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    Are you suggesting more is better with the Highlander? That's not always the case.

    The way I see it is the point of the ACT is that it has sporty looks, handles more like a sports coupe, it's roomier, and as/more luxurious than an Accord sedan.

    So it stands to reason that it will cost more than an Accord sedan.

    And one could say comparing it to the Toyo Venza and Highlander is like comparing apples to oranges, in both looks and performance.

    As for me, after see it in person and driving it I like it.
  • nmctownernmctowner Member Posts: 9
    We own a white one in NM. The manual indicates 87 octane is all that is required. I moves great with no problems on regular gas! We have had it two weeks and are still impressed!
  • drr98drr98 Member Posts: 80

    What do you like most about it?

    What do you like least about it?

    If you write a review soon, it will be the first on Edmunds.
  • drr98drr98 Member Posts: 80
    The following '10 vechicles require premium unleaded: Honda Civic Si Coupe, Civic Si Sedan, as well as the Acura RDX, V6 TSX, & RL

    And the mfg. recommends premium for the following '10 vehicles: Acura 4-cyl TSX, MDX, 3.5L & 3.7L TL.

    All high compression engines.

    Other old vehicles that require premium (that I did not list before) are the NSX, GSR, Civic Si, what did I forget?
  • nmctownernmctowner Member Posts: 9
    I tried to post a review, but kept getting errors.

    the gist of the review would have been: We had been following the Crosstour since it was first announced. The dealer called when they first hit the lot. We went over that night and after the test drive, we were convinced. We signed that night. Great looking and driving car! We have only have had it two weeks but are still impressed. Still too early to tell on the mileage.

    Like: Style and driving it. It looks better in person than in the photos. Wife likes the heated seats and bluetooth.

    Suggested improvements: None at this time.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Member Posts: 574
    Stopped by the local Honda dealership tonight and like what I saw. The profile and front end of the ACT look good. The rear only average but not bad.

    Overall a very sharp looking car and I like how it sits up a couple of inches more than the sedan.

    It should sell well but I'm still surprised Honda didn't offer the 190HP I4 engine from the sedan in a FWD ACT. Maybe next year.
  • maringuymaringuy Member Posts: 5
    I test drove a CT last Sunday and here are my impressions:

    1. The CT is a bit odd looking, but somehow attractive. It looks very much like a BMW X6.
    2. The visibility is better than I feared, but not nearly as good as my current 2007 Accord EX-L V6. The door posts seem thick, and it is a little hard to see out of the back.
    3. The car is much quieter than my 2007. There is less wind noise and a lot less road noise. The only thing noticably louder is the engine, which is relatively loud when it revs up.
    4. The car seems a little less nimble than my 2007, but still handles well (nothing like the Venza, which drives like a cow, and certainly nothing like the Highlander, which feels unsafe to drive).
    5. The ride is much softer than my 2007. It feels somewhat removed from the road. This may be due to the tires, which are bigger and fatter than my 2007, which has very low profile tires.
    6. The steering is very light. I prefer the steering in my 2007.
    7. The car has about twice the cargo room as my 2007, and the room is more usable because of the wide opening in the back. I do not haul around a lot of big items, but I sometimes have to carry things bigger than my current trunk will handle, so the rear access will be welcome.
    8. The MSRP seems about right for what you are getting, compared to the regular Accord. The only problem is, with so few CTs available dealers will most likely ask for full MSRP. So, at least for a while the true price of the CT will be quite a bitter higher than its competitors. Once the CT is widely available pricing should get closer to dealer invoice.

    Bottom line -- I would choose the CT over the competitors (Venza and Outback) primarily because it handles well, and the ride is quiet. The only question is whether I can get one for the right price.
  • drr98drr98 Member Posts: 80
    Have you looked at an Acura RDX?
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    You don't want to run out and buy an initial CT, you'll get gouged. Give it 6-8 months. Remember, Venza went from over sticker to sizable discount in less than a year.
  • caraddict1caraddict1 Member Posts: 1
    I test drove an ex-l white with out navigation or illumination on the floor. It had nice pick up and handling. . I had no problem seeing out the back window. I am trying to down size from a big suv to a smaller one. This was perfect. It may not have all of the bells and whistles that my suv has now, however they can sometimes be more aggravation then I need. A lot of warrenty problems. I know this is not an suv , it is high enough off the ground to use in snow in the mountain area. The seats are soooo comfortable the only thing that i really did not care for was the coloring of the lights inside at night on the dash, The hatch opening was perfect size for me and it would be able to hold all that is needed to go back there. I will take the advice of someone on here who said to wait until the price drops when the newness wears off. :)
  • crutnackercrutnacker Member Posts: 41
    I went to get an oil change and stopped to look at the Crosstour. Am I the only one who thought it looks 10000 times better than any picture Honda has taken of it? I may go test drive one tomorrow.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    Took delivery of a pilot yesterday and test drove the cross tour twice going back to pick out a color today
  • maringuymaringuy Member Posts: 5
    I thought that the Acura RDX had really uncomfortable seats. I am tall, and a lot of Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura seats are sculpted for shorter people. Also, the RDX seemed nearly as noisy as my 2007 Honda Accord.
  • maringuymaringuy Member Posts: 5
    The way that the Crosstour price is going to get close to dealer invoice over the next six months is if the economy tanks again. If the economy stays healthy the Crosstour is going to be priced much higher than comparable cars.
  • nmctownernmctowner Member Posts: 9
    Just filled the tank for the second time on 4WD - 21 mpg mostly around town. We have had it three weeks thus far and are still impressed. We selected the CT after comparing Venza and Outback. We are still glad we did.

    The local dealer now has market adjustment on CT. Too bad! We got ours the first night at sticker. Perfection Honda in Albuquerque was a great experience. In and out with no hassle.
  • drr98drr98 Member Posts: 80
    Hey Marin,

    That can't be good. I'm 6' 2" and I have not driven an RDX yet, so I'm not sure if I will be comfy and ergo in it. I hope to be able to find a proper adjustment.

    RDX is more of a performance/compromise engine (I4/T) so they may have left a bit of noise for a buyer that wants that. (presuming you ment engine noise)

    If you mean lack of general sound deadening or excessive road noise, that is not good.(although I have not been in an '07 Accord to compare)
  • danwhondadanwhonda Member Posts: 1
    The reason it sounds louder when you rev the engine is due to the sound damping system which allows more engine noise the more press on the gas. this is done purposfully to make it sound and feel more exciting.
  • nikinnickynikinnicky Member Posts: 17
    Anyone have the numbers (mf, residual, manufacturer or dealer incentives, etc.) for current CT lease?
  • albert72albert72 Member Posts: 200
    Am wondering when Honda will start to ramp up dealer inventory or said differently, if by late January, they will be ready to deal on leases? Typically they hold off for awhile and try to get top $$. Given the economy and their poor unit volume for 2009 vs 2008, I am trying to figure out if they will operate a bit differently than they usually do.

    07 Accord lease ends 3-1 but I guess I can always extend it.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    After taking delivery last week on a pilot we have decided on getting the cross tour also, being a retired GM in the auto industry and knowing that I was purchasing from my local dealer where I got the pilot we visited 5 or 6 honda dealers in my area over the past to weeks just to see all the colors on that exact model. No need for me to price, dealers always take care of there own. Got to say hello to a lot of managers that at some point of time worked for me and I trained to become managers or I know the dealer principles and told them what I was doing.( there to see colors only) they respected the fact that that i wasnt wasting their time and was going to support my local business.

    Long story short we ordered the other day and setttled on a particular color, not that it would have mattered, after 2 days they couldnt obtain what we wanted, I asked if they minded if I located it and did the swap, professional courtesy, they new that there may be a dealer even one that they might have called, where I had a close friend with the car and the only way the would give it up is if they knew it was for me, well yes i found it and yes they gave it to my local guy, but all my friends informed me that the initial supplies are all drying up and that they are now starting waiting lists and the car caught on.Good for them not so Good for those that are looking for aggresive pricing.

    Keep in mind that most of the public and even guys I know with other products have never heard of it, the car is not being launched till after January1st,( major adv campaign) I wouldnt count on seeing heavy discounting in the immediate future.

    This is in the New York Metro North East market where some of the largest dealers in the country are located, inventory levels in your area may vary

    Will post a reveiw in the next few weeks,- picking up Sat morning
  • albert72albert72 Member Posts: 200
    thanks hollywood53.

    will be interested to know your thoughts on the cross tour and how it compares to the pilot. would prefer something along the size of the cross tour but not willing to pay the big price because its a new model but would consider a pilot if priced aggressively. I dont have to replace the current vehicle until end of Feb so perhaps things will cool off a bit by then.

    Enjoy both of your cars. Honda makes a great product.
  • virgo626virgo626 Member Posts: 5
    Hi Hollywood53,
    so what is the price should i be looking on getting for the CT on the EXL w/navi AWD.

    I was offered the following deal for the lease:

    $434 a month
    $1245 due at signing (which includes DMV, Bank Fee and first month)

    i couldn't get any other info the dealer as he would refuse to let me know what the price he was working off.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    are your taxes rolled into your payment
  • virgo626virgo626 Member Posts: 5
    yes the taxes are rolled into the payments.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    need tax rate and location
  • virgo626virgo626 Member Posts: 5
    the tax in NYC is 8.875%

    Also why is it hard for the dealerships to provide me with all the numbers that i am asking. Like the residual value, money factor and the cap cost.

    They told me that the car is so new that they don't have that info yet, but how are they able to give me a deal that they gave me what are they basing their numbers on.

    I gave deposit becuase i thought i am getting a good deal. They started me of with $514 a month with $0 down and taxes included and i brought them down to $434 a month.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    CT programs are out to the dealers, the are using the same money factors as the accord .00133 the residuals for 36/12k is 62% = 22896.00 for the awd exl with navi

    cost on this car is 33513+ 250 advertising including destination, I may be off by a couple of dollars but your cap is 34400,before taxes rolled in you are approx $650 over cost that is more than reasonable being the short supply of cars, and dealers right now are looking for list price I would jump on it
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Also why is it hard for the dealerships to provide me with all the numbers that i am asking. Like the residual value, money factor and the cap cost.

    Most states have laws regarding disclosure of that information. If they won't share it, it's time to walk IMHO.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    If they won't share it, it's time to walk IMHO.

    I agree. I don't want to buy from someone trying to hide something.
  • tymotymo Member Posts: 5
    If you are monitoring this discussion, can you please provide the MF and RV for the 2010 Crosstour EX-L 2WD and 4WD that Honda is currently offering in Dec?
    Appreciate it greatly,
  • crutnackercrutnacker Member Posts: 41
    My wife and I got a 36,000 mile lease, $399 a month, $900 down for an EX-L 4WD w/o Navi.

    We both like it, although the driver's seat had me in a weird position that had my back spasming (fixed by fine tuning the seat).

    Only bad spot is MPG is around 18 so far. Hoping it will improve. I drive a Hybrid Civic, so this number kind of bums me out.
  • frufffruff Member Posts: 6
    I am negotiating a 36/12K lease for an EX-L Crosstour w/o navi. I am putting $900 down.
    A dealer an hour away responded to my "request for quote" through the AMEX price protection plan. The quote was $31,117 for this model. In addition if I acted before New Years the price would be cut to $30,225. The salesperson worked up the leasing numbers and this is what I was quoted.

    $900 down (includes all fees)
    $370 plus tax which is $435

    When I use the Edmunds leasing calculator with a residual value of 62% and a money factor of ,00133, I see payments including NJ sales tax of around $333 a month. What is happening here? Am I doing something wrong? Is $435 for this model fair? They are asking $476 for the navigation.
  • frufffruff Member Posts: 6
    May I ask where you leased your Crosstour?
  • alorstaralorstar Member Posts: 4
    I'm trying to decide between the FWD and the 4WD Crosstour. I live in Florida with only occasional use in the Carolina's. Is there a noticable difference between the two, and is it worth loosing 2 mpg forever with the 4WD?
  • alorstaralorstar Member Posts: 4
    What sort of mileage are you getting with your CT AWD?
  • nmctownernmctowner Member Posts: 9
    Ex-L AWD
    We have been averaging around 20-21 mpg on three tanks mostly around town. Not a lot of miles yet, but so far very pleased.
  • toledo73toledo73 Member Posts: 174
    Checked out the cross tour at the San Jose Auto Show yesterday. As the originator of this discussion, you'd think I'd check it out sooner. I thought this auto was far batter looking in person. Honda will have no problem moving this car. However, I was surprised that the vehicle entry remains as low as the accord. I thought Honda had raised the entrance height. Deal breaker for me. I need an SUV type of entrance.
  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    Had the chance to evaluate a '10 Crosstour, EX-L w/Nav, AWD, Overall a nice car. Ride quality was well controlled. Seats were comfortable, a little on the soft side perhaps. Noise level on the highway was not as hushed as I expected based on other reviews I have read. Body/suspension noises are well muted, but road rumble and tire noise are very apparent. Cabin seemed well constructed, but would have liked to have seen less hard plastic and more padded surfaces.

    Rear visibility is definitely compromised. It would take some getting used to. At a minimum, ultra-sonic rear parking assist should be standard on all models. It is a dealer available accessory, but should simply be factory standard. The rear-view camera that comes with the Nav equipped Crosstours is a great feature.

    The biggest issue with the Crosstour is the price. This does not give the impression of a $37K vehicle. Honda has said they intend to sell 40,000 Crosstours annually. The price on these, I believe, reflects that relatively low volume number. It is excessively inflated. An Accord EX-L w/Nav V6 sedan retails for $31.9K. The Crosstour is $5,000 more. A $2,000 premium would be justifiable, but $5,000 is hard to swallow. Even a front-wheel drive EX-L w/Nav Crosstour retails for $3,500 more than the sedan.

    Purchased within $500 of dealer invoice price, the Crosstour would perhaps represent a reasonable value. I suspect that in the June/July timeframe it may not be too difficult to get one at that price.
  • westclwestcl Member Posts: 1
    Glad to see an actual driver/owner of a Crosstour weigh in its rear visibility limitations. They are unmistakable. You comment: "Rear visibility is definitely compromised. It would take some getting used to. At a minimum, ultra-sonic rear parking assist (backup sensors) should be standard on all models. It is a dealer available accessory, but should simply be factory standard. The rear-view camera that comes with the Nav equipped Crosstours is a great feature."

    I would go further by saying the larger piece of tinted glass on the hatchback door significantly worsens rear visibility at night and this issue rises to the level of a safety hazard if you are backing up without the aid of either the optional backup sensors or navigation/rearview camera unit. Backing up at night without the optional equipment pushes the barrier of safety because the level of illumination from the backup lights is not sufficient to compensate for the darkening effect of the tinted glass. You are essentially backing up half blind, and this feels very unsafe in any space where ambient light is not extremely bright. It is mystifying to me that other owners/drivers of this car without the optional equipment have not already flagged this issue.

    Never having owned a car with this limitation, I didn't include backing up, especially at night, in my test drives. The car is so new to market for everyone -- dealerships, consumers -- that I didn't know what I didn't know, and I only discovered the problem after I took possession of the car. Unfortunatley, the nav/camera unit cannot be retrofitted because of the configuration of the dash; it is factory install only. Because my car, of course, is a used car now, if I wanted to trade it in for one with nav/camera, I will take a big hit.

    The backup sensor array can be added at any time to any Crosstour, and I would agree that Honda needs to make this a standard feature in this car to enhance safety when backing up.

    One rearview camera option that the dealer brought up that could be retrofitted is the rearview mirror one that Honda uses with its Odyssey. I hear different opinions about this equipment versus the camera in the navigation unit. Some say the rearview mirror unit is only daylight capable and has limited field of vision.( I have only demo'ed it in a showroom and can't tell.) Can anyone offer an opinion here?

    Also, someone has suggested that backup lighting could be improved by swapping out the current bulbs for something else, like LEDs. Any thoughts?
  • albert72albert72 Member Posts: 200
    I agree westcl.

    Thought the car drove well but a bit noisy and rear window visability (at least for me) does not work.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Member Posts: 110
    Another option you might consider is an aftermarket rearview camera. These are widely available (you can even find them at Walmart), not too expensive, and typically have a camera that attaches as part of an add-on license plate frame. The downside is, of course, that you need to mount the little screen (about the size of a Garmin) somewhere up front and it may look a little tacky.

    Could any owner comment on the low beam headlights with regard to how far down the road they project and whether the light cutoff seems too low to allow for good down-road viewing in very dark conditions.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    I finally saw one at the Honda dealer. It does look a bit better in person, but it seemed tighter to sit in than an Accord sedan and had a rather small cargo area. I'd have preferred they just bring out an Accord wagon design.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Member Posts: 58
    are they coming down on the price? regular ex-l?
    what are you guys paying for financing?
  • roho1roho1 Member Posts: 318
    Agree, a hatchback just doesn't work for me. I read that an Acura version of the Accord Tourer(wagon) will be coming over here in the fall.
  • claycourtdadclaycourtdad Member Posts: 4
    Bought a new CT last week. This is a great car. I've been driving european (saab, audi, vw) for years and was looking for a crossover/suv to replace my wife's crossover so she can get something smaller (no need to tote soccer kids any longer). Went to test drive Mazda and Nissans. Stopped by the Honda dealer and saw the CT. Other than a print ad the night before in a Time magazine, I had never seen this car. When I saw the print ad, I knew I had to look at it. visited the website the night before the test drive and confirmed - it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Unlike many people who dislike the looks - i find it very aggressive and sporty. The drive is similarly impressive (ok - it doesn't drive like a quattro ... but ... its not a quattro). It has great pep, corners well, and is smooth, quite, and ...sporty (the sportiest SUV/crossover on the market imho). I'm thrilled to have a honda again as my expectations are that my maintenance will be a fraction of my previous cars. BTW... I've had multiple friends, family and even strangers tell me how great the car looks (even getting thumbs up while I was driving). My only adjustment (not really a complaint) is the rear visibility takes getting used to. I generally use my side mirrors anyway so its not a huge adjustment but there are more blindspots than on my previous cars. This adjustment is far outweighed by the many other features of this car. It is defintely a great drive and imho looks great - plus - its a honda!
  • accursojoeaccursojoe Member Posts: 3
    I love my new CT. I was waiting for the Acura ZDX to become available when I happened to see a CT on display while having my G37 Coupe serviced. (Infiniti dealer is across the street from the Honda dealer). I also checked out the Venza (next door). And thoroughly checked out the Infiniti EX35. I was definitely on the ZDX path since I liked the sportiness and because it was different than anything else. Until I drove the CT. Venza, to me is just another small SUV. Definitely not a cut different like the ZDX and CT. Bottom line was cost between ZDX and CT. ZDX equipped like the CT was over 50K (before taxes, etc.). My CrossTour EX-L with Navi was 36,600 out the tour, tax (8.5%), title, license, etc included. Although the Acura ZDX and Crosstour look very similar, they do not share the same platform (as the Accord and TL used to). The rear window visibility does take some getting use to and it will never be as good as a square SUV (such as the Venza, or Santa Fe). But like some of the writers above, I love the sporty look, not quite as sporty as my G37, but none the less, it is sporty.. I think the look will catch on and others (Toyota and Nissan) will have something similar in due time.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    What were your impressions of the ex35 and what turned you to the honda. The awd journey is priced in the mid-30's so price is comparable. Glad you like the CT.
  • accursojoeaccursojoe Member Posts: 3
    The quality of the EX35 was superior to all of the others. It had the same engine as my G37 so had lots of pep. But sitting in the cockpit offered no more room than my G37 Coupe. It was IDENTICAL. I felt like I was still in my G37 but did not really like the overall styling and room of the EX and it was more limited than any of he others. And, price was even higher than the ZDX, between 55 and 60K...

    I really do like the styling of the CT and it continues to grow on me. I believe it is the station wagon/SUV for the person who wants more room than a sedan without giving up styling. I believe it is bit ahead of it's time, just like the original Infiniti G35 Coupe was.
  • roho1roho1 Member Posts: 318
    I believe it is bit ahead of it's time.......

    I guess I don't see your point since hatchbacks have been around a long time.
  • nmctownernmctowner Member Posts: 9
    We too have liked the styling of the CT. We have had a number of people comment on how well it looks, especially since the ads on tv started this month. we agree about the visibility looking back but have not had an issue getting used to it. We did not get the rear view camera package, but find that the tilting mirrors when in reverse helps with backing. After more than 6 weeks in the drivers seat, we are still impressed! The only thing we are waiting on is a protective cover for the rear bumper under the hatchback.
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