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Mitsubishi Galant



  • Hi fellow Gallant owners. I was one of the first to buy a 99' Gallant in August of 98'. I had checked out the competition and found them either too boring or too expensive. I liked the styling of the gallant and bought the v-6 pretty much loaded for $21,000.
    It began to rattle almost immediately after I bought it. I had it in four or five times and they never fixed it. Now after 45,000 miles my mechanic says one of the front wheel bearing is going. Isn't that a part that should last much longer? He says I should try and get the dealership to pay for it. Has anyone else had this problem? How should I approach the dealership? Also, I received my third recall notice on this model! Ridiculous!
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I'd get a second opinion on the bearing. If it's bad, it was probably flawed somewhat originally. I'd take it to the dealer and see what they think. If it's bad, see if they'll pick up all/some of the tab. Depends on if you've got a good dealer nearby or not. Most bearings seem to go well into the 200K range anymore.

    I had 4 recalls on my last Camry, along with rattles. I guess you have to spend $40,000 to get a well built car these days. I drove Camrys for years, but the last one sent us shopping for something more entertaining. If I have to live with niggling annoyances, it might as well be a cool car.
  • Is anyone here getting close to 60k on their Galant? I have 52k and I'm my warranty will expire soon. According to manual I should change a timing belt at 60k. It's pretty expensive to do that, like $300 I think. Should I go to a dealer or local mechanic?

    My bulb that illuminated RPMs on a dashboard burned out at 46k. Dealer won't change it cause you have to take the entire dashboard apart. This sucks. Most of my driving is during day time and I don't drive w/ my headlights on.

    I still have not changed my micro-filter for AC. Is it really that important? Someone said here before that it is behind a glove box and it's not easy to change. I don't know exactly where.

    I was going to replace my original tires but they have still some tread left so I will drive until it gets really wet outside. (I live in Chicagoland) I will replace Goodyear LS with Yokohama Avid T4. Stock tires are holding amazingly well. It's past their expected mileage of 45k. I wonder how Yokohamas will perform.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I personally would take it to a dealer for the timing belt. Maybe you can con them into changing the bulb if you have them doing the belt. You could probably go longer on the belt, but 60K is a good conservative number. I wouldn't get it done before that anyway. $300 is pretty normal for a timing belt.

    Let me know how you like the Yokohamas. I've only got 4K on mine, but I really don't like the noise/handling of the Goodyear LS. Wet traction is impressive though. How did the LS's do in the snow? We get a good bit here also and I was kinda concerned about a 16" digging through the snow. We have an 01 with traction control so that should help some.
  • Go ahead and pay the dealer to replace it at 60K. $300 is not out of line. I posted some problems that I had with a timing belt change on a '94 Galant. Maybe it was just my local mechanic, but they could not time the Galant correctly after replacing the belt (multiple attempts). The dealer corrected it on the first attempt. If your car groans and vibrates after the replacement, they screwed up the timing.
  • Bring it to America. Please.
  • Hello everyone

    I have a friend who has a 2000 galant and his car wont star. The lights flicker and teh horn is weak. After being jumpstarted the car ran but the radio and lights flickered. Is this a recall issue? Alternator maybe?
  • I haven't heard about any recalls specifically for the alternator. Is the car still under 36K miles? Bring it to the dealer and let them figure it out! See my post above (#810) about the recall for the battery cable harness if the vehicle was BUILT before December 99.
  • Thank You. I passed this info to him, apparently his falls under this category. thanks much!
  • Do they have any Gas Filters on the 99 Galants
    Just had a tune up and the mechanic could not find one. Let me know
    Did not take to the dealer (they charge an arm and a leg)
    Everything else is OK
  • the filter is INSIDE the gas tank. pretty smart, huh? i had a similar situation. so i during my next visit to the dealer i asked them about the filter. they looked for a while and then looked in books, in the computer, finally they found it in the gas tank. from what the dealer told me it is not necessary to change it. sure, who would take their fuel tank down to replace a $10 filter and pay $$$ in labor.
  • Thanks Marcin

    I also spoke with dealer and they said you do not have to replace it..Saves money--Question what does a FULL Tune-Up consist of- all of the services that should be provided. Just for my complete knowledge.

  • Did somebody replace OEM halogen lights for
    aftermarket white(Xenox type)?
    What are kind and where did you buy it?
  • I replaced mine with PIAA H4 Super White bulbs. They are considerably brighter and whiter than stock bulbs, but nobody flashes their lights at me. No blue tint on them, though PIAA does offer a version that has the bluish look, if that's what you want. I still think the beam cutoff is too abrupt, but that's the fault of the lens or reflector, not the bulbs. Purchased them from here:
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Oh please spare me. Any car lot has battery chargers around because vehicles are started and turned off quickly, which never properly charges the batteries. For the most part, car salesmen don't have a clue what they are talking about. My wifes Galant has sat in the Garage for a month while we were away and it started fine.

    I went to a Toyota dealer and the saleman was an A-hole and told me my 92 V6 Camry was only worth $500 on a cash/invoice deal and they didn't seem to care if I bought one or not. So I went to a Mitsubishi/Audi dealer and was treated like a customer should be and I bought a nicer car (IMHO, and I've had three Camrys) that cost less, especially since they were very happy to take my Camry on trade and give me six times as much for it. You might want to have your caps key checked out, it's not working right either.
  • dchaidchai Posts: 1
    I have 1991 Mitusi galant GSX model, that is DOHC engine. Recently the check engine light sometimes is on while I am driving,and at the same time I can hear some electrical switch noise under passenger seat panel. I usually fix my car problem by myself, so I need help from you who have the same experience.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    I can't stand it. At 45k miles my RPM illumination bulb burned out. Now at 53k the left side of speedometer is out. What's next? In a couple of months my entire dashboard will be dark? I'm so disappointed. Dealer won't fix it and factory rep won't do anything either. Come on, this car is only 2 years old and most of my driving is done during daytime. I would not be so mad if I could change the bulbs but you have to take entire dashboard apart. If one more bulb will go out I will have to do something about it, but then I will replace all bulbs just in case. It really sucks ppl :(
  • pta01pta01 Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant. The car has been a pain to mainatin. There are not that many Mitsubishi dealers, and the ones that are arround are all bad! I wanted to take it for a 60k miles service, I checked with 4 dealers, and the prices I got where $1000 to $1400! What a shame!

    The last time I had serviced the car in a dealer was at the 15k miles service, for which I had paid $360.

    I used to have a Corolla before, so I can say that the Toyota dealers are much better than the Mitsubilshi dealers. So, I regret that I didn't buy I Camry. Sure, it costs more to buy, but considering less maintenance and better resale value, Camry comes out cheaper.

    As a car, the Galant is a good vehicle with much better styling than Camry or Accord. But if you add the experience of owning the car, I would say that Mitsubishi sucks!

    Indeed, after owning the Glant for 5 years, I finally understand why Galant has low resale value.

  • I'm wondering if anyone know, what kind and brand of automatic transmission oil that is compatible with Mitsubishi Diamond ATF SP II?? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • What have you had to fix on your '96 that makes it such a pain? $1000 does sound steep for 60K service.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    You need to find out what they are doing for $1000. It's obviously alot more than the book calls for. My Toyota dealer used to send me a booklet for 30K, 60K, and 90K recommended services and there were different packages you could buy at each level. Usually the minimum package was what the book called for, and beyond that it was all overkill. 60K should include a timing belt, tranny flush, and inspections. I haven't received anything from the Mitsu dealer yet beyond a reminder my first service (oil change) but I did it myself.
  • I bought my new 99 V6 Galant ES in August of 99. It has been a very satifying car with good performance from the V6 and a minimum of problems in 28000 miles.

    I like the car so much that I even added after market wheels despite the fact that it is a lease car (lease ends Nov.2002)

    I had a couple of problems the first year but have been pretty much trouble free since. Am even considering buying the vehicle at the end of the lease.

    I previously owned a Toyota Avalon and a Honda Accord (both from new) and had more problems with them than with the Galant.

    Styling of the Galant is outstanding and aftermarket leather package makes it look very BMW like.

    Whether I'm just lucky or some of you guys are just unlucky I don't know. But in the end we all make judgments on our own experiences. Reading some of the problems you guys have had might make me hesitate to buy it at lease end, then again if I haven't had the problems by now maybe I won't.

    In the end quality is important and I hope Mitsubishi will be upgrading. I understand the relationship with Daimler Chrysler is supposed to help in that regard.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I have a 94 Galant and replaced ALL of the belts at 60k. It was about $500-$600. You need to have it done. You would not want the repair bill after a timing belt shuts down! Have the dealer do it, but MAKE SURE they install it correctly. cajun626 and I both had problems with our mechanics not getting the adjuster belt and timing belt installed correctly, causing rattles & hesitations. I was even told that my tranny was going out!!(at 60K) Luckily, cajun626 encouraged me to keep taking it back, and I did... finally getting it adjusted correctly. $500 is nothing to spend for another smooth 60k miles! Good luck! Peace~ Belle
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I have a 94 Galant in excellent shape. 64k miles, sunroof, CD, anti-lock brakes... loaded. New tires, battery, all belts just replaced and new water pump. What is it worth, really? If I sell it outright, what should I ask? Trading it is NOT worth it. I know book value is nothing, but with the low miles, great preventive maintenance and clean look.... WHAT do I ask for it?
    I am looking for something newer.... would like a decent down payment.
  • Look at the edmunds homepage and click on one of those used car seller sites. Search for 94's for sale in your area of the country. This should give you an idea at least. Since you just paid for the expensive maint. items and it has low miles why are you selling? ASSUMING nothing fails, your maint. should be cheap for another few years.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I just want something new. I may even end up with a 2002 Galant or Diamante. I will look it up on Edmunds to see what it is worth. I just thought someone here would tell me what they think is a fair price. Trade-In value is nada! Thanks anyway!
  • Wondering what the 20,000 mile maint. consist of from A-Z and what it should cost---what do they replace-check and adjust. I trust taking it to dealer but they always charge an arm and a leg.

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I wouldn't do anything at 20K, unless you are due an oil change. Perhaps have the brakes inspected if you do alot of stop and go. So....oil change, brake inspection, might as well rotate the tires should get you out the door at $50-$60 max.
  • Thanks Sebring95

    So when is the next time I should do any maint. besides the usual oil change.

    I appreciate all the info
  • My 28000 mile 2000 Galant ESV6 is undergoing a bearing replacement cause it make a loud broken-muffler-like sound. The brakes are also squeak at hard turning.
    The service in Indiana is terrible. On top of those, two of the dealer I contact have never replaced any air purifying filter for the last two years. If you are not aware of air purifying filter from user's manual, they are A/C filters hidden above the glove compartment and need to be replaced every year. Question, how many of you have ever got the replacement done, or done on your own? If so, how? Thanks
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