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Mitsubishi Galant



  • rossmck1rossmck1 Posts: 1
    I only wish I had discovered this site before buying. Here's my purchase:

    It's a 2000 ES 4-cylinder demo with 5000 mi. The options included only the sunroof and leather (not normally available on ES). I upgraded the wheels and tires to 16" alloy through the dealer (Knoxville, TN) for a grand total of $21,200. I purchased in February under the 0 down, 0 payment, 0 interest until 2001 program because I'm currently still a full-time student. The only down side is the 9.9% APR over 5-yrs. The dealer told me I should refinance once I start my job in October -- is this a good idea??

    I plan on driving this until it dies so resale value wasn't a consideration. I absolutely love the car but I'm still not sure if I negotiated much of a price. What do you all think?
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    i would say you got no deal at all. with 5k miles, that wasn't worth it for that much. but if you love the car and will keep it till it dies (hopefully never) it will pay-off in the long run. i love my car and i'm a full time student too :) (not to make you mad or anything but in june of 99 i bought brand new '99 ES with standard options for 16,700 with 0.9% for 48 mo.) got 21k miles now and runs soo smooth.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Don't worry too much about the deal. There are more important things to be worrying about. Over the long haul maybe you are paying $10 - $15 a month over the BEST price you could have gotten. Heck, depending on where you live you could be making that up on gas prices alone. Up until I visited my in-laws two weeks ago I thought my gas prices were bad ($1.40 here in Raleigh), they are in the Chicago area and paying $2.00. Based on a 15 gallon tank, that's $10 bucks a tank! Since I fill up a few times a month, I'm saving some decent money over people in Illinois.

    The important thing is you are happy with the car. Refinance if you can down the road, but do a bunch of research because you may have a hard time finding a better a rate because you will be refinancing a "used" car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Places like specialize in financing used cars. I think their rates are something like 7.49 most or all of the time.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Don't mean to contradict, (don't take it the wrong way...) but the best rate from E-Loan is 7.99% for a 3 year term on a NEW car. If you go to 5 years it's up to 8.39%. It's even more for a used car. And remember, that's for good credit. He had to settle for the 9.99% because he was a student who hadn't established himself yet. The rates will be higher until his credit rating goes up.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You are right. Sorry dude. Haven't checked them in a while and also forgot that the interest rates just hiked up not long ago as well. My fault. :)
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    Here is a link to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute and their crash test of 1999-2000 Galant. For those who don't know yet, Galant was given an "A"!
  • akh25akh25 Posts: 1
    EDID:I too am from Minnesota-Mpls/St.Paul area and am looking at purchasing a 2000 ES V6. I was wondering what dealer you went through. Did you have a trade-in? If so, did they give you a fair price? What was the final price you paid-including tax, title and license? Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    The dealer was Kline. My tax was a little different because I live in Duluth and we have a separate auto sales tax of 1%. You can figure the tax, title etc on your own after you get a firm price on the car. They went to $19,100 for a 2000 Es v6 including mudguards and cargo net, but the car did have 500 miles on it.
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    Forgot to mention no trade was considered.
  • trigger9trigger9 Posts: 3
    I am a very satisfied original owner of a '92 Galant 5-speed. My local dealer tells me that '00 Galants are not available in a manual transmission. What gives Mitsubishi?
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    Hey everybody... so like I'm flyin' down the street today trying to make it to a 10:00 appointment. It's 9:45. I'm in the right lane, drop it from D to 2, the rpm flies up to 4500 and my LS comes alive. I drop it to the floor and the whole car jumps, dodge into the left lane around a minivan, shift into 3 and again V6 power lurches into adrenaline speed. The car handles with a quick response moves around with every little command I give. Red light, shift down, brakes on. Stopped!! Tick - Tick, I look at my watch it's 9:55, I've got 5 minutes. Green and off I go, my baby jumps out of the gate, she's the first one through and pulling away from the crowd. OH man, a slow driver (or maybe I'm flyin') rzzzzzmmmmmm, I brake to negotiate, boom there's opening, I shift down, and launch ahead.... I come around the corner, zoom into the car park (parking lot). What a rush!!!
    I walk into the appointment ON Time, thankyou V6 LS

    The car I'm talking about is a black 00 LS customized. The LS with a little customizing, is a classy 4 door rocket. I LOVE IT!!!

    Black Lighting

    (NOTE- don't try this without proper instruction.)
  • mdflyermdflyer Posts: 1
    After pouring through scores of these reviews, I must concur with 99.9% of them that the Mitsu Galant LS V6 in a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S car! After owning (2) Mazda 626's, I was destined to make yet another purchase for a replacement one but the morons at Fairfax (VA) Mazda didn't think that customer loyalty was worth anything.

    While awaiting an appraisal at CarMax in MD, I noticed that they sold new Mitsu's. Having as much curiosity as the other, I decided to take a test drive and have been hooked ever since. I was like a kid at under 48 hrs I had a '00 Bodega Beige with tan leather and all options but the 6-disc changer feature. I bought it as Ourisman Mitsu in Marlow Heights through Auto-by-Tel. The communist dealers in MD recently banded to form a lobby against CarsDirect from selling cars here (though you can still lease from them).

    I got the car ($200 below invoice), TT & L for just under 23K and have financed the balance at the ridiculous rate of 0.9% APR and have "banked" the rest in a high yield mutual fund. My total finance charges for 4 years is a measly $350!

    If you are like my former "non-believing" self, give the Mitsu a T-R-Y. Prior to that, I didn't know anyone with one, had hardly seen them on the road -- more or less -- had never been a passenger in one before.

    Yes -- some of the creature features can be improved. No dash rattles, squeaks, or other strange noises yet; however, here is a list that I would e-mail to the '01 design engineers:

    1) put a darn dome light in behind the moonroof
    2) have another coat hanging hook in the back (the driver's side has the only one)
    3) make a no-smoker's option car
    4) put in a coin holder
    5) illuminate all power window switches
    6) make the shared cup-holder/armrest hold exactly the correct # of CD's (currently I have to "jam" the almost-enough-room-for one-more in)
    7) key-less trunk access (put a trunk button on the remote)
    8) lose the Goodyear shoes
    9) make a clock that you can see
    10) put some pockets behind the seats

    Will these things dissuade me from buying another Mitsu if they don't honor my wishes? Heck no. I'm just an average Joe consumer who watches his almighty $. But if you want a solid runner with a strong engine, good brakes, exceptional comfort at a price well below the others, go with the Mitsu. I am, too, now one of the believers.

    Enjoy the summer gang.
  • s1ginss1gins Posts: 51
    You must have gone to the same school as the idiot that cut me off on Saturday. While you may believe you left enough room, YOU DID NOT. Aggresive driving is fine with more than enough tolerence left between cars, your probable someone that believes enough room is when you barely touch someones bumper! Leave a little earlier for your meetings.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Does the V6 engine in the Galant require premium fuel or not??

    As far as aggressive drivers, come and drive on the Capital Beltway (Washington, DC) if you wanna see aggressive. The speed limit is 55, but if you went that speed, you would be pushed off the side of the road and left for dead. I have seen people go anywhere from 70-90 mph, and space enough for them? Please! Half the time, if you look close enough in your rearview mirror, you will be able to see what kinda underwear they have on!
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    I never even noticed the lack of a domelight. Now it's gonna bug me. :P

    I have noticed a few of the other minor details you mentioned that I would love to see addressed as well. The armrest does hold 1 fewer CD than I keep in my car, so I have to put the extra case in the little compartment under the climate control switches. The problem with that is the compartment is smooth so any type of hard acceleration (very easy to do with a fun car like this) and the CD case comes flying out.

    Also, a keyless trunk access option is a must! I'd put that in aftermarket if I knew of anywhere that did it. I play Ice Hockey so it would be such a bonus to be able to simply pop the trunk and toss in my equipment without having to put everything down so I can get the key into the lock. I heard this feature is standard on the Diamante, so put it on the Galant!

    Oh well. I'm never be happy unless I have something to complain about. (At least that's what my wife says.)
  • rjagtz1rjagtz1 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2000 GTZ. Paid 23,252 and the dealer gave me 2,300 for my 95 Geo Prizm with 90K miles(and very beat up). Very happy so far, other then the minor details(dome light, change holder).
  • trigger9trigger9 Posts: 3
    Why can't I get a manual transmission 2000 Galant? Is there a Mitsu reprepresentative that can explain why you discontinue making the fabulous little 5-speed, 4-cylinder? I am very disappointed!
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    It has a v6 with 5 speed manual. Fast enough, price is somewhat close. It looks UGLY though, IMHO. Galant has never been an entusiast's car scince vr4 was discontinued. The new v6 is a dog, thanks to the lousy gearbox and a boat due to the overboosted steering. I felt pretty excited when I bought it, now the more I drive it, the more I feel like selling it. Mitsubishi build quality is pretty lousy too. The customer satisfaction ratio is far below average. Also their service in Northern California sucks big time. The only advantage this car had when I bought it - it was cheap (ES v6 $17.5 before tax and license). But now this last advantage is gone. I wouldn't buy it again.
    P.S. If you want a fast 4 cylinder look at VW passat.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Everyone here knows what you are thinking, everyone here knows your story, nobody here cares anymore. You don't like your car, oh well. The time has come for you to move on...
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I've been looking at this forum the past few months and agree that MPEVZNER has worn out his welcome! We all know he has a GALANT and hates it! Well, you are in the minority MPEVZNER! Most of the people in this forum really love their Galant! I know I love mine! I have a 2000 ES. Took a trip to Alabama today and got 30mpg on the highway. Not to bad! The best I got was 33mpg on the highway. So, back to MPEVZNER, you need to move on with your life and quit bashing Mitsu! You've already put enough messages in here letting everyone know how you feel! Please stop and take up your problems elsewhere!! Also, with respect to a manual transmission on 2000 Galants, I am under the assumption that Mitsu doesn't make one.
  • lrisrlrisr Posts: 6
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that I am a second time around owner of a Galant. I bought my new one in March at Ourisman Mitsubishi in Maryland. Dover White Pearl 4 cyl ES with Premium package and it had 0 miles on it. It had just been delivered to the dealer that week. I have about 1400 miles on it now. I don't drive much! My first car was an 89 Galant and when I traded it in, it had 180,020 miles on it. I bought it used in 94 for $4K and got $1K for it as a trade in. Totally not worth 1k but I squeezed as much as I could out of them given that it still had original parts in it! I got 0 down, 0 payments for 3 months and 4.9 APR for 5 years. Was not in the market for a new car, I planned on buying used but I saw the new Galants at Carmax in MD and was very impressed. Went to Ourisman test drove it, went home thought about it, and got it the next day. The sticker price was $21,352 and after all was said and done with tax, title and freight I paid $21,335. Probably a little high after reading all these posts but it fell within my budget for a car. I threatened to walk out of there 3 times(I asked for my keys back to my old car repeatedly) until they gave me a payment schedule that I approved of. All in all I'm happy with my car, I'm happy with my payment schedule and boy do those 4 cyls have pep. I left a Honda with a Vtech engine eating my dust one day!!
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    Anybody wonder about the extra options: vr4, manual trans, turbo, etc... well, doing some checking on the web, it seems that Mitsu. decided that the American public wasn't hip on buying these options and therefore don't put them on the cars here. But in Japan there are these kind of cars.... meaning... well, you can import these features, of course, that means paying serious $$$. OR as faithful Mitsu buyers, we could put our voices together, creating a loud voice, and speak our desires as consumers of their product.
    I know the Galant is assembled in Normal, IL. Now we just have to find the place to send our requests and/or suggestions to headquarters!!!
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    So has anybody put the "white lights" on their new Galants?? I put the Sylvania cool blue on my LS and it does seem a bit brighter.
  • trigger9trigger9 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the update. I wondered why Edmonds site listed the 2000 Galant available with a manual transmission. I guess they were also fooled into believing this option was really available for the average consumer.

    Oh well, for what it's worth Mitsubishi, I am one customer that would purchase another Galant today, provided it had a manual transmission. Since this vehicle is not available in my area (or perhaps the U.S.), I will purchase VW, Nissan or Honda, as they do provide options for their customers.
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    Yes, I installed a pair purchased from Walmart, whose everyday price was interestingly (and perhaps still is) about half of what I had seen everywhere else for the identical bulb type and output. I believe they're Sylvania brand.

    The whiter and brighter output is noticeable, and in my opinion a significant improvement though difficult to quantify. I had a difficult time figuring out that you must squeeze the wire socket horizontally, and very carefully, in order to remove the wiring harness. The owner's manual merely says the harness should be pulled straight back, which of course won't work unless you squeeze just right.

    After installation I noticed that the cutoff pattern of one light is lower than other, even though I didn't bend or misalign anything. Could be the bulb itself. I'm not satisfied with the cutoff pattern, but that's a Mitsub. design issue. The improved light output of these bulbs minimizes the cutoff and, for me, is much improved (and legal).

    Now if I could only figure out how to install better fog lights and daytime running lights --- the dealer has flatly refused to help, even after I offered to pay for either the wiring information alone or for the complete installation. Also, the emergency brake lever/dashboard is still pinching my normal-sized right leg...but I've given up on this. By the way, my gas mileage is 27mpg (2000 V4 ES) in the warm weather with very little highway or city driving.

    I'm sorry to say I'm very disappointed with my local service department, but I still like the car and would recommend it.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Here's a link that might give you an idea of how the wiring for the fog lamps are. It's on a 2000 Eclipse, but should be similiar to the galants.
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    Bravo...your link and accompanying wiring instructions and photos are very well done and informative.

    I may very well give it a try, though to be honest what I'd really like is a way to wire either the headlights or fog lights to automatically come on with the ignition, without routing a separate switch into the passenger area. The problem is using a voltmeter, I couldn't find a single hot wire that stays off when the ignition is turned off. Apparently the headlights are also controlled by a timer and/or ECM, as well as by the dashboard switch, which complicates matters.

    Thanks again vac23.
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Mitsu-bishi -bash! -bash! I am gonna bash any lousy product in the market, no matter who produced it. As for moving on, I haven't decided yet should I buy Mercedes E430 4Matic or Audi A6 2.7T. Even though the A6 design is quastionable, I'll probably choose it over the Benz. I don't want another Daimler-Chrysler-Mitsubishi lemon.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    On the 99-00 Galants you can leave the headlight switch in the on position. everytime you start your car the light will come on. It'll turn off by itself when you turn off the car & open the driver's door, otherwise it turn off in 2mins. Not sure if you knew this or not. It beats trying to re-wire the headlights
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