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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Henry - I dont think I have a switch but I will check on my way home. I've gone over the manual dozens of times and don't remember anything about it. I've never had the security light come on while I was driving. Only way I know to make it come on is to open the door and if you did this while you were driving the door ajar warning light would come on the DIC. Do you have an aftermarket alarm? I was wondering if you had heard anymore about the conversion to autobahn package.

    Zinc - Do you know what exactly is different on the autobahn. I went to your site and seen the package costs $352. Would it be worth it to buy this or not. Is there a way to convert without paying that much? Is that just a different axle ratio and tires? I dont know what the axle ratio is so someone please tell me. How would I get the governer to cut off the engine at 139 instead of 111? I think the $352 might be better spent on other performance mods.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    The front sway bar is from the 98 Aurora, The rear Bar is from the Cadillac.

    Suspension - There are ahocks in the back of the car. If you want to stifen the ride, you should get the Cadillac replacement shocks. I am not sure of the part number, but caddie should know. If Not, just replace with the factory ones (I did). I put KYB's in the front. However, again, check the Caddie line.

    SOFT RIDE????? _ NEVER thought I would hear someone say that the car rides too soft. Granted, I have stiffen my ride with my mods tot he car. However, even from the factory the Aurora has a stiff ride compared to other sedans. I have thought from the beginning that it rides a little rough (i.e. sports car rough) for a car its size.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    People over in the Bonneville forum have been saying that the Magnasteer is adjustable. Some Pontiac dealers know how do to this (and some don't).

    I am wondering if anybody knows if OUR magnasteer is adjustable?? If no one knows for sure, can we start asking our dealerships about it (on the theory that some will know and some will not know).

    Matrixfrog - Hey Neo! - I been meaning to mention this but kept forgeting to post about the magnaSteer until I saw your message.
  • redskin024redskin024 Posts: 110
    just wondering, but whats up with the "hey neo" thing?? thanks
    also how come your profile doesnt say that you drive an aurora
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The MagnaSteer II on the 2001 Aurora is adjustable. There are 3 settings, less firm, factory, and more firm. They are set with a Tech2 scan tool. MagnaSteer II is part of the PCS system, MagnaSteer, I believe, just had speed variable effort (my father's 1995 Cutlass Supreme with the twin-cam 3.4 V6 has it). I do not know if the classic has MagnaSteer or (in later years) MagnaSteer II, but I suspect that since the 1995 was not OBDII, that it is not adjustable. Later years, with the OBDII connection, might be adjustable. Anyone out there have the service manuals for the 1996-1999 Aurora?
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    Cadillac rear shocks and sway bar??!!? - that's interesting. Sounds like you and I drive similar. Regular sedan suspension is WAY TOO soft for me (In fact, I almost bought a police cruiser, simply because I really liked the suspension/ride on it - just too damn little creature comforts for me in my old age).

    I like the KYB idea. I will look into that. Question: Which caddy model do they pull the shocks from? And are they that much firmer than stock?

    Zinc: I saw on your web page the "Custom and various" page in the gallery. Some of these accessories are really nice. How do I find them? Specifically the custom wheels in the first pic. Also there is one with the front cover/bra. I'd be interested to know where to get these.

  • wingnut396wingnut396 Posts: 50
    Thats weird. My 98 is also gouged on the outside, outer diameter of the left rotor. I'll check your site.

    Might just go with the autozone brand. Will be taking the first LONG trip soon, Baton Rouge, LA to St. Louis and beyond. I need to get it done while I have the time :)

  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Wingnut396 - Autozone should offer 3 different brake pads, one which is pretty much OEM, another lasts longer and gives off less brake dust and a total carbon fiber pad. I have not changed the ones on my aurora yet but when I owned my avenger I bought the ones that are suppsoed to last longer. I knew the rotors on my venge were warped but I did not have the money to buy the cross drilled ones that I wanted. They helped out a lot on my rims, not very much brake dust. They were also warrentied. Since my rotors were warped they would eat the pads kinda quickly. I would just take them off, go back to autozone, they would punch in some stuff on the computer, and give me new ones for free with the same warrenty. 3 sets of pads for the price of one set. Not bad. Just thought I would share my experience...
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Matrix - The Autobahn Package includes 3.71 axle ratio (standard is 3.48), P235/60VR16 BSW AS tires(standard is P235/60SR16 BSW AS), 139mph limiter (standard, I think, is 110mph). Beyond that I don't know. Probably means slower acceleration for Autobahn from 0mph with wider axle, don't know how much. And, of course, the V-rated tires cost more. The package price of $352 was from the factory, I would expect it to be much higher if you had it done now. From what I've heard - from various sources - there isn't a PCM that will change the limiter, it is possible, but no one will do it.

    Redskin024 - I think Henry's calling him Neo from the movie Matrix - his profile says he owns a 95 Aurora, maybe you have to login to see it(??)

    Larryfl - The first pic was from The ground effects kit is theirs but I dont know where they got the rims. (link here) The two bras in the pics are from different manufacturers, but I don't know who they are. The second looks like a Saddleman LeBra, I have that one on my Aurora (also in the Gallery). Bought it at a local Kragen. There's a problem with pre-owned cars though: If your car was painted, Saddleman suggests you don't use a bra. I found out why: It causes the clearcoat to 'cloud' or appear 'burned'. Costs $$ to repair.

    Hope it helps
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    I have no idea if my car has been painted. It is a '95 with the beige, or light cooper metallic paint. If it's still original, it looks great. No scratches or anything like that. Of course the dealership can do wonders in reconditioning these things. My problem is that I do a lot of highway driving in bug infested areas (All in central and south Florida). What a mess. I would only install it when I travel, but that's still 2-4 days a week. Does yours fit good? Does it have room for that silly front license plate holder that's on mine?

    BTW, I couldn't help reading your "log book" on your web page a few days ago. Makes me glad I spent the $$ on the GM bumper-to-bumper. If if makes you feel any better, the Q45 I traded in on this cost me, the warranty company, and Infiniti over $28K in service/repair during the 3 years I had it. I feel like I got a bargain with the Aurora!

  • redskin024redskin024 Posts: 110
    Thanks, if i saw the movie i probably would have known!

    Yesterday his profile said 1995 Olds Custom Cruiser. dont know why. it has aurora today.
  • dslay2dslay2 Posts: 11
    Has anyone had a tune up on the classic ,how much should I expect to pay.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Wow Larry, I'm embarrassed to admit that it does make me feel a little better! I hope my log helps to kill the memories of the Q45 :) I was seriously considering getting a Q45 until a friend told me he'd gone through two transmissions on his.

    The Saddleman LeBra has a rectangular area to cut out if you want/need to put that awful plastic license plate mount on. I took it off, and am waiting for a citation before putting it on again. But, since that kind of citation doesnt include a fine Ill just remove it again. Here in L.A. theyre installing cameras at a number of traffic lights to photograph the red-runners and ticket them by mail, so theyre starting to crack down those who dont have a front license plate (guess Im just stubborn when it comes to automated police-state tactics). You might have noticed if you saw my pics on the Classic site, that the windows aren't tinted in front. I had to remove the tinting because of a citation. Also had to remove a clear plastic cover for the back license plate because of a citation. The cops here really steam me.

    P.S. Why are the apostrophes disappearing?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Hey Neo! <-- the Matrix movie
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Come on Ladies, I know you are out there.

    By the way, speaking of gender - Pat?? The Host?? Anyone care to start a pool on the host's gender??
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Just don't make the mistake of calling her 'Trish' !!

  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    "If your car was painted, Saddleman suggests you don't use a bra."

    Heheheh I guess that rules out every car on the road almost. Bra's do quite a bit of paint damage to a car over a long period of time. Mostly to the clear coat.

    BTW My alias matrixfrog does not come from the movie "The Matrix" (Although I loved that movie.) It is a name I came up with after reading some info on SiliconToad. A great hacker in his days.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Did anyone else notice that "Supermodel Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp" was at Indy being taught how to drive the pace car only 4 days after the end of the contest that was supposed to pick a current Oldsmobile owner for the task? The contest rules stated that winners (1 driver and two runners up) would be notified on or about May 7. I can't help but think but think that, for someone to be at the track only 72 hours after the contest close, the pick was made before the entries were all in. There is no mention of the contest in the press release, and no mention of whether Irwin-Mellencamp owns an Oldsmobile.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    During my lunch-time walk I spotted a familiar Aurora - green with beige leather - perhaps 98 or 99. This time the driver was in the car - and it turned out to be a very nice looking woman, probably late 30s or perhaps 40s (think I should ask her?!).

    Anyway - nice to see an AuoraBabe - haven't seen many.

  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    Zinc1: Be careful if you're considering a used Q45. A very good Q45 specialist told me that to keep a 1st gen ('90 - '93)in good condition, expect to spend $3K- $5K a year in regular maintenance. If this hasn't been done from the beginning, you get hit with the mega repair bills. If you are looking at one, take it from me (who has made the mistake), be sure to see all service records and be sure that all the special maintenance services have been done regularly. Email me if you like and I'll let you know off line about those "Special maintenance services". Enough of that.

    Bra - FYI, Oldsmobile has one for the car for $87 list, with the olds logo. I thought that was very reasonable.

    Henry - Saw your car on Zinc's web page. Looks just like mine - same color and all (damn good looking). Guess I got to get the KYBs now. BTW, I had the local Olds dealer pull the maintenance records on my car and boy, did I luck out. This guy had the oil changed every 3 months (even though that was only 1K to 1.5K miles each time), had the induction system cleaned twice and has had the tranny flushed twice. Not bad for 50K miles. Problems were minor, including the driver side lock actuator replaced twice, both outboard rear seat belt retractors replaced, and a knob on the radio(?). Additionally, the fuel regulator valve has been replaced and a transmission selinoid. Looks like I might have a good one if I keep it maintained.
    ... now, if I can just keep from scraping it up....
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    According to the salesman at the dealership, the Magnasteer on the 2K1 is NOT user/dealership adjustable. Admittedly, the salesman is a poor source of information about the car they are selling. Hardesty, is the adjustablity of the magnersteer listed in yout manual or the sales brocher? How do you know that it is???
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I do not know if you folks noticed this or not, but I have a habit of not proof reading my posts. I proof read my documents all day, all the time, and need a break from it when I do things that I do for fun (i.e. this board). So please excuse my occasional error.

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Your aROARa sounds like it has almost the exact same history as my car. The radio knob broke on my car the first week that I had the car.

    The tranny would "CLUNK" into gear with one hell of sound until I got a module replaced.

    The rear seat belts are a recall item for the car. If any of you guys with a 95 have not had the rear seat belts done, you have an appointment with your dealership to make.

    The only thing that has happened to my Aurora that I NEVER got an explanation for was the dead Aurora. One day, I moved my car about 100 feet because I had to run into my house for something quick. When I came back out to the car EVERYTHING WAS DEAD. I mean nothing at all!!

    I shifted into neutral and it finally started, but it was running on the battery. I went about 2 to 3 miles and the car came back "on-line."
    It has never happened again and surprise surprise, the dealership has no explanation for it. However, in all fairness to the dealership, you can not diagnose a problem you can't see. Needless to say, my car did its cute (spelled annoying) little trick where it fails to retain the error codes.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Durn! I was looking forward to that, and here comes tpken "outing" me right off the bat!

    Tpken, there are a number of things you should not make the mistake of calling me. Careful, careful!


    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I too was looking forward to the pool until Ken crashed the party. Kind of like giving away the end of movie because you saw it before.

    Bad Ken. (smile)
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Sorry guys - didn't mean to spoil the fun!

  • wingnut396wingnut396 Posts: 50
    Replaced the brake this weekend. Except for the caliper bolt having some ancient form of ninja torque applied to them, it was probably the easiest brake jobs I have ever done. Took a total of about 45 minutes (about 25 of which was de ninja-torqueing bolts). Total cost was about $135. Bought the canadian rotors, $42 a pop, and the "premium" auto-zone carbon-metallic pads, $35.

    As I took off the back wheels just to check the pads on those, I noticed that both of the lug caps were broken. They were also strangly hard to remove. The fronts popped of with no problem, but the backs just flexed and I had to coax them off. Anyone else with this problem?

    Aurorababes rare in your area, Ken? I see about 8 of the same auroras in my area through the week. Of those, only 1 is driven by a male. By the looks of him, I would peg him for a retiree. That and the fact that his car always seems to be at the local golf course....

  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    I have a copy of the 2001 GM service manuals for the Aurora (nearly 6000 pages). The variable effort steering programming procedure is described on page 2-100. It involves the use of a scan tool, but should be no more than a five minute procedure.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Most of the Aurorababes I have seen have been older. This one woman that looked like she was about 55 years old would have done Zinc PROUD. This aROARaBABE eventually dusted me! Hey Zinc, you never told me your soul-mother lived in Jersey?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Thanks for the information. I just finished a phone call with Jerry and read him your two postings. He is going to look into whether the Classic MagnaSteer is adjustable.

    "and Captain . . . All My Hopes"

    Okay you Star Trekkers out there, who said it, when did he/she say it, and what was he/she talking about???

    "Live Long and Prosper with No Speeding tickets"
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