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Mitsubishi Galant



  • I just got a new 2001 Galant ES V6, with 10 miles on it. However, I noticed immediately 2 problems: 1) It was giving me and average of 10 miles/gallon when it was riding well; 2) Sometimes milage was really good 48 miles/gallon, but then it would feel like a Geo Metro, not a V6 Galant - outrageously low power. It changed power and consumption erratically, on and off. In 5 days I brought it back to the dealer (it had already 300 miles at that point) and they seemingly fixed it. They did not charge me anything and did not acknowledge there was a problem, just said everything is fine. I made 130 miles since then and power is adequate but mileage is still low - 17 miles/gallon average (normal is 20/27 city/highway) and I've driven it 40-60 city/highway. Is that because engine is still brand new? If I asked the dealer to reduce fuel consumption, would that decrease power? Please provide any insights as to what the problem might be, and more importantly, what could be done about it. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  • is 150 on the tachometer good use for a full tank
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    How are you driving the car? Do you have a lead foot? If you floor it etc-it'll affect your fuel economy negatively. I have a 99 GTZ 17-20mpg is about what I get considering I have a lead foot. If you're getting 10mpg while taking it easy then there's a problem. Also just curious-how are you calculating you mpg?
  • ericinlaericinla Posts: 1
    I've notice on my new Gallant that the Radio/CD player gets hot on the front panel on the right hand side, specifically the display when I have it on more than an hour or so. Also, if I have a CD inserted into it, that gets very hot itself. The dealer checked it out and said it was normal in comparison to another Gallant they used. Has anybody else had this problem? Besides that I've had the car for 2 weeks and I love it... Especially for the 1.9% they offered for 5 years. I couldn't turn it down.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    The heat you feel on the cd & radio is normal. All electronic equipment will produce some heat from being used.
  • its a 98 DE?? with a power moonroof but no other options at all in fact not even cruise control, but its a 5sp wih 40k? are the clutches and manual trann's good in these,its sharp looking but i want it to last a long time 180k +without major probs, also i can buy an adtional 50k warranty online for bout $950, is it worth it? my mom had a 90 galant that burned about a gallon of oil a week i hope they fixed that for the 98 any advice ,,?? i am 21 and think this car is cooler lookin than the acoord or altima,
  • I have a 2000 Galant ES fully loaded with aftermarket leather, sunroof, alloy rims and spoiler. I love the car, had one minor problem, with a loose hose that was leaking antifreeze which was fixed, seemed to be from a recall. Mitsubishi is not doing a great job of letting us know about recalls at all. However, I would recommend this car to anyone. I have 2 minor complaints, anyone have any suggestions:
    1) Every time I get out of my car, and touch the door to close it, I get a electric shock.
    2)The interior lighting in the car is awful, only lights in front, no middle dome lights. At night it is impossible to see if you need to read something or look for something in the backseat.

    Other than that, car is awesome. Only put 8k on it so far in a year though.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    On my 2000 4 cyl, I'm getting 24 mpg , on 50% freeway ... I've calculated that like 5 times and always get around the same number.
    About getting shocked when getting out of your car, try holding on to the metal, put your feet on the ground, then close the door.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Just picked up the April Consumer Reports Special Car Issue. The Galant got the Consumer Reports "Recommended Model" designation. They listed the Galant as a "Very good performer" in regards to safety, and reliability was improving, still not on par w/ Honda & Toyota but getting better! Also, in Aprils' Motor Trend they have the long term update on their '99 GTZ, it came back with enthusiastic remarks, once they post it on their website I'll get the link for this board!
    Our '00 GTZ has 12,500 miles w/ no problems, had a couple warranty items that I mentioned on earlier posts, but this has been a great car, and have no regrets, especially with the 1.9 deal. Sure I'd love to have an Audi A4, but for 10grand less I'm a happy camper! BTW, the service dept. here in Roswell, NM is VERY good, no hassels, and the work has been done right the first time!
  • I recently purchased a 2001 Galant GTZ. Its a cool car with great handling. I paid 21542 since the local dealer was 3000 under MSRP. Out the door, it was around 23500 with tax,title,doc,fee, Registration and all that.
    I love all the options and I haven't had any problems with it. Of course, after driving it off the lot, I put synthetic oil in (Castrol Syntec). I used this stuff for years and I have never had engine problems with Syntec in the engine. As for the person with Low mileage, are you stuck in traffic? If you are, your mileage is going to be low no matter what. I know I am getting about 21 mpg and I do occasionally sit in traffic.
  • Thanks for the info regarding recalls. I'm going to ask this question again, does anybody else notice that when the galant is coming down to 30 miles and hour or less there seems to be a hesitation or stutter? Almost like the transmission needs a break? Thanks
  • I have the same problem - it's the transmission. I took it to dealer and they said that's where the shift point is, and adjusted my throttle position indicator and adjusted my base idle. needless to say, it didn't exactly eliminate the problem, but now when I go uphill, it doesn't shift till I am doing 40 mph as opposed to 30mph (this I prefer). Speaking of shaking, does anyone notice their v6 engines rough idling when in P, or especially in N with no engine load? ie A/C is off? Is this unique to my v6 or is this common? (place right knee against center console to feel roughness). Thanks for info. Personally, I think I have bad sparks (I hope).
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Just recently noticed that our V6 idles a bit rough as well. Not noticeable on the tach, so it's just a minor thing but I didn't notice it while sitting in the car. I had the car running and was outside cleaning the mirror and had my arm on the open door frame, that's when I noticed the uneven idle, and yes it was in Park & no-load as well. But I still don't notice it when I'm in the drivers seat so it may have been this way all along. BTW, our GTZ has 12600 miles.
  • Thanks blf2 for feedback, if anyone else notices this it would be great. I can feel it in the drivers' seat - car started developing this after 300 miles on odometer, now it has 6500 miles on it. wonder if it's the engine stabilizers or if it's the engine mounts. heard that engine mounts on these cars were a problem spot. speaking of which, when I had a 2000 4 cyl ES, there would be this occassional clunking sound when the A/C kicked in first thing in the morning. This happened several times. I purchased a 2001 es v6, and it did this clunking sound once. Took it into dealership for rough idling and heard that they had to reset engine mounts under load. explation was that sometimes during shipment the mounts get shifted. Is this true? if it get's shifted during shipment when not being driven, then what happens during the abuse we call driving?! overall, when the engine is under load, and also above 2500 rpms when there is no load, the engine smooths out. nice car, but quirky.
  • I have an 01 LS with 985 miles on it. I have also noticed mine idling rough upon starting, only in the mornings. This started with about 750 miles on the odometer The rough idle goes away after the car warms up some and is fine the rest of the day. I have also noticed my car stuttering some when I am slowing down. the stuttering happens below 20 mph and does not happen all the time. Not a big problem as far as I am concerned unless it gets worse. Great car,very pleased.
  • I have a 2001 Galant, 4 cyl, ES, which I have owned since Aug. 2000, and have 6,800 miles. About 6 weeks ago, the odometer went blank, and the speedometer and tach quit working. When I restarted the car, they all worked again. A day later, the same happened. The dealer replaced the control panel for the odo, etc., and all worked fine for 6 weeks, when it started happening again.

    Any one have this problem? If so, what was the fix? It's intermittent, so it looks like it might be tough for the dealer to fix.
  • I own a 2000 Galant V6 es and have not had good luck with keeping the hubcaps on. so far, I've lost one and retrieved two that have fallen off and rolled to the side of the road. I realize that potholes are dangerous for cars but I've always driven with potholes and never have had this problem with other cars. Anyone else frustrated with this?
  • The stuttering could be the tranny, as mine does that occasionally around 30mph - it's a shift point apparently (post 612). I first tested the vehicle out of gear - absolutely no stuttering. Then i test drove the vehicle around 30mph and accelerating, then let go, and it stuttered. I figured it was the tranny, and dealer confirmed it.
    As far as the odo getting blank, etc., I wouldn't be surprised about the electrical, since apparently the galant has problems with transmissions, electrical, and brakes - these are all the galant's weak points. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a recall or TSB associated with this.
    Anyway it's a nice car, but 9.1 from 0-60 for a v6?!?
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    Now that spring is coming I just got a 2001 Suzuki SV650 motorcycle and its going to rock after the break in peroid. No rev past 5000 rmps are needed now by the thing can do 0 to 60 in 3.5 secs or so. I would get a crotch rocket but who needs to see the chiro man after a short ride right? And cruiser make me feel like the Fonz so I just got a standard bike. Go to and check out the SV650, its light, high torque, cheap. Suzuki is the bomb.
  • cocokurecocokure Posts: 3
    I currently have a '00 ES w/premium package that I bought back in Nov. 99. I am very happy with the vehicle, although I did have a problem the transmission fluid leaking. The hose was repaired, and I haven't had any additional problems with it. Also, there was a recall concerning the turn signal mechnism. I noticed this when my cruise control light kept coming on by itself. I have also experienced the electric shock when exiting the vehicle, along with the dim interior lighting. I love the power of the 4-cyl engine; this discouraged me from wasting my money on the V6. The only issue that I have is with the resale value of this car. I plan on trading it in a few years (I just like having new cars), but I'm worried that I'll be in this negative equity forever. I've been seeing the NADA trade-in value as close to $15000, seeing that I paid $19K for it not even 2 years ago. I don't know if I should wait it out, or just trade it in before the value gets too low.
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