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Mercedes-Benz R-Class



  • ichenichen Posts: 7
    Hi Merc1
    Thanks very much for the update..

    I guess I could try to wait it out till the 2007 (late fall 06 i guess that means) for the diesel...

    Maybe my E 320 diesel test drive might lean me one way or another.. seems like both will be priced right around the $50k mark anyways.. The changes on the new R though, seem very exciting, but it's hard to know without ever seen one or test-driven one - but it certainly has a lot of the features and things you might look for... on the other hand, the E diesel sounds quite impressive - i heard it just set a new record travelling 1000+ miles on one tank... I'm assuming the R320 cdi is going to be the same one as the e320cdi?

    Coming from both the ML and a MDX, I"m not sure if we need the flexibility of the 3rd row R anymore (not planning on any other kids), and would probably use the MDX if need to carry more people instead.

    I'm not usually a lease type person either, otherwise I might consider leasing something for a year then considering a 07 R-class..

    If there's any thoughts that might sway me one way or another that'd be great.. I guess my options are:
    1) Wait for a 2007 diesel R
    2) Lease something, then maybe get a diesel R
    3) Forget the R totally and get a diesel E
    4) Consider some other car
    5) Get a 05-06 regular R

  • ichenichen Posts: 7

    Went and test drove a E320 CDI..

    .. and then put a deposit down on getting one. :)

    Will probably be getting a pewter metallic/stone one with the premium package..
    dealer was happy, because it just happened to be one they just got in.. it's still got all the tape and stuff on it..

    The R will probably have to wait 2 years or so.. in time to wait for the diesel i guess
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    My guess is once you drive and get used to the economy and torque of the E320 CDI you will not be happy with a gas vehicle again. I am waiting for the R class with diesel. By the time it gets here it will more than likely be the new V6 CDI. It is designed for ULSD Only, so our dirty diesel would cause lots of problems.
  • ichenichen Posts: 7
    I'm going to hazard a guess and say we may or may not see the R diesel until 07 year (maybe - depending on how our ULSD goes) - Mercedes obviously has the new V6 since they showed it off in the 3 E320 V6 CDI's that just set new world records..
    but they can't introduce them this year, so my guess would be as a '06 or 07' v6 e320 cdi which puts it fall of 2006 maybe at the earliest..
    .. which would probably but the R320 CDI at the earliest around the same time.. all dependent on the ULSD of course. For now, we decided to go one suv, one sedan (instead of the two suvs), which will help some with the $ and gas.. and when the R320 cdi comes out, we'll consider that..

    ... interestingly, as I learn more about diesels, i came across a lot of articles also about biodiesel, that it would work just as well.. Anyone know what the MB line is on this biodiesel, and warranty issues, and can they even figure out that you've used it?
  • drivenowdrivenow Posts: 45
    My dealer can custom order an R500 for me from his special MB dealer's computer....However, there's no published guide that I can refer to...I want to get this order right, not forget anything...It seems the 2006 ML ordering guide (on Edmunds, is similar to the R-Class ordering info (presently ONLY available to MB dealers)...Does anyone have any link to a consumer friendly R-Class ordering guide?? Thanks
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    Anyone know what the MB line is on this biodiesel

    I talked to MB in Hawaii and their first reaction was negative. The reason being there are no standards to which biodiesel has to adhere. Many people in the islands are running B100 as it is very competitive to regular diesel price wise. Willie Nelson for one has run only B100 in his E320 CDI since it was new. His wife runs it in her Passat. Several other entertainers on Maui use it exclusively. Wille liked it so much he is now a spokesman for biodiesel is several parts of the USA.

    As far as warranty. If they can prove the biodiesel caused the problem they can void your warranty. That is the law. I don't think I would be getting old cooking oil from McDees and running it in my new Mercedes. Use a reputable supplier and it is great stuff.
  • mandochopmandochop Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    The R class looks good for our family for a number of reasons. I have two questions about fuel economy and fuel type.

    First, any guesses on the fuel economy of the gasoline models coming out this fall? While poking around on some UK sites it seems as if the V6 might get close to 30 mpg. Any ideas /guesses on this? What about the V8? (and PS, what does cdi mean?)

    Second, I've read the few posts here about diesel. Don't know much about that. So there is a new low sulphur diesel fuel that will be available? Will it be available here in the states? Any guesses if an R series diesel will be with this new diesel fuel or the current stuff?

    Well, it's probably clear that I don't know much about these sorts of things. ve found no definitive info from MBZ, so I'd guess that responses are probably conjecture. Please let me know how / why you have the opinion and info that you do on these questions.

    Thanks in advance!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    Welcome to the forum. MB has put out a little on the engines they will offer for the "R" class vehicles. What I read was first we get the gas versions 350 & 500 same as the ML. Next and in conjunction with the mandate on ULSD for the entire USA, they will add the 320 V6 CDI (diesel) & a possible diesel/hybrid. I would be surprised if the diesel R shows up before the first part of 2007. That is what I am holding out for. Here is some info on that diesel engine and what it is capable of.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    Common-rail Direct Injection (CDI) That is Mercedes newest diesel technology.
  • mandochopmandochop Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info and the link to the article about the diesel engine... very impressive to say the least, I can see why you might hold out for it. Actually, makes me think that might be the right thing for us to do, too...

    Can anyone tell me the mileage for the two M Class engines? I'd appreciate that, too.
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    A visit to your local MB dealer to test drive the new M-class will tell you more than half of what you might be wondering as far as Drivability, fit and finish, acceleration and braking. You can probably expect 3-5 miles better per gallon in the R vs. the M, realistically. Premium fuel.
  • mscmsc Posts: 5
    A visit to your local MB dealer to test drive the new M-class will tell you more than half of what you might be wondering as far as Drivability, fit and finish, acceleration and braking.

    I agree and disagree. I drove the M500 before, and it was much more nimble than the R, handling wise. The air suspension felt more responsive in the M class: it was more predictive, and would flatten out the car in a curve before there was much (if any) body roll. The R would flatten out around a curve, but if you took one too quickly, the moment that it takes for the suspension to react almost results in a bouncing-back sensation as the car leans out, and then is flattened again. Acceleration as well is effortless in the M500, less so in the R500, but still very generous.

    The braking feel is similar: I believe that both cars are brake-by-wire, and the feel is very authoritative and smooth in both. Fit and finish in both cars was phenomenal. As for fuel economy, time will tell: my impression is that the R is heavier than the M, and retains 4wd, so my guess would be that the R is a little worse on that issue.
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    Have any of you compared the Chrysler (Daimler) Pacifica basic design concept to that of the R class ? Essentially they're the same in terms of size and seating layout, but clearly the sheetmetal differs by leaps and bounds.

    ...just curious if anyone picked-up on the similarities ?

    Oh, and if the R class had automatic sliding rear doors, we'd have perhaps the ultimate luxo minivan (yes, I like minivans, and am willing to admit it modestly disguised in an online forum).

    Enjoy all !
  • stefanxkrstefanxkr Posts: 3
    Do any of you "sheep" recognize a Chrysler Pacifica in "R" Class clothing???

    It's pretty obvious to me. The Pacifica is an ok car but the ergonomics and design (assuming the improvements MB running gear and engines make) are mediocre, at best and have been in production now for a few years in the USA. So what is everyone so excited abouted?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    much bigger than Pacifica, I believe. It's a foot longer than an Escalade and weights 5000+ lbs.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    Is worlds different from the Pacifica. I don't see a thing alike between them other than the fact that they are both not quite SUVs and not quite vans. I've heard good things about the R-Class thus far.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080

    Power, interior, exterior design, features, handling. The R class doesnt share any of these with the Pacifica.

    I don't know if they share parts or not, but I do know the R class is not a dressed up Pacifica the way and Escalade/QX56/LX470 are.
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104

    The pricing I received from M-B USA starts at $48,775 for the R-350.

    Anyone thinks this a disguised Pacifica has lost their auto enthusiast gene!
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    I don't think the R-Class is a redressed Pacifica, but conceptually the two are very similiar...seating setup, and overall size. As I understand it, the R is roughly the same size as the Town&Country van, perhaps not quite as tall, and is rear wheel drive...again, all quite like the Pacifica.

    Now, true to MB form, the interior and mechanical features are thoroughly upgraded...they're marketing to a different set of folks than the typical Pacifica driver.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    with standard AWD?

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