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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • 1x1x1x11x1x1x1 Posts: 3
    Are there any 16 inch wheels that fit 330i?
    My concern is that the brake disks are too
    large for them.

    330i w/Sport Package owners:
    What kind of tires and wheels do you have on
    your car during winter? I live in Chicago
    area and think it is better to switch to all
    season or winter tires during winter.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    Does anyone know who manufactures the standard 3 series head unit?

  • frank69mfrank69m Posts: 63
    I just got a 330i a week ago on black and they lowered the premium package by 1K and they threw in the Harmon Kardon for free....You guys should have waiting. How much did everyoneelse spend over the dealer cost. I got $1500 over dealer cost and the production of my vehicle was 3/1/01 and I got the upgraded new sapphire black...Guess I'm glad I waited.
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    My deal was $1900 off MSRP. I bought a 325i, Alpine White, Steptronic, PP, CD, HK, Heated Seats, and Sand Leatherette. I bought it from Devon Hill Motors, Devon PA. Awesome Car!
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    1x1x1x1: I believe the standard non-sport package wheel on a 330i is a 16x7. However, the sport package does not change the brakes at all. Therefore, a 16x7 wheel (I believe 205 55/16's) should fit just fine. I'm planning on buying Bridgestone Blizzaks for the winter. About $400 mounted on steel wheels with covers from Tire Rack. Order them in the fall or you'll wait for a while to get them.

    These tires are great. I've driven my mother's old '84 500SEL in the winter on these tires and they drive like it's dry when the snow is a foot deep. Believe me, it's absolutely worth it. It was better in the snow than my friend's A4 quattro with all seasons!

    Getz1: Which BMW do you drive? Which snow tires do you use in the winter? Having a sugar momma is great, eh? Interested in ortho? Good field.
  • I plan to lease a new car this year. I haven't test driven either BMWs or Audi S4.

    With 330i can I get Auto-Dim Mirror and Lumbar Support separately w/o PP, and if so how much?

    I hope BMW runs another special lease because it's too late (and too early for me) to get a car by 4/30.

    I signed up for BMW Ultimate Drive in May so maybe that'll help a bit.

    I live in NJ and am concerned about auto-tran RWD being spinning its tires in sleet/ice. Is it very incapable or should DSC pull it out?

    How come 325's PP doesn't include Montana leather upholstery like 330's PP does? Yet 325's PP costs just $150 less.

    325 doesn't have option for lumbar support seats that's in 330i?
  • Sport Seats w/ZSP/ZPP.
    What's ZSP and ZPP in Sports package?

    It seems that with SP the driver's seat is 10 way adjustable (non-electric) and no memory seats? (which comes with PP) So if I order both SP and PP I lose those 2?
  • frank69mfrank69m Posts: 63
    I just bought a 330i cause my M3 lease expires. Let's see if anyone can beat this lease that I got 2 years ago for an M3:

    $259/month for a 1999 M3....

    Just wait like I did, BMW always has promotions. I also got 6.9% on my 330i, I thought I heard someone got 5.9%
  • I heard BMW is running that 5.9% lease rate. Particular dealer might not participate, you should sak for it.

    What options did you get, amt of money down, miles/yr, months lease, residual value, money factor, and monthly pay before tax?

    I am looking to lease this year.
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly on monday, I had to wait 45 minutes just to talk to my salesman the day I picked up the car. He had alot of people picking up the same day and was running late, [sucked]. The sport package is awesome, I regret not ordering it. I can't tell if I have the "light" steering, but my steering tightens up at higher speeds. You will notice how cool these cars run between 70 and 90 MPH. They cruise great in 5th gear at 3000 RPM. My car handles better with the new Yokohamas, but It could be way better with the sport suspension. One thing that I love about these cars is the precision handling and smoothness at high speeds. When I first pushed the car to see how it would handle at high speeds I was still "programmed" from the limitations that all of my previous cars had, But this car feels like 50MPH when you are doing 80, and rides like the wind! Have fun, remember that break in period [under 4500 RPM], It was tough for me not to. Happy motoring :o)
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    oops, I did it again..... Duh, You are picking up the car on Friday, not Monday. I hope everything goes smoothly on FRIDAY :o)
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    I hope everything will go smooth too. I used to have a lot of trouble getting answers from my salesperson. Until I told her last week that she will have to at least start returning my calls if she wants an excellent evaluation. She's been a lot easier to work with since then. She even offered to pick me at home for the delivery on Friday so my wife wouldn't have to take the afternoon off too. I figured my salesperson is very busy, though, so I'll go by myself. I can leave my Jetta there overnight and go pick it up the day after with my wife. Thanks for the break-in period reminder. There are a couple of other things to follow during the break-in: You should not exceed 4500RPM or 100MPH for the first 1200 miles; Try not to use cruise control and vary your speeds. On cars with a manual transmission, use engine braking as much as possible.
    It will be hard, I know. Thankfully, I can still push it in corners.
  • Braveheart; I loved your retelling of your pre-pick up visit. I totally understand your angst about color, clown nose, interior, wheels, alarm, everything. The thought about whether this is a hobby or a mental illness made me laugh. I have definitely gone over the top on that one myself. My car isn't due until the first week of July. How have I passed the time? Well, in the past week, I've gone back and read every single post (2000+) on this bulletin board, and about 200 of the archived posts. I work full time and have a pretty full life, so I've been doing this in the wee hours. Someone at work on Friday asked if I had pink eye!! No, I'm just reading everything written about BMWs on, e46fanatics, until my eyes can't take it. Right now, if the topic's not BMWs, my eyes glaze over.

    It's amazing how helpful this board has been. After I got some help from a few of you about dealer add-ons, I went in to see the sales manager on Friday to discuss add-ons and to see if it was too late to switch interiors. I ended up speaking to my sales rep. I had discount prices in hand (thanks to several of you) for options like alarm, tinting, universal transceiver, parking distance control, etc, and having the information made a huge distance. The salesman switched from quoting me retail to saying he'll provide the options at cost when he saw I had my columns of MSRP and discounted prices for items. I'm switching to leather (which he's giving me at invoice price), and he said he'd give me a set of floor mats as his gift.

    I haven't seen much written here lately about the Rizzo method for negotiating for cars, but I'd like to plug that for anyone about to buy a BMW. Look at under the FAQ for the link. I didn't read it until after I made the deal, but thanks to a lot of postings here, I used something close to the Rizzo method anyway. The Rizzo article puts it all together for those of you willing to do the research. I might say, after reading thousands postings that, for right now, about $1500 over invoice is doable in most parts of the country. Better negotiators could do better, and using the Rizzo method might help, too.

    My current car is an '88 528e, and I was really hesitant about going to a smaller car, but since I so rarely have people in the back seat I was beginning to think that it was pointless to spend the extra money on another one. I started looking at MB C class, and then went to the local BMW dealerships. The first sales rep let me test-drive the 325 alone. I was smiling from ear to ear the entire drive, and that put the MB idea to rest. What an incredibly snappy, tight vehicle.

    Thanks again, everyone, and I'll continue to be reading posts daily. Bye!
  • mdbimmermdbimmer Posts: 8
    In "Jerry's E46 Pickup list" on the site, we are told that we can check to see if our production week has started yet by consulting

    I went to but can find no link to the BMW production schedule. Can anyone direct me, please? Thanks in advance.
  • reubencahnreubencahn Posts: 102
    The Contis are supposed to be decent tires. None of these summer tires will be any good in the snow. By the way, sounds like you were given the 330i sport package wheels. Nice bonus.
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Interesting, I am assuming from your post that the Conti is more of an all-around performer rather than a summer tire. The still rates it in ultra-high performance category instead of grand touring... I don't mind sacrificing a tiny little bit of dry roads performance in order to gain traction on snow/ice. I know it sounds crazy but I'm planning on trying these tires out in snow before I determine whether to keep them for the winter. In addition, the Contis are rated quieter than most other ultra-high performance tires, so that's great! I didn't know they come standard on the Porsche 911 and BTW, the tires have a 'Made in Germany' label, so they must be designed to meet the needs of German cars better.

    I think the SP on the 330i has the double-spoke rims from the M3. Those look more aggressive but also busier. Mine are just like the standard 16" rims, only bigger. Whatever they are, I like them so much, it will take me awhile for other details of the car to start sticking in my mind :O)
  • jfongjfong Posts: 11
    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning on purchasing a 325i with auto trans. and I believe I can afford for two more options. What would you recommend? I'm thinking about "All-Wheel Drive". Assuming your warranty still good, how much do you spend on maintenance for your bimmer per year? Do you absolutely have to change for Winter tires? Also, is negotiating a tough game with bimmer cause I know M-B is. Do you think asking $1K to $1,500 off MSRP is reasonable? Or do you think I should just get the 330i with auto trans. and no options?


  • jamesf5jamesf5 Posts: 11
    I have a 325i due to be delivered to my dealer on May 09, 2001. I was told by some dealers that the Finance rate can't be locked in and you would have to accept the current rate on your delivery rate. Over the weekend I went in to my dealer to make sure that my financing was in place. If your dealer does not have your application in to BMWNA by today, I was told that the interest rate is going to 8.9%. My dealer did process my application and get me the 5.9 rate so it is possible. I did not think the rate was going up that much but it appears that is is.
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    The 17" wheels that come with the 325i sport package are called "Star Spoke 44". The standard 16" wheels are called "Star Spoke 45". Circle BMW has all the various types with large pictures.
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