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2014 Toyota 4-Runner Lease Questions

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
edited January 28 in Toyota
Welcome to Edmunds discussion dedicated to 2014 Toyota 4-Runner leasing questions.
Here you can find and discuss all the latest lease details for the 2014 Toyota 4-Runner, including cap costs, money factors, residual values, acquisition fees, etc. Please post any leasing questions you have or any details you’d like to share about your own lease deals.

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  • What are the current money factors and residuals for a 4x4 4Runner Trail and SR5 please?

  • 12k and 15k. Thanks!

  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,856

    I'm sorry.... no information on 4Runner lease programs.. Historically, 4Runners don't get any incentives or lease subsidies, so that makes them fairly pricy to lease.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Any recommendations on good SUVs that do lease well?

  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,856

    Generally, SUVs are not cheap to lease, relative to their MSRP. The more "hard-core" SUVs like the 4Runner and Wrangler never seem to have incentives. The "soft-roaders" like the Highlander and Pilot are usually better deals from a lease perspective.

    If you need a roomy SUV, it's hard to go wrong with either of those two models, but again, no screaming deals on those, either.


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • timj757timj757 Virginia BeachPosts: 10

    I just called toyota dealer and wanted to see if anyone got or found a better deal for the toyota 4 runner SR5 Premium model... They told me the money factor was .00180 if I put down $650 deposit if I didn't do that the money factor is .00190 with a residual value of 59% did anyone get a better deal? Or is this in line with what other people have received?

  • macdealmacdeal Posts: 3
    edited February 6

    There are current lease incentives on 4Runners, along with a financing incentive in Gulf States. Gulf States Toyota: .00119 for 12k mi and 36mo (may have misunderstood over phone and it is .00190 as tim stated) Southeast Toyota: I think it's .00220 for 12k and 36mo, but their residual is 68% on SR5 Toyota USA: I believe it's similar to Gulf States.

    Limited residual everywhere but Southeast Toyota states is:
    57-59% depending on options on the sticker. All of this is just what I've collected over the phone. Not sure if they are trying to make a spread on the money factor.

  • macdealmacdeal Posts: 3

    Ok here are the official numbers for Gulf States Toyota states and perhaps Toyota USA. Southeast Toyota states has artificially inflated residuals right now along with a larger money factor. Sorry this is hard to read.

  • b_o_f_ab_o_f_a Posts: 1

    It looks like Toyota is offering 24 month Lease deals again on the 4Runner in my area (Colorado). Can anyone confirm if they apply to the Limited and provide the residual and money factor for a 12k miles 24 month lease?

  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,856

    @b_o_f_a said: It looks like Toyota is offering 24 month Lease deals again on the 4Runner in my area (Colorado). Can anyone confirm if they apply to the Limited and provide the residual and money factor for a 12k miles 24 month lease?

    I do see some 24 month leases on 4Runners, around the country, but I have no information for the Colorado market. The money factor I see used most often is .00104, but I have no residual information, either.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • toptubetoptube Posts: 2

    Hello, I am in the market for a 4runner sr5 4x4 36/12k lease in NJ. I contacted 5 dealers and asked for a quote. The number that gave me a quote for the vehicle I asked and the MF and residual? None. Not one of them. Any recommendations on a dealer in NJ or NY that will give. Simple quote?

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