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Pontiac Grand Prix Heater blower relay switch



  • I don't have the heads up display, but replacing the ignition wires resolved all fan\auto headlights and such.

    I took my mechanic an article from this site and he fixed it right up.

    Should work for you as well!
  • Thank you so much for the help. My dad works on cars so he is my mechanic. He couldnt figure it out and I found this site. Took him the info. He changed the ignition swutch and ...knock on far everything is working great. i am VERY happy...expecially since it is snowing and COLD and I now have heat...Thanks again!
  • So I have not had heat for the past 2 months. Well, i live in Pittsburgh and well its winter time here. So here is what i have learned in researching this FAN problem.

    If you have the issue of your Blower NOT working on speeds 1-4, this is probably your Blower resistor part. (a bit difficult to remove, but doable, price $25)

    If you have the issue of your Blower NOT working on any speeds 1-5, this is going to be the Blower motor resistor or the Blower motor (very easy to uninstall and reinstall, price $50-$150, pending manual or automatic climate control).

    If you have the issue of multiple things going wrong, HUD, Heated seats, Daytime running lights shutting off, rear defogger - This is most likely your Ignition Wiring ( i think the yellow and orange wires) thing that you read about on here.

    I hope this helps, or at least saves you some diagnostic towards your problem.
  • Hi,
    thanks to all for your help. here is what I did and it solved the problem partially.
    Originaly I had problem with heat and car not getting right temperature.

    Here is what I did:
    1 - I changed thermostat - it didn't solve anything.
    2 - I went to mechanic and he proposed to change antifreeze, since mine had original one (the red one) and it is proven not to be a good one. It leaves a lot of dirt on the walls .. so I flashed old antifreeze, washed everything with water and put new green antifreeze, it solved the problem with heat. Now I get good heat for a week w/o any problem. However car still do not go to half point on the teperature bar. But, I guess it is not a huge problem.

    3 - I have sort of new problem, samething as other describerd here. When I turn heater on headlights doesn't work, i have to turn them manualy, and also defroster doesn't work. I have to restart car for a few times, so it will start working normally. I will try the ignition wiring solution as it proposed here and let you guys know.

    P.S. - Also as i understand it is very easy to change ignition wires, just change six wires and thats all? Does any one have any diagrams? let me know. Should I go to mechanic or I can do it myself?

    thank you for your help.
  • silly me. Just read through forum and found link with directions.
    Do you think it is safe to by from GMpartsdirect?
    will described GM PART # 26068757 will work for allyears of pontiac grand prix? I have pontiac grand prix 2000 GT? If not do you know part number it will work with?

  • Update: My mechanic changed ignition switch. He put aftermarket part.. all together with labor cost $160. For now(2 days later) it works fine and looks like problem has been fixed.
  • I am so GLAD that I found this site. I have been having problems with my 2001 Grand Prix blower for awhile now (and SUFFERED this winter without any heat!) and about a month ago my heater core started leaking. I am getting the heater core replaced this week and was going to have my mechanic replace the either the blower or the resistor, but after reading this, I will definetly have him change the ignition wires! Wow, why do they have to make these cars so difficult?? However, a few days ago I stared having problems with the driver side wiper not working right, it barely wants to move, but the passenger one is working fine. Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, does it have anything to do with the ignition wires? I kinda hope it does, because then I could kill two birds with one stone!
  • bugshytbugshyt Posts: 1
    I been have the same problems as eveyone else with this not heat no blower lights go out thing. Just changin the int. wire really work because i was about to by a new daytime lamp control module. which is about 300 bucks. can any one help me get this problem fixed. :cry:
  • Hi, ok I'm not sure if I'm having quite the same problem as everyone else. My blower never works with my car running. However if i just turn the key on, without starting the car, it works. But if i try to change the speed, it automatically kills my blower. But if i just leave it on 5, with the key just in the on position, car not running, the dam thing will run like a champ. But as soon as i try to start the car or change the speed, the climate control unit loses power, I can't even get the a/c or rear defrost light to come on when I hit the button. Oh and this is on my 01 Grand Prix GT. Can anyone please tell me if it is the ignition wires or perhaps something else? Thanks in advance. Oh and I live in phoenix and its already in the upper 90's so I can't go long without my a/c!
  • treacottontreacotton Posts: 2
    Hi.. I have a 2001 GTP and I WAS having the problem of AC only working on 5, computer display not working or extremely dim, daytime running lights being effected. I recently just had a private mechanic work on it and say it was fixed.. well the resister pack was burnt up and he replaced that. He replaced the blower motor and still didnt fix it so then he had a guy do a wiring diagnostic on it and said he found some wires melted or burnt. That was supposed to be fixed... before it was fixed the new resister pack got burnt up so he replaced that again. Figured the old blower motor wasnt bad so put it back in. Now my daytime running lights look ok, ac works all speeds but the computer display is still not working right. It is better than before and SOMETIMES works but most of the time it is either dim or flickering on and off. When the display flickers, I notice that the AC compressor light on the AC controls pulsates at the same time. I am fed up with the mechanic and want to get this fixed. I am hearing about people replacing "ignition wires" but I dont know what those are or how to do it. I assume your not talking about the spark plug wires cause I dont see how that would effect the computer. If anyone can send me a link or some suggestions on how to get this LAST issue resolved I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  • gdainesgdaines Posts: 2
    I have 2001 grand prix, similar problem to many with heater/ ac blower, rear defrost, and daytime running light working sporadically. I understand that all three function through a common relay switch (not referring to the blower resistor pack). Does anyone know where this relay switch is located?
  • gdainesgdaines Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help, good info.
  • rrogan1rrogan1 Posts: 1
    Hey, I've looked through this thread and noticed a few problems I have. I'm just not sure if I have a problem with the ignition switch or not because I don't have many of the problems. My blower motor only turns on at 5, and I just recently replaced the blower motor resistor because it was damaged by water from the A/C I believe. Now the new resistor is acting up, and I'm thinking could be due to the ignition wires. The only thing is that I don't have problems with my running lights, or rear defroster. The clock does show weird digits sometimes though, and the rear speakers turn on and off randomly too. Do you think it's the ignition wires, or could it just be that the resistor got damaged by water again. I haven't seen any puddles in the passenger side like I did before when the old resistor died. Thanks for any help.
  • craig32craig32 Posts: 30
    This may not solve your problem, but it may help get you on your way:

    My blower gradually started failing on each of the fan settings (last1 being #5, then failed on that, too).

    I still have my blower not working on my '02 grand prix, and i've done the following:
    put 12 volts directly to the blower equaled it was good!

    I then replaced the resistor (twice, to make sure), and it was also good.

    ****I then thought to ck the voltage after the resistor, going to the blower, and it read (trying it at ALL the fan settings) 6.5, to about 7 volts (=not enough for the blower to work!!).

    A mechanic i spoke with said that it sounded like the voltage was 'shorting' somewhere, and that i should ck the voltage at the fuse panel.

    He said if the fuse was getting 12 volts, then the short was 'after' the fuse panel (either between the switch & the panel, or the switch itself).

    I mentioned this thing about others having the problem behind the steering wheel (eg, the wiring, ) & he said anything is possible.

    Keep in mind, if it's in the ignition wiring, you'll have to take a lot of things apart (if it's the switch, even more!).

    Consider also, the dex-cool/gasket problems (i'm selling the car!!)

    *****Has anyone else taking readings & gotten low voltage after the resistor (going into the blower)???

    What caused it????
  • Had the same problem as most above on my '02 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP - blower not working, puddle in passenger side, everything else works fine. Only had to replace the blower ($90) not the resistor. Replacement not too bad with the right type and length of tools.
  • On my 2003 Grand Prix, first my radio reception goes out, can only get very close stations, the cd player sounds unbalanced then won't eject cd, finally does eject it one day then I can hear it continually working with no cd.That stopped now. After that my AC started hesitating before coming on, now it will only come on if it is turned on before starting car, any attempt to adjust it, and it turns off. Or... it doesn't come on at all when started, but will come on much later on it's own...or not.
    What could the matter be?
  • I just finished replacing the heat resistor module on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix that everyone states is needed to get fan speed 1-4 working. My car will work on five only. Well it still only works on five only. I tested the switch by using a jump wire from hot to make sure 1-4 are working and the switch is good because it still does not work. Now I have been told that it is possibly a blower motor control module. This module is on drivers side, by left leg, near outer panel of door. It is also a very expensive part. It seems the switch relays are small, and they go through this module to a set of stronger relays then on to the heat resister module. Has anyone ever heard of this going bad and are there any after market ones that are available.
    The next issue, is still with the blower. With the lights set to come on automatically like most cars are today, if the switch is off, the lights will come on. The second that you turn the blower switch to 1-4 the lights will go off, and only come back on by going to off or 5. Somehow this is all tied together. Any ideas from the experts on this panel. Thanks.
  • Hi I'm an master auto tech and I recently had this same problem on a 2002 GP the trouble lies in your " Ignition Switch " the orange wire that comes from it feeds the HVAC, Day Time Running Light, Rear Defogger and some others. So I hope this helps you and others with this problem. P.S. I would personally get one from the dealer might cost a few bucks more but worth the piece of mind.
  • The blower motor on my wife's 2000Grand Prix GTP simply stopped working one morning. Does anyone know if there is both the Blower Motor Control Module and the Resistor pack when the car is equipped with climate control? The on-line and Chiltons manuals I have do not identify what makes up the components of the Climate control system. I can't even find pictures or locations of the resistor pack (if used) or the BMCM. Anyone have any advice re: location and serviceability of these 2 components?
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