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trying to find my old car

I am trying to locate my old chevelle and have the VIN and a title # but cannot seem to get any of the owner info. I am wanting to contact the current owner to see about purchasing the car back for my son to drive.....any suggestions on how to get this info will be greatly is titled in Illinois.


  • Well you could post an ad in Hemmings Motor News but with a common car like this it's a real long shot. If it were a special SS model with a big block, it *might* appear in a Chevelle Club registry but if it's just a regular production Chevelle with no special options there would be no records for a car this old. You'd have to pretty much find the person you sold it to, if you remember, and interrogate them, and they in turn interrogate the next person, etc. Another long shot is to attend car shows in your never know, and if it's a 68 or newer, you can peek at the VIN numbers on the windshield post or dashpad.
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    Any ideas on how to locate an old car that I had in NY State - I do not have the VIN and there were not titles in 1968. 1968 Camaro SS/RS 396/350HP Convertible with Turbo400, gauges, tic toc clock, butternut yellow and black
  • You could also put an ad in Hemmings Motor News and/or write a letter to Hemmings Muscle Machines. Some auction companies keep a VIN database of cars they've sold but I don't know if they give out that info or not.
  • if anyone can give any help on this please do. im trying to find my dadas 68 bird. it was sold to my cousin who died suddenly. i have the vin # and know what state it was last regiestered in but thats it
  • The DMV of that state could probably trace it but I doubt they would give you such information unless it was requested through law enforcement.

    Otherwise, you have to do a "previous owner" interview, and the owner before that, etc etc., which in your case would have to be someone in your cousin's family.
  • I am trying to find my fathers 1968 Camaro RS but i dont know where to start it has the small block but is running at 550 Horse with a 2000 stall. No stick or paddles to shift it uses the orignal auto shifter which has been made into a 3 speed. It was blue with stripes. He had traded it in 1972 for a yellow 68 convertable vette at the downtown Chevy dealership that is now called Don Wheaton chev olds LTD. but I don't know where to go or what to do.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,692
    You could put an ad in Hemmings Motor News with the VIN # if you know it. If you don't know the VIN chances of finding it are pretty slim. Depends also on how long ago you last saw it. Being a modified car, it could be dead by now.
  • baileymbaileym Posts: 1
    My dad used to own a 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 hardtop, but he sold it before i was born. He died 16 years ago and I really want to find his exact car. How can I do that?
  • Pretty near impossible unless you know the VIN or can at least locate the person who bought it. See post #8. You can always put an ad in Hemmings Motor News giving your dad's name, description of the car and when it was sold. A real long long shot but you never know. People sometimes find notes in bottles washed up on the beach, too.
  • mbw7890mbw7890 Posts: 1
    What state do you live in?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,458

    this whole thing reminds me of a book on cd i bought years ago by some 40+ year old guy who tried to relive his high school years over again.
    one of the the chapters involved him looking for the camaro berlinetta he owned back then.
  • Yeah, offering a 1/4 million reward could speed up the detective work considerably :P
  • Hi, Old DMV records wont help. If you know a private investigator or are good friends with your insurance agent, they might help. I have background in law enforcement. A P,I, if they have access, can request a body vin search on the vehicles history records. Ask your insurance agent or a local old car appraiser. they might have access to certain computer records on old vehicles.. It's a monthly fee they pay for the service...

    Good Luck

    p/s I bought a 67 chevelle from Spencer, Mass about 8 yrs ago... What was the factory colors of your???
  • Try Galen Govier, he is a mopar expert and has been keeping records of cars like your dads for years.

    web link;

    Good Luck
  • levarlevar Posts: 1
    some work but got stoll from my place still looking for it today tags number is jhg 260. md plats washington state if you have info. my email is
  • oregonboyoregonboy Posts: 1,653
    W'all dem ol' boys dat stoll it ripped out the Kraco sterio an pushed it offin da cliff inta dead mans ravine where its been home ta 27 littr of field mouse. :P
  • While I can't say that finding a 1964 Corvair is in and of itself a happy ending, I really like the part where he found trinkets and secret keys and other bits of memories.

    I'm also amazed the cost of restoration was only $18,000---oh wait, it says he stopped counting at $18,000.

    I figure if I had to pay someone to do most of the work, in California it would be about $50K to do a really nice job.

    But wow, what a co-incidence. I wouldn't mind finding by brother's old 1965 Fitch Corvair!
  • I am looking for the '55 Chevy that my father traded for an Orange '29 Model A Ford back in '70-'71. This is a very distinctive car. As in when He first built it back in '66 it had a 361 Dodge Engine bored out to 372 c.i., Big Cam dual AFB carbs, Fender Well Headers, Torque-Flite Trans and a Dodge Rear end. The car itself was a 2dr hardtop with a fiberglass flip-up front end. Straight Axle front end with small tires in the front and big ones in the back - like a "Gasser". Painted a beautiful Briarwood Brown Metallic. He lived in Torrance, CA in '71. When he traded it to a guy that was in service (Army?...Navy?...). Would really just like 2 know if anyone knows where it is now!? Thanks in advance for any and all help
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,692
    you should put an ad in Hemmings Motor News and describe the car as you did here---probably that car would have been saved, unless of course it got smashed up.
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