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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • impala7impala7 Posts: 10
    Im 40 with 2 boys ages 23 and 21 and a grandpa at 35.Young family.we dont waste our winters around here.....Ha
  • spider717spider717 Posts: 106
    What can the 3800 Imp run a 1/4 mile in? Just curious for you light racers :)
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    In the Bonneville forum that is running his S/C 3800 in the low 13's....
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Somebody from California wondered whether it was legal or not..Why does everybody want a law or some thing to tell them if it's good or bad... Maybe Gov Davis will send up a request to forbid it..Feel better West Coast..

    I don't believe the last last time I floored the gas that I emailed my Congressperson and ask them whether it was alright or not..Hope we never have to defend ourselves to keep us free with some of the questions being put forth on this forum.

    One is responsible for their own actions...period we leave it at that level..Adult style..

    The Contour SVT topped out at 142 so the plain Jane Sport Model is a 170hp V-6 with an unknown to me top end..

    At 67 I do my bit of fast pedaling for it is a way of life to get from A to B..It's done defensive to put it in a proper and acceptable mode..

    What is the difference btw a Splash shield and a good old fashioned Mud Flap??? no reflector??
  • spider717spider717 Posts: 106
    142 huh. He woulda won then cause I wouldn't have gone that fast just to beat him :)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    It was a joke, not a political statement. I wasn't wondering if it was illegal. I know it's illegal. More importantly, it's dangerous to the point of causing death in some humans.

    I'm not talking about driving fast, which is usually safe. I'm talking about street racing, which usually isn't.

    BTW, I'm from NY. I only live in California. You're right. California is a terrible place. They put pineapple on pizza, and blueberries in bagels. I blame the governement.
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    I'm a Mom and old enough to not go there- Thank You. I guess if I
    mentioned I'm working on my daughter's wedding plans in 7 1/2 weeks
    that will give away both age and what I'm up to. Took the Impala to the Brickyard race over the weekend and my best guy JEFF GORDON WON
    IN A CHEVY!!! (That's an in your face for Ford, Pontiac, and Dodge I guess) The 3 adult men in the car all loved the looks, ride and features- all happy with plenty of leg room and the 4 door- that's why I couldn't go with the great looking Monte Carlo (also costs more in insurance even though the sticker price is lower) ! You could give me that good looking yellow pace car anytime and I'd drive it home (yellow is not my fav. but for a pace car and a gift,I'd not complain)
    . Only glitch lately in my Impala is loose trim on the passenger
    side. I'll get them to fix it in a few weeks at my oil change. Most cars now do not need the premium gas unless it's specified in the manual - according to spouse who works in gas stations. Best to all. BDIME
  • spider717spider717 Posts: 106
    Is this the same as the chip thats supposed to do all the same stuff?

    I cannot find ANY chips for the Impala, the only thing I could find was this gadget.

  • norbnancynorbnancy Posts: 118
    Hey old man, you got me beat. I'm ONLY 67 1/2--Ha! Your age and mine sure blows the averages. I don't think Chev marketing was a factor in my choice. I just buy the largest Chev sedans I can get. Impala LS was it. No, I did not consider Suburbans etc. I don't like trucks. I have driven many Suburbans and Vans and they are neat for those that need them for hauling cargo & lots of people ect. Another note on gasoline-- I avoid re fueling when a tanker truck is in the gas station filling the underground tanks. I think they are stirring up sediment that may be in the tanks. Also I don't want to be around if a tanker goes up in flames. Enjoy the ride.
  • frankb7frankb7 Posts: 18

    Have had my 02 for all of 5 days. Thought I'd tell you my sense of the Pro's and Con's to date:


    - Looks - nicest looking car out there (Silver, with a dual black pinstripe)
    - Handling - Has a European feel IMO
    - Quiet as hell (or is that heaven)
    - Radio/Tape/CD - Great Sound System
    - Steering wheel radio controls
    - The smell of the Leather. My first car with it
    - Layout of the dash and controls
    - Room galore with the bench
    - Ability to adjust all the electronic features is great (although I am leaving the factory settings for now)
    - Trunk is huge
    - Solid and safe all around feeling


    - I know I am big (6:1, 225), but the sides of the leather bench seat are 'puffed', ostensibly to better hold you in place, and they annoy the hell out of the outside of my left leg. Feels like a loaf of French bread is under my leg. Did not notice that when sitting on a cloth bench. Any ideas how to remedy will be appreciated.

    - The middle/left vent cannot be adjusted to 'not' blow air in my face, so I shut it off. In fact the far left and right vents can't be adjusted to blow at the driver/passenger window. Don't know why they limited the adjustments.

    - The ride is silky on smooth pavements, but run over a penny in the road, and you feel it. Maybe that is the beefier suspension with the 3.8. I did not notice that snesitivity in the rental I had. For a car that is so quiet, and smooth, I find that annoying. Have Goodyear GA Tires. Not sure if it is the tires. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    Overall, on a scale of 100, I give it a 90.

  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    Check the tire air pressure. It maybe too high. If it is OK you might be able to reduce some if you don't fully load the car. Older GM cars always had 2 settings, max load and comfort.
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    No respect on the forum; kinda like my earlier family raising kids are 48 and 41, both in the family mode which I enjoy watching to see the paybacks and the progress..

    only Chevy in my future would be a Z-28; the Impala is a cost cutter committee engineered car..using the std parts from the bin..The exterior quality is a shame and that is only from reading the forum remarks for I have never sat in one..

    Age will mellow the sharp tongues...that's a there is hope!!!!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Ditto for your Intrigue. Another cookie cutter cost engineered car. Actually I have sat in one, driven one and touched one. The fit and finish is a shame and the materials used in the cockpit don't belong on a car with a $26K price tag aimed to fight the likes of Nissan Maxima or Acura TL head on.

    The extremely poor crash test results on the Intrigue only reaffirm the fact that GM dropped the ball in the safety dept. The only good thing about the Intrigue is the engine, but the rest of it you can have it.

    The Intrigue is gone and its engine is gone too along with Oldsmobile. The Impala still is a better car, its far outsells the stale Intrigue and has better resale value.

    Whether you like it or not, those are the facts. The Intrigue is history, the Impala will continue..
  • For the poll - I am 32.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    The exterior quality is the best part of the car! Rock solid. Where have you seen people complaining about it? People may have issues with aspects of the styling, but I've never seen anyone knock the Impala's exterior quality in this forum. The interior quality is not nearly as strong. But, it's certainly no worse than the Intrigue.

    BTW, ALL CARS from ALL MAJOR CAR COMPANIES are designed, engineered and approved by committee. There are endless meetings, market research, and Powerpoint presentations. That's the way it is in the global corporate culture. Why you would think one GM car is and another isn't is beyond me, and, quite frankly, makes no sense.
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Very little of the Intrigue came out of the general parts bin. The engine and suspension are totally different..

    Does the Impala still have the common wiper/cruise control stalk on the steering column???? Left hand side..

    I noticed you are a great believer in the crash data and since these cars all share a common undercarraige to some extent they should be equally crash resistant..

    Last item for our little discussion is the amount of miles you have piled on two Impalas versus the miles in my semi-retirement mode of Intriguing..If I remember correctly your first Impala was around 18/20 when it was repurchased and your current one is maybe 2k miles..My 98 Intrigue went 26k and the 99 is approaching 49k..Lots of difference in mileage and my driving style is not sparing the rubber..You need a little more time behind the wheel and stop believing all the editorial garbage.

    As stated the Impala is a soft cuddly car and the Intrigue is a half-[non-permissible content removed] stab by GM to compete in a very crowded segment..

    I certainly will get my moneys worth out of the Intrigue for it has some rough edges; but for total reliability it been enjoys cruising at 85 in 100 degree weather without a whimper..If it blows up we pick up the cell phone and call the 800 number..

    After the 3.5 experience and it's lust for the top; there is no return to the drony 3.8 setup..The SC version of the 3.8 is a waste of money to obtain 240HP and requiring premium fuel is a downer..

    You really owned a five cylinder Acura?????
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I'm tellin ya' you need to drive the impala.

    The same roads that were rough and bumpy in the intrigue last year were smoothed out by the impala this year.

    Handling in the mountains was excellent.

    Open up the back door of your intrigue and you will see a weld where two parts of the sill come together.

    In the impala it is one piece, which includes the rear fender. This alone explains the impala's better crash ratings and stiffer body structure.

    Having said that, the 2002 Altima is incredible looking car and i might very well go for one shortly.

    3200 lbs. 240 hp. DOHC V6. Wow!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Yes I did own a 5-cylinder Acura. It was a 1997 2.5TL "Premium". The engine was a 2.5L SOHC 5 Cylinder in line 20 valve all alluminum rated at 176HP. Great rock solid engine that was hampered by the mediocre 4-Speed Automatic "Grade Logic" Transmissions, quite possibly the most negative aspect of that car. The transmission jerked and hunt between gears as it didn't know where to go to.. I would have really liked this car more with a precise shifting Honda 5-speed manual.

    This car was made in Japan, light years away from the current crop of Ohio grown Acura TL/CL's.

    The Engine was mounted longitudinally not horizontally and it still was FWD. Very unsual setup only found on older Volvos and Audis..

    You need to drive an Impala LS for it appears that you have a lot of prejudices against a car that as you say, you haven't even been inside of it.

    The LS has a tight quick ratio steering which is totally different from the setup found in the Base Impala with the 3.4 engine. Don't believe me?

    Take it for a test drive or ask B4z who just came back from the mountains on his Impala LS.

    The Impala no longer uses the Roger Smith era multifunction stalk. Cruise control buttons and remote stereo buttons are located in the steering wheel hub, where they are intended to be. They are extremely easy and intuitive to operate without taking your eyes off the road and are illuminated to boot at night.

    The Left stalk only has the ON/OFF switch for the Cruise control, the wiper controls and the turn signals. You can also activate the high beams by pressing the stalk towards you.

    Next time you go by your Chevy dealer, try an Impala LS and then come back to praise/rant about it.

    The Intrigue is and will always be a W Body car like the Impala. Most parts come from the General's parts bin, I don't know where you grab this idea that the Intrigue is made like the Olds of OLD with separate parts, chassis, engines, etc...that was ended during the Roger Smith regime!!!

    The Impala LS is a fantastic car far more desirable than your Intrigue.

    I drive around 1200 miles per month give or take in slow bumper to bumper traffic in the Florida heat....that's an endurance test for any car.

    Go and trade your Intrigue pronto for the Camaro Z28, for the resale value of the Intrigue will keep on plummeting!!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I hear ya!

    That 2002 Nissan Altima looks tempting!!! Umm my wife might go for it!

    If you get the Altima, would you keep the Impala?

    That will be a nice combo to keep in the garage..
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    I fully agree with you both; since you both signed on the dotted line owing Impalas and agreeing to faithfully increase your equity each month; then you all should be totally IMPALA boosters..

    My Intrigue has depreciated to a stable level and another 20/25k miles won't hurt the value.. Since it's mine, the motivation to drive it is impelling in these unsure economic times..

    Did anyone ever see a 6 mo recession??? teo, you are too young; but b4z is old enough to remember..

    At my age, slowdowns are usually 2/3 yrs..History is the only data to rely on; but the buying public is running out of money and credit..
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