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Mitsubishi Galant



  • yadilosyadilos Posts: 2
    A couple of weeks ago my beloved 2000 ES became straight-fender impaired from an accident with a little old lady. Off to the shop it went. The rental car given to me is a 2000 Chevy Malibu with 4000 miles on it. Gotta tell ya guys, we soon forget how good we have it driving our Galants. There isn't anything about this car that is better than our Mitsus (Well, unless you have that emergency brake problem). Is it Friday yet??? I can't wait to drive my own car again...
  • steve109steve109 Posts: 13
    I'm curious. When I shut the engine off of my '00 Galant ES 4 cyl., sometimes, not all the time, just sometimes, the green anti-theft dashboard light will blink two times. Now, I do not have the anti theft package, just the normal remote keyless entry. I have found nothing in my owners manual about this mystery. I haven't asked my dealer yet either. I thought I would try here first with answers to see if anybody has experienced this as well. Anybody with an answer? Thanks.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Well, if you live in Southern California , Paying MSRP out the door with our super high 11% tax should be very reasonable.
  • bigb8bigb8 Posts: 6
    If you are looking to purchase a new Galant and live in or near Baltimore, Chicago, LA, Milwalkee, or D.C. please check out They sell new Mitsubishi's below dealer's invoice. Point in case: 2000 Galant ES 4 cyl, black in a Mitsi Carmax in Atlant
    MSRP $18,752
    Inv $17,587
    Price $16,628

    Plus you get the 1.9% if you qualify. I got mine there and got an AWESOME deal. Believe me the prices they show on their website are legit. There's no haggling, no pressure. I would recommend anyone near any of these locations check them out and save a ton, I did.

    As far as my Galant is concerned I love it. The only 2 problems I've had on my 2000 Galant ES 4 cyl is that the seat doesn't go back far enough for me (but I'm 6'4), and the inside dome light keeps falling out. Though the dealer will take care of that for me. Otherwise I love it. It has unique styling, great gas mileage, quiet ride and acceleration. And priced much better than anything in it's class.........

  • ralvralv Posts: 2
    Has anyone put rims on their 2000 galant? What looks good on them? How wide can you go with the tires?

    About tinting. How dark can we go in Illinois?
  • ssutton2ssutton2 Posts: 1
    For those inquiring about rims you can go to and plug in any rim for your car. You must have Shockwave to view it but it works well. I wanted the alloy wheels for my Galant , but I opted not too. Good Luck on your findings.
  • I had the same problem searching for a 2000 LS V6. One dealer wouldnt come down a dime off of list price. His attitude was take it or leave it. I left it. Found Mitsubishi's web site, located all the dealers in my area. Went to one on Wednesday at noon....i was home at 3:30 with a new LS in my driveway. He was willing to deal even with the 1.9%. So, KEEP LOOKING!! you will find one willing to deal... My first Galant, silver, word to describe it: sweeeeeet!
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    OK, since now they Have a $1000 rebate on galants, and carsdirect price is $16,189 with destination fee, then you should aim for that price.
    (note that carsdirect price included all rebates)
  • hotrod051hotrod051 Posts: 11
    I currently own a '00 Galant V6 with the Premium Package. This included the Infinty Sound System. I am looking to replace the factory radio with a new aftermarket one. In order to do this my local car audio store told me that I needed to do one of two things. Either to rewire my entire car which would cost around $150 or to buy a new amp for my car which would cost right around the same amount. I am apprehensive about both of these ideas. If anyone else has heard about anything like this. Or has a better idea please let me know. I am happy with my galant. It is a great looking car and runs well. The only downfall is there have been multiple rattles including the sunroof and the door panels in the car. These were both looked at and supposidly fixed by Mitsubishi, but the problems still exist. If Mitsubishi would have a good service department like Toyota, I feel they would be a much better company!
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    I upgraded my radio to Kenwood. All I had to do is pull the old one out and replace with the new one. No rewiring, nothing. If you buy from they will include free cable adapter to fit Mitsu's cabling. Very easy.
  • gsladegslade Posts: 1
    Hi there. I bought a Galant ES-V6 about 2.5 months ago and have now got 2000 miles on the clock. I thought I would share some observations and experiences.
    Firstly, buying it... I spent a while on the web at,, and anywhere else I could find prices and peoples comments. I decided on the strength of what I had read that people will pay extra for the Honda and Toyota name ( after 3 lousy experiences with Ford I decided to take peoples advice and leave US cars alone) and mitsubishi seemed to be good value for money. Armed with prices I had picked up from the web I did the normal tap dance with a local Mitsi car dealership. I ended up doing a turn key price of $20500 the dealer did the math of breaking that 20500 up into tax, the price of the car and all the other little things. I'm still not sure if I got a good deal or not.
    Having had the car for a couple of months I do enjoy driving it (despite the following list). It is peppy and after driving my crappy Ford Taurus for the last 5 years it is like a breath of fresh air throwing it round corners (as opposed to bouncing the Taurus round).
    But here are a few little things that I don't like...
    1. There is no place to put a full size book of maps, there is no pouch in the back of the front seats and the door pockets are to small.
    2. The position of the front speakers is wrong. My leg sits directly infront of the speaker, it should be higher up in the door.
    3. On the center air conditioning panel there is a button for the rear demist and another to close the outside vents so you just recirculate the air in the car. There's 2 buttons and the dial that controls the fan, all have have small lights to tell you they are active. However, get a little bit of sunlight into the car and there is no way you can see if those lights are on or not.
    4. I laughed when the salesman was showing me the 'features' of the car. He went to great lengths to say how cool it was that the fuel cap looks like it is locked and released from the inside but really all you had to do was push on it and it would open.... must be Mitsubishi sales training to smooth over the plain fact that Mitsubishi were too cheap to put a lockable fuel cap on the car.... maybe a worry now that the fuel prices are up so much.
    5. I am use to resting my elbows on the door arm rest and the center arm rest. I find that the door arm rest is rock hard and it becomes uncomfortable quickly... maybe a little padding there would be a good move
    6. I look the car for it first long trip the other weekend. I am 6foot 4 inches tall. To rest my arms to the arm rests I must move the seat forward slightly. But in doing so my legs get slightly scrunched and the angle that my foot must make to rest on the gas peddle makes my foot start to hurt ofter about 30mins... thank god for the cruise control.... This car is a little to small for me.

    Having said all that, I really am happy with the car and don't egret buying it. And my wife, who is significantly smaller than me absolutely loves it.
  • shewthshewth Posts: 1
    hi, all. just bought my mitsu and everything is just perfect except for one thing. after i start the car, there is some considerable noise (which is not really loud but just shouldn't happen for brand new car) from the engine. after turning on the air-con, the noise gets louder. it sounds like fan-noise, but i am not sure 'bout that. does anyone have this kind of problem before?
  • krykrykrykry Posts: 1
    Last November I concluded that dreadful stage of car negotiation. I got a brand new (33 miles on it)1999 ES V6 with, 10 disc CD changer, mudguards, indash CD, cassette, trunk mat and spoiler for
    $17,380 without taxes including rebates and dealer discount. It took me more than a month to find this deal and I am happy with the outcome. The car is definitely worth the price and the little complaints that I have are the rattles (in cold weather), lack of dome light and the high beam in my opinion stinks, but the handling, engine, and looks certainly overshadow those minor glitches.
    I will probably, when the time comes, change the tires and wheels when the factory wheels wear down and buy something that will considerably improve the grip. If any of you have an Infinity stereo system with cassette (99 premium package or 99 LS or 99 GTZ) and are selling it at a reasonable price please let me know here at Edmunds with a post. Hope all are enjoying your GALS as much as I am....
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Yes, It looks like all Galant 4 cyl do make a considerable noice when you first start the car....which do calm down after like 1-2 minutes ... and since I'm at it Anyone buying a galant soon? Need a Favor, tell the dealer to throw in some mudguards for free, willing to pay like $30 ...
  • miranda99miranda99 Posts: 1
    Yesterday I bought and LS from Carmax to take advantage of the 1.9% financing. I love it! I tried to buy an ES V6 from the local dealer but he wouldn't negotiate at all, so remembering a post I'd seen here I called Carmax and walked away with an LS for 1000 more than the dealer would have charged me for the ES V6. I figured I paid $1000 less than MSRP but with it only costing $1000 to finance over 5 years (I put 4K down) I'm happy enough. Anyone else used Carmax? They didn't add any advertising or fueling or other stupid charges, I just paid the Carmax price and tax (which in LA was 2K) Origially I wanted the Lincoln LS--but when I test drove it I didn't fall in love. I love how my Galant handles, and it looks really sleek in black. (Buy a car duster!--they really shine it up). Do keep in mind that Carmax quotes you a price online with the dealer rebate factored in, and if you get the low financing you don't get the rebate (its either or) but I figure that my credit union would have charded 7.9 so I saved a ton of money there. Ford's red carpet lease was at 5.9 I found when I test drove the Lincoln LS and then you give the car back. I'm happy I chose to buy the Galant, and the LS leather, good stereo and other features really make it pleasant. I didn't care about a sunroof but I think I'll like it! AND ITS 6K LESS THAN A LINCOLN LS--but even more fun to drive!
  • mcechmanmcechman Posts: 3
    I just recently became a Gallant owner and had a question and a comment. Question: Does anyone know if there are any benifits or not to running the high octane gas? I've been running the low grade for the first 1800 miles and my finace inadvertantly put in the good stuff. It seemed to run okay but she didnt reset the trip so that I could see if there was any increase in milage. Anyone know? Now for my comment: Can anyone see the radio display when it is sunny out and you have sunglasses on? Is it just me or is this an across the board thing?
  • Its not you...I cant determine the time, station or track thats playing with even the slightest sun and wearing sunglasses. I dont know who they designed it for, but not for normal people.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    I've narrowed down my decision to by a 2000 Galant, now I can't decide between the LS or GTZ. My local dealer only has 1 LS on the lot (it's a '99 program car), about 6 ES's (all 2000) and NO GTZ's. I love the way the LS looks and drives, but for the small price difference the GTZ seems like the way to go. My question is this: Is there much difference in the way the GTZ drives, or is it basically a "tighter" LS? And is $23,300 a good buy on the GTZ? Also, is there any significant differences since the '99 model? Thanks for your help!
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    I have a '00 GTZ and I love it. The ride is fantastic. Best handling car I have ever owned.
    Unfortunately I'm afraid I won't be much help in comparing it to a '99 GTZ though. I have no idea what changed between model years.

    I'm also not an expert in the differences between the models, but I can tell you what I do know. Some of this may be available on the LS, but I'm pretty sure most of it is only for the GTZ. On the outside of the GTZ you get a color matched grill and trunk latch as opposed to chrome. You also get a spoiler on the trunk, and the larger chrome wheels instead of hub-caps and a stiffer sports suspension.

    On the inside, you have the wood grain finishes on the dash and armrests, leather seating, and a leather wrapped steering wheel and gear-shift. You also get side-impact airbags standard, (and I'm not sure you can even get those on any other model - Someone correct me if I'm wrong...) You also get inverted white faced gauges with black numbers on the instrument panel, and all the options on the other models are included standard except for the 6 disc-CD changer, cargo net, and mud-flaps. (None of which I wanted or ordered)

    As for your price, I paid $23,252 for mine after destination. I also got the 1.9% interest rate and I'm thrilled with that. I figure with the thousands I saved that way, it wasn't worth trying to save another hundred or so. They won't move much on the GTZ model because they are so rare.
  • tashmantashman Posts: 1
    My wife and I did purchase the ES as soon as they hit the market. We do like the car, but have had a couple of minor problems. The dome light did fall off and was replaced by a mitsu dealer and we have had a loud screeching sound coming from the rear driver side shock or spring. Very irritating. That will be fixed as soon as the part comes in. I have noticed that when the air conditioning is on, the car is pretty loud. The acceleration is great for a 4 cyl. and the handling is just as good. Have there been any other problems that I may possibly see in the future? I did laugh when I read that someone else had the dome light to fall out as well. Guess I am not the only one.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    There's not much difference between the 99 & '00 Execept the '00 has traction control standard, a cd fm/am radio instead of a tape deck, & driver side lumber support. I have a '99 model & can't complain about the ride. I'll be picking up a '00 GTZ hopefully next week, & will let you know if there's a difference in ride.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Why would you trade a 1999 for a 2000 model of the same car? Didn't you loose a lot of money on the trade-in? Usually, you end up "upside down" on your loan when you do that. I wish I could trade my 1999 Protege in for something else, but with the negative equity, I wouldn't be able to afford it.
  • solid101solid101 Posts: 12
    I still try to find a decent suspension package
    for my 99' GTZ, don't feel like to lower the car
    , but needs harder rear springs and shocks with
    higher rebounce ratings(all 4s), plus strut tower brace for both front and rear to end the body bending, and ....does anyone know what kind of
    Differential Galant has? The car doesn't turn too
    well with brakes applied(can't say it's TCS or ABS
    related), however, it's very easy to drive on the snow and icy roads due to this factor, my old Prelude did the opposite, turns so well even with
    brakes applied, but it needs greater precautions
    on snow even with noiser Goodyear(like the Galant)
    tires,Mmmm, any thoughts? Last word, this engine rocks!( Accord 3.0 Engine got Aluminum blocks and
    heads, vtec , 9.4 compression ratio and twin mufflers,and all the fancy outfit still can't beat
    this old fashion iron block engine with merely 9.0
    compression ratio, if only Mitsu can lower the top speed to around 120 and make the 2nd gear more close, the 0~60 will look way better)
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    I'm not trading in my '99. My fiancee loves the car so she decided to get a GTZ too. Fortunately I'll get to drive it too :-)
  • eludwigeludwig Posts: 82
    Which color in the ES looks classiest? I was thinking black would look best against the chrome grill. Thoughts? And which interior looks nicer, black or tan?

    I wanted an Integra LS 4-door- ALL '00's are sold out in WA! Anyway, the Galant ES is less expensive, comes loaded, is more powerful, and is much rarer. I also know insurance is $400 cheaper in Seattle.

    Once concern is reliability. As a former Honda owner, I'm used to 0 problems. Comments?

  • buhundbuhund Posts: 2
    I've given up trying to buy a Galant. The one Mitsubishi dealer in Austin TX that has ES V6's absolutely refuses to deal at all. They even told me that it was Mitsubishi Corporation POLICY that they could not give the special financing (0.9, 1.9) unless you pay MSRP for the car. I know this isn't true judging by the deals many of the posters have spoken about. The other Mits dealer in town doesn't have any V6's. I also can't buy the car through CarMax, etc. because the state of Texas doesn't allow it.
    My wife and I really like the car but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I appreciate all the posts that I was able to read while I was doing my research.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Hi, it's so sad you need to give up on the galant .... have you tried any of the online buying service? like autobytel, autovantage, stoneage, carpoint? or even carsdirect, or carorder? Good luck !
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Why not order a V6 from the other dealer? They also may be able to swap cars with the other bonehead dealer.
  • mcechmanmcechman Posts: 3
    Howdy again,
    Is this the only place to go for information on the Galant. I enjoy the postings but am looking for more. I know that is probably difficult to find a newsgroup on a family car but still... It'd be nice!
    Also looking to replace that radio in the car with one that I can actually see. Anyone know how to get the old stock one out? It looks very secure in it's home.
  • matt24matt24 Posts: 4
    Have you tried Gilman Mitsu in Schertz, Tx. just down the road a little off I-35 near San Antonio, and these guys were great to deal with. I only dealt with the Mitsu sales manager named Mario Del Bosque. I got an ES V6 for 2% over invoice. Started out at 5% over invoice but I refused to pay more than 2%. Anyway I had a great buying experience from this dealer. Service, well let's just say that's another story.
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