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Mitsubishi Galant



  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Mitsubishi forgot to tighten the steering on some Galants.
    Mitsubishi installed faulty transmission coler lines.
    Mitsubishi installed faulty headlights switch.
    The car is a rattlebox scince day one - lousy interior materials used.
    The depreciation is BAD.

    Why Galant - because intelligent people sometimes do stupid things.
  • mattbartmattbart Posts: 12
    although i do love my galant, you do have a point, i have more rattles than a car with 25k should have (actually, a car with 25k shouldn't have ANY rattles) but my glove box rattles over bumps and there is this annoying rattling coming out of the driver's seat belt housing. it only does it sometimes and of course it wouldn't do it for the dealer when he looked at it. oh well.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    i have exactly same problem. from the first mile i drove until now, 50k. glovebox and seat belt housing. at least i know it's not just me :)
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    Why are you people just putting up with rattles that irritate you? You've got a 3 year /36K warranty on that stuff. My glovebox also rattled over bumps. Took it back and they replaced the glovebox lock - rattle gone. The complaining owner gets the rattle relief :)
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    The dealer changed the lock cylinder on our GTZ(about 6 mos ago) and wa-la, no more annoying rattle, in fact the car is very quiet now, and we have 20,000 miles so far. One thing that really got my blood running though....The gas tank lid is very chintsy, one of the PLASTIC parts holding the spring clip just broke and now the lid doesn't close and just kinda hangs at an angle, pretty embarassing on a 24,000 dollar machine eh?
    The dealer is obviously taking care of this, but my '88 Accord had a metal tank lid w/ a remote lock, and it's still good as new. Not having a remote tank opener, not to mention not being able to lock the cover is pretty inexcusable in a car that is supposed to be in the Camry-Accord class. And while I'm venting.....WHY can't we get the entire rear seat to fold down, that worthless folding peep-hole is a JOKE. Oh well, no other complaints, and car still gets ALOT of compliments from strangers :o)
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    The bottom line is that I got completely frustrated and the rattles are still there.
  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    My friend has a '96 Galant S with just over 100K miles. His automatic transmission is dead, and the shop is quoting $3600 for a rebuilt transmission. I'm not familiar with Mitsubishi products, being a Detroit fan, but I told him to call the shop back and get a price on a tranny out of a salvage yard.

    In the meantime, is this transmission a weak spot on Galants in the mid to late 90's? If so, did Mitsubishi do anything to remedy them, like replacing them with an upgraded transmission??

    Like I said, I'm not up on "furrin" cars, so any help from other Galant owners would be appreciated.

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I'm guessing the car is at a dealership. Fist off, most dealers don't have anyone that knows jack about trannys. You need to find a good, reputable tranny shop (not AAM#O) and let them fix it. Most dealerships just ship in a factory rebuilt tranny and swap them out, because any idiot with a wrench can swap one. Most likely a good tranny shop can rebuild that one for around $1500. If not they can find something more reasonable.

    The weakest link in pretty much all cars is the transmission anymore. They've (auto manufacturers) have figured out how to easily get 200K on the engines but the trannys are so sophisticated now, they don't last as long.

    I used to work for a big co. that had over 3000 cars in their sales fleet. Of those, not over 30% made it beyond 130K miles without a new tranny. These were mainly Luminas and Taurus. What was hilarious was that Chevy promised us in 95 (when they redesidned the lumina) that the tranny problem was resolved. Except they fixed one problem and created another. The 95's started dropping their trannys around 60K to 70K miles. In 97 we started switching to Malibus, and as of my last day we hadn't lost more than a couple of those, but the mileage was mainly under 100K. I put a few Camrys in the fleet and they did terrific, but the cost factor was too high even without any repairs. You have that many cars, you've got to go with the absolute cheapest to operate. The execs all had 5-series Bimmers, now you wanna talk about expensive to operate!
  • How often should brakes pads be changed---I live in NYC
    Have a bad screech on front drivers side wheel when driving--stops making sound when brakes are applied
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    That screech you're hearing is the brake warning spring that rubs the rotor when the pads wear down. It lets you know that the pads should be changed, it's OK to drive the vehicle, but you should tend to the brakes pretty quick, the pads will eventually wear enough that the rivets (unless they're "bonded" pads) holding the pads to the mounts, will grind into the rotors, and then you'll have to replace the rotor along w/ the pads, which will add about 100.00 per rotor to the brake job! You didn't mention your mileage, but I usually get about 30,000 miles on my brakes before service, not sure about our GTZ though, it's only got 20,000 miles, and the pads still look pretty good! Hope this helped ya!
  • Thanks for feedback blf2

    by the way my mileage was low only 18k
    had it fixed at dealer which i should not have done because it ran me $200

    anyway problem fixed and no annoying screech.
    what future maintenance should i look forward to besides oil changes
    how often should i have a tune up and other advice would be appreciated

    thxs---joe in ny
  • gman35gman35 Posts: 1
    Rotors are warped after only 13k miles. Dealer won't fix under warranty. Airbag light goes on and off. Had to replace defective speed sensor. Glove box lock fell out on floor. Trans cooler lines had to be replaced. Some wiring harness was recalled. I have owned the car all of 5 months. Needless to say, I am not happy with the quality of this vehicle. Good luck to you all, you are going to need it.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Do you have any other dealers within a reasonable proximity? I know it can be a judgement call as to getting rotors covered under warranty(since they're considered a "wear" item) but I'd definately try another dealer, or go higher up, try calling their main headquarters. If they really want your business they'll fix them. I'm a bit dismayed about the quality aspect as well. These cars are still a large improvement IMO, over domestic brands, but Honda-Nissan-Toyota, and anything German, are still ahead in the quality game. I compare Mitsu to Mazda, good overall cars, but cut a few too many corners to be in the same league as the aforementioned makes.
  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    Where'd all the Galant owners go???
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    we all went to local dealers fix the rattles, recalls, leaks, you name it :)
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Correction. We are all out enjoying out Galants.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    800 miles last weekend.
  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    I am still in driving bliss with my Galant. It is absolutely wonderful. The V6 is smooth and silky. Still driving like new at 12,000 miles.

    Happy Driving!
  • jfb7jfb7 Posts: 11
    Last November, I decided on a 2001 Galant LS with the V6 engine and fully optioned. At that time, I considered it to be a great value for the money , while also getting all the features I wanted at a price I could live with. Nine months later, this car is getting on my LAST NERVE! The trunk release doesn't work( I still can't believe that it can't be opened using the remote!), the weatherstripping around my headlights is just hanging down at the sides and slapping against the fenders and now the CD player is skipping constantly. While this poor workmanship is unacceptable in any car, I think it's particularly inexcusable on a car line's high end model. It used to be that $25K got you a car with quality workmanship that you could enjoy driving with a minimum of problems. I guess $25K doesn't get you much any more! At least not at your Mitsubishi dealer! My black LS with Tan leather interior is a beautiful car. Unfortunately, as the expression goes, its beauty is only skin-deep! I thought I had done everything right - I read all the drive reports and reviews I could get my hands on before I decided on the Galant. I am so disappointed with this car and I definitely plan to replace it as soon as possible. Rest assured, it will NOT be with another Mitsu product. Thanks for listening and, for those who are in the same boat as I am, I feel your pain!- John
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Like you, I also did a fair amount of research, and picked the Galant (GTZ in my case), mainly because of decent reviews, alot of features for the money, and a look that set it apart from other imports. I still enjoy the car, but I surely agree that $25,000 (24,000 in my case)should be able to get you into a highly reliable automobile. Just looked at Edmunds' resale value for the 2000 GTZ and it's really in the dumper, somewhere around 14,000 trade-in, 15,500 retail, and 17,000 dealer retail. But I also looked up the Honda Accord V6 SE(w/ leather) and it's also not much better, especially considering the higher initial cost. I know I'll NEVER by a new car again, unless I've got a rich uncle I don't know about :). My next car will be a used Infiniti-Lexus-Acura, about 3 years old w/ about 36,000 miles, that way I can still have all the goodies, but for alot less, and more reliable to boot!
  • magwaimagwai Posts: 4
    Why are all reviews from Edmunds, R&T, C&D for 99-01 Galant so good when almost everyone on these boards are complaining about it. Did Mitsu pay them off or something???

    Yes I definitely would not recommend Galant for any new car buyers out there. I thought I was getting a really good sport sedan for 25k but I was disappointed after few months. Anyone else notice these problems with their V6 Galants?

    1)When in D and car been running for awhile, when stopped at a light...hissing and buzzing sounds coming from engine compartment. Took it to dealer and they couldn't hear anything abnormal. Car has 34k on it and had 30k service already and these annoying noises still there. Anyone have any opinions on this problem?

    2)Got glovebox fixed but some bolt or nut loose underneath driver seat and makes noise whenever I make sharp turn. Also, misc. rattles from front passenger side window, or door, or seatbelt anchor but can't pinpoint where they're coming from???

    3)After owning car for several months, wind noise and tire roar seem to get louder and louder. I think Civic cabin or less expensive cars quieter than Galants during freeway speeds.

    4)Intelligent tranny not so intelligent.

    Overall, car drives solid and performance decent. Also didn't get recall notice for wiring harness...wiring harness for what? I got recall for tranny oil cooler lines and steering nut thing but not wiring harness. Can someone explain what this was for? Mitsu motors not so respected in Japan and Japanese consumers staying away. Weird thing is Mitsu broke sales records in U.S. Good marketing campaign with hip music and commercials but unfortunately they trick public into buyin not so hip cars.
  • vadim_stvadim_st Posts: 13
    After owning a Galant for a while, and reading reviews and postings, I have come to a concludion that the Consumer Reports evaluation (car - average, reliability - average, owner satisfaction - below average) really reflects the reality. Other reviews center only on the immediate driving experience with a brand new car, which is not what we really need.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    I haven't experienced problems 1&4 but did have the glovebox rattle(no more, thank goodness), no other rattles however! Also had the 2 recalls, not one for the wiring harness, it must've been for other models, not the GTZ's. Agree about the wind&road noise, too much for my liking. My stepmom has an Audi A4, and that thing is so solid & quiet you can hardly tell if it's running, granted, it's about $8,000 more. Our 88 Accord is quieter than the Galant, the road noise may be in large part due to the tires, but the excessive wind noise is dissapointing, at least the Infinity sound system drowns it all out :)
    Consumer Reports does have a decent track record in their reporting of car quality, although the Galant DID make their "recommended" list for the first time this year. This car really isn't that bad, but it should be a little better for the price IMO! BTW, has anyone seen the new 2002 Galants?? That new front end looks REALLY, REALLY cheap, a step in the wrong direction IMO!
  • camryv6camryv6 Posts: 42
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    There were recalls for the combo switch on the steering column, and for one of the battery cables, but these were for Galants BUILT before Oct-Nov 99.
    I have a 2K ES-V6 (built 4/00), and while there is a certain amount of road/tire noise, in my car wind noise is practically non-existent. I'm puzzled by the previous few owners' complaints about it.
    I agree, the revised grill/nose on the 02 model is ugly. The car was obviously not designed with that new grill in mind.
  • magwaimagwai Posts: 4
    Windnoise only prominent during freeway speeds of 70mph and above, other than that then it's acceptable I guess. I do like my GTZ because it does drive solid and performs reasonably well but though would get better build quality since it was in $20k-$25k price range. Oh well it still looks better than Camry of Accord. 2002 Camry looks pretty nice though but can't say the same for 2002 Galants. Front bumper and grill looks out of place. Those interested in getting 2002 GTZ might be better off getting 99-01 model since there's no more white face gauges and wing. Sport edition got less sportier. Not sure if suspension stayed the same. I guess overall it is a good car.

    cbnearla: Question on battery cable recall. What would be the effect on car if recall wasn't done for this problem? Just tryin to troubleshoot something with my car that has 34k miles on it.
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    From NHTSA recall web site - search page is

    Year: 2000
    Model: GALANT
    Manufactured From: MAY 1998 To: NOV 1999
    Year of Recall: '99
    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles equipped with V6 engines and Federal emission equipment. The battery cable harness can become heat
    damaged by the front exhaust manifold which could cause grounded circuits.

    This circuit failure could cause any of the following to occur: (1) the engine will not start because the main fuse will blow if the power lead is
    grounded; (2) the low oil pressure warning lamp will illuminate if the signal wire is grounded; (3) the airconditioning system will become inoperative if
    the lead to the magnetic clutch is grounded; and (4) the turn signal/hazard lamps will become inoperative if the voltage monitor lead is grounded.

    Dealers will remove and discard a metal manifold bracket (from Galant models only - Eclipse has no such bracket). Dealers will also inspect the
    harness. If the harness wires show no damage, the dealer will install a heat insulator along with heat resistant harness clips. If the harness wires do
    show damage, the dealers will install a new harness with preinstalled integral heat protection. Owner notification began February 7, 2000. Owners
    who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should
    contact Mitsubishi at 1-800-222-0037. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at
    1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    My 01 Galant has very little wind noise, even closing in on felony speeds. The road noise is a bit annoying, however I agree that it appears to be the tires. I'm not impressed with the Goodyears anyway, so a better quality tire should take care of a large part of the noise. My Galant has less wind noise than any of my Camrys, however the camrys had very little road noise which probably made the wind noise more noticable.

    So far I'm trouble free driving since April and still like driving/styling of the Galant much better than my Camrys. The only Camry I liked driving better was a fairly modified V6 Coupe I had back in 94. This Galant has better quality/materials than my 97 V6 Camry, which was when Toyota really started decontenting/cheapening things. That vehicle was delivered with grease on the carpet, a broken windshield, and broken rear cupholder. Over the first couple years it had several unfixable rattles, bad strut mounts, and 4 recalls. None of that was really anything that effected the drivablility of the car, just annoyances from being built cheaper than the prior models. None of these problems really seem much different that what alot of people here are complaining about, just piddly things for the most part. I have a buddy with a F#rd for a company vehicle and it does bad things like not starting, broken tranny, and a vibration at highway speeds noone can figure out.

    The 02 Camry may be a nice car, and may be built better than the prior models (hopefully) but before long there will be 300,000 of them on the road and you'll be passing yourself on every corner. I guess I just got sick of driving something that everybody and their brother has. If they were still built like brick sh$t houses, they'd be worth the extra money, but now they are only marginally more reliable than vehicles that are cheaper.
  • magwaimagwai Posts: 4
    Thanks cbnearla. I didn't get recall notice for battery cable harness even though 2000 GTZ built Oct 99. I called dealer and asked about it and they then scheduled appointment to have it done. Asked them why I din't get notice and the service guy couldn't explain why. He said most folks get recall notices for certain defects but unfortunately some don't. From notice above that cbnearla provided, it states it can cause ground or certain circuit failures. I'm hoping it didn't cause any damage already but will ask them to check electrical system when they do the battery cable recall service and they agreed. I'm wondering if I do have a ground in my car already that's causing weird intermittent buzzing/hissing noise when AC on and in D.
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