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Lincoln Town Car



  • Just bought it. Has 76K miles. Just recharged. Blows really cool air but it only lasts 5 to 10 minutes then it blows warm air (regardless of temp setting). Seems the compressor is keep going off the line after running for 5 to 10 minutes. Must turn it off and on to re-engage the compressor. Please advice if anyone has any idea what is wrong with the ac. Electrical or mechanical?

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    may be the cause and it costs 11.95. Labor is minimal. Location: passenger side, rear, near cowl and fender. kHope this does it.
  • 426b426b Posts: 3
  • 426b426b Posts: 3
  • liz2000liz2000 Posts: 1
    I've been reading these comments and a lot of people mentioned not liking the front and back of the car. I just wanted to say that those are probably some of my favorite parts about it... I got to ride through the Black Hills in a Continental...Heaven really.
  • hal64hal64 Posts: 1
    I would like to pull a small 3500# or so trailer behind a comfortable and quiet sedan... I would think the Lincoln or Mercury GM would be the best choice.
    What year Lincoln or GM would you recommend?
    I also would like space for the back seat riders.

    Also I'm not familiar with the various models..
    is the one I should avoid?

    Thanks for your help
  • fourbarofourbaro Posts: 2
    I am the owner of a 2000 Town Car, Signature Series with the vibration and shake in the steering wheel problem. Thanks to Edmunds I was advised to have them replace the stabalizer bar and bushings. The dealer told me there was nothing wrong with it but he would do it. He did and the ride improved about 100%. It stopped the steering wheel problem and improved the ride. There is still a small vibration on the right front. However, after dealing with the dealer and Lincoln for 8,000 miles on this, my husband says "Please give it up." I guess I will. Thanks for your help.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    can run without a small vibration on the right front. I suggest you ask a patient and professional tire store manager to have a look at the balancing of all four tires and wheels. You no doubt have Michelin tires and they are one of the best, so I'd check the balance. Cost? Less than a 20. I like your car.
  • I had a 91 executive...loved it..totaled it on the ice. Bought a 96 sig. It has 16 inch wheels and a very rough ride compared to my 91. It's been suggested that I put some 15 inch wheels and a higher profile tire. Anyone got any ideas?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Your sig has the "Touring" package or sometimes labeled "Performance and Handling" package. It was not an option on the Executive, but was/is an option on the Sig. If you have dual exhaust and larger tires, you probably have the Touring package. Frankly, I prefer it to the wallowing of the usual Towncar. The package enables my TC to corner like a locomotive, but the ride is more firm. Try reducing your air pressure down to 28 lbs. Changing tire sizes is too expensive until you try more economical moves. Good Luck.
  • viperaxleviperaxle Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a used '98 Town Car, executive. Carmax is asking 24k the car has 25,000 miles on it should i go for it?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    You can get 99's for 23k in Portland OR and Seattle WA. Go to your library and read the papers from other cities and save big.
  • twheatletwheatle Posts: 1
    Found an 86 Lincoln Town Car in mint condition. Is loaded with 70K miles. What do you expect would be a fair purchase price?

    Thanks in advance.
  • vosakivosaki Posts: 5
    Try cars direct

    They are quoting a Lincoln Town Car Executive Series at $32,291 that is a whooping $3,793 below invoice. This price reflects a substantial rebate and a dealer incentive payment. It's quite a bargain if you're buying cars by the pound. A Lexus ES300 would cost you more.
    It seems like a reasonable deal, as long as you keep the car awhile. The low car price that the car commands when new is reflected in the price of used Lincolns.
  • tamathatamatha Posts: 6
    I am looking at a '94 Lincoln Executive Series for my elderly mother who is still quite active and independent. The one I found seems like it is in excellent condition but it has 128,000 miles on it and they want no less than $8,000.
    My mother is quite short so she needs a car that has the power adjustable seats. I would like her to have a nice luxury car but I also would like it to be reliable because it will be my fault if anything goes wrong...............Any suggestions?
    She has a Pontiac Bonneville but she can't see very well from the seat because she is just under 5 ft. tall and the seat does not go up and down just forward and back.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    You can raise the front seat of the Bonneville by putting Clinton coins between the seat and the floor. Clinton coins are washers. You stack them up as high as necessary and tighten the seat platform back down as though the seat platform was on the floor from the factory. 5 inches should do it. 1 hour of labor is all. We used to call washers another term, but now they are Clinton coins. BTW I have a 94 TC, but I like it with 81,000 miles and have the original battery and belt. Only brakes & tires have been replaced. If she likes the Bonne, shim it.
  • tamathatamatha Posts: 6
    Thank you for the feedback. Can anyone fixed the seat or should I see a mechanic?

    That Lincoln is beautiful...............and tempting.....
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    and ask him to shim up the seat. He may have a better method than I propose. I, of course, agree with you re the 94 Towncar, but when the Mercury Marauder is available, I'll trade for it. Happy Day.
  • k4krjk4krj Posts: 1
    I bought a used 1998 Lincoln TC - Cartier. Before it left the lot, the dealer decided that the driver's seat positioning/adjustment switch needed to be replaced as it appeared to be intermittent.
    A week later, the left, rear window motor had to be replaced since the window became inoperative. One more trip to the dealer. Five days later, the radio quit. It is being evaluated by the dealer and should be replaced within a week. I have owned many cars and trucks over the years, but NEVER had such a series of problems as I had with this automobile. However, I love the ride it provides and the mileage, on trips, is in the neighborhood of 24-26 mpg. Not bad for a large car.

    Thomas DeBray
    Punta Gorda, FL
  • dave3003dave3003 Posts: 1
    I have a great 95 Signature and it has been trouble free - until a week ago. After driving around for a couple hours and then parking in the driveway, it would not start.

    Cranked just fine, but would not start. I tried s starting a number of times but no luck.
    The next morning it started.

    Not much help from mechanics, they say they need to have it not start to determine the problem.

    I am reluctant to drive it until I can figure the problem.

  • Caddy's are in the shop most of the time,lots of electrical probs.
    Get a Town Car
  • voyager18voyager18 Posts: 3
    I am considering buying a '94 Lincoln Town Car (4 dr. Executive Sedan) with 73K. It is in excellent condition, looks like new. Can anyone comment on the performance of a '94? Any problems? What should I look for?

    My other option is a '93 Cadillac Deville 4 dr. Sedan with only 23K. It too looks like new.It has what I believe are a full vinyl top and Astro Roof and comes with an alarm system which will reduce insurance costs by 5%. However it uses premium gas and does not offer as much space as the Town Car in front, rear or trunk.Its appearance is not quite as appealing as that of the Town Car. It is $2,000 more but 50K less. Any advice?

  • johnbonojohnbono Posts: 80
    For Crown Vics, Grand Marquis, and Town Cars, if buying used, it pays to be very patient. Inevitably a *very* low mileage one can be found. I just bought a '95 CV with 25K miles, and I saw at the same dealer a 92 Town Car with 45K. Because many of these cars are driven by retired folk who don't drive very far at all, there are very many very low mileage cars out there.
  • jtusojtuso Posts: 4
    I checked out most cars priced from 30 to 40K for a 2000 model. My wife and I are seniors. We got down to the TC, the Chrysler 300M, and the Lexus RX300. The TC rode more smoothly and quieter than the others; the 300M handled great, more like a sports car;the RX300 was almost as quiet and as smooth as the TC, was roomier, and had more power than the TC, but slightly less than the 300M. The 300M failed the wife test--after a 95 Intrepid, she wanted no more cars she had to crawl down into. The Audi A6 failed for that reason too. With the TC and RX as finalists, she let me pick. When I considered the horrendous first year depreciation of the TC vs. the A-1 depreciation of the Lexus, I decided for the RX, and after 10K miles, we're quite pleased with it. Now that the new TC will have 240 HP available, and considering the generous dealer incentives and rebates, I'm tempted to get a 200l Sig TC to fill the other side of our garage. I also like the looks of both the TC and RX300, though some people say the RX looks like an egg! We did have and much enjoyed our 81 Mark VI until l996. A great car, so we continue being connected to Lincoln nostalgically. Bout the Lexus RX300 at 36K price is doubtless the finest of the l5 new cars I've had in42 years of driving.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    2001 Lincoln Sport;...Lincoln Town Car Sport that is.....Now I know factory reps read this stuff........I need a large Luxury Car......I am a Ford Product kind of guy...."LINCOLN".... NOW,.....Why should I have to buy a Cad with-(STD) w/275hp not theit sport w/300, to get a large sporty handling automobile? How about the MK-III eng or maybe the Navigator engine. Ford does know how to build a better engine! "SPORT LINCOLN" now just what does that mean to you Lincoln designers. Look you guys, have you ever looked who is driving those hot rods ot your local GOODGUYS get to gether? What do you think their average age is? Maybe its time to start reading the same book as the Caddy Guys are!
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    Does anybody feel that the Lincoln Town Car Signiture Series Touring Package should include the DOHC engine with at least 300HP?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Adamently YES! I have had 3 Towncars since 1980 and have always resented having a Crown Vic engine in each. When the buyer pays over 10k more for the Lincoln, the buyer should receive a Lincoln engine. I have taken the tour in Wixom and with their computer sequential production system, the MarkVIII engine can be installed in the T/C just as the dashboard receives the CD player instead of the tape. The Mark engine should at least be a $300 option for all T/C's.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    Wow. that would be GREAT. Just think, a Lincoln that can blow the wheels off of a Cad. Maybe add some 17" or 18" wheels. A little grumble in the exhaust. Plus all of the good suspension stuff that is included in the Lincoln Town Car Sport Package now. Maybe a "LIMITED EDITION SVT HOT ROD SPORT LINCOLN". Oh,..sorry I just got carried away with thus dreaming stuff. I think I would pay at least $3000 for an option like that.
  • Just to add my two cents. I have a 1991 Executive with 242,400 miles and the dealer that has had it since 21,000 can't find anything mechanically wrong with it. It just keeps goin' and goin'. (I replace plugs every 50 or 100K.)
    Don't like the what looks like to me smaller front room of the new models and absolutely don't like the chop job that was done on the trunk space and even access to it. So, I have been shopping for 97' (or earlier) with as low mileage as I can get, but so far, used car test drives show that (except for steering tightness) they don't ride better than what I have now. I have dual exhaust ALL of the way back from engine (not just from a manifold crossover pipe and supposed to add 15 more HP) and my 242K acceleration matches what I feel with any of the test driven used cars.
    I am a technically inclined PC computer and networking consultant and drive 33K a year (mainly locally in the Chicagoland area). I am purposely doing less work now (at 57 years old) and starting to take more and longer trips and looking for a lower mileage than what I have because I know that it can't last forever.

    I obviously will buy Lincoln Town Car again.
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    It seems that the Lincoln Motor Division is on the right tract in developing their automobiles... It also seems that they maybe forget the past... Dreaming... What about the four door convertible... "Special Edition Snigiture Series Sport Edition" with Mark 8 engine and a 4-door convertible option... I like to Dream... I am 57 and I like the sportie Mustang stuff plus the Comfort of a Lincoln. Why Not A Package like that???
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