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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • rolandsrolands Posts: 14
    That sounds about right. I meant an independent mechanic (one that is not associated with the Daimler-Benz.
  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    Can someone tell me if 47,300 for an E320 with E2 package is worth it. I was also quoted an E320 with command, heated seats and E2 for 49,955. Any help is appreciated
  • dkatlantadkatlanta Posts: 23
    I'm afraid I don't have part numbers for the Konis. They are the "heavy duty" versions; the "sport" versions are stiffer. As far as I know, they aren't adjustable. A good tire shop shouldn't have any difficulty locating them. Mine found them available through several wholesalers, at widely varying prices.
  • tlam625tlam625 Posts: 13
    Was you able to reach all plugs without any special tools?

    The access space looks pretty tight to me.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I received my repaired sport wheel today from I am very satisfied with the repair and the price was $135.00 I scraped my rim against a concrete curb and purchased a replacement from as well. The replacement was A- condition and cost $275.00 plus shipping. Now, I have an extra sport wheel in case I damage one again. I think getting your wheel repaired for cosmetic damage is the way to go.

    I really like my Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tires and would buy them again without hesitation.
    These tires have great marks from and are as quiet as they come. Plus, the grip in dry and wet weather is outstanding. Which ever brand you decide on make certain to check the wear rating to gauge the life expectancy of the tire.

    Consumer Reports rated the 2002 BMW 530 its most outstanding vehicle. The E320 received good marks; but, the CLK got the lowest marks of any luxury coupe. Similarly, the S class fared poorly.

    Perhaps, BMW is now the leader in German luxury cars. If the new 5 series is as roomy as my '00E430 I may buy a BMW 540/M5 instead of the new E Class. The ball is in Mercedes' hands now;
    Mercedes must rise up and retake the quality (perceived as well as real) lead from Lexus and BMW.
  • kclkkclk Posts: 11
    I am surprised the consumer report rated the clk the lowest marks for the coupes, lower than the bmw with the cooling fan and steering issues? I am curious how many clk's they sampled and how far back? I assume the more recent clk's are more trouble free than the initial models. So far on 2002 clk only a headrest problem corrected.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well it finally looks like Mercedes is going DVD for 2003, with the E, SL, and S-Classes. Finally.


  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    Microrepair.... Do you need a special tool to get to spark plug? What type of plug do you use? any benefits with planium plug as advertised? I assume that you have to remove the plastic/metal cover on top of the engine to see wires, right? I have not worked on spark plugs yet.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Yes, it is surprising the CLK received such low marks. My colleague's '01 AMG 55 CLK has been problem free. Most of the CLK technology is similar to the other M-B classes. Yet, the CLK received the worst marks of any coupe rated.

    The S Class did not do particularly well either.
    I realize M-B owners are picky but BMW 7 series and LS 430 owners are also a demanding bunch.
    Since M-B charges the most money the quality needs to be the best. Perhaps, Lexus is correct in claiming the LS 430 is the finest luxury sedan in the world (as long as that sedan is in traffic or parked).
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ..... Yeah, I have read that info myself. I have owned probably 4/5 of em' .. sold at least 10/12, never heard a problem, a squeak or a bad word said from the "actual" owners ....

    Meanwhile, the new 7 series BMW is stacked up, dealers are holding on to 3/4 months supply ..and they are scratching their heads wondering about all this great print..

    Their question is .. "where's the buyers" ..?

  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    i was wondering if any any one had found any new info on the 2003 E. plz leave a web adress
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Ok you high-level Benz experts: Is all of this going to happen for 2003 in the U.S?

    A new E-Class.
    A facelifted S-Class.
    New C240 and C320 Coupes.
    A new CLK.
    4Matic available on the C240, C320 Sedans and Coupes, S430 and S500.
    A SL55 AMG and a SL600 with more power than the current S600 V12's 367 hp.
    A CL-Class facelift.
    New S55 and CL55 models with the same 469hp as the SL55.

    Mercedes used to introduce a new car every couple of years, now they're doing a new model EVERY year. I have never seen this many new Benzes in one year (for 2003).

    Oh and I forgot the Maybach. Does anyone know of a dealer that has signed up to sell these?

  • john01john01 Posts: 246
    I stopped by one of the MB dealers today and was told that the next Sat. is the formal introduction of the new E in Germany. We are planning on going checking out the new car.
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    i dont thik it is gonna happen buddy. mb cant do all that for one year. the only 2 new things im aware of is the clk, and e. i dont thik they will do any other BIG changes on the other models
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I am pretty sure this car will be available sometime later this or January '03. Car and Driver test drove the SL55 with 476HP and stated the car was awesome.

    I am not sure when the E55 will arrive. My guess is Nov/Dec of '02. The new CLK55 is going to get a 376HP v-8 engine and is expected late '02 as an '03 model. I am hoping the E55 gets the 476HP engine and not the 376HP version. M-B is waiting to see if BMW puts the rumored 500 HP engine in the '03/'04 M5. If BMW decides to use that engine M-B will probably use the SL55 engine in the new E55.
    The standard CLK coupe should be for sale 08/02. The new convertible should be ready Feb. 2003.

    The new '03 540 is expected to have 326-333HP so M-B upgraded the standard E V-8 to the 5 liter 302HP engine.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Hello All,

    I am interested to get the windows tinted on my E430. Could some one tell me a shop(s) who does window tinting, who they have used in the past and liked them or have heard good things about a specifc shop. I will prefer shops close to Bellevue, WA or Seattle, WA area.

    The colour of my Mercedes is Brilliant Silver so advice me on the tint shade and quality of the Film.

    Thanks in advance.
  • livetodrivelivetodrive Posts: 104
    There have been a number of posts on this board window tinting. Many people have reported scratches to the film due to the tight fit of the window against the seal.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I can guarantee you that you will get small vertical scratches on the tint because of the close tolerance of the window against the rubber/felt seal. Having said that, I have a 2000 E430 that I had tinted when I first took delivery of the car. The scratches are not visible from the outside and the tinting IMHO is a great appearance addition, plus the practical application of virtually eliminating the ultra-violet rays. I used the very light charcoal color on my Brilliant Silver and it looks great. On the back window I used the dark charcoal. One word of caution, don't use the metal pigmented material on the back window or else the AM radio reception will be nearly non existent. The tint will not be as durable but I have had mine for nearly two years now and it shows no signs of wear.
    I hope that this helps.
  • leo23leo23 Posts: 4
    My silver gray MB 320E (01) which I bought in June and has less than 8000 miles on it. Here are several problems I seek your advice on:

    1. I just noticed a small chip (1/8") on the hood-- What to do? Get a touch-up stick and do it myself? Might it have been due to a manufactory's defect, hence covered by the warranty?

    2. The body close to the headlight has 2 very small mall dents, probably someone bumped me in a parking lot? Any idea as to how much that sort of repair would run?

    3. I am thinking of having the MB phone installed, which I presume comes as part of a package that includes a CD player. Can the phone be used as a portable cellular as well? Any experience as far as costs; can one dicker with the dealer?

    4. When I down-grade the manual gear, from D down to 2nd, I often experience a surge, which makes the car move faster.. even if I first press "decelerate" while in the cruise-control mode. Is this a defect in my particular car or is it a general thing?

    Any and all help with the above will be most appreciated.


  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    My '98 E300 has some bubbling just to the right and below the trunk lockset (my right as I'm looking at it.)

    I recall a similar post from another owner - I took a quick look at the archive posts, but it's dark and dusty down there and I didn't see it.

    Does somebody out there share this problem?
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