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Mercedes-Benz GL450 Reliable?



  • Will you please contact me? I am trying to talk with others that have had the same problem. These cars are not safe and Mercedes Benz is not wanting to fix the problem. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. I have had many electrical problems. I have now turned my car back over to Mercedes bc my husband refuses to put me and our kids back in it. Thanks
  • Please email me at I have had the same electrical problems and Mercedes is not willing to help in anyway. I am looking for an expert for a upcoming trial and need help. Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Will you please contact me?

    Let's keep the conversation here so everyone will benefit. To do otherwise tends to defeat the purpose of a Forum. :)

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  • no pun intended. I was considering getting a CPO GL450 but this thread has scared the crap out of me.
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 122
    The original post was regarding 08's

    As for the fire thing - the battery is a high tech AGM battery we use in the boating industry very good product which has a long life and Gel format so have little risk of spilling etc in an accident.

    As for electrical fires you need to be very cautious of after market and even dealer add on products that require electrical work in any new high tech car given the electrical systems being modified or altered can cause fires and other major issues.

    Once a car leaves the factory there is no telling what is done to it even by the dealer before its sold.

    I have a good friend with a private company that specializes in MB electrical work and fixes. The local MB dealer has started shipping their cars to his business given they were having all sorts of issues caused by 3rd party attempts to add alarms - radio equipment - back up cameras - entertainment systems etc.

    Not to mention there are electrical standards regarding this sort of work which nearly no 3rd party small shop is up to speed on or certified for.
  • kurtz350kurtz350 Posts: 1
    Hi I HAD a 08 GL. It caught on fire. Investigation still pending. I cannot tell if the fire started from the engine or interior due to smoke travelling from vents at the time or incedence. The car is burnt to a crisp and took the fireengines around 25 minutes to respond due to my location. My question is since you have knowledge, do you know if the computer can be salvaged to acquire information on how the fire got started or give a brief history on the step by-step problems that occured prior to combustion?
  • wk0312wk0312 Posts: 1
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. My wife and I was considering a 07 GL450 at our local MB dealership. Now that I have read the threads we will no longer be pursuing this vehicle.

    Many Thanks,

  • priority1priority1 Posts: 1
    I was contemplating buying a certified 2008 GL. This is the first I heard of any fires! What did MB attribute the causes to? Is this a problem in 2007 and 2008 models only? I would appreciate any updates on this issue?

  • I just lost my MB 2008 320 GL last night. The fire was so hot it melted both the front and back license plates. I am so thankful that my kids were not in the car...we just had a wedding last week, and we have had many relatives riding in the car up until the day before the fire. I planned on replacing the car with another MB GL, but now, after reading these posts, I am very concerned. I had never heard of any issues until now!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

    Were you driving the car at the time or was it parked somewhere?

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  • It was being driven back to the dealership by a driver for repair...the check engine light had come on and I had been having problems with acceleration, so I was sending it to the dealer. Apparently, the driver was flagged down and told the back of the car was on fire.
  • ermsamermsam Posts: 3
    :lemon: :lemon: OMG! I thought I was going crazy until I began reading these posts! Today, I was driving my recently purchased pre-owned 07 GL-450, with my wife and kids when I started feeling intense pain to the left side of my lower back! I thought I had gotten bitten by an insect! But when I reached back, I felt heat. I looked at the heated seat indicator and noticed it on. How it came on is a mystery, because it was 101 degree outside and I did not turn it on. The pain intensified to the point where I had to pull over on the side of the highway. When I got out, I smelled smoke and noticed what appeared to be a circular burn in the vinyl seat approximate to a burnt area on back. Upon arriving home, I took a thermometer, placed it on the burnt area on the seat, started the car and turned on the driver side heated seat on low. In less than 30 seconds the seat began to smoke and the thermometer spiked and broke! I moved the car out of my garage. I believe the car is still smoldering even though some time has passed and now we are afraid to go near it! I would be surprised if the heated seat function isn’t really the cause of all these internal fires. We’ve had the car less than a month, have yet to pay the first payment, and have had to have this car serviced 4 times by Mercedes. I wonder if I am protected by the lemon law! To think I traded a fully loaded Nissan Pathfinder LX in for this very expensive Piece of Crap! Mercedes use to stand for something!
  • last night my R 350 caught fire in my driveway. Yesterday we were having problems, and since is is under warranty, the mercedes tech was dispatched to my work and home yesterday to troubleshoot why the alarm was going off/rear hatch malfunction. after the second time of responding we left the car in the driveway annoyed that the car was having problems again. We have had a history of electrical issues with this car for some time
    Later that night our child was crying in his room. The alarm had woken him up. Thankfully, I went outside to turn off the alarm and noticed the entire rear right quarter-panel was engulfed in flames. The flames were so fierce it destroyed the entire inside of the car and melted the entire back of the R350. When the fire was put out the car was gone. It was evident that the fire started in the back right corner of the vehicle (right where a computer system is located).
    Anyway, has anyone heard of this happening before? It seems like some of you have experienced this problem in the GL, and I was curious the outcome... Have any of you contacted Mercedes USA about these issues...? Any help will be greatly appreciated....

  • Hello

    this happened last night to my R350 mercedes... Where you able to make some headroom with Mercedes, i.e. replacement car, etc? I am thinking about going after them...
  • ant headway on your investigation?
  • I would never buy another mb gl450. Currently I am sitting in my house on December 26, 2010 while a tow truck tries to fix electronic battery issue. I just had the battery replaced 10 months ago and this is the 4th issue with this complaint. My car also died while driving on a bridge with one way traffic while going highway speeds with no resolution by Mercedes benz. MB should just recall all 2007-2009 gl450 and give us all vouchers towards another model.
  • Insomnia had me up last night. I always read customer reviews thoroughly when researching car purchases. The reviews paint a rosy picture, more or less. I Stumbled into this forum accidentally. I was probably going to pull the trigger on a GL450 today or tomorrow.
    Probably the most alarming pattern I've seen since Prius. A sincere thanks to you all for bringing these serious problems to light. Perhaps some of you should write reviews to peel away some of those gold stars.
    I've got an awkward discussion coming when my MB sales rep calls me in for that test drive tomorrow.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Recently looked at the GL450 as possible replacement of infiniti QX56. Has MB improved its reliability for 2011 models. Concerned about above posts with many problems noted. For an expensive vehicle, one does not need it to go up in flames.
  • Do we know for a fact that the 2009+ GL450's have been fixed?
  • I thought that, contrary to gas, Diesel did not catch fire?
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