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Mitsubishi Galant



  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    The first shop also had the WRONG non-Mitsu timing belt on the car. Your shop will probably swear to you that all marks are lined up like mine did (apparently the balance belt can be off even with marks lined up). Demand your money back and take it to a dealer. Thanks for the advice on the antenna, but I decided to just pull the plug to the ant. motor. Radio works fine (ant. is stuck 1/2 up), grinding noise is gone and I'm too cheap to pay $78.
  • joyceshyjoyceshy Posts: 1
    I found a Galant at dealership. It is a 97' DE, Auto, 33k miles for $7,500 with factory warranty.
    I am worried a lot about the recall of it . Is it reliable and worth of the price? Thanx
  • y21azy21az Posts: 3
    hey guys well its been about 3months and I still love this car. Runs very smoothly and the only thing wrong is that the antenna doesnt work well. The radio stations hardly come in.
    What do you guys think i need to do about that?
  • bobbyp66bobbyp66 Posts: 1
    My 2k Galant ES has been a great car but has one little annoyance and I am told by the dealer "they are all that way" but would like to get some feedback. The thing is: with the HVAC set in the "floor" mode, you continue to get a lot of air directed to the defrost vents. I notice it most when the weather is cold and I am trying to warm my feet but don't want the hot air blasting me in the face. You can easily check it by selecting the floor mode and putting the fan on 3 or 4 and checking the flow through the defrost vents. As I said, mine is fairly strong. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Other than that a great car, but I will say the "noise, vibration, harshness" level is a little higher than some other comparable cars in terms of ride quality. A lot of that probably comes from the tires.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    thanks for the advice on the timing belt, once again. You are right... the mechanic (family friend for 20 years) says everything matches up perfectly. Said he also checked the balance belt, and "all is well" there. I know they were MITS. timing and adjuster belts, along w/ the tentioner, I picked them up at the dealership. TODAY...GET THIS!!! He said that my TRANNY is going out! NO WAY! 63k miles, and WELL taken care of?!! I made an appt. with the dealership, explained what was happening, and the dealers mechanic said he thinks I have been right all along, that someone screwed up something w/ the belts. The day I picked it up after the belts were replaced, I started the car, and knew something was wrong! This is when I hate been a woman- dealing w/ mechanics!Thanks again for all of your help. Glad to know that you still get music at "half staff" ha! I hate those expensive antennas too. I said I would only replace one once! Thanks and let's stay in touch!
  • ern35ern35 Posts: 11
    Your comment about your tranny going sounds all too familiar to me. I have a '95 ES and mine went at 52,000 mi. I too take care of my car, all the regular maintenance, etc. and still had problems with it. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem with the Galants. So far, knock on wood, the new one seems to be ok, but I can tell you I will never buy another Mitsubishi!
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    I have a 2K ES-V6. Yes, some of the air is diverted to the defrost as you describe. I seem to remember seeing that mentioned in the manual, as being normal, but my memory could be faulty :). Since I live in So.Cal I've never had to turn the heat up at such high fan speeds to be bothered by hot air in the face, though I can see where that could be annoying in colder climates. I agree that, compared to the way other cars HVAC operates, this seems like a malfunction, but it doesn't bother me enough to complain to the dealer about it.

    As to the NVH issue, yeah, there's probably more road noise in the cabin than some of the competition, but our cars cost less. Fair trade-off to me. I did replace the horrible Goodyear Eagle LS tires with Bridgestone Potenza RE-930's at about 100 miles. Handling improved, and road noise seemed a little less with the Bridgestones.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I had the car driven this weekend by a friend/Mitsubishi mechanic. He said that a lot of people have been told their trannies are going, when it is actually their "in clutch", which, when bad, causes slippage in fourth gear shifting only. Part is $300, labor is $400. You may have been taken to the cleaners? Who knows! Anyway..he says the timing belt is still off in my 94, and the tranny is fine. We shall see. I am just so tired of getting the run-around! I am looking at the new Subaru's now. The Legagy GT LTD sedan. Much safer, more horsepower, great resale, no recalls!
  • mattbartmattbart Posts: 12
    Hi guys, just bought a 2000 Galant ES with 16k miles. I've skimmed the last 50 posts or so, trying to catch up. I've noticed many people recommending frequent tranny fluid/filter changes because of tranny problems around 100k miles. With the driving I do, 100k is only about 2 years away, and I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with these tranny problems. What symptoms have you had and what have replacements/rebuilts cost you? Thanks!
  • joathletejoathlete Posts: 25
    Hello gallant owners,

    I have a blk 99ES with 16k on it and its been great.

    One problem I've been having a leak on rainy days around the sunroof area

    its actually on the inside area on front of the dome lights. on rainy days after a while when I'm driving and hit the brakes water flows down onto my gear-shift area

    has anyone had this problem. had the sunroof replaced and its raining in NC this morning and I noticed my gear shift stick was wet when I drove this morning. Some info would be helpful.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    If you had the sunroof replaced, and it's still leaking, take it back to the glass shop, or to the shop that put in the second sunroof. Did they replace the seal too? If not, that is probably the problem. You would have drown by now, living in the midwest!
  • tmd251tmd251 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Galant with 18000 miles. Anyone have any problems with front rotors warping easily?

    I brought my car to the local dealership at about 15000 miles with a complaint of brake pedal vibration. The dealer machined the front rotors and the problem was gone. Now the vibration is back.

    Should I insist on new rotors this time? It doesn't make sense to machine what seem to be defective rotors.

    Next up, the transmission.

    I've noticed for the past 2 thousand miles or so, the transmission seems to shift rough.

    When I first bought the car, I could barely tell when the cranny was doing its job. Now, it's very obvious.

    Any info would sure be helpful. Thanks
  • tmd251tmd251 Posts: 3
    that last message should say tranny, not cranny.

  • sknight27sknight27 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2001 Galant ES in February. Beautiful car, smooth ride, draws attention, good price. Now for the real deal. I have 4500 highway miles and have been to the shop 3 times for steering wheel vibration, there is a rattle in the dashboard, keyless entry works when it wants to, and where is all that power I heard its 4-cylinder had? Let's not forget all those recalls. Had the one for the transmission hose today. These are some of the same problems I have read that other people had but I was foolishly hoping that my Galant would be different. This is my first and last Mitsubishi purchase. You should be suspicious when such a beautiful car comes with such an attractive price.
    Misubishi's wake up and drive should be wake up and run.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    It's really sad that Mitsu can't come up with a better percentage of good cars. For instance, I haven't had any problem with my 4 cyl 2k ES I bought Dec 99 . The only time it's been at the shop was for recall stuff.

    I still think as bad as the Galant sound to be, they are still $2000 cheaper than the other 2 japanese cars, and will of course in my opinion be a better buy than any Domestic in it's class.

    For those who feel like hearing good stuff instead of bad about the galant check the Galant Forum in Yahoo clubs, or visit
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    Update: My Galant is running smooth as silk once again! The timing belt WAS loose and the adjuster (balance) belt was too tight!!! It WASN'T the transmission, thank goodness! THANK YOU to both of you for providing the information that you did. If I hadn't read what happened to your 94, Cajun, I wouldn't have been so determined!!! They (mechanics) may have even convinced me of the worst!
    Thanks again, and I will check every day or so for any other ideas/suggestions/comments. I am SO GLAD I found this forum!! I may have saved over $2k in repairs! By the way, once she was running great... I spent 4 hours washing, waxing, and shining her up! Funny how we take new pride w/ the outside when things are right w/the inside!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • gtowngradgtowngrad Posts: 5
    I am in the market for my first car and have been considering the Mits. Galant or the Outback Limited sedan. The diffence in the engine size concerns me. The OB is an H4, whereas the Galant LS I am looking at is a V6. From the Subaru owners I have talked with, they have had only positive things to say about the OB, whereas it seems to me that a lot of you are unhappy with Mits. cars. I was just wondering if anyone had some advice for my decision, or some info about the life of the V6 versus the H4 engine? The rides seem similar on both, the Subaru was a bit nicer (smoother) I think. The AWD is also a plus for the OB. How does the Galant handle in wet and snowy conditions? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  • marcin97marcin97 Posts: 7
    Sorry to hurt your feelings, but I think that Outback is just plain and ugly looking. Chunky car. If it doesn't look good outside, I will not even consider a car no matter how good it is inside. Just my 2 cents.
  • gtowngradgtowngrad Posts: 5
    I actually think that the Outback Sedan is quite nice looking... however, I agree that the wagon is not attractive to me. At 22, I am not ready to be driving a "soccer-mom's" car just yet. However, I am trying to be a little more practical than solely looking at the outside of the car. What's inside matters the most in terms of its life and quality... and whether or not I love driving it day in and day out. The looks of the cars aside, I want the car I purchase to be one that is reliable and one that I won't be disappointed with. I haven't been able to find many, if any, positive sentiments about the Galant from this forum and as such, I don't think that I would go for it despite its good looks. Like sknight27 said, "you should be suspicious when such a beautiful car comes with such an attractive price." Plus, I worry about the whole scandal Mitsubishi had when they hid all those customer complaints. I don't want to save money on the purchase of a car only to be emptying my wallet on it later during repairs. As time goes on, I want to be able to buy a beautiful car that is JUST as reliable and sturdy as it is beautiful, perhaps a Mercedes or a BMW, but for now my budget won't allow it. That's my 2 cents. Can anyone answer my previous questions?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    We bought a Galant ES V6 a few months back. For us it was the perfect blend of good looks, good performance, smooth ride, good handling, and nearly identical interior controls as the Camry. We've had several Camrys and my wife really liked the controls/driving position. The looks were poo-poo, but we were planning to buy another V6 Camry. After driving the Galant, we liked it better than the Camry in every aspect. We did also drive an Outback Sedan back-to- back with the Galant (mitsubishi/audi/subaru dealer). Wife immediately disliked the controls, seating position, and 4cyl engine. If it had some power I would have pressed for the Outback because we see some severe weather. Considering how hilly of an area I live in, 4cyl's just plain run out of power, and I haven't owned for several years.

    I like the looks of the Galant better, but the Outback Sedan looks good too. My salesman said the V6 should be coming for it though, he just didn't know when. Honestly, I was hoping to wait for the 2002 Camrys coming this fall because they look very nice, and will be more powerful and I'm sure just as reliable/nice to drive as their prior models. However, we had a incident with her camry and had to get a new one sooner than planned. You may want to research the new Camry.

    I don't think the Galant is "too cheap to believe", but it's priced between the domestics and the camry/accord/maxima. It is probably more reliable than the domestics, and maybe not as reliable as the Toyota/Honda crowd. That was the chance we took to get the car we liked. Most cars (even domestics, albeit less refined) are really reliable for the most part. Nothing out there has the tires falling off (well maybe a couple fords, lol!).

    As for snow, the V6 comes with traction control which should help some. The AWD Outback is great, but could be overkill if you don't see really severe weather. We see alot of snow here, but most people manage fine with FWD. If you don't see ALOT of winter, the AWD might not be worth it (long-term reliability, weight, etc).
  • whoknewwhoknew Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 99 Galant GTZ. I like it but there is a loud rattle around the glove compartment that the dealership claimed it fixed with replacing the lock . . . but it's still an irritating problem. And now there is big time vibration when braking and my mechanic says it's the rotors so another repair to schedule. I sold my 91 Honda Accord because I was expecting to have maintenance expenses. I didn't expect problems so soon with this Galant. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    I had two related rattles in the glovebox - the lock itself rattled in its hole, and the glovebox lid rattled because the lock wasn't fitted properly. The dealer replaced the lock, and the rattles ceased. Go back and make them fix it right! As for the brake vibrations, it seems that the rotors are (overly?) sensitive to how much torque is applied to the lug nuts - too much can cause warpage. After you have the rotors fixed, make sure any time the wheels have to be removed that the mechanic uses a torque wrench, not an air wrench, to tighten the nuts. My car has not had this rotor problem, but apparently many others have.
  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    AAA named the Galant the best car in its class. The Mitsubishi Galant received a "Recommended" rating from both Consumer Reports and Consumer Guide. Additionally, Car and Driver rated the Galant #1 in a comparison with Accord, Camry, Altima, and etc. I am absolutely enjoying the Galant. I have had blissful trouble-free driving for 11,000+ miles. I also enjoy the looks that I receive when driving the car, too.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    All the mags/specs for the Galant V6 show it being slightly slower than the Camry/Accord V6 crowd. Anyone else here that can compare?

    I've owned several V6 Camrys and our 01 Galant V6 feels a bit quicker in real life driving. Maybe I just got a hot one, but it seems to have very good acceleration. A bit slow out of the hole, but after 15mph it comes on real strong. However, on the high-end it feels like it runs out of steam. Cruising above 85 doesn't feel as effortless as the Camrys did, but I rarely do that.

    On the hilly back roads, it feels much quicker than the others but I think that's from the tranny. It senses grades and will hold a gear longer. Rarely do I find that tranny downshift half-way up a hill. The Camrys tended to slow a bit, then down shift causing a loss in momentum. I live in a very hilly area so the difference is very noticable.
  • kiralovekiralove Posts: 1
    Hey guys - I am taking deliveryof a 1998 Galant ES - silver in color, it has 30K miles on it - it also has leather seats, sunroof, 10CD changer w/tape, power everything, and remote entry. I bought the car for $10,295 - is this a fair price?

    Please let me know -

  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I say go with the Subaru Limited sedan. The wagons are ugly, but the sedan isn't. I have done extensive research lately on the Sub's and have the brochures in my 94 Galant right now! You get WAY more for your money as far as standard features, the AWD is fantastic if you live anywhere that freezes in the winter. They just don't break down,or have all the recalls! PLUS, you will have the HORSEPOWER! I have owned 2 Galants now, and though I do love the cars, my next car will be a Subaru Legacy Lmtd. Sedan! Go to and do the comparison!!!
  • cho7819cho7819 Posts: 20
    since when did a sube have power? Last time I checked, the legacy had 165hp carrying around 3500lbs! Unless you get the v-6 err.. H-6, the sube will not be more powerful than my galant. But the H-6 will cost $30,000, at that price im off to the acura\mercedes dealer.... I hear the h-6 is not so powerful either, it does 0-60 in 8.8secs. So what im saying is that the sube may not be the best choice, test drive both each - they're both good cars
  • jlandretjlandret Posts: 1
    My wife and I are currently shopping for a new car and we are trying to decide between these two cars. Doing a side by side comparison of both models (both 2.4 cylinder automatic versions) on edmunds provides almost identical size, interior space, and performance numbers. We have driven both cars and enjoyed them both. We recently purchased a Sentra for her and loved our experience with Nissan. Now I'm looking to dump my college car '89 Celebrity. We would quickly go with Nissan because of our experience, however, as you all probably know the Altima is being completely redesigned this fall and could quickly drop in resale value. Any suggestions on which would be a better purchase?
  • gtowngradgtowngrad Posts: 5
    Thanks to everyone for your input. I have a lot to think about and another set of test drives to do! The H6 Sube sedan is coming out this 2002 year - which I think begins sometime in July. The price does shoot up, though (it will be a VDC model...very souped up). I am glad to hear that some of you chose the Galant over the Sube sedan. Thanks especially to seemed to be considering the same points I am wrestling with now. Living in DC, the winters here are not that severe, but I may be in boston next year. This lack of power on the Sue sedan still worries me. Right now the H4 on the sedan is 165 horsepower. The H6 will be 215 (big difference in horses, but price, too). However, the ride felt just as "peppy" as the V6 Gallant I test drove - without the cabin noise and I think a bit smoother. Sube owners that have had the H4s for years have said they still run like the day they bought them, which is encouraging. The Galant is a beautiful car - it reminds me of a BMW - and it sounds like it would perform well in DC, and perhaps Boston as well. I still have time to mull it over. Thanks again for all the insight and comments!
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