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Hummer Maintenance and Repair



  • himiler719himiler719 Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried one of the K&N or AirRaid cold air intakes? Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Never bought a smooth intake tube to replace original factory. Bought one K&N sealed from the factory, took out a ford maf sensor. Know someone using a K&N on an old chevy ss with supposedly no problems. Assume you want a tube to go with a new filter. Like syn fiber no oil needed dry filters but will stay factory with B_H's H3. The following site has been linked by many.
  • I just bought an '05 H2 and within 2 months the rear struts failed. Are there better ones after market?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I don't have an immediate answer, but you might do better posting in the H2 Discussion.
  • i have a 06 H2 and the trailer wiring just stopped working. i tried the trailer on another truck and it worked fine.
  • There does not appear to be anyone at the H2 Discussion any other suggestions
  • Yes, talking to myself, maybe. WM today PP Jug $19.97 - M1 Jug $19.94. Bitog pressure, marketing pressure, or what.
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    I am a new owner of 2007 H3X, I absolutely love it. One of my friends suggested to us 93 gasoline, is that OK?
  • Another possible reason.

    Could mobil be using euro profits to subsidize oil for us.
    Didn't the last demo pres try to get the euro from ~ eighty cents plus up to parity of one to one with the dollar. I think last year? my post to a european about we've spent our treasury and therefore our goods would be cheaper(implied) was probably wrong. Even gm uses good managers to move millions on a daily basis. If memory isn't failing - decades back didn't importers like gstoyota do the same.
  • Well discussed everywhere. Do what you want. But unless games are going to be played with octane numbers (see cetane anguish) 87 is just fine for our pocketbook and we don't need to make carbon to lubricate our pistons/valves/rings.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    A wild guess I know, but perhaps the correct answer will be found in your Owners Handbook?
  • Got tired of the time and gas going to the very few pepboys we have here to be told, paraphrasing; i think we had some 5w30 pp, our computer shows ten bottles of rl si 1, and truck came in this morning but i can't find any.

    Called redline about dealers and lack of fi cleaner. RL said they could be shipped directly even though si 1 not on the website. Dave also told me the distributor is just down the road in roanoke. Called him. Went there. Bought a whole case of si 1 and a case of sm 5w30 red line. Good bye pepboys and it has been fun at the slippery subject and bitog. Long oci and more time away from the computer.
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    You really think so ???
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I guess I was feeling more cynical than usual. :blush:
  • rctexasrctexas Posts: 1
    I did a test drive for 2007 H3. Found that there is some issue with brake and accelerator pedal. While driving it shakes or wobbles (as if it's loose or something like that). Dealer says it's a known problem and GM has a replacement part for that. My question is: is it really true ? Is this a known issue or has anyone experienced this ?

    Any info would be appreciated ?
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    My car started doing that doesn't do it all the seems like when I drive it for longer period of time, it starts doing that, also the tire pressure monitor signals from time to time, but I don't know why. I had the tires checked and everything seems to be fine.
  • O'Reilly's oil promotion runs 9/26-10/30/2007. Stopped in this afternoon, bought a case of synthetic oil and was given a rebate for purchase price refund. Went on line to O'Reilly and started the rebate procedure-paperwork going in tomorrow.
  • My Driver Information alerts me to 'Service 4WD'. After checking the owner's manual, it merely states 'Check fluid levels' for axles & transfer cases. Done, but the warning light still comes on periodically. Is there something else that needs attention ?
  • For those not needing off roading reservoir shocks,
    saw bilstein part number of F4-BE5-E672-H0 for front shocks for $121 (did I really see that) vs monroe reflex locally for $71. Looks like a call to bilstein on monday since dealers called today had no clue. And what about the rears, bilstein.
  • Per Bilstein West-rears B46 1698 ($60) - but they are expecting H3 shocks to be available in June.
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