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Mitsubishi Galant



  • marcin97marcin97 Posts: 7 Speaks for itself. I love my car, the looks and fast engine, but the quality just sucks. Our 1999 Altima has no problems with defective parts. It's slower and not as great looking as Galant, but quality of the workmanship is great. Also the service from Mitsu dealer, at least in my area, just sucks. Local Nissan will wash our car every time, will give you free shuttles all over town, makes you feel like you have a Lexus. After all my minor problems with Galant, I see that service is what counts. If Mitsu would be just as nice as Nissan, I would stick with Galant. If the new Altima is just as good on the inside as on the outside (I know the engine is great!) I have to say 'c ya' to my Galant.
  • Customer service is great out here. Every time I take my 200l LS Galant in to have an accessory installed or a minor problem looked at I get a nice wash, and vacuum. They also give you a car for the day of your liking. IE. Galant or Montero Sport. Nicest dealership I have ever dealt with. 2200 miles and only 1 annoying problem, A small rattle on the driver side that was fixed. Great car.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    My 2000 ES with 11,600 K has been in the paper since Friday and as I write it is Wed morning and all I have gotten is one call on it. I am asking 12,900 and have given up and traded the thing in for a amout lower than the Dow Jones average. If you in the market for a Galant, take my advice and only buy if you will hang on till the 150,000 mile tune up. If an accord with that low mile or camry for that price was asked it might have sold most likely in 2 days or so. I live in Seattle. Worse resale value out of all the Japenese brands. But, it drives like a charm but designed interior flaws take it all away for me.
  • drtlmfandrtlmfan Posts: 3
    Just bought my wife's black 2001 Galant GTZ last Saturday. One thing that bugs me though is that the fog lights won't operate when the high beams are on, or they go off when the high beams are activated. This was one of those so called "smart" design features. Does any one know how to deactivate this design feature? I know on my '93 GMC Sierra, both sets of head lamps don't illuminate when set on high beam, but I noticed in a "TRUCKN" magazine that there is an after market part you can install that will force all head lamps to operate in the high beam position. For the fog light problem, it might just be as simple as unplugging a single wire, but I'm not sure. Any other owners noticed this? Any comments welcome.
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    /Rant mode on/
    Well, yeah, the fog lights are designed to be used in FOG, a weather condition where most people would not use high beams, since the light would be reflected back in your eyes. Unfortunately, IMO, too many people seem to think that fog lights are an auxiliary lighting system for ALL weather conditions.
    /Rant mode off/
    There is a Galant owners club on Yahoo, where I've seen messages regarding how to make the fog lights work in other than designed conditions. Go to, select "clubs" then search for "galant", choose Big Rich's Y2K Galant club, and look through the messages there.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Sorry to hear about you leaving the Galant "family", I enjoyed your posts over the last few months. I'm afraid your resale value nightmare may have only just begun! A Ford Focus will depreciate at an even faster rate than the Galant. The Focus has had a good share of positive press and that alone will help it along, but it's still considered a domestic economy car, and those have traditionally had very extreme resale value decline. I hope that's not the case for you, good luck w/ your new ride, and if you like it, just drive it 'til the wheels fall off, after all, who cares about resale value if YOU get your moneys' worth out of it, IMO! I plan on keeping our GTZ until it's paid off, I've only had one car (out of about 15)that I've kept for the whole term, and I really enjoy this car, as long as it holds up, I'd like to keep it, it's got a great ride, smooth motor and styling that looks much more $$$ than what we paid! Again good luck B14, and let us know how it's going!
  • I recently discovered that the bolts that hold the crome "Galant" plate on the trunk of my 2000 Galant ES are rusting. Unfortunately, the rust has ate into my paint. Does anyone else have this problem? I live in Michigan where they use salt on the roads during the winter and surely expect the dealership to blame this problem on the salt, but this seems to be a design defect. I haven't noticed any rust anywhere else.
    Also, I noticed that my front bumper is a little "loose", which explained the noise we kept hearing from the front of the car. My boyfriend tried to tighten the bolts that keep it attached to the car, but they do not seem to want to tighten. Has anybody else noticed this problem?
  • When I was having numerous problems with my car a few months ago, I talked to the dealer about trading my car in for a Toyota Camry. At just under 10,000 miles on my 2000 Galant ES, I was offered a measly $11,000 for trade-in. Keep in mind I had just bought the car less than 6 months before for $18,000 (including tax and title). That only added to my frustration with the problems I was having with my Galant at the time. Adding more frustration are ads that I have seen in the paper advertising used 2000 Galants. One dealer was selling a 2000 Galant ES for $11,500. I have no idea what the mileage was on the car, but talk about depreciation. Also, the local Mitsubishi dealership sells used 2000 Galants ES for about $13,000. I knew I should have bought a Honda, Toyota, VW, or Nissan. At least the car looks great!
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57

    My fuel door on my 99 galant had just fallen off when I was washing my car, the dooris made out of plastice not metal, hmm, does any one know where to get another door other than the dealer?

    please let me know

  • cdt123cdt123 Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Galant S. I've got 50K on it and I am getting a noise in the front right (as you are sitting in the car). My trusted mechanic is 95% sure its a bearing going in the diff. Anyone had similar probs, is this something that is usual at 50k with this car. Any thoughts would be appretiated, having read this board I realize that I too have the shaky Galant syndrome and perhaps I am looking for a group that knows my pain! :-) THanks. Cam
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Regarding your corosion problem, ALL corosion related problems should be covered under the corosion warranty, I didn't check, but it should be at least 5 years. Luckily, I live in the high desert and rust is the least of my worries! As far as that fuel door falling off, that's DEFINATELY covered under the warranty, assuming it wasn't intentionally vandalized or incorrectly opened. If you have a problem w/ your local dealer than you can always take it to another Mitsu dealer for that service. Good Luck!
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    I have a 2000 ES-V6, and am wondering how much the labor cost is for changing the plugs. This is supposed to be done at the 30K mile service, and apparently requires the removal of the intake manifold to get at the rear plugs. If you've had the 30K mile service performed, how much was charged for the entire service, and how much time was charged for the plug change?
  • The dealer told me that the V6s have platinum sparks - and they get changed every 60,000. The price he quoted me was $400, when I asked how much it was to change the plugs only. (he must have thought that I was asking for a 60,000 mile service since that's what it costs - $400).
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    Hmmm, I've never seen anything in my manual that says I have platinum plugs. Maybe they changed from 2000 to 2001? Does your manual say plug change at 30K or 60K ("normal" maintenance schedule)? Mine says 30K.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    if you look under the hood of the V6 galants, there's a sticker that says the car has plat plugs. The '99-'01 V6 galant all have plat plugs.
  • cocokurecocokure Posts: 3
    I'm glad to hear that I am not the only that is fed up with the falling resale value of the '00 Gallant ES, as well as the numerous times I've visited the dealer, for yet another recall. Now I hear that there's been a recall on the transmission fluid/hose compartment of the vehicle. I'm still debating on whether I'll suck up the loss and trade it in for something else. The only reason that I've kept it this long is because I enjoy the ride/feel of the car. Unfortunately, I haven't had any problems with the "shaking." I've had an Accord once before, so I don't want to go there again. I was looking at the VW Passat, but I'm concerned about the 2 year/24,000 mile basic warranty. Isn't that the worst warranty period ever?! If I keep the car for another 4 years and pay it off, I'm afraid the dealer will still laugh at me when I try to trade it in. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  • cbnearla, I refer to the severe maintenance section since i do short trips 90% of the time, and it says 30K for non platinum and 60K for platinum and non platinum. The dealer also told me that there were plats in mine: i guess they use plats because it's such a pain in the manifold to get the rear ones out. i'll look under the hood to verify if i do indeed have plats.
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    to cdt123...have you had your car in to check the ball joint in the front suspension? There was a recall just since Jan. 01. I had to have the arms and ball joint replaced in my '94 (all free/recall) and it is no longer making a loud noise! Check with your local dealer for the recall information!
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    I wanted to ask if anyone has information regarding the timing belt and adjuster belts. It is recommended that they are replaced at 60k miles, and I am there w/ my '94 GS. Seems the parts are pretty expensive, and labor... well, you know! 3 hours to replace! Anyway.... seems the Mits. engines do not "recover" if the belt(s) break... the engine "locks up" Now I am scared to drive... until I can afford the $3-400 replacement. Any suggestions, ideas, experiences with these belts breaking right at 61k miles?? I am female... scared I am being "taken"
  • I suggest you trade or sell the Galant as
    it only gets worse. Mitsubishi Execs hid Defects for years and got into trouble for it.

    I would only suggest a Mitsubishi to my
  • marcin97marcin97 Posts: 7
    OK, I got '99 4cyl ES with 40k miles. I think it's time for a tune-up :)
    1. Has anyone changed their AT filter and fluid? Is it easy or dealer-only thing? 2. Is there a gasket that should be changed as well? I will replace PVC valve as well as sparkplugs. 3. Should I get OEM sparks or aftermarket ones? And should I replace cables too? 4. Anything else should be done at this point as well, like coolant change? 5. How much is for the manual? wants $109, but I think someone here said you can get it aftermarket for 1/2 the price. I called and ordered an AT kit, but it turned out that they don't have it and will not. That guy was an a@#hole - I will never call them again!

    A lot of questions, but this is the right place to ask them, huh? :)
  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    Take it in for a tune up! $300 and a day without the car is all you have to worry about! You definitely need a tune up at 40k.
    By the way.... I own a 94 LS, and this is my second Galant. My 90 had 129k miles when I traded it in. Had to rebuild the tranny at 98k miles, but cried when I traded it, still. I get grief from family and friends about owning a Mits. Galant, but I really do love my car. It is beautiful, handles very well, is tight (steering, front end, corners, etc) and I get 27 mpg highway. Preventive maintenance is key with ANY used car! I take good care of my car, and she takes good care of me.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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    Since this will be the permanent home for discussion of the Galant, I have removed the "2" from the title of this discussion and altered the name of the archived version to distinguish it from this one.

    Please continue....

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  • solid101solid101 Posts: 12
    Mine is a '99 GT with 22,000 i., I Changed:
    1. Tarns filter and oil, Can't find filter at shops, bought it at Mitsubishi, Oil From Mitsubishi since it's Required in the manual. Since Mitsu. also owns and operate oil company, quality should be OK. 2. Mine's 6,don't know, but you should do so as recommends, however,
    you don't really need to replace PVC and Plugs until 60,000Mi., and cables at much higher Mi.(like 90,000 Tune-up),3. You don't need OE Plugs,Other manufactures has better ones to offer, just don't get Split Fire, all it does is rising unnecessary engine Temp., 4. If you really wants to know, Coolant/steering fluid/brake fluid should
    be flush yearly to clean away deposits and replacewith new ones, or at least once every 2 years as many cars manual recommends so. The only thing you forgotten at this point is the air filter, because
    of the intake design, you might wash to change the air filter sooner than recommended, which also helps fuel economy big time.
  • marcin97marcin97 Posts: 7
    Air Filter I did replace at 24k, last summer. Last weekend I replaced AT fluid, filter, plugs, and cables - all Mitsu parts. AT fluid is the most expensive fluid you can find on the market - $4.25/qt. According to Mitsu, you can't use anything else but Mitsu AT Fluid. But I got a great deal on the service from the local service at Oil-n-Go. Their regular price for AT service (complete replacement - like bypass surgery) is $79. Because they could not use their own oil, I got a credit of $4.25/qt after showing the Mitsu receipt. So the labor on the service was around $30. Plus $20 labor for plugs and wires. I think I got a great deal on all of this. I did not change the PVC valve. I only regret changing wires, it did cost me over $30 for just 2 cables, yes only 2 cables ca n be changed. The other 2 are connected to coils - very expensive to change.
    The only thing that needs to be changed is fuel filter. At 40k I think I should. But the local service place could not locate the filter so I have to talk to the dealer. Actually I will tomorrow because my oil pressure light flickers when idling, especially after 20 min of driving when coming to the stop light. It goes off when shifted to neutral but then after a while it turns on again. I just hope it is a sensor and that it is covered under 60k warranty. My bumper to bumper is over.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I am not sure about that timing belt. The 2.0L engine in the 1989-1992 Galants and many Eclipses (the same engine as in my 1988 Colt Vista) is a non-interference engine. The 3.0L V-6 engine in the Chrysler minivans and cars is also a non-interference engine. But the 2.4L engine, I do not know about.
  • kennethtkennetht Posts: 2

    I'd like to know if anyone out there can quote what would sort of price should be expected
    for repair and/or replacement of the Engine(4cyl) and Transmission(Auto) that go in
    a 1985 Mitsubishi Galant. I don't know what sort of prices to expect, but would like to know
    what kind of price range can be gotten and what sort of locations they are from.

    For reference, I'm located in the Pacific Northwest and am looking to spend $2000.00 for
    the repair of this vehicle.

    Here's some other info about my car and my automobile situation:
    - currently have about 105,000 miles.
    - the tranny is dead (engine starts/runs fine, but car can't move an inch).
    - i heard a metallic 'clunk' noise when tranny died.
    - this Mitsu has had the auto.tranny replaced by the prev.owner
    - suspect that one of the engine cyls has lowered compression
    - this car has stranded me on the road twice! - once because of
    a failed fuel pump and this time when the tranny died.

    Can anyone out there provide what type of price I can expect
    to fix this car ??!?
    In the meantime I have three other cars to drive....whew!

  • tallgaltallgal Posts: 14
    Thanks, Occupant, for your reply! I actually had all of the belts and the tentioner replaced last weekend, as well as the water pump. Could have went to Cancun for the money I spent! Now when I start the car, it rev's up it is idoling higher than normal. Makes my sunroof rattle it's so loud. Will have it re-checked. Mechanic says that is normal??
    Another note- took my Galant in for the recall of the ball joint, suspension arms, and guess what?? Mits. does NOT align the car afterwards!!! Is that crazy, or what? Now my tires are wearing....and my alignment was fine before I went the car pulls hard to the left! Go figure! Any suggestions, same experiences? (on my laundry list) anyone?
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    The service department told me that there is an air filter ( pollen filter) that needs to be changed for the AC, does anyone know what is he talking about and how hard would it be to change this filet, I heard its behind the glove box.

    thanks in advance

  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Pretty good report about their experiences with the 99 Galant GTZ. Just click the link below:

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