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Saturn Aura Electrical / Computer Problems?



  • Well, my wife's 2009 Saturn Aura has spent a 2nd consecutive weekend at the dealership service garage. =( The car will randomly hiccup and sometimes illuminate the "Service ESC" lamp. It sucks because it's only at 39k miles and out of the B2B warranty, and my wife is 8-mos pregnant and needs reliable transportation. It sickens me that I cannot consider our 2009 vehicle as "reliable" at this moment. My wife babies this car, and I do all the oil changes and service myself on-time and in fine detail.

    ISSUE: while driving, idling, at a stop light, accelerating, or braking (any time) the engine will be running fine but then have a studder. The engine seems to hiccup 3-5 times intermittantly. Then sometimes when it happens the Service ESC light iwll come on. And the problem is recurring more frequently. Seems a lot of others have voiced the same issue.

    #1 Trip to Dealership: they said the engine threw a couple codes, but didn't tell me what they were for. The did get the car to hiccup for them, too. The cleared the codes and put a total of 6-hours road time and it didn't repeat. They told us their equipment told them there were no issues whatsoever.

    RESULTS: when we drove it home that Saturday morning, it didn't hiccup. But 6 hours later, it started doing it randomly again. Then Thursday it was doing it more. And then Saturday it got even worse (more frequent) and the Service ESC light came on again. =(

    #2 Trip to Dealership: dropped the car of Saturday morning. No one offered us a rental, which sucked. Perhaps because we're out of the B2B warranty (?). We'll see what they say today, Monday. The last thing I'll let them do is start replacing stuff AND CHARGING ME FOR IT even if it doesn't fix the problem. it's ridiculous that "Electrical" isn't covered under the powertrain warranty on an American-built car with only 39k miles.

    RESULTS: Awaiting...
  • Denauxter2,

    I’m sorry to hear about the frustrations you’re experiencing with your Aura. Have you worked with Customer Assistance towards resolving these concerns? We can assist you in working with your dealership towards getting these concerns resolved. Please email us your name/username, contact information, last 8 digits from your vehicle’s VIN and most up to date mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Looking forward to working with you,
    GM Customer Assistance
  • Bought a new 2007 Saturn Aura in April of 07. Worked fine for a couple years. Suddenly this summer it started acting up and seems to be getting worst. Traction control and other warning lights will come on and off. This started in July. Took to dealer could not find any problems. A month later car would not start. Took it back in they told me my alternator was shot. Replaced it for $350.00, drove home. Next morning would not start again. Took it back to shop. They did a wire check and followed the bulletin about putting the electrical grease and checking connections on the interior passenger side, another $250. Drove it 10 mins and would not restart. They jumped it and said they found the starter electrical connection was loose. Picked up Friday drove it this weekend and seemed to work fine. Went to start this morning and will not start again. IT seems somehow the alternator is not getting the signal to start recharging the battery when car is running. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT?

    I am about $600 in and don’t really want to keep it being charged for what they think, only to bring it in again a few days later.
  • I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating situation. Have you been workgin with Customer Assistance already? If you would like to pursue that, please email us more information, including your name/username, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • I had the exact same problem with my 09' saturn. I took it to a couple of mechanics around town and they couldnt find any problem. I grew up around here, so one of them actually told me that he could tell it was something wrong but his morals wouldnt let him take advantage of me and their machinery was not high tech enough to find it. So i took it to the Chevy Dealership and they had it for one day! They told me that there was a wire deep down in the motor that had broken apart. He also said that there was no way a small town mechanic shop would have found it!!!!!! They charged me $189 and my car has not acted up since! I hope this helps!
  • I have a 2008 Aura everything has been fine until this morning.At first went to start it and nothing,not sure if it was just me and tired again.Turned over no problem.However when I got home and turned it off,there was this sound I never heard before.It sounds kinda like a psst noise.No lights came on had a diagnostic test done shows nothing is wrong.Am I crazy?
  • I see you've had diagnostics run on your Aura already. If you decide to work with a GM dealership towards diagnosing this concern (make sure it's recurring and able to be duplicated), please be sure to let us know.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have been having my saturn Aura XE, since 2008 and my problems began with the suspension as well as the maintenance on the breaks are far more frequent than any other vehicle I have had. Furthermore, the electrical problems are uncanny.. it all began in 2009, when the power doors and windows stop working, also my car alarm beeps for no reason at all, but it will not stop unless the keys are entered into the ignition..I have tried purchasing a new remote and battery for the key pad. Also for some reason the key also gets stuck in the ignition as well as the stick is very hard to move from one gear to the next ( Automatic Transmission).In addition to the keyhole on the driver side door had to be replaced which was $200. Furthermore just recently my running light have went out I had a diagnostic done and i was told that there is a shortage in the electrical system and if not fixed in time my car could catch on fire..!!!!!!! This is the first vehicle I have purchased on my own and I am regretting it through and through..I am a college student as well as a mother therefore I need a dependable car, and every day I am in fear for my life that the computer system or wiring will trip and something bad will happen. I just feel as though besides the maintenance that all cars need which I am current on, I should not have to worry about these additional problems and perhaps GM should reconsider a recall on these vehicles before someone gets hurt!!!
  • I am sorry to hear of the concerns that have arisen with your Aura. If you like, we can look further into this situation. Please email us more information about this, including your name and contact information, user name, last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, involved or preferred dealership, and a description of any times you've been in to the dealership for this concern.

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah:

    I am also having the problem where my cruise control doesn't work and my doors will not lock when I shift into gear. My check engine light just came on, and it probably has something to do with the traction control like the others'. I would like to avoid spending a lot of money on this, seeing as it is a known issue. Do you have any recommendations for the best course of action? Thank you.
  • Good afternoon,

    I can understand wanting to use your resources effectively in getting these electrical concerns taken care of with your Aura.

    We can start with looking into your vehicle's information to see if there are any open recalls associated to your VIN. To do this, please send us an email with the last 8 digits of your VIN.

    As far as working with a GM dealership to get your vehicle diagnosed, we can set up a Customer Assistance case for you. There would be a diagnostic fee for the process that you would likely still be responsible for. Also, as the dealership would need to duplicate the concerns, but it sounds like these are occurring regularly. They would also be able to check your engine light and read any codes that are there. Customer Service would be available to help get you set up at the dealership and to follow up after the diagnosis. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email us, in addition to the last 8 digits of your VIN, your name and full contact information (phone and address), the name of your dealership, and your vehicle's current mileage.

    GM Customer Service
  • when check engine light comes on push the blue button on the mirror and they will tell you what is wrong. ive done this alot with cars over the past years.
  • We regret the day we bought our 2007 Aura. From the get go we had that traction electrical issue and dealership has changed several wires. I am driving along the service engine traction light goes on and engine powers down, so annoying. Finally "knock on wood" it has not happened for several months. I need to look at the paperwork to inform some of you as to what wire they just replaced. Car not here now as my husband and son are picking it up 100 mi away where it broke down Sunday. I had to get a new fuel pump $780.00! I only have 39,500 mi on this car. That is ridiculous. I plan on writing a letter to GM. We will be trading this car when we have the opportunity. It is truly a lemon.
  • did you have to pay for fuel pump? should be under 5/100. if you are out on time they should goodwill it because of mileage .
  • Good morning,

    I apologize that you have encountered so many frustrations with your 2007 Aura. Was your recent repair on the fuel pump done at a GM dealership? We're available to investigate this situation further, if you like. Please send us an email with more information, including: your name/username, contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your Aura's VIN and current mileage (I realize you posted it here, but sometimes it's difficult to link up an email with a post in the forum), as well as the name of your current dealership.

    Looking forward to assisting,
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2009 saturn aura with 65,000 miles. Car has been great. I have run into an unusual problem. occasionally i get in the car, turn the key and nothing happens. I tried again later, it started. I took the car to a mechanic. check the computer found nothing. Now 6 months later on a trip and stop the car and when i attempted to restart nothing. No lights, no nothing.. I had a guy put a jumper on it and started right up. Had the better tested and everything was OK. So, here I am an occasion problem that doesn't show any computer error codes.

    Anyone else had this occur? Did you ever find a solution?
  • next time it does this make sure it is in park or try heutral. there is a bulliten on shift linkage for 09 auras and may not know it is in park. also computer may not be reading key corrrectly. try different key.
  • I have a 2009 Saturn Aura and have the same traction control/reduced engine power issue. Can you tell me how your's was fixed? The place i'm taking it can't figure it out and suggested I get a new batttery. I did and it still does it. The codes that read out our all low voltage codes they say. Which wire did they change? Thanks
  • Dkearn01,
    Are you currently working with a GM dealership? If so, we're available to assist in the process.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    GM Customer Service
  • We will be as of Monday. We will be working with a GM dealership, Frank Beck Chevrolet. They say they have the proper diagnostics to track the issue. My car troubles couldn't possibly come at a worse time as I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and now will be without a vehicle.
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