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Lincoln Town Car



  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Occupant, my T-Bird makes that same noise. I think it's a quirk of Ford's 4sp overdrive trans. At first I thought my trans was going out until I found out almost any ford with a 4.6 and RWD did that. I much prefer the mean growl of a V-8 (not too loud, mind you) to the whine of the transmission.
  • My husband just purchased a 1999 Lincoln TC ( I have a Toyota Sienna Mini Van That I LOVE), and we want to put a license plate on the front bumper but there are no pre-drilled holes. I am starting to wonder if maybe the car has been in an accident and it is an after-market bumper. If anyone has any input on this matter it would be greatly appreciated. The car rides great and is very nice inside and out. It just makes me worry. Thanks!!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    I suggest you have purchased a car originally licensed in a state that requires only one plate.I believe MI is one of those states. Maybe your TC was a factory executive vehicle in Wixom and thus a front plate holder was never installed in the first place. Please, not to worry. You purchased a fine motorcar.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    Your Lincoln-Mercury dealer can install it (SHOULD be for free but you know car dealers). There is an option on the options list for the front license plate bracket. Indiana is another state only requiring one plate, and my parents had to add front plate brackets when we moved to Texas. Cost about $5 each because we went to a junkyard but the dealer can charge WAY more. The license plate bracket on Town Cars...I am not sure if you need to drill holes or if it fastens underneath the bumper and rests against the I have owned have done both. And I even had one car I simply tied it to the grill because the bumper was missing..#:-)

    Long live my old silver 1979 Chrysler LeBaron, wherever it is!
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    Tell me why Ford charges $15,000 more for putting the 4.6L V-8 in a body with the Lincoln nameplate??? Why not buy the Crown Vic and invest the difference?????

    One of my cars is a 96 Deville w/Northstar engine and it does move swiftly down the pike with no problem. The 275hp engine loafs along.... Its my wife's car and she is not a pokey driver; however she likes some of the Lincoln's exterior colors and also the white leather option. Another Ford trait is the whinny transmission which is not a piece of art.

    I am worried that the Lincoln low-power hauling around 4000# is a gutless wonder. I am aware of the performance pkg upping the hp and stiffening the suspension for firmer handling as great add-ons; but is it enough for $40,000. Believe me, I wish Cad offered a firmer suspension option on the Deville without having to go to the DTS upgrade for an additional $5,000.

    I would appreciate some sound answers for I would like to return to the rwd cars, but need the power,and reliability to make the switch. Ford's ability to make lots of money as a company reflects in the product line where the engine/transmisson and the entire driveline hasn't changed in 10 years.

    My other car is a 99 Olds Intrigue which is powered by a multi-valve V-6 of 215 hp pushing a 3400# car and it loves the 85mph cruise.

    The basic Lincoln/Crown Vic suspension layout is simple which I like; however I need a few stories about the lasting ability of Lincolns.

    There is an outfit in Indianapolis, Ind that beefs up the suspension and tweaks the engine to 285hp on Crowns and Lincolns; but the cost is $8500 and is covered by warranty...
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Mercury Marauder!
  • Thanks for your reply!!! We live in Florida, and they only require a back license plate. I assume from your response that they don't have pre-drilled holes or marks on the bumper where you should drill the holes. I had the TC today and just loved it!! I have another question. Bear in mind that we dont have an owners manual yet, the dealer is in the process of getting us one. (hopefully, by the end of the year, Ha Ha.) Anyway, when we turn off the ignition, the radio stays on as well as the clock on the dash. Even when the key is out. As soon as we open the door it (the radio and the clock) go off. Is this the norm or should we have it checked out? If I sit there with the keys in my hand and the radio blasting i turn the radio off and the clock stays on. When I go to turn the radio on, it comes on with the engine off. Is this correct? Thanks again guys, this is so great. Its nice to feel your getting the truth instead of the "runaround" from the dealers".
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Your question "turned me on". I wish our 94 TC had your radio feature. As now "wired" a passenger can know the time and hear the tune while sitting in the car waiting for the driver to return. Or maybe it's the "teen" feature. The tunes are played while the clock reminds him to get her home on time while they are parked on 'Lovers Lane'. What fun!
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    It is normal for the radio to stay on. You can also run the windows and moonroof (if you have one.) My Lincoln LS is equipped with this feature. You have power for up to 10 minutes and then it will shut off.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    Is the lincoln car good as a 1993 car i hurde the 1993 burns oill is that so bad plese email me and tell me hal fast the 1993 lincoln gos my email is
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    how fast can the lincolin go email me at
  • dbd34dbd34 Posts: 18
    Some comments:
    - If you need to ask how fast the Town Car will go, you don't want one and shouldn't be driving one.
    - If you're concern is for it being 'slower' than the Cadillac, it is. Does it accelerate and pass easily in all terrain, and easily come up to freeway speeds under all loads? Yes. Can any 16 year-old whomp [non-permissible content removed] on any car with a $750 used motorcycle in any acceleration contest? Yes. I don't think there is any car costing over $30k that can be called a "gutless wonder", save perhaps a diesel powered one.
    - The DeVille is an extremely nice car. It has night vision, 3-area-climate control, Nav System, Tire pressure monitor, "Road Sensing Suspension", Stabilitrak, lumbar massagers, lumbar supports in the rear seats, radar parking assistance and 275 HP.
    - I bought the Town Car over the DeVille (I drove both for a few hundred miles) because the TC DOESN'T have all those extra gimmicks. The only one I would consider having would be the lumbar massager. I didn't find any of the others useful at all after the initial "oh my!" response. The Nav System, Night Vision, 3-area climate are VERY useless, IMHO.
    - The Town Car has the one true luxury that no other car can touch - real estate. It is larger and more roomy, especially if you ever carry passengers, than any other car - American, German, Japanese; only the Rolls comes close to matching the comfort in terms of room to move and relax on a long trip.
    - The TC being RWD behaves much better and feels better at the wheel than the FWD Cad. The Cad has much more body roll, and the suspension is not nearly as firm when needed.

    - Some quirks in the TC that you won't understand unless you READ THE OWNER's HANDBOOK (if you don't have one, go buy one from the dealer):
    1. The seats need to be adjusted in order to be comfortable. What your 13-year-old finds comfortable, is not necessarily what you will find comfy.
    2. The operation of the radio/stereo. There are LOTS of settings that can make the volume, display, sound quality, and lots of other things seem peculiar, or truly enhance the sound. READ THE MANUAL!
    3. Time delays, as mentioned in the posts above. Interior lights dim and stay lit on a delayed basis. The headlights can be set to stay on after you leave IF IT IS SUFFICIENTLY DARK! The timer won't kick on unless it is really dark.
    4. Program the keypad entry feature. It's great, and can be a lifesaver if you lock your keys in.
    5. Program the seat memory to your remote entry unit. See the manual - it works very well, and is darned handy when you share the car from time to time with a second driver.

    Is the TC worth the $15k difference from the Crown Vic/Grand Marq? Depends on whether you have the $15k or not. The CV/GM is probably the best automotive bargain available, bar none, today. A better question to ask is whether a BMW or MB is worth the $30k more? That is an EASY question to answer.

  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    is the 1993 lincoln bad for burneing oil can it be stopt if it can email me at and tell me how fast the lincoln gos. and the lincln do not have 2 air bags is has 1 in 1991 to 1992
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    how fast do the lincoln can go email me at oky
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    The Ford 4.6L engine can burn oil. So can any engine. It all depends how you treat it. If you abuse your engine, it will burn oil or overheat or knock. If you drive normally, not at whatever top speed the Town Car has, it will be fine. If you aleady bought an oil burning Town Car, well, I hope you got it cheap.

    And please stop cluttering up my inbox with 6 of your emails. I discuss cars on Edmunds, not in my email.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    can you tell me how fast can the lincoln can go and do the 1990 to 1991 onley have 1 air bags on the drivrs sid if so email me at and tell me do the lincoln burn oil all the time and is the lincoln good in 1996 for a car.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    can you tell me how fast the lincoln can go email me at
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    i wnte to now how fast the lincoln can go e mail me at
  • What does it matter the top speed?
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    what is the lincoln top speed email me at
  • pdiazpdiaz Posts: 2
    Hi dave3003 & others,

    Have similar problem on my 94" TC Signature. Did you get resolution? Please respond.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    do the lincoln burn oil of so email me at
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    The Town Car's Top speed is electronically governed at 110 MPH.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Which, by the way is way too fast to be driving any car, unless you're on a designated race track.
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    If you think 110 is too fast, you should wonder over to the Lincoln LS forum. They regularly talk about getting their LS's up to top speeds of either 125 or 145 mph, depending on whether they have the V6 or V8, respectively.

    I have a V6 LS and have yet to go over 100... there simply isn't a good place here in the country area in PA.... too many hills/trees/turns/deer/police.
  • Just bought a 90 TC Cartier Edition - 62,000 miles, moon roof, leather, memory seat, AM/FM Stereo with a single CD player. (all available options except trailer towing and anti-theft). Originally a Ford Executive vehicle and then one owner for past ten years. Older gentleman traded in due to ill health. Near mint condition on the outside with original paint. Like new inside. Drives great, no rattles and a superb sound system (8 speakers and an 85 watt amplified sub woofer according to the manual) Looks good in the driveway with my 87 Mark VII LSC. (Wife just ordered 2001 Ford SE Wagon so we won't go broke on gas bills). Have decided we will cover it and not drive during winter weather here in Ontario, Canada to save it from rusting. I am 46 years old with three kids, a dog and a cottage to go to. The TC provides room for 6, a huge trunk and is my version of the family mini-van. My son's friends (12 years old) think it is a great ride and no one can believe it is ten years old. My 9 year old daughter loves the room and can sit in the front with us unlike most other cars today. The price? $8,800 Canadian. About the same price as a 95 Ford Escort wagon with virtually no options and similar miles only on a 4 cylinder motor. What is the better value? This is my two cents worth. A Lincoln Nut.
  • cats8cats8 Posts: 22
    how fast can the lincoln can go and do the lincoln burn oil from 1990 to 1994 if so email me at
  • Instead of asking people to email you, why don't you read the forum? And to answer your question, any Lincoln running a 4.6l SOHC engine will top out at 106 MPH. It's 0-60 time will be between 8.5 for the dual exhaust motor to 10.X for the granny geared engine. Early model 4.6s(pre 93 or so) will burn oil due to bad valve stem seals(I think that's the term) Later models will not burn oil if they've been given the proper oil at regular intervals. Well-maintained, a 4.6 engine should last over 300,000 miles.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Congratulations on your very low miles 90 T/C. I believe you have the 5 liter, 302 c.i. OHV V8 which has been an excellent engine since the early 60's. We put 127,000 miles on our 82 T/C before selling it to a friend in 1994. It had the 5 liter, 302 c.i. engine and went very well as did the transmission. However, a transmission cooler was installed as the T/C towed a 3,000 lb boat/trailer. A very comfortable motor car.
  • Yes - it does have the 5.0 litre or 302 motor. I suspect similar to the 5.0 L High Output in my 87 LSC except less horsepower. The LSC has 200 HP and has 100,000 miles. Very powerful in this car and so far trouble free. Not sure what HP the newer 90 TC has with single exhaust. I am sure there is an internet site with this information.
    Thanks for your comments!
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