999's still have one year left in the MB factory warranty and you should find comfort in the fact that you have a year left to see the flaws of your car and have MB fix it for free. Except for the M class SUV's which had tons of glitches in the 98/99 models, I don't know about the E glitches. My 98 wagon is certainly glitch free.
  • I am about to buy a 1995 E320 Wagon (39,000 miles, loaded) The current owner of the car says it has a lousy radio and that he's heard the same from other M-B owners. Although I am not an audiophile, one turn of the power switch and even I realize he's right. I like to listen to AM, and the reception is awful. (FM is fine, didn't even try the cassette....) The current owner says he complained to the dealership and was basically blown off with the comment, "Most of our owners listen to FM."

    My question: Will I be able to replace this radio with a non-Mercedes version, preferably one with a CD instead of a cassette? This particular car model is not even listed in Crutchfield's list, and when I called to find out why, I was told that this car has a "complex system" that would need "a lot of modifying/customizing." Any ideas about where I should start would be appreciated.
  • Just bought a '98 E320 wgn (black, 34k mi) as a Home Depot hauler with a little panache! While the car came with just about all the orig accessories (keys, service docs, dealer atlas, useless MB analog phone, etc), the owner's manual is missing. Anyone know where I can find a replacement manual? It seems I once saw a site that had replacement manuals, but I can't seem to locate it now. Thanks in advance.
  • akoako Posts: 1
    I have a '92 300 TE Wagon. A week ago, I brought it to my mechanic 'coz my airconditioning wasn't cold. After putting 134 refrigerant, he tested for leaks and told me that the evaporator has a leak and would cost me approximately $1,800.00 to repair. The cold air on the newly charged a/c lasted only one week. Then, I went to the local Kragen Auto Supply store and found an a/c leak stopper. Does this thing actually work?

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    You may also want to solicit feedback in this Maintenance & Repair discussion: Air Conditioner Problems--All Cars. Good luck, and please return here to keep us posted on your situation.




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  • I have a 1995 wagon with 163,000 miles on it. I've loved it for the 2 years I've had it. I drive a lot. Bought it with 120,000. It's powerful, quiet, comfortable, and looks funky enough not to be snobby. But it seems to be having a tantrum lately. Lots of A/C issues, new wiring harness, radiator fans, etc. My cost of ownership over those two years is now above $225 per month, not including routine and tires. AND the engine light has been on for about 10,000 miles now. Our mechanic can re-set it, but on the first hard start, it lights back up. Does anyone know how to get this straight? I don't mind it, but can't sell it like this.
  • I would like to get a hitch mount bike rack for our 1998 E320. Mercedes doesn't offer a trailer hitch for this model (only the ML). Does anyone out there have a trailer hitch, and if so, how is it?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To maurcedes- Sorry to hear about your vehicle problems. You may also want to post (copy/paste) your question in this Maintenance & Repair discussion: "Check Engine" light. Good luck.



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  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    My wife and I find the seats on our new E320 wagon to be too hard. She also finds the bottom seat cushion to be too long. We would like to hear from others who have successfully dealt with these issues.
  • Wait till the car is 7 years old like mine and the seats will be nice and, really, I had a Subaru with leather seats and after about 60,000 miles they were sooooooooo comfy like soft clouds.

    Seat cushion too long? Sounds like her legs are too short. Sit cross-legged. Trade it in on a Jetta. Whatever.
  • We tried to find someone including dealer who could put a bike hitch on the 320 wagon, even U-Haul did not have a clue. My 99 wagon with 42,000 miles is in having its transmission totally rebuilt, dealer in Atlanta acted like I did not know what I was talking about when I complained twice that the transmission was slipping, until towed in. My lease is up in 40 days and was planning on buying a new 320 wagon, but thinking twice now.
  • This a common complaint among E320 owners. My wife and I use a "tush cush" on long trips in our 2000 E320 wagon. Or, we use my new Toyota Highlander, which costs half the Mercedes but whose seats are much more comfortable.
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