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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems

expo2expo2 Posts: 1
Hello,i have a problem with my 01 expedition it seems that my headlights stay on even with my car off my windshield wipers are not functioning and my a/c stays on when i turn my car off even if i leave the a/c on but have car off they seem to stay on i dont know what is causing it to do this but i would like some helping in resolving my problem i am very greatful if someone can help me.
Thank you!!


  • trusstruss Posts: 1
    Fuse blown on running board lights. Position 14 fuse is OK, is there another in-line fuse somewhere?
  • repairsrepairs Posts: 1
  • n969dbn969db Posts: 1
    Mine is doing the same thing. It started after some heavy rains. After letting it dry out for a couple of weeks it stopped but now it still has a short that will drain the battery over a weeks time.
  • Judging from the amount of traffic on here I am not holding my breath, but I have had a 07 eddie bauer for about 1 month and a few very annoying electrical problems have been happening. First, A/c and fan cut out on a 100 degree day, turned the car off and on and problem fixed. Next driving home Fan goes from normal on to full blast and CAN NOT be shut off or adjusted. After 2 hrs of driving like this, get home and turn car off and on, problem solved. Next driving to town, and Power tailgate decided to open..very fun experience....then wouldn't stay shut..again,turn car on and then off, so far no more problems. The best problem has been the DVD player deciding when or when not to operate. We have a 4yr old, main reason we got the DVD,but it is as uncooperative as she is, and does what it wants when it wants....I do not have the time to be bringing this car in for service for every gremlin that appears, especially ones that are not major problems..Oh yeah, forgot to mention the time when I couldn't shift from Park to anything!! that was real fun...guess what??? Turn the car off and then on and Walla!!! problem solved!! Does anyone have similar experiences? I have searched TSB, recalls and this forum site extensively and have found nothing, Overall I really like this car (so far) my first new Ford....will it be my last?
  • I am having the same problem with A/C. It shuts off for no apparent reason. I live in Phoenix, so it's over 100 degrees. The A/C usually kicks back on but once when I went over a speed hump at about 20 MPH, it shut off completely. The only way to get it back on was to stop and restart the car. The fan does kick up to hurricane strength every once in a while too, which I can deal with. But I cannot have the AC shot off when it's 110 outside. Anyone heard of what might be causing this?
  • I bought an 2003 Expidition Eddie bauer I worked fine in tell a week after we got it home. The doors say ajar so the interior lights, after a few minutes they turn off, and when we get out it does the same thing. so we have to wait to alarm the alarm system cause it wont tell the 3 minute delay goes off. 2 weeks later, now the gas cap light wont turn off in less I reset the message center. The A/C in the rear has a clanking noise, now if you turn the degree up to a 3 then it stops. Crazy things are happening to this machine, should I be worried? Should I take it to the dealer ASAP before it causes a major malfunction? HELP what should I do??? :mad: :confuse:
  • My driver's seat ac/heat is inop, too. Is access to the switch through the console box? I believe it is the switch...anyone had any experience?
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    I had to take a seat heater switch out once to clean around it. If I recall, to get the cover over the switch off, there's a screw under the front center of the console. Peel back that little rubber pad, and you'll see it. Unscrew that, then use a putty knife to pry the console cover loose.

    It should come off relatively easily once you pop a couple of the connectors. Then the switch itself is held in by a screw. Unscrew it, and disconnect it. Then you should be able to get a replacement from Ford.

    Good luck!
  • I have a 2002 expedition and the other day the factory radio stopped working. The 25 amp audio fuse was blown and as soon as i replace it it blows right back out. Is there anything else on this fuse line because the owners manual doesn't show anything?
  • I recently had a 250 Amp Alt built for my 2004 Expedition it fits the vehicle but won't charge Batteries. It test fine on the bench if I put the stock Alt back in it is fine. I there something unique to the 2004 Expy 4X4 XLT 5.4L that would cause this.
  • did you finally find the problem? what was that? i don't think it's switch...
  • Hi all, I have a 2001 and recenty I have been expericing different things going out. First it was the rear wipers then it moved to the cruise control and hood light. Then I lost power to my doorlocks and now it seem to be affecting my front wipers and radio. Does anyone have any clues on what this may be coming from? I'm stumped. I know it has to be a wiring problem because all of the things involved the fuses are fine. And this only happens after we have had heavy rain fall or alot of snow. I think water is getting trapped somewhere but i don't know where??? I NEED HELP PLEASEEEEEEE!!
  • Sounds like the same problem I've been having.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Are you noticing any unusual buildup of moisture inside the vehicle such as wet carpets? After a rain, do you notice any wet spots under the hood?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • autodrautodr Posts: 27
    A common issue on those is for the windshield to leak on the driver's corner. The water drops down inside the dash, hits a wiring harness and runs down that harness into the fuse panel and GEM (stands for Generic Electronic Module). The GEM is a body control module that mounts on the back of the fuse panel. When you turn certain things on and off in the vehicle, you aren't really turning them on and off. You are only operating a switch that the GEM is watching and it turns things on and off for you. But, when water enters the GEM and the fuse panel circuits are crossed and the GEM can do some weird stuff.

    Usually, the fuse panel and GEM do just fine being dried out and then send the vehicle to a glass shop to fix the windshield gasket. Sometimes, they require a new fuse panel and GEM. The GEM comes blank and has to be programmed by use of a dealer level scan tool.
  • Haven't seen any wet spots on carpet, but can't honestly say there were any built up moisture on anything under the hood. But I have noticed a popping noise coming from the passenger side back near the firewall, and I'm not sure which wires those are coming from and where their leading too? just happened to be out there one day where it started making the noise.
  • Although I'm not so much auto mechanic inclined I can fix some thing but this is one area that I am more lost in than other on a car. But this sounds and makes more sense to me that water is getting in from somewhere and going where it shouldnt be thus shorting out some wiring. I will look into this further this very well may be the cause of my problem? But if it is what is the general cost of fixing something like this?? If you have any idea?
  • Same problem, Fuse box and GEM module is the fix. cost approx $300-$350 each plus labor totalling $900+/-.

    Cause is poor factory windshield seal. Water gets blown in thru gap in seal, travels down the windshield pillar and drops onto the GEM/fuse box then on to your foot!
    Dealer has service bulletin for repair. Fed. govt. NHTSA has looked into it and decided its an inconvenience, not a safety issue. Go to NHTSA and look into Action Number : EA05015 . Their test vehicle leaked in the upper left side of windshield!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much for the info, this helps out alot. I figured it to be something going on with fuse box, just didnt know where or how to begin.
  • Hey there I don't know if you have figured this problem out with your expedition I can tell you what a friend I have said , he is the service manager at the local ford dealership here. with some 2000 and above models they have had problems like yours and it took them many trys to find out what cause their problems, You may think this is crazy but if it only happens in wet conditions check to see when the problem is accurring if the fuse box under the dash has any wetness to it. He said that the windship up in the left hand(drivers corner) would seep water in and it would run down inside the post unter the trim molding and drip into the fuse box located under the dash on the driver's side. Some of the problems they faced sounds just like yours so check that out and see.
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