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Fog Lights



  • Has any one isntalled after market fog lights for Sienna?
  • Thanks for all the assistance in getting my fog lights installed on my Toyota Highlander. One last problem. I am using a Toyota rocker switch with three leads on it and an LED. The leads, I am sure, are connected properly but the LED continues to glow with the switch in the off position and the power in the car on. The lights work fine. Is there something else that I have not done properly?
  • See my Highlander posts. If the Sienna is similar to the HL, it can be accomplished as a diy. The HL has 5" circumfrence bumper holes with false grills in them, which I took out and replaced with Pilot 5" PL-62's. Email privately with other questions.
  • Most 3 lead switches are ground, power in, power out. It sounds like you have the power in and out flipped. You obviously tapped into a "key on" power source if the LED lights when you turn key on. The foglights probably do the same if the switch is on. There might be a diagram on the side of the switch, it would show a bulb between 2 terminals, one of those is the ground (3 small dashes) and the other would be power OUT to the lights. This way the LED gets power when the foglights do.
  • clubman1clubman1 Posts: 1
    Hello, I am new to the forums and I hope I get it right. Anyway, I have a 2005 Galant ES. This model comes without factory fog lights. I would like to buy OEM fog light kit from Mitsubishi. I have been told conflicting stories as to the car having the correct wiring harnesses already installed in the bumper and the switch harness in the dashboard all ready for the switch. Some dealers are saying everything is there, some are saying harnesses may be needed. If all is there, I can probably install myself. If not I might have to give it to the dealer to do. Anyone have any info. as to the wiring etc. has anyone installed lights and know how hard it is to do.

    Regards,, Clubman
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Fall is officially here; anyone installing fog lights in anticipation of foggy winter days?

    Steve, Host

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  • podpod Posts: 176
    My last four cars have had fog lights built in by the manufacturer (BMW, Supra, Ford truck and Mercury Sable). Under various conditions (including fog obviously) I have turned them on and off and must say that they did not contribute to a remarkably improved view of the road ahead. In fact there was hardly any difference at all except for the scattered light near the car. Are fog lights designed to make your car more visible to other cars in fog or are they alleged to improve road visibility for you. I don't find this. Any opinions?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Are fog lights designed to make your car more visible to other cars in fog or are they alleged to improve road visibility for you.

    Fog lights are intended to make you more visible to others. There is nothing magical about the color, from a physics perspective, since all visible wavelengths are pretty much equally scattered by fog droplets though the eyes are more sensitive to colors in the middle of the visible spectrum.

    tidester, host
  • podpod Posts: 176
    I am surprised since I always assumed that foglamps were to illuminate the road for the driver's advantage. If, in fact, they are intended to make your car (the one with foglamps) more visible to others, then they are analogous to running lights in a boat. Why aren't the standard headlamps sufficient to make your car visible to others? Is it simply a matter of the number of lights? Does the location of the "foglamps" matter? Could they be mounted on the roof of a car and be equally effective? Are there rear-facing (red) foglamps to protect from cars behind? Thanks for taking the time to chat. II ask these questions out of curiosity, not to be contentious. If you are correct then it is no wonder that I notice no difference (as a driver) in visibility when I turn on the foglamps in the fog. Am I the only one who was so off base in my understanding of foglamps? I am really surprised that I was so off base.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Standard headlamps will be visible to others in a fog but I think the main motivation is to have a different color to indicate the source is a vehicle with fog lights as opposed to some other light source. Also, they are positioned low which is another cue that the source isn't, say, an amber traffic signal. Red (front or back) is out of the question because that's the color designated for brake lights. Also, as I mentioned before, the eye is somewhat less sensitive to red light than it is to yellow.

    To aid the driver, fog lights do have a very sharp cutoff helping somewhat to minimize the problem of backscatter but also helping to avoid disorientation.

    tidester, host
  • Fog lights are designed to help illuminate the road. Most of the "factory" versions I have seen do not do a very good job, especially domestic vehicles. Fog lights as tidester stated have a very sharp cutoff (direct line on top) to reduce the amount of glare reflected by particle droplets (snow, rain, fog, even dust). Most of the better quality fog lights too be used for that purpose also produce a yellow or amber light that reflects less than white. Many of the BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Jag utilize projector fog lights as they cast a more even amount of light. They also often have a single red rear facing one. You might notice on some of these at night when on that it appears to have 1 brake light on all the time, but then they step on the brakes and they all turn on normally. Check here for more info . Different manufacturers and DOT rules also make things difficult. DOT does not allow fog lights to be on with high beam so many manufacturers only allow them to come on with low beam and turn off when high beams are used. Unfortunately they often don't allow them to turn on with parking lights only as some do. When it's REALLY poor visibility I've found that even the regular headlights reflected too much. I normally add aftermarket fog lights (hella DE with an ion bulb too make them yellow) and allow them on with parking lights and high beam. The parking for reason as stated above and high beam as extra illumination when I can use high beams. The Hella DE's make a NOTICEABLE difference in lighting in front of vehicle and to the sides (they go almost straight out 180 degrees).

    The BIGGEST things are good quality lights with excellent pattern control and a MUST is PROPER aiming. Directions are listed many places. Basically lights need to be lower to the ground than headlights. Park car facing a wall 25 ft away. Measure from ground to center of light on vehicle, go to wall and measure, the top of the cutoff line should be 4" less than what you measured at car. This way they are aimed slightly down, illuminate the road well, and don't blind oncoming traffic.

    Many people that are adding them to their vehicles have no clue on this, don't care, they just want it to look good and "sporty". Unfortunately it's dangerous that way.
  • adrakaadraka Posts: 1
    Hello, I bought some old pre-lux fog lights at a garage sale and have managed to get my hands on an instruction manual for some other lights that come with a kit to help guide me along, I think I have the wiring down and have bought all the necessary wiring components. Now for my problem, I have a heavy duty round bumper on my old toyota 4x4, I cannot figure out how the lights are "suppose" to be mounted, although I can figure out other less orthodox ways to mount the lights. I am searching for some basic instructions that might show me if I need to purchase some sort of harness, or perhaps something else that I haven't even thought of. Can someone help me figure out where to find instructions on the internet, or have a definitive answer of exactly what I need? I have been hunting on the web for some idea, but have found nothing that helps. The lights are round, say pre-lux 36A on them and are pretty heavy-duty, the wires come out of the bottom where there is a nut screwed into the light, and that is it! Thanks to anyone who can assist me.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Are a joke in my own opinion. Took them off of my 01 Silverado and installed PIAA P-400 four way fog/driving lights. One set of white lights is on when my day time running lamps are on (not bright). An amber set come on when i switch the headlights on once again, not really bright. Inside the truck i can manually switch on the bright fog/driving lights and they make a HUGE difference in visibility as far as what i can see. In rain or fog the bright amber allows me to see the road alot better i think. On any given dark back road the driving lights will light up more than you could ever need. I dont use the driving lights that are bright on the road with traffic very much as i think they are pretty brighter than my trucks high beams.
  • I have an '02 civic ex and just bought some PIAA after market fog lamps. I would like to get them installed and have never worked on any automotive electrical stuff before. Any ideas on places to get them installed or cost estimates? Thanks for the help. If you think its an easy do-it-yourself kinda job any suggestions on how to get throught the firewall? Thanks
  • crazzcrazz Posts: 1
    Hi i was wondering if anyone had information on installing foglights on a 05 rav4, like making them work off the headlights. they say the lights are controled through the ecm. if anyone has this info i greatly appreciate it. i really want to install the lights so they work off the low beam side of my headlights.

    Thanks a million
    - Rich
  • tevertever Posts: 1
    I would like my Fog Lights to come on by the factory installed switch when I want. Not just in the normal drive mode. I also have the keyless entry. Manual schematic also. Need to find where to get R/T blue stripes for my 98 neon. Car is the Neon Pkg. (Stone Chips).
  • one of my toys is a 67 MG midget... Very,Very small car by todays standards. I dont think I could put enough lites on her. Its just that I like to be seen in all kinds of weather and night and day.. It has 1 road lite and 1 fog lite in front, the road lite is on just about all the time.... its kind of like running lite on todays monster cars. The rear fog lite I think gives people behind me a chance to slow down by seeing a brighter red lite than my brake lites are..
  • I dont know about other states, but NJ it is illegal to run foglights with your high beams on, you will fail inspection. As for just your foglights...I dont think thats legal either. I notice on my new MC I can only use foglights with parking lots or lowbeams....Hope I helped :D
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I have an 03 Suburban, I need a new drivers side foglamp. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a new one cheap, or an aftermarket set. I would want the aftermarket set to fit in the mount in the bumper and if possible use the same wiring connector. Thanks, Catam.
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