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Saturn Vue Maintenance and Repair



  • My heated seats stopped working... Can't seem to figure out why. I checked the fuse and it is ok. Any suggestions?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I would guess that it's either a faulty switch or thermostat. Anyone else had this problem?

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  • janromjanrom Posts: 2
    My 2004 Saturn Vue Redline had the drivers heated seat break within the first two years and right after the 35,000 warranty ran out. Since I lived in Las Vegas I didn't use it much and was frosted that the dealer told me it was the seat unit and would cost over $500 to replace the seat unit. $500 for a toasty tush seemed crazy, but the fact that it failed made me steamed everytime I thought about it. I bought a $25.00 heated seat at Pep Boys to solve me problem.

    If it is still under warranty, take it back and make the dealer fix it! It's too costly to do yourself for a creature comfort.
  • janromjanrom Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me about a Saturn warranty to get them to replace the transmission. It failed at 91,000 miles two weeks ago while I was driving 65mph on the Parkway. The tach surged, the light went on, and the transmission died all within 15 seconds off one another.

    I had it towed to a mechanic, and he said that the transmission is blown. I don't know what that involves, since some of the posts suggest that it has several components that could be at fault.

    The mechanic told me that the transmission they used for the Vue Red line was a Honda racing transmission that they abandoned due to persistent failures. Does anybody have any direct knowledge about this or had a failure and resolution they could offer guidance?

  • aqcaqc Posts: 1
    Hey Guys
    I need help to find where are located the part to check the transmission fluid on the saturn Vue aut 4 cil FWD ??
    please if somebody can send me a picture of this area !

  • tpm3tpm3 Posts: 2
    Turned my key about 3/4's and the engine tried to start but did not completely start. As the egine was winding down I quickly turned my key back to the off position and turned it to the start position again. That's when all hell broke loose. My engine block warning light came on and my engine was sputtering and shaking. When I put it into drive and tried to move the vehicle my engine was still sputtering and shaking and I had to put the gas pedal to the floor just to advance the vehicle. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? This happened Friday afternoon & my Vue is sitting in the Saturn dealership parking lot & won't be checked out by the Saturn folks until Monday when they will run diagnostics check ($65).
  • I have removed many a inside door panel in my 38 years of repairing vehicles but this vehicle has to be my first stump. All I want to do is get inside the drivers door and remove the electric motor as it bit the dust right in the middle of a downpour. Most vehicles have pop off panels with careful effort but this VUE panel doesn't seem to have the same pry and snaps. Is it rocket science or do I have to remove the plastic outside panel in order to get inside the door. Would someone know what type of hold system these panels are attached with, I don't want to pry to hard for fear of cracking the panel or inserts . This is my first post on eds so hoping this be the place to get some sort of help on my dilema. I too am one of the "VUE money pitters" with air cond., trani, and electrical downfalls and am now going to try and save a little by doing somethings my self since labour costs are the real ouches.
  • Check your manual for instructions on how to reset the oil change light. I have an '04 Vue we bought used, but it came with an '03 manual. The '03 says there's a button under the hood, in the fuse box. The '04 has no such button. After I change the oil, I put the key in, turn it to the "on" position (don't crank the engine), and then I step on the gas pedal a few times. Since I don't have a manual for the '04, it's a trial-and-error experience every time I change the oil. When I do it successfully, the Change Oil Light will blink a few times, then go out. Good for another 8,000 miles, but check the oil level occasionally.
  • That is correct. I have a 2004 vue that I bought new. The way that you reset the light is to, turn the key to the on position, depress the gas pedal "3" times, the oil light will then flash continuously. Turn key off and then start car. Done.
  • I am currently having this same exact issue and I am planning on taking it to the dealer asap. I'm wondering what your problem was and how much did the dealership cost to fix it?
  • Bought the Vue used (first mistake, no warranty) but after dealing with little things like unsafe tires on the car and alignment, i was Very Very happy with my new "baby". I got the oil changed on it regularly and did the needed things to keep it nice. I noticed soon after I bought it that when making tight turns it squeals. sounds more like the steering wheel whining that it doesn't want to turn (I figured t might have an O-Ring that needs to be oiled and let it be) I got used to the whining, but about a week ago the dash lights flashed off and back on in a split second. I would have thought it was my eyes but the security light came on (i don't have an alarm system on the car so it caught my eye)
    I was 45 miles from home so I kept driving and called the spouse, he said it is probably a fuse and to keep driving home. after I turned the car off at home it seemed to have reset itself as it didn't happen again. Well here I am Christmas day driving home from the daughter in laws house and it does it again, this time the spouse got to see it. after the first time it happened I opened the manual and it said the "security" light comes on when the wrong key is used it is a theft deterrant option that will cut gas supply to the car. (oh great I own the car and it is giong to lock me out?!? so I dug further, as I was still driving, obviously had gas.) I read further in the manual that it could be a fuse. Spouse adv me that fuses don't repair themselves... light light bulbs if they blow they are gone (yes I am a blonde:) ) so if it was a fuse the dash lights would be out. not a fuse....
    so tonight when all this happened it did the flash thing and security light stayed on for a few seconds. then it waited a while and after about 8 times it decided to show it self by flashing the dash lights and then all the gauges went dead, no spedometer, no engine temp, no RPM's and no gas gauge (OMG it is locking me out!!!) luckily the car kept driving and I didn't panic out loud. (*never let the car sence your fear!* lol) after the gauges shut down the lights were still on, we wewre able to keep driving so I did. The spouse turned on the radio and boom the gauges popped back to position and were working again... that is when the spouse decided this has to be a wiring issue so we kept driving (almost home) about a block from my home the gauges went dead again and I noticed the steering was getting tight, I have power steering so when it starts acting like my old "armstrong Steering" truck I get nervouse, but we have the grandbaby so it is straight home. once int he driveway safely I pulled the steering colum cover off and under a quick visual inspection all seems fine... I will be looking at it more under daylight hours and spouse is a very qualified repair tech for all sorts of stuff and has all the fun tools so I am hopeing we will figure it out in the morning, but I am also hopeing someone has had this issue and will say "oh that happened to me, pull this set of wiring harnesses and see if there is corrosion...this is how I fixed it, oh and it was really cheap" :) I know i am asking alot :blush: but i love this car and am a flat broke car owner because 2 years ago when I bought this car the dealership I bought it from saw a sweet young woman that they could take full advantage of and they did :mad: I am sure the sales guy got a great commision... but that is neither here nor there. If anyone has any idea how to fix this car I would be very greatful! ;) sorry for the book, but I figure more info is better than none.
  • Any luck on this Marshall15? I'm trying to accomplish the same thing in order to replace the power window motor. I spent the better part of a day figuring out how to get the inside panel completely apart..but you can't change the motor from the inside unless you used to work for the circus. I got the outside panel to nearly come off..but can't get the door handle off. Found a blog that says you have to pop out the plastic pins that hold on the door handle, but I could not get them out. If I could get the door handle off, which allows the panel to come off..then you still have to go through the cardboard protector which has been glued to the frame as a weather insulator..will likely have to buy a new one to replace...what a job!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Your body control module (BCM) likely needs to be replaced, you're not the first to have this problem- about $ 500-700, dealer only repair since they have the equipment to reprogram it.

    There have been a couple of cases I've seen where the ground points under the hood were corroded and once they were cleaned and reattached it cured the problem. Might be something worth trying before replacing the BCM.

    Good Luck :shades:
  • moretjmoretj Posts: 13
    I have a 2002 Vue and today I noticed that the dash indicator for the daytime running lights started to flicker on starting and then disappeared. Sure enough the day time running lights no longer were on. I checked the owners manual and it doesn't seem that its easily fixed by replacing a fuse but rather is part of a relay. Does anyone know how to repair this issue??? Thanks
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    The relay is located in the underhood fuse block. Its rectangular and grey & its labeled, you can't miss it. To replace it you pull it straight out and do the opposite to replace.
  • I tried to put my car in 1st gear and the shaft went limp (like a noodle). Is this a simple repair or do I need to take it to a mechanic?
  • My steering has a ratcheting sound when turning some time s not all the time only in the winter that i can tell. Is the electronic steering going out?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Your problem is cable related - either you broke the cable or you broke the connector under the shifter. If you're mechanically inclined, neither is a difficult repair.
  • We are having the same issue and the dealer does not know what to do to fix it. Were ou ever able to solve this problem ?
  • Mine believe it or not ended up being the battery!
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