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Mitsubishi Galant

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the Mitsubishi
topic. Those of you joining us from that
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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Actully, I don't have much of an opinion on Galants either way...

    I think they are pretty good cars. They do suffer from poor resale when compared to Honda and Toyota.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 142
    Well, better late than never, just an update, 800 miles after 6 months, and still nothing to complain, only that i went to fill up some water, and the cap fell off and my trunk was all wet ...
    :-( .. what a sad story.
  • kakalakkakalak Posts: 4
    After reading the recent car and driver article which listed the Galant as its top pick and driving a friend's Galant, I decided to stop by Bell Mitsu. in Rahway, NJ to negotiate a purchase.
    I stopped in at 8:05 and left at 8:55 (pm). During that time I must have lapped the showroom floor at least 10 times. Not one employee stopped to ask if they could be of assistance. There were no brochures available for further info. There was no employee stationed at the reception desk. It appeared that most of the employees were enjoying a lengthy dinner break in the back office (McDonalds actually).

    Once I returned to my home, I called the 800 # for Mitsubishi and asked about other stores. As luck would have it, the nearest is some distance away and in an unfriendly neighborhood. Like it or not, if I buy a Mitsubishi, it will have to come from Bell. What really agitates me is that I suspect that this evening's service (or lack thereof) was a harbinger of the sales and repair service to come.

    Has anyone had any experience(s) with Bell Mitsu in NJ????

    After reading Edmunds price info for an ES 4 cyl, I figure a good price to pay with delivery is around 17,000 to 17,100 + TTT. Anyone in NJ have any financial info to share? Also, does anyone have anything to say about the brake lever hitting the right knee? Or about a VERY prominent (unadjustable) lumbar support?

  • kakalakkakalak Posts: 4
    Is it possible to purchase an ES with just the addition of the adjustable lumbar support and not the entire upgrade package?
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    Greetings "kakalak" and everyone else.

    My 2000 Galant ES is about a month old and I've driven it about 1900 miles. The position and knifelike composition of the brake lever and the sandwiching effect created by its proximity to the storage area underneath the radio is such a glaringly stupid design flaw that, frankly, it's casting a shadow over my decision to buy the car.

    The sales manager from whom I bought the car was excellent, but the service department has already disappointed me by flatly refusing to even address an admittedly minor, but annoyingly obvious hesitation in the V4 engine. Neither the manager nor general store manager would consent to a five minute test drive after I disagreed with their mechanic's finding. Apparently Mitsubishi's mechanics are irreversibly omnipotent. Additionally, I was prohibited from speaking with the mechanic and no one would help me locate a wiring diagram, which I need to install daytime running lights. Needless to say, my complaints regarding the emegency brake lever fell on deaf ears.

    I called the toll free number in the owner's manual and explained the situation. They agreed I was treated poorly, stonewalled the brake lever issue, and offered some, but not much, hope that the hesitation problem would ever be addressed.

    Having said all gas mileage is consistently 26.5-27.5 mpg (no real highway and no real city driving). The car is very pleasant, has all the options I need, and makes a good impression. Even though I'm *never* completely comfortable in my seat due to the brake lever, and have been treated badly by the dealer's service department, there's a fifty-fifty chance I'd buy the car all over again. If you can get one for $17,500 with zero percent financing plus the usual tax, etc., (not including any cash rebate/incentive)'re doing okay.

    But make sure you can tolerate the position of that painful emergency brake lever!!

    If anyone else is bothered by the brake lever please e-mail me at [email protected] I'm seriously considering taking this up the corporate ladder and there is power in numbers.
  • kakalakkakalak Posts: 4
    I thought I would give the dealership a second try as I drove home this evening. I stopped by at 6:00pm and again walked the floor for about 10 minutes. Again, nearly all of the salespeople were eating in a back room (this time fried chicken). When they were done with the chicken, it was time to smoke on the side entrance steps. Anyway, I asked the receptionist for a Galant brochure. She told me that she had none. That was enough for me. Mazda 626/Dodge Intrepid/Toyota Camry, here I come.
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    You don't really want to buy a Mercedes from a Yugo dealership. Mitsubishi dealers in the US are the worst. US built Mitsubishi cars are poor quality either. I own a '99 Galant and I am working on selling it now. Even if it were a good car, their servicemen would mess it up.
  • morensteinmorenstein Posts: 1
    I got a 99 GALANT, I love this car, I was trying to find out about extended warranties, where is the best place to shop for one other than the Dealer?, how are those warranties different (better/worse) than the one the dealer is selling?,how much do they cost?, whats a good price?help from any one with knowledge on this subject would be deeply appreciated.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Check out and then click on warranties. Also, you may wanna check out and look for their extended warranty on the website. I hear (from shop repair persons) that they are one of the best.
  • marvinb1marvinb1 Posts: 1
    I was considering purchasing a Mitsubishi Galant 95' LS I would like some input from current owners
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    Has anyone recently purchased a 2000 ES V6 in Minnesota, and if so, at what price. Carsdirect is quoting $18295 and you can apparently also get the 1.9% factory financing. Any good or bad experiences with Carsdirect?
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 142
    Try Forums about Carsdirect, they'll have lots of con/pros there....

    ~anyone still wanna sell their original 99-00 galant mudguards?
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    ultratech -> used or new ones? you can buy 'em at a very good price from magauto.
  • cheddarcheddar Posts: 1
    Does anybody know where can I find any aftermarket parts for my 99 galant? I've browsed the web with not much luck. Mostly I'm looking for exterior accessories but any info would be much appreciated.
  • moeman_71moeman_71 Posts: 1
    I own a 95 Galant that I bought new and have recently been told to sell it quickly because it is burning oil. The shop told me the only way to fix it would be to rebuild the engine. Any one else having this sort of problem?
  • emkayusaemkayusa Posts: 7
    How many miles? How often is the oil changed? What type of oil is in there? How much oil is it burning? Is there a knock in the engine? And is there any smoke? Those questions need to be answered first.

    I have not heard of nor seen any Galants with that problem, at least none with less than 150,000 miles on them.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Hey people. I've been lurking here for the past month while deciding whether or not to buy a Galant. Well, I did. 3 weeks ago I bought a 2000 Galant GTZ. It rocks!

    And it seems if you need to find a dealer who is cool to work with, head on down to Raleigh. I had a wonderful experience with Leith Mitsubishi down here. I not only got the car for $250 less than the best price I found on the web, I also got $500 more for my car than I got offered anywhere else on all the other cars I was looking at. And I got the 1.9% for 60 months. Needless to say, I am a happy camper.

    I went in the first night to look at Galants in general. They had that GTZ right at the end of the line and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I drove it and was hooked. Told them I would be back the next day with my wife so she could drive it too, but pending her approval, and a successful negotiation I would buy the car. (These things need to be cleared with the boss, you know...) They put a "Sold" sign in the window for me when we got back, much to the chagrin of a couple who had arrived after I headed out for the test drive.

    I came back the next day with my wife during lunch and she loved the car as much as I did, so I told them to do the deal, and that I'd be back at the end of the day to sign the paperwork if everything was "in order". They called me at work a short time later to confirm that I did qualify for the lower 1.9% (Which must be pretty easy to get, since our credit is average at best) instead of the higher 3.9%, which I would have been happy to settle for.

    So after work, I headed on back over and there is where they did a quick appraisal on my car and offered me $8000 on my base '95 Camaro. Considering it was in far from pristine shape, I was thrilled.

    Edmunds said:
    1995 Chevrolet Camaro 2 Dr STD Coupe (used)
    Trade-In $6,315
    Market $8,095

    My adjustments didn't change the value more than $200 bucks.

    Sooo...... to make this long story a tad shorter, I am driving my new Pearl White 2000 GTZ and loving every minute of it. I am 6'2" and have no problem with that parking brake issue that seems to nag some people. I even tried sitting in different positions to TRY to see what the issue is, but never could get it to be "in the way"

    As far as the Lumbar support, maybe it's the leather seats, or maybe it is also my height, but I kinda gave them high marks for it. I think it feels good. :)

    It hasn't been "Perfect". The center console sometimes doesn't snap shut when closed. Dunno why, but it doesn't rattle and it seems to be in place so it doesn't bother me too much.

    The other problem was I have already got a speeding ticket. My first in countless years. I was driving home on a back road late at night and just having fun. The cop just didn't share my enthusiasm. *sigh*

    - Adam
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    Hello DSM fan's.... 00 LS, V6 power-nothing less will do. This car Rocks.. buy it, own it, customize it!!
    About the "upgrades & aftermarket toys" that some of us want to do. I have also looked high and low on the net. Here are my finding's.
    Go to they have got the SETUP for around $1,000.

    I personally have upgraded the HL (headlights)with sylvania "cool blue", reshaped the HL with black (color matched) tape (make sure it is weather proof), and working on customizing the front grill to fit my need. I think the color matched grill's look "killer"!! The chrome grill is good but it gives the car a goofy look because there is no separation with the HL. more updates later.

    Jon... let me know if there is any more aftermarket sites!!

    ATTENTION: the N.C. guy who bought the GTZ, what was your price?
  • kakalakkakalak Posts: 4
    C'mon Mr. Mitsu,
    I can see it now,
    Mits read all of the negative comments and figured they'd better address them in a positive review.
    First talk about what a great car it is.
    Then bring in the wife for a female interest story.
    Expand upon the car's appeal by mentioning that another potential buyer missed their opportunity when you bought the car in question.
    Talk up the dealer by stating that they "Gave" you more for your car than expected.
    Dispel the rumors that the brake lever and lumbar support are anything but wonderful.
    And then, so as not to come off as too thrilled, mention some silly little problem that nobody would care about (center console snap).
    Finally, the icing in the cake: Driving home in a back road and the cop gave me a ticket for speeding. Wow, what a story!!
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    yup, fake!
    and how come he did not include the price he paid for his mitsu? every1 here wants to know the price, this is why we are here! also, isn't hard to get gtz v6 engine? dealers don't negotiate much on those b/c of high demand.
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    We have a 99 Galant ES, one day we parked the car in the morning, came back a few hours later on a hot day, got in the car, turned ON the A/C and for all the sudden a real stinky smell came out of the A/C vents, the smell is still there a two weeks later, we have never smelled that before in the whole time we had this car ( not when either the A/C or the heater is ON), any one knows whats causing this problem?, any one had experienced this problem?, any one with any ideas on how to get ready of this smell?
    thanks in advance to all who help

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    For all you V6 Galant owners, is premium fuel a requirement or just suggested??? Just curious.

    Also, what is a good price for a GTZ on the road?
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    Well, I bought the V6 LS, which I love. It seems that if I put Premium or reg in there is not much difference. They suggest it because of the higher octane which will be cleaner and better for the engine. but if you put less in, don't worry, put in a octane booster or put in the "middle" octane. Try and put the best in you can. Anyone Agree?

    BTW.. I have no idea what the brake handle thing is about. I have NO problem with my brake handle...

    I drove my galant from LA to Chicago and had a great time. NO Problems
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 142
    The story about that guy with his GTZ could be fake or real, but at the same time, all those horror stories about the galant could also be fake. So.. to make it short , don't always trust everything you see on this forum ... at least read reviews by major car magazines, and look for other sources if you're thinking about a galant.
    OK here's my real storie:
    (which may sound fake for some)
    -I bouth my 2000 galant back in december 99 , now I only have 800 miles since i don't drive it much, and only thing that bothers me is that I tried to put in Door guards and they don't fit perfectly.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Hey folks. I'm EpiKGTZ. I wrote that story. It's all true, including the ticket. You can pay it if you want. (Want a scan?) I do have two scans of my car already if you want those also.

    I'm sorry if I sounded like a Mitzu rep. I was just excited about the car. I do love it. And I don't have the problems some of you are having. But I do have a wife that wanted her stamp of approval on any car I chose. We have two small kids and needed a 4 door sedan. (Hence the reason I dumped my Camaro.)

    I dunno, maybe I should be worried. I posted a happy post and you all thought it was a fake.

    - EpiKGTZ

    PS - I paid $23,252 after destination. And you are right, they wouldn't go any lower due to the demand. They told me it was only the 2nd 2000 GTZ they got in, and they don't know when they will get more.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    So far all I have put in has been regular. Gas mileage has been around 24 for me which is 85% city driving.

    No problems, no noises, etc. so until I hear or experience otherwise (or the gas prices come down) I'm going to stick with the regular.

    - EpiK
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    I got my '99 galant a year ago. The whole story was posted above. So now it's been parked for a while and I drive an '87 Wrangler that I bought from a friend for $2000. And I paid $19500 for Galant (Tax & license included) which is useless. Does anybody know where to buy big yellow lemon-shape stickers? I want to put them on the Galant. Any information on when to order stickers with custom text will be appreciated. I want to put "Mitsubishi Sucks" on the front windshield.
    P.S. The last reliable Mitsubishi product was the aircraft they produced during WWII. Seems to be that Mitsubishi has been a looser ever scince. They made a jet aircraft (TF-1) which couldn't fly. They also build tanks for the Japanese army (10-15 years behind in technology compared to USA and Germany), so I think that Japan is not a threat to the Asia any more. Not with Mitsubishi products...
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    Found out you cannot get 1.9% financing at carsdirect price of $18295 for 2000 ES V6. To get the rate you must pay an additional $1000. Local dealer was willing to go to $19,100 including mud guards & cargo net. Does not include tax, license, etc. THe car did have 500 miles, which they said was from a dealer trade--does that sound suspicious?
  • kaysheakkaysheak Posts: 1
    I see that you guys know a lot about the newer Galant Models but I have questions about an older model. First off I am a college student and I am thinking of buying a 1990 Galant from my aunt. She's the only owner and had never really had any problems with it. Its in pretty good shape just needs a few things like the tint in the windows to be replaced and a paint job.

    Whats a fair price for this car?

    What would be the best place to get it painted at a reasonable price?

    Anybody with any answers or any extra tips they can give would be greatly appreciated.

  • tebbenstebbens Posts: 5
    Glad to here your excitment Adam...couldn't believe the others thought you were a fake. Oh well...We recently purchased an Alero and have been very pleased. Looked at the Galant and liked but didn't seem as comfy. We will probably be getting another car soon, I hope and am seriously thinking about the Galant. She really looks nice and as I remember was really sporty. Hope I can keep the speed down and avoid those tickets! Hope we aren't to suspicious of everyone? Appreciate all the posts, gives us things to check out before we take ours home if we do take one. Keep them coming, Ben. P.S. Am also looking at the Pearl White, Sharp!
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