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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bambam Posts: 5
    Well I finally decided to take the plunge. I just purchased my first Lexus, a 1999 Black Onyx over tan LS 400 with 93,227 miles in show room condition. This was a one owner vehicle with every scheduled maintenance done, even the 90K.

    This car is amazing! I finally see what everybody means when they say "Lexus quality". I have done a months worth of research on this vehicle and it's seems I can get another 1-200K out of it - as long as I treat her right?

    I look forward to leering more about this awesome automobile.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi bam - welcome, and congratulations!

    I hope you will join us in our ongoing Lexus LS discussion to share your experiences and talk about your car with other LS enthusiasts.

    Good luck and have fun!!
  • viskhaviskha Posts: 35
    I have been offered a gold '01 LS430 with Navigation, Mark Levinson, 51,000 miles for $37K - it is a certified pre-owned vehicle. Is this a good deal?
  • Viskha:

    I follow the prices pretty closely...It is a very good deal...I am assuming since you said it is certified that you are getting it from a dealer.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Hey guys - feedback appreciated.

    '04 LS Blk & ivory with Modern Lux, Sport, 18" wheels, LM, WL at 10,500 miles for $53k -- good deal or not??? Have chance today (4/24) to make a deal.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Take it - just try to get them to extend the warranty if you want to hold long-term. You'll love the sport suspension and this 2004 is a dream car. It handles great with the sport as well. The car looks great in black. Will they lease it to you? I'm telling you - the 2007 LS is something every LS owner will want - so you may want to get yourself set for it. On the otherhand in 2007 this car will be worth in the high 30's so it'll cost you about $14k for 30-40 months of driving a sport LS. Anyway - that's how I'd look at this. Only issue I'd have is why is it available?

    Let us know here or the LS board what you do.
  • Forget about what you think is the "Best" deal, and focus on a "Fair" deal for both you and the dealer. Lexus is the finest automobile in the world and a tremendous value if purchased for MSRP. Let the Sales Associate make a fair living and quit being so cheap. You didn't get to the point of buying high-line automobiles without making a profit!!!
  • Sqeeze for the best price you can...The salesman and dealership are professionals and well able to take care of their own profits....
  • patrick2patrick2 Posts: 2
    I had a great experience with Countywide Lexus in Hollywood Florida. The salesmen was Wayne Summer. I met over the internet with their great price and then I became a repeat customer because of good service and price. I priced all over. They were by far the cheapest.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Thanks guys, went and looked it over yesterday in heavy downpour. Not exactly what I was thinking of in ride quality, fairly rough. Not sure it was tires, suspension, or normal ride as I didn't take time to check tire pressures in the rain. Think I am going to hold for now as he will have another one coming in with about the same miles without Sport soon that is Blk/Blk. That Ivory interior is not the best looking for me.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    I bought custom lux but was hunting for the sport. it's not easy to find. A friend has the 2004 sport and it rides very quiet and smooth and nearly as good as the base suspension. I'd be surprised if you find otherwise on that next one they are getting in.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Made the decision on the LS - Custom Lux, SmartAccess in Moonlight Pearl and Ecru interior. Great opportunity at Lujack Lexus using the Internet Contact person in Davenport, IA with a terrific discount off MSRP of about 9%. I've been chatting with them for a long time and finally decided to make it happen. They are terrific here and have serviced my GS since moving here almost 2 years ago so the relationship is there.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Wow, had some time to go through my owner's manual and just keep finding amazing things about my new LS. Took family for a long ride last night and all are just overwhelmed with comfort and quiet of it. Am so glad I decided to stay in the Lexus family.

    Delivery experience was ok with dealer. I still rank the experience I had in getting my first Lexus at Superior Lexus in Kansas City as the finest. They had an interior room at the dealership with the car in it; decorated with chandeliers, couches and easy chairs, carpet, mirrors & music. The room was dark when we entered with music and the lights rose up as we stood there. They had soda pop and non-alcoholic champagne to celebrate the event and we spent as long as we needed to go over options, etc. Then when we were satisfied the curtains at one end parted, doors opened by remote and we could drive out.

    Having taken delivery of new car in all weather conditions this was, and 7 years later, still the best experience. Don't know if Superior is still at same location but they sure did it right.

    Dealer here was excellent in the entire buying experience and the car reflects that too.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Looking at the LS430, when you go to and "build" your car you will get different option prices per market/zip code. Example in Dallas the PM package comes with the smart access
    when you enter that zip code. Riverside California
    pricing for the PM package is all together different and results in a lower price car. Mainly because you do not have to pay for the smart access. Anyone know why Lexus markets this way? Looks like $1500 over invoice is pretty standard.
  • wil1688wil1688 Posts: 16
    I am interest in a 04 LS430 with either a modern luxury or custom luxury package. Anyone know what kind of price/discount can I get in New York area? Dealer recomendation? I dont mind to travel up to 100 mile for a good deal....thanks
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    1500 over invoice? Not in Tampa Bay! I was quoted $57,200 for LS 430 with premium package and smart key which is $5500 above invoice.'s target price is $54,766 although Edmund's is just under $57,200. For leasing this vehicle they want 5.9% interest even though I have a 747 credit score. This is way out of line in today's low interest rate environment. I told them "good luck!" since I could buy the vehicle and with my credit score pay under 4% for 36 months and with so many other dealers out there, do better on the price. I disagree with one of the previous posters who must either be a car dealer or is married to one-that we should sympathize with the poor dealer who after all is only trying to make a decent living.We must shop around to get the best possible price even if it means going to or emailing or calling every dealer within 300 miles because as you can see Lexus of Tampa Bay was not looking out for ME! {The difference between 5.9% and 3.8% on my lease deal is $86.40 a month for 36 months($3110.)}
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Try the Miami area. I got a $1250 over invoice price by just calling the fleet manager over the phone. Also please note if you go to and price/build your car you will get different options and pricing depending on the zip code you enter. The PM package means different things in different zip codes. In Texas you are not offered the PM package without the smart access. However enter an California zip code and you can order without. Got to make sure you have apples and apples.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Thanks cove148. Yes I already "built" my Lexus on the website. In my zip code you cannot order the premium package without the smartkey. Wow! $1250 over invoice sounds very, very good! When I emailed the web guy at Tampa Bay Lexus about my dissatisfaction with his figures, he changed his tune and said those were just "preliminary" figures because I was only "just looking." Yeah and if I accepted his original deal, he would have stopped me because his figures were just "preliminary." I really appreciate your input.
  • wil1688wil1688 Posts: 16
    I am also interest on the 04 lexus w/custom luxury package in NY area,anyone know, the normal markup over invoice on this. thanks
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Is that the Kendall dealership?
    Thank you.
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