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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    in my 10 years driving i 've heard time and time over if your going for extra warranty either Save your own money for repairs or only go with a ext warranty backed by the car maker, in fact 2 larger warranty company just folded, I learned when i put an ext warranty on my previous car, and they will be hapy to take your Money but when you ask for service its just not worth it, they will find any reason to deny or delay payment, or not even aknowledge your phone calls, basically i got a $300 repair for 1,400 outa my pocket, STAy away from Heritage TPA they suck and kept my 1,000, and took 3 months for that one $300 repair..go with Manufacturer Warrranty...IMHO sean
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Donald, I agree with Sean, save your money. My E430 sport has been out of warranty for a little over a year with only 28,000 miles on the odometer. I had to replace a rear window regular recently at the cost of about $180. The dealer replace both of my sunvisors under warranty and when the drivers side vanity mirror cover broke off again, they replaced it for free out of warranty because Mercedes has had trouble with these. I'm assuming if they break again, I might have to pay the $225 for replacement. Also, I'm sure something like that wouldn't be covered under an extended warranty.


    To get your money out of an extended warranty, you would have to have an unusual breakdown. But, if you absolutely want a warranty, the manufacturers warranty is that way to go.


  • Ok, don't yell but I'm torn between a brand new Honda Accord with satellite radio & navigation (do you really use it) or a used MB E320 with about 30 miles for about 33k. I am like sean3. I've always wanted a MB but is it wise to buy one at 30 some odd miles. I see that people on this board are still driving them at about 100k miles. Is that for real? Appreciate your comments. Anything I should look out for if I see a used 2003 or 2002 E320 for under or about 35k? Thanks.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    in my quest to find the latest lowest mileage MB in my pricerange, I think I will get a C class, I was behind one tonight and It was nice looking, I wanted E, but first me being a first time MB,2.6 V6, Luvcars: any car let alone a MB should go 100Kmiles these days, your comment about the accord my friend has an '03 accord w/evrything leather/nav/sat/ 4door Nice car, but different design theme than MB, personally the new accord is kind of slad sided goofy looking, awesome interior though, V-6, I know i was considering one of those to but the idea of owning a used MB is to strong that I know MB will be my next car, sounding like a car add but, when i see a MB it ignites my soul! man the AMG whoa thats a monster. since i've been driving I've always admired MB style, and more than 7 years later I have a chance to get one, and I will very soon, I am so excited, I already know the insurance will cost $ about 2300 a year on the C-class, but at 25 should go down some, there main reason was Theft and cost of parts, as I do have a fairly good drive record.

           As far as reliability the only thing that concerns me is the bad marks they give the C class in electrical system but seems like that would be something figured out early in the cars life. Thanks for talking to me, gotta go to the C class peeps, Let me know what you think about C class MB...later, Sean oh all those Mercedes Holidaycomercials making me more anxious!
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    You have to chose between being practical (Honda) or satisfy your lust for an MB (I assume you meant w/ 30k miles). With the latter, you'll face much higher maintenance costs and, God help you if you run into something major (like a new transmission out of warranty). That being said, there is great pleasure in driving control and the status of the MB and my guess is that you're looking for on line support for your decision and that you'll go for it. Life is short - you only go around once.


    As for something to look out for - if the price seem way below market, check the history of the car and, in any event, have an unbiased professional give it a thorough inspection. It's good insurance. If you buy from a dealer with Starmark (warranty) you'll pay extra but this also is good insurance. If not, just be prepared for some unexpected high maintenance cost.


    I'm on my second E320 and never regretted the purchase of either. Happy driving in '05.
  • vicvvicv Posts: 41
    Hi cmosian,


    I understand that it's hard to avoid with wide tires, but can be minimized. Most folks say rotation is the answer, but in my experience that only spreads the scalloping to all four tires. I recently put new tires on my C5 Corvette (which had really bad scalloping on the inside of the front tires) and had it aligned by someone I could talk with. Since I don't flog it much, I don't need all the negative camber up front, so we took most of it out. Your problem is the outer shoulders which could be too much positive camber and/or excessive toe-in. I would suggest you contact an aftermarket Corvette or other specialty car garage (NOT a Chevy or OEM dealer!!!) and get a referral for a place that can set up your MB to your driving habits and check out existing tire wear. A good alignment person will drive your car and talk with you before even putting your car on the rack. We replaced a Catera that ate through tires at an alarming rate with an 04 E320. I've been watching the tires closely and, just to be safe, have been rotating them @ 5k mile intervals as well. And I should heed my own advice and take it in for alignment before a tire problem develops. Good luck.


  • I too am on my second E320. My first had 37K miles and I kept it to 140K. At 115K I spent a little over $3,000 on a head gasket, water pump, shocks, rotors, pads, and serpentine belt. Then it ran like new until I got too nervous at 140K. My "new" one is a 2001 and it had 38K miles. I bought an extra year of Starmark to make sure I get to the 100K miles with coverage. My first one (a 96) had Starmark also until the 100K miles; and I needed it at 75K for new suspension bushings on all suspension parts. Would have cost me $1100 w/o the Starmark. It's tough to beat buying a Starmarked MB w/less than 40K and trading at 99K. You only have to cover normal maintenance, like brakes, shocks, and tires. They pay for almost everything else.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Speaking of tire wear..... mine are fine but I noticed that I had some pulling to the right for a while. Since I only have 28,000 miles on the car I just dealt with it because I don't drive it much.


    So, last week I decided to get an alignment; I had "slightly" side-swiped a curb thinking that's what might have caused the misalignment. Well, under further examination and maximum adjustment on the machine, I needed two bolts per front wheel to maximize adjustment.


    The fellow that I have been going to for 20 years for tires, etc., said that all cars have space for the bolts but no car maker includes them. The bolts allow for additional adjustment to the wheel. My front drivers side wheel was ever-so-slightly angled out at the bottom which cause my car to pull right. Once the bolts were installed and adjusted, it goes straight down the road. The bolts were about $15.00 each.


  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Just remember that the C is smaller than a Toyota Corolla.


    Not a lot of space or reliability for the money, but hey it's a great advertising billboard for Mercedes.





    Just remember, it's how you like the way it drives, how you feel each day, how confident you are in it's ability to deliver you to your destination that matters.


    "Status is NOT in the eye of the beholder, it's in the mind of the buyer".


    Owning a Benz is a lot like being in the clutches of the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1989. You feel like you are really top dog, what with your investments in your military and resulting swagger. Unfortunately, you are being laughed at by most of the rest of the world because your approach to the market is dated and your product is flakey.
  • dkatldkatl Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 E320 with the standard issue 16" wheels and tires that need replacing. It's the natural time to upgrade the wheels. I don't care about appearance, just handling. I'd like quicker and more positive steering response, less body lean in turning. Will 17" wheels make a noticeable difference?
  • To footie:

    I must say that what you wrote is just your opinion. I have owned many vehicles in my 55 years of driving, American, Japanese, Italian, and German made. I don't feel like "top dog" and I didn't buy them for "status" but rather because I wanted to, after all it was my money! My last 4 autos have been Mercedes Benz and all have performed as well as any of my past vehicles! None of the Mercedes have been "flakey"!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Footie, my E430 has been much more reliable than my friends 2003 Honda Accord V-6. My friend had to have the trunk mechanism replaced, transmission repaired, radio went zonko, dash lights went out.... so, it's not the Mercedes product that's been flaky.


    The only out of pocket expenses that I have incurred has been for a new set of tires/alignment and a rear window regulator. Other than that, it's been smooth sailing during the 62 months that I've owned my car.


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    and comparing it to a corolla? it is the size of a 3series Bimmer. Flakey? how is a Baby-Benz flakey? Sean
  • What he meant was probably they have flakey electrical systems. No question about that.
  • Well, since we're naming names, my current Benz and my prior one (140K miles) have both been FAR better than the two previous Buicks I owned. Both of them had to be traded by 50K miles because of all the things that went wrong with them. That is one car company I will never do business with again.

    I went with Toyota for the first time 2 years ago and bought a Matrix. It has been flawless so far with 30K miles, but will it last as long as the 96 E320? Time will tell. Then again, my 01 E320 only has 49K on it so far, but it too has been flawless. I definitely expect it to get to 100K without any problems. Time will tell.

    On average, I will agree that Honda/Toyota/Mazda put out high reliablity autos and that MB/BMW/Audi are a step (or 2) behind. I've owned Toyota and Mazda and test driven a couple of Hondas. After getting out of one of those and then getting into a MB/BMW/Audi is like stepping into another world in terms of ride quality, handling, quietness, etc. No one makes a "perfect" car so you have to decide which issues are most important to you and your psyche..
  • Have been driving MB's since 1971 so have a little experience.

    About a yr ago bought a 2001 E320 Sport w/ 14K miles. Car was 2 1/2 yrs old so still had 1 1/2 OEM warrenty plus 1 yr Starmark. Bought SM extended warranty for 3 more yrs for $1400. Total 5 1/2 yrs warranty w/ no deduct.

    How can you beat that? An a/c or other serious repair will pay for the warranty plus it is good for 100K miles. Better than new.

    IMPORTANT!!!! Extended SM warranty can only be purchased at the time that the car is bought from the dealer---not later.


    Wheels/tires. Have the Sport pkg. w/includes 17" 235/45/17 tires ( Michelin HGT4 Pilots). That is the way to go for better handling w/ min ride degradation. Suspension is the same as reg E320.

    Only expect about 30K mi from these tires.


    Long story short. Saved about 40% on purchase & still got 100K warranty.


    PS Dealer put on new Michelins n/c. Continentals not very good.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Mircrorepair.... I named my friends Honda because he has had trouble with it but I think Honda's, Toyota's, Nissan's, Lexus's are wonderful cars with great reliability. But, like every car manufacturer, they have a pomegranate (not as bad as a lemon) LOL!


    But even with a glitch here or there, I would continue buying Mercedes because I like the look, handling, etc. As a Mercedes ages, they seem to get classier and distinctive looking. For instance, a '90 LS400 Lexus is ok but a 1990 Mercedes 560 SEL is sharp looking if taken care of. That true German engineering/design is hard to beat.


  • I for one question your comment that "What he meant was probably they have flakey electrical systems". None of my past or present Mercedes have "flakey" electrical systems!
  • mark,


    "On average, I will agree that Honda/Toyota/Mazda put out high reliablity autos"


    I should have emphasized the "On average" and stated that any manufacturer can and does produce cars at BOTH ends of the reliability spectrum. Maybe the Buicks I owned were both at the bad end and my Benzes have been at the good end. My experiences with other manufacturers has been more "average" in that I've had some really good examples and some not so good examples, but never two in a row as bad as the Buicks.


    And I agree with you on the long term looks of the Benzes. Whenever I see an older one coming down the road, I think, gawd, they look so good for being 15-20 years old. No other marque holds up as well as MB. The only problem with keeping a Benz into the 300-400K mile range is the question of how much time do you want to spend taking it to the garage and how much money are you willing to pay in maintenance? In my case, I try to take at one or two long range trips every year around some part of the US and I could not in good conscience drive any car with 250K miles on it up to 2500 miles from home and back. I just don't want to get stranded in a strange town and have to spend up to a couple thousand dollars with some mechanic I don't know.


    The bigger issue today is, can we expect the current models to last as well as the ones from the 80's and early 90's? I suspect 20 years from now we will see as many of the 80's models on the roads as the early 20's models. But that's just my opinion.. All 2 cents worth..
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    "No other marque holds up as well as MB."


    And where are the stats to support that?



    The JDPowers 3 year study says just the opposite. Many marques are better.



    Sure you can put the price of the car into it all over again and guess what, you have a brand new 20 year old car. How dumb can that be in today's changing technology environment.


    There isn't a Mercedes available today with an AWD system that is good and capable as the one in the Infiniti G35x or new Acura RL.


    So spending money on a museum piece from Germany doesn't make any sense to me. Just like 8 track tape. Nice, sturdy but technically irrelevant. Where is 8 track in an MP3 world, eh?


    Just my opinion as pointed out.
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