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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • I did not like the mats in our Mountaineer either, they are very small,Mercury did not include a 3rd row mat, and a cargo mat was optional. I bought the 'catch all' mats from for all three rows plus the cargo area and they are great. In my opinion they are much, much better than the factory mats. They are larger, have 'edges' to keep dirt and sand on the mat and 'lock' into the carpet, the 2nd and 3rd rows also cover the middle section. They are costly, but they keep the SUV clean. There are many places to buy them on the net. If your interested call Nifty and they will give you the exact part numbers. The color also matches perfect.
  • tvbraintvbrain Posts: 10
    Excuse me for not knowing the cause of, and not going back thru all the old posts to discover the cause of, the rattle under the dash.
    I'm at 13,000 miles on my 2002 XLT and I've noticed a rattle under the dash during freeway driving. I've also heard a rattle from the roof toward the back of the truck. I'd like to appear like I know what I'm talking about before I take it in to have it looked at and I remember it being discussed on this board a few months ago.
    I've also pretty much worn a hole thru my floor mat at 13,000 miles.
    Other than that. I love it.
  • kheintzelman: My XLT is also garaged and I generally use Mobil or Shell, too. Although I don't idle for 1-2 minutes, I do give it about 1/2 minute and drive thru a subdivision for about a mile so RPM's are low while it's warming. Besides, the stalling never happens cold. It's when warm and going from forward to reverse. I've also experienced hard starting when the vehicle is luke warm.

    mountainowner: I, too, bought the Catch-All Mats. You're right, they're terrific!
  • I'm about to purchase a new 2002 Explorer XLT. I've done a lot of research on this model specifically focusing on safety features. For starters I will be ensuring that the model I purchase has been manufactured after November 1, 2001 because of the safety modifications made in production models after that date. Having three children I will be purchasing the 3rd seat option. My questions are as follows: (1) what is the general consensus on the side air bag option for children riding in the second row seat? Are these side airbags safe and/or are they recommended knowing that children will be in the second (and 3rd) row seats?; (2) do the seat belts in the 3rd row employ pretensioner/energy management with adjustable height as the 1st and 2nd row shoulder belts do?; (3) in addition to the 3rd row seat are there any other absolute recommended options for the XLT that I should consider/get? Thanks ...
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Do any of the Lincoln cars (i.e., Continental, Town Car) use the same 4-speed electronic transmissions as found in '95 and newer Explorers/Mountaineers?
  • The seatbelts on the third row are not height adjustable but are of the pretensioning variety. I have a Mountaineer, but I'm sure they are the same in this respect.

    If you plan on regularly employing the third row seat you'll definately want the auxillary A/C.

    Good luck.
  • mwmcdonald1 Feb 2, 2002 4:44pm

    Thanks for the advice. Any advice or experience/knowledge on the side airbag & children question? If my children will be occupying the 2nd and 3rd row seats, are the side airbags a bad idea and really not recommend.
  • I did get the side airbags on our Mountaineer. Even in a carseat or booster seat a child will be sitting lower than an adult, so I think the kids will be fine.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    If by side air bags you mean the side head curtain airbags than by all means order them. I've got them on my '02 Mountaineer as well as my 3 series BMW. I will never own a car again without them. Don't worry about the kids. They do not deploy out as far as a front driver or passenger air bag. The purpose of the side head curtain is twofold. Primary reason is to prevent head injury from a persons head hitting the side of the vehicle "B" pillar or door frame in a roll over or severe side impact. Secondarily they help prevent intrusion into the passenger compartment in a severe side impact. Think of it this way, is your brain and the brains of your family worth $400.00?
    I also agree with mwmcdonald1 in that kids will be sitting lower in the seat and if they are in a car seat or booster seat may not be affected at all with the side head curtain airbags.
    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  • If kids in the second and third row are likely to be too low for the Air Bags, will they protect them at all in an impact? Am confused about that and appreciate any input. I am considering purchasing an 02 with the third row and have two kids (for now) in car seats. Thanks!
  • i am considering a 02 XLT with a third row, running boards with 11k miles (was probably a rental). list is 22995. does this sound like a good deal/good idea? i am concerned about some of the early "issues" with the car (pre-Nov. 01 manufacturing date) and wonder whether that issue warrants spending more money (ugh) and getting a spanking new one...
  • jd150jd150 Posts: 13
    What differences are in the post Nov.'01 builds?
  • indierockmom-

    I think having the side curtain airbags are going to be of some benefit, even to the kids. When deployed they are supposed to cover something like 70% of the side glass. Depending on the accident this may be of no help or it could reduce the potential for injury by some degree. I don't think the side airbags will increase the risk of injury to the kids, so to me it's worth the money.
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    The design of the build was changed to reinforce the structure so the mountaineer/explorer would fair better in the crash tests.

    The appearance has not changed.

    I had one built new to avoid the pre Nov lot.

    It was recently chrash tested the post Nov model and faired well in the tests.
  • td18td18 Posts: 1
    I'm continuing to receive conflicting information on the safety of the optional 1st and 2nd row side curtain airbags when having children in the second and 3rd row seats. Some of the remarks on here have indicated that they are safe for children while others have indicated that they are not. Additionally I believe that the editioral staff here at Edmunds is dead set against side curtain air bags when children will be sitting in the rows/seats near them.
    Can anyone provide me with information on this subject. My yound children will be sitting in the second and thrid row seats. One will be in a car seat and two will not. They are all under 10 years old. Are the optional side curtain airbags safe for children? Lastly can anyone tell me if full LATCH is implemented for both the second and 3rd row seats?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
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  • jd150jd150 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know the difference between the 4WD Auto in the 2002 Control-Trac and the AWD offered in prior years and in the current Mountaineer? What are the percentages of front/rear power on the AWD? Is it rear only until needed? Does it change as conditions do? Up to what percent? For the 4WD Auto, I know it is rear only until front is needed...up to what percent can go to the front?
  • Overall, I continue to be quite happy with my 2002 XLT with V8, 4WD, power windows/locks, towing package, leather, etc. However, I've noticed that my vehicle's door windows seem to have poorly designed window strippings (if that's the right term). More specifically, as a SIDE window is raised or lowered, if either the window or this window stripping are wet, what I'm noticing is that the side windows are not being adequately "squeegeed" or stripped of water/moisture. For example, after washing and drying my truck (and windows) with towels, if I subsequently roll down any side windows, then roll them back up, the windows are not being tightly squeegeed by the door's window stripping, and these side windows then display a rather heavy, "stucco"-like film of water, and when this dries, it looks really cruddy. I actually had my dealer replace these parts on the driver's side door window, yet the problem persists for this window, and in fact, it might be worse. Is anyone else noticing this annoying problem? Please advise.

    Regarding the 2002 Mountaineer's AWD system, I did a lot of web reading on both vehicles (Ford and Mercury) before I decided on the 2002, 4WD, V8 Explorer XLT, and here's what I repeatedly read: The AWD of the Mountaineer is not regarded as being rugged, robust, truck-like, or suitable for more serious off-roading, pulling, etc. Rather, the Mountaineer's AWD system was evaluated as being designed to handle nothing more demanding than snowy suburban streets, or well-graded gravel roads "on the way to the mailbox". I repeatedly read that this AWD system is not designed to real "truck-like" standards; that it is more intended for use strictly as a "suburban shuttle", and that if one needs a more rugged SUV (more pulling power, etc.), then the more truck-like 4WD design of the Explorer may be a better choice than the AWD Mountaineer.
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    AWD-Fixed torque split of about 33%f 66%r on 96-01 V8 explorers. Powers front and rear all of the time. I think it only locks the viscous coupling with slipping wheels, but that the torque split remains the same-could be wrong.
    Controltrac- I don't know. They rarely publish this info.
  • Anyone got any good info on the Sport Trac? I'm getting ready to purchase in the next few days, and would like to know of any problems with the vehicle.

    Were the Explorer modifications of Nov 01 incorporated into the Sport Trac also?
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