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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Leased in Torrance, CA from Mercedes-Benz of South Bay
    New 2010 E350 with P1 package, sports package and metallic paint
    Traded in an existing 2007 E350 lease w/2 remaining payments
    MSRP = $54,145
    $2000 total drive-off (including 1st payment)
    $675/month for 39 months, including tax (whopping 9.75% in Los Angeles County)
    12,000 miles per year
  • danil34danil34 Posts: 11
    greetings from Phoenix, AZ

    Just closed a deal on a brand new 2010 E350
    mb tex. standard paint.
    sport package
    18" amg wheel
    rear side airbag
    premium 1 package

    $1000 under invoice + TTL

    Sharp looking car. Love it but worry about future reability
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Wouldn't worry until the warranty is up in 4 years. You bought a new design so expect a few gremlins not common on the 09 which was the last of the old design. Shouldn't be a big issue -- just inconvenient for some owners. Most will cruise along without a problem.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I like your attitude...
  • bcjcmbcjcm Posts: 3
    2006 E350 w/50084 miles needs 5k in engine work. Bad cam sensor :lemon:
  • keramakerama Posts: 1
    I have been offered $45,500 for 2010 E350 with metalic paint, no other option (MSRP = $49,475 + $670 (metalic paint) = $50,195 by a dealer in Los Angeles.
    I have also been told that MBZ will have new program starting 1/12, and their price can change after that.
    Do you think this is a good price?
    If the new program kicks in from 1/12, do you think it will include bigger or smaller dealer incentive for E350?
    Thank you for your help.
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 109
    Southbay MBZ is offering any car on the lot for $5500 below MSRP. Ask for the fleet mgr and say you got the offer on email.

    January lease programs are not as good as they are now.
  • Has anyone had experience buying a MB at the end of the lease? What can I expect from MBF? Will they negoiate? Will they certify it? Can I get the low interest rate? A lot of questions. I'll do it if it makes sense but will pass if they try to stick it to me
  • looking to buy same thing. how is the ride of the sports sedan with those tires?
  • I am looking to finance a 2004 E500 and I found 2 great looking ones. One is a pewter colored CPO with 61K miles, one owner on carfax, no accidents, and asking price is 22K. The next one I found is also a 2004 E500 light blue color, same options as other car but has 85K miles, is not certified, and has 2 owners as per carfax and no accidents.

    I would like advice on how to pick between the two cars as I like both but I'm leaning to one more for price and the other for the "security" of the CPO.

    How concerned should I be about the mileage on a E500? How long should I expect any MB to give a good reliable ride (mileage wise)?

    Thanks for your comments.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I'd go with the CPO for the warranty and 24,000 fewer miles. I wouldn't touch a non CPO 2004 E and would probably prefer an E350 over an E500. There were some significant changes when Mercedes introduced the W211 model E in 2003 and some reliability problems were reported, particularly in the early years of that series (2003-2008). Check out forums for info on the W211 model E.
    (That may be a better place to ask your question)
    Overall mileage shouldn't be a problem if the car has been maintained. Get a good pre-purchase inspection. I'm at 175,000 miles on my 2000 E320.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    Just bought a 2010 E350 Rear Wheel Drive Sport with Prem 1 Pkg. and Wheel Package (AMG wheels and Sport Steering Wheel) in Palladium Silver (metallic).

    MSRP was 54,850
    I Paid 49115 +599 dealer fee

    Did I get a reasonable deal? It was over 2000 below invoice, according to Edmunds figures, so I hope the deal was a good one. Also, got 2.9% financing for 60 months on 15,000 dollars. That was 1% below advertised interest rate.

    I traded in my 2009 E350 Sport and they gave me 39,000 trade value for it as well, which was about what the vehicle was worth.

    Thanks for your feedback

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • i paid $52,000 for AWD, luxury, non metallic, with wood steeering wheel; P1 package, dealer prep and DMV was $135...
  • golfhardgolfhard Posts: 16
    edited February 2010
    should i buy this for my new E 350? it is about $750..

    any thoughts would be appreciated
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    What does it cover? So you plan to do all your routine service at the dealer?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    At least once each year, you need an oil change/filter change, etc. My dealer charges about $300.00 for an "A" service, which includes oil/filter, fluids, tire rotation (not good for me since I have a sport, which has different tires in front and back), inspection, etc. If the plan covers A and B services for 3 years, it's a good buy, if less than 3 yearts or does not cover the services, not a good buy.

    I did not opt for this at my dealership (who charges 599 for 2 years), so you may be able to negotiate with your dealer on the price.

    Good luck.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • listed cost is $769 for 3 years/30000 miles and essentially coveresoil/filter change every 10,000 and brake fluid and air filters at 20,000; plus visual inspection of some things...
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    Sounds to me that you might save a few hundred dollars, but.....

    I don't find that these are worth the money, especially since I don't know how long I will own the vehicle.

    good luck....

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • Hi,

    I bought 2009 E350 and has 3K miles on it. When my wife was driving vehicle, suddenly wheel rim burst and lost air. I checked tire and was not damaged from outside or didn't see any stress where rim was damaged.

    I believe that this is bad quality of AMG wheel but Dealers are not ready to accept.

    See video

    Few questions:
    1) Why MB always ask you to buy wheel and tire warranty for AMG wheels?
    2) I have seen several post where people has described about the chip, crack in the wheel.
    3) They always denies for warranty with outside force (including pot holes). How many pot holes in this country on the road and have you face any rim damage by pot holes on another vehicle?

    I am IT person and this is simple logic that AMG low profile wheel are not designed properly to handle impact of small outside force.

    We are paying high for vehicle with priority of safety for family members. But if this happens while you drive, your family could get hurt.

    I have filed complain in NHTSA. I wanted to hear about your opinion or if you have faced this kind of issue in the past.

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