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Lincoln Town Car



  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    This time around I have decided to rent vehicles of intrest before I purchase one so that I can first hand try to see what I am getting. That, in addition to visiting this Edmunds chat service... Now, the first one to rent was the XLT Expedition 4X4. My wife and I rented on to drive to Laughlin Nevada from San Jose California to a Harley Davidson event. I have a bad back, not only did my back hurt, my wife's did also. The convience was great. I know it was not a Navigator with auto leveling suspension and power lumbar support, but that opened my search program....(have you set in a Yukon XL seat?) was great, but I am only going to buy other than Ford product as a last resort...Next we rented a Lincoln Town Car Snigiture Series non sport...We went from San Jose to Santa Barbara and stopped at every coastal town along the way. Highway 1, that has a few curves. Both my wife and I took turns driving. The Lincoln handled better than I had expected. It had the power lumbar. My back did not hurt at all. My wife agreed fully....I asked my wife, "When can we go down and buy one?..She said "NO" it looks like a old persons car...I disagreed...I still have not driven a Lincoln Town Car with the "Sport" option....So, anyway, we just got back from Lake Tahoe,..we rented a Cadillac Deville std. Lots of power, a lot of nice features. This model did not have the power lumbar option, and my back knew it. It had lots of power, 275 hp. It did not look too bad either. I noticed that on some of the hard turns around the Lake it bottomed out in the front suspension....The funny thing is that my wife noticed that too. I guess that the main attraction to the Caddy was the power, and the IMAGE it has. that is at least the important thing my wife considered. I still believe that a Lincoln with a sportier sport option would be better. People would buy it and Lincoln would make more money. Should I stand by my friends and buy a Ford product no matter what? OR Should I buy a Caddy and make my wife happy? OR Should I hope Lincoln Motot Division tweaks the Image of the Town Car?......Now just what do you think a MK-VIII engine plus 18" wheels would do?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    With age comes wisdom. A sales rep wanted the T/C for his job, but his 49 year old wife did not want to be associated with "old persons" so he bot the Chrysler M. She drives a Lexus coupe, dies her hair, but wears large hats to church. I too had "back pain", bought a Lincoln T/C, but what relieved my pain was dropping a lot of weight which took pressure off my lower back.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    My truck needs replacing, I am going to buy a Ford Super Crew (.) So what if my wife dies her hair and wears big hats to church. I do not want to drive to church with her in a Lexus, which definitely does look dull. I do not want to pay for a S Class Mercedes. I want a Lincoln, she does not want a Town Car. I do not feel comfortable in a LS or a S-Jag. I go to Golds Gym three to four times a week for my back and weight. I showed my wife the activity on the Edmunds Consumer Comments for the LS. She was surprised with ALL of the activity. My wifes first choice of a vehicle was the Lincoln Navigator. It was mine too until I had a uncomfortable experience with the XLT Expedition. I know that the Expedition and Navigator are packaged completely different. So in order to be fair I am going to rent a Navigator from Budget Rental in a couple of months. My weight is too much, but the main reason my back hurts is because of a job related workmans comp injury. Harley Davidson people don't like it, but I want to tow my Road King Classic close to an event in a comfortable vehicle and then drive into town like I rode hundreds upon hundreds of miles across the country. I wanted a Town Car, but I might have to settle for a LSv8 sport and a Super Crew. (or) a Navigator and a basic F-150. I had hoped not to end up with two truck type vehicles. I still believe that the LS and Navigator people need to hang out more with the Town Car people. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A OLD PERSONS car to me. I just want a MK-8 engine. I can put different wheels on it and more rumble in the exhaust.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    Can you tell me any Good reason why the Lincoln does not include the MK-8 or the Navigator engine in their Signature Series Sport Touring PKG. plus the better seats like another person mentioned?
    One more thing, maybe the Limosine people might like a bigger more powerful engine.
    And maybe some 90 year old grandma might get a kick out of lighting up the tires. I am just a kid and just might want to do it too.
    AND why does the flat black paint come off the chrome around the window?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    I have been advised that most of the country is flat and most of the Lincolns are sold to flatlanders. The present 4.6 gets by on the flats. Not too many Lincolns deal with the Rockies and Cascades roads so there you have it.
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    I just got back from a trip to Reno from my Silicon Valley home. If you're not familiar, those are 9,000 foot mountains to climb. This is the second trip there in my new TC, and I rented several and made the same trip before buying.
    I had back surgery a few years ago, and also ride motorcycles all over, and I am quite fit. No seat in the industry is better than the TC with the lumbar support. The best part is that on a long trip, you have room to move around a bit too. Recaro-type seats that have high sides prevent this.
    The car handles great, and the motor has plenty of HP to pass anything going over the Sierra's. The 4.6L motor is GREAT in the Sierra's as well as the flats. I can't see why anyone would poo-poo the motor. Anyone who says the motor is inadequate in any way, is not speaking from experience. Period.

    As for it's being an old geezer's car. Well, I don't think so. I have a 12 year old, and a thirteen year old kid. Each of them prefer to be driven around in the TC because all their friends (and their parents) think it's REALLY cool.

    Believe me, with the TS option, there's not much you need to do to make this a real nice ride.

  • I am going to show this one to my wife.
    I do not believe that the 4.6L motor was poo-pooed. I just think that the M-8 motor would better compliment a Luxury "Sport Touring" Sedan like the Lincoln Town Car.
    I know everybody has their own buying motives, such as the S-55 people. So why can't Lincoln people like more power than they are going to use all the time? or ever?
    I do need to take a Lincoln Town Car with the Signature Touring Package for an extended test drive.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    when I purchased my first Towncar. It was the first year of the AOD and the last year of the 351 c.i. engine option. Starting in 1981 you did not have the 351 choice and were stuck with the same V8 used in the Crown Vic as is today. That 351 was performance enhanced by replacing the two cats with glass packs. What a difference. My present 4.6 SOHC is a big improvement, yet the MarkVIII engine is more desireable and it should be an option to the buyer. Sierra range was not intentionally left out as my 4.6 did cover that hill adequately. As soon as I can buy the new Mercury Marauder - Good bye Linc TC.
  • Yes, I am a 16 year old teen and my parents just bought me a Lincoln Town Car. Even though some of my friends thought I was crazy for wanting it I got it anyway.Let me tell you it is the best car on the road today.Some kids my age I know have mustangs and stuff like that,but a Lincoln can go just as well as they can.I have plenty of room in the truck for golf clubs and anything else I want to put back there.The front and back seats are very spacious, and so I think I will be a regular customer of Lincoln.
  • Is that there are things you can do in the back seat of a town car that you can't possibly do in the back seat of a civic!
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    I had occasion this weekend to test the trunk opening and capacity on the Town Car. The wife used the TC to transport a string quartet around to a gig, along with all their instruments and equipment (music stands, etc.)

    The trunk swallowed up a cello, viola, and two violins all in bulky cases just fine.

    When I was 16, I drove an Imperial. A TC would make a fine car for a teenager - a very lucky teenager. Used to be that Caddies, Imperials and Lincolns were great cars for kids and much prized because they were: safe, spacious, and had lots of HP to carry around all the friends that showed up for a free ride to whereever.
  • I checked out the Mercury. Thanks to you I checked out Now that was interisting. No wonder the Lincoln has a lower image than the Cad. The paint, the fit, and more. If everybody truly loves the Lincoln Town Car, They should read this stuff and then ("Squeak LOUDLY") and maybe together we ALL can get the Lincoln to be reconized by even the CAD and MZB people to be a Great, Powerful, Luxurious Automobile that we ALL Know that it can be.

    Bean Counters, Please ADD a few more to the Lincoln Town Cars (Pot).
  • I own a 1993 Lincoln Town Car. It's beautiful. I am 18 years old, I've wanted a Town Car since I was 13. The only thing I see wrong with my car, is I think it burns oil. It blows a little bit of white smoke out the back if you let it sit for a few minutes?
  • OK now, everybody step forward and let us all know just what this is..!!!.TALK ABOUT IMAGE..!!!.Now why can't these ideas trickle down to the current Lincoln Town Car...(Found) cars...Sentinal...There are a few more LINCOLN Concept cars in that area also. Now just why doesn't THE Lincoln Motor Division PUT their design work on the SHOW-ROOM-FLOOR???
  • I believe that it is OK to like Big Sedans when you are young adult. I too liked Big Sedans when I was a young adult. It is also OK to like much smaller and quicker sportier cars. The first cars I fell in love were: 1st the '32 ford roadster, the 2nd was the '48 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet,3rd the '63 Lincoln 4dr convertible. If possible, I would like own a 2002 Lincoln Town Car 4dr convertible. We don't want to stop dreaming, we don't want to stop having HOPE for a better future.
  • What are the average ages of the buyers of Lincoln products?
    Has the average age been going up or down in recent years?
    What does the dealerships records show on this?
    Are the average ages of buyers of new Lincoln vehicles the same average as the Cad vehicles?
    Of the total number of new Devilles sold, what percentage are DTS's sold?
    Of the total number of new Town Cars,what percentage have the "Sport Package" when sold?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I've heard the average age for a Town Car buyer is 64. I'd guess the Continental (essentially the same type of car except FWD) would be in the same ballpark. Average age of Nav's and LS's would (and I am guessing at this) probably be much lower. Considering the Nav and LS are fairly new models compared to the Town Car and Continental, I'd venture a guess that the average age is coming down.
    For the record, I'm twenty years old, and my favorite cars are full size, RWD sedans. My first car was a Grand Marquis, and my dream car is a Jag Vanden Plas. (Although I'm not sure if the Jag qualifies as "full size" or not.) Town Cars are also very (dare I say this?) cool, though.
  • I have owned 1990, 1995 and now the 2000 Signature with the Touring sedan option. (a mistake)
    I like the cars, one criticism, the drivers seat is not comfortable for long trips. It does not give sufficient support. My wife's Ford Explorer has a far better seat. The Touring Sedan is too busy in mountain driving, shift points are poorly chosen. I will probably buy another TC, I drive them about 70,000 miles. Present car gives about 3 miles per gallon poorer mileage.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Does anyone share this 45 yr old RWD fan's (Gr Marq owner) opinion that the current TC has middle aged bulge? I knew something bothered me about the look and finally figured out how to express it!

    I love the front - suggests to me what a Couger ought to look like - but the sides just look like love handles to me. I can see that anytime I care to - all I need is a mirror!

    I think the TC ought to join me on the Norditrack.

    Turnpike Ken
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    When I first saw the current TC body style, I thought it looked a little tubby too. Love handles, well... not quite, but not too far off base I suppose. After they had been out a year, I got used to the look, and now that I own one, I really like the look. It's big and agressive looking, and likes it - no apologies for being big. Not low and sleek, or high and silly looking - it's big, broad, hunkered down, and nasty looking; especially with the TS option which does away with the chrome belt, and replaces the chrome on the grill with the 'argent' color. I dig it. In some respect it reminds me of a 48 Merc, but bigger.

    I too am in the 45 yr old bracket. I doubt that the average age of TC buyers is over 60 - especially since fleet buyers probably outnumber personal buyers by about 3-1. Of course, repeat byers could skew the numbers. In general I believe anyone buying a $40k car will always be in the middle aged bracket.

    Lyntonw - Concerning the TS option, wow - different strokes for different folks! I love the seat, and I'm about 250 pounds. My spouse (116 pounds) finds it to be heaven. I find it to be just great cruising over the Sierra mountains - with cruise control on, shifts are almost imperceptable, and not at all annoying. I once drove an older (30k miles plus) rental TC (no TS option) over the Sierras, and the cruise control caused the shift points to be really obnoxious. I'm sure something was broken.

    I've put some time in the Explorer seats too, so I can't imagine someone finding them better, but who am I to second-guess. I do know however that there are a whole lot of adjustments to be made in the TC seats. Many times my kids will get in and move the seats around, and they are just painful in that position. A lot of people don't know how, or don't care to take the time to adjust the seat to the best position. I would suggest the wife take some time to experiment and set the seat up correctly for her preference.

    With the lumbar support and the perforated leather I find the TC with TS option to be A+ on trips long (5-8 hours) or short.

    I will definitely buy another TC, with the TS option at trade in time. Every long trip I take confirms this (10k miles since March, several trips over 250 miles each way in California mountains).

    Some things I want to see: a handy place to put my cell phone without pulling out the ashtray (I understand the 2001 has a built in phone finally). Maybe a little tray in the center for phone, glasses etc. I want the older trip computer with time to destination. And, a little cargo net in the trunk would be nice.
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