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  • Agreed. The nose looks bulbous and un-Honda-like.

    It's still on my short list, though, as it may be nicer inside than the Venza, and more rewarding to drive. If Honda leaves out the 4-cylinder option, that'll propel me to the Toyota dealer for sure.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Considering how many problems Honda had and still has with the 2008 accord re-design - I would not go anywhere near this car. It will take years to work out all the bugs - plus I sure hope it doesn't have the VCM engine....
  • curvecurve Posts: 20
    I was looking forward to see this new model. The trunk will not be much more practical than a sedan (it's not a wagon.) Looking at the curvy roof line - can somebody tell me if a roof rack will work on this model? Otherwise I'll have to look at the Outback, which probably is a better value than this one.

    If only Honda would bring the European Accord (U.S. TSX) Tourer I'd be all set.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Since the American Accord is larger than the European Accord Tourer, I think the Cross Tour will have more interior room than the TSX Tourer, even with the sloped roof-line. I think the car looks great, and the Cross Tour may be my next car.
  • The Accord Crosstour is UGLY. Some angles on this thing are just nasty. Overweight nose and butt. Did the people who designed the Aztec leave and go to Honda...? With the exception of the TSX, Acuras are starting to lose it too. Honda, what in the world are you doing...? I used to love your cars. Please stop this mess.
  • Yeah. I currently own an 08 CRV and am very happy with it. Had high hopes for cross tour to purchase after my lease was up, but it has NOTHING going for it with this design. Honda has blown it with the Accord, Pilot and now this. Have no idea who is designing for Honda
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    That Thang is a genuine Loser. It's 196" long. Really,Honda, all I want is a V6 CRV with fold flat rear seats. You know,like the RAV. How hard is that to do?
  • This car will look better in person. The camera angles are poor in the images.

    Next month when it's on the lot, I'll take a look. The front end of the Venza is a dog and this will be better looking than the Toyota.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Since when has Honda been a "Style" leader? You hear owner's say " I bought this Honda for it's quality, or reliability, or it's value, but you don't hear I bought it cause it looks cool. The Accord has won many comparison tests over the years, and not once did the reviewer's say the Accord won on it's looks. Honda takes pride in their engineers, not their designers. Function over form is the rule.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Elroy's right. Honda buyer's prefer function over form. The Crosstour is 196" long the Venza is 190". I simply don't want a 196 " car. It's longer than a Pilot! Enjoy the race,Elroy. Let's hope the 18 car loses.
  • Yikes! 196" Hondas scare me. Give me a 1999 CR-V with the new 2.4L and I'b be just fine. THat big ugly mug is gonna push me back to Toyota.
  • The level of hostility about this car is a bit has become a viral nightmare. The current Accord is 194" in length, according to the web. I will grant that the "spy" photos looked better than the photos that Honda initially released. I for one am interested, I like hatchbacks and this sits up a little higher than a sedan for easier ingress/egress for those of us with bad backs. The thing that will probably hold me back is the price.
  • I agree that price will be critical to the Crosstour's success. Honda needs to offer a 4 cylinder FWD only model at about $27K. For those that want AWD, Navi, and Leather to go with the V6 will likely be staring at a $35K sticker price. That's too high for me.

    I don't understand people thinking 196" in too long. It's a full-size vehicle, not mid-size. Ford's Taurus X is over 200" long.

    Let's wait and see what the Crosstour looks like in person. Many a car, like many a person, are not photogenic. ;)
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    A CR-V just will not do, for those of us who want V6 power. I think the Crosstour has a good shot at being my next car. I will have to test drive one. The extra interior cargo space would be nice. Maybe I could carry some things in the Crosstour, I have to use the truck for now. I don't like driving a truck, and avoid using it whenever possible.
  • Aw, Honda, I loved you before. Had an Integra, then an Accord. I just couldn't bear replacing the Accord with the current one. Just too hideous. So I thought I'd go the Acura route, but no, the same box hard lines got to them too. I was hoping the wagon would be normal.

    Sorry Honda, I've defected.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    The Venza is "only" 190" inches. The CRV is about 180". I prefer smaller vehicles and have other stuff in my garage,so I will not buy a 196" vehicle. I'll just wait for the next generation, which will certainly be smaller.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I think it look sorta weird looking. Almost dated looking. I am not a huge fan of wagons or similar cars like that. But, this doesn't look to attractive. However, I think seeing it in person would help. Many cars look bad on picture, then look great in person.

    Honda has really went weird on the styling. Styling is getting more apart of the car buying experience now. Actually so many cars are duplicating each others designs, and blowing up like a blimp. Because people want a bigger car rather than an SUV?
    For example, even the new Subaru legacy is huge and sorta ugly, older looking.

    So not just Honda is looking a bit off these days. Honda certainly played it safe with all of their cars, other than the Accord coupe, which should have been used on the Accord Sedan. Would I get the Accord Sedan? Yes I would.

    This car? No, its not for me, but would love to see it in person. I love honda.
  • I understand blufz1. If extra garage space is a priority then 196" would be a bit too long.

    The 180" CRV is a Civic based compact. A different animal indeed. The new Crosstour will be a large car. I'm guessing 130 cu.ft. of interior volume at least and that's with the "lower" CUV roofline.

    This opens up the question from a couple years ago when the new Accord was released. Honda doesn't really offer a true "mid-size" car anymore. The Accord is clearly LARGE by today's standards and the Civic is a Compact. This leaves Honda with a significant gap in their lineup.

    The answer could be a next-generation Civic like Hyundai's Elantra or Nissan's Sentra with near mid-size volume or an entirely new mid-size model (which seems unlikely).

    The European Accord is a smaller TSX sized car. Honda has to be reviewing their options at this point because their U.S. lineup has a hole in it. Toyota has a Corolla, Camry and Avalon. Honda is one vehicle short because the Accord can't cover a 115 cu.ft. Camry and a 125 cu.ft. Avalon with one car.
  • I don't think it's hostile to tell the readers of this Forum that I'm disappointed. If you think that I have apparently unreasonable expectation from the modern North American Honda, then I plead guilty. See, I like practical, sensibly-sized, economical vehicles. I loved my 1999 CR-V. It was all of those things, fit my 6'4" just fine, and was fun to drive. But cars and trucks are getting larger and larger, every model change. Especially, Honda. Accords sized like Buicks, and Pilots sized like Ford Expeditions. 1994 Honda Accord Wagon was 187.8 in. long and weighed 3076 lbs.

    I've had two small, extra-cab pickup trucks, both 4-cylinder manual trans. Very practical, and economical. I'd like to buy another, but the Tacoma & Frontier have each grown by over 500 lbs. in their last re-design. The facts are there to see. For those that don't notice, or don't care, fine. Many folks do.

    Hostile? No. Diappointed? Yes. Just not quietly disappointed. So, still driving my practical, sensibly-sized, economical 4-banger Toyota Highlander. It's not fun to drive though, and I had hoped for something from Honda to bring me back. I'm still hoping, but early signs are, well, disappointing.
  • Sorry, the comment about hostile wasn't directed at you. I was referencing the hoards over on Facebook that are ranting about how much they hate this car. The internet backlash against Honda's marketing has become a PR crisis even showing up as new stories on other web sites.

    What each individual likes is very subjective, so if you are disappointed that is your right. It is true that Honda's keep growing in size.

    I'm interested in a mid-sized vehicle, I like hatchbacks, I like that the Crosstour sits up a little bit for ingress/egress, it has a little more clearance than a sedan for dealing with the occasional snow. (AWD available for those with lots of snow). So I will definitely check it out when the local dealer gets one.
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